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1StopBedrooms - Wrong pattern and size of rug sent

Wrong item delivered Nov. 6, 2021. Order # 9016178. Immediate request for refund submitted to Customer Support, request #1749352. Photos provided to company.

The e-mail reply on Nov. 30 is they are working with the manufacturer to get the correct rug and that they reserve the right to repair or replace any item which is damaged or with defects. That is irrelevant in this case.

After corresponding since the 8th of November with no results, I have requested a refund.

1StopBedrooms claims to have a 30-day hassle-free return policy if the customer is dissatisfied for any reason and it can be returned to the warehouse.

Desired outcome: I desire a simple refund for the purchase I made. I dealt with another company who sent the wrong item three times and did not want to repeat that process with 1Stop Bedrooms.

1StopBedrooms - Billed for Merchandise I never received

This company does not have items in stock. They provide bogus shipment dates and continue to move the shipment dates out, for weeks to months.
They use their freight policy and stating an item is on a freight to a facility as a way to scam consumers. If you check the stock on the actual furniture company (the company whose name is associated with the furniture) you will see that the items are no longer available or not available for several months. How is it that the actual supplier, and other vendors do not have items in stock or backordered but 1stopbedroom has them all and they magically sit in the bed of a freight truck, no tracking number because that doesnt exist, no known destination, and forever changing ETA dates? I will tell you why, because that is how they make their money by charging $1.75 per pound for items "shipped" if cancelled since most people end up cancelling when it becomes clear the items never actually shipped!

Desired outcome: Full refund and I would love to see this company go down in flames.


You have described their scam perfectly. I hope people take the time to read this.

1StopBedrooms - living room couch set

I placed an order for a living room couch set on October 30th which I was notified won't be available until March. I was given the option to cancel and when I tried to get cancellation confirmation I couldn't get in touch with customer service. I will be contacting my lawyer t file a formal suit against this company until my refund is administered.

Desired outcome: full refund for the order

Fight these MFr's they need to go down!

1StopBedrooms - Bedroom set

I wish I seen all the complaints in here first as well. All that has been said here is now happening to me. I just ordered last mouth put a good amount down, financing the rest thru Affirm. There is no way that they didn't know weeks ago that the items ordered was on back order. I only got notice of it when I called to inquire about it today. They didn't even call back as I requested, they sent me a text message and email response. I even order a mattress and that came so fast but, the most important part is going to take another month to be shipped. Now I'm afraid of how I will get a refund from them and cancel financing thru affirm.. Sounds like this is going to be such a headache..

Desired outcome: Refund

Literally going through the same thing right now with a bedroom set I ordered in mid-October. The bedroom set is made by ashley furniture. I actually contacted Ashley to inquire about this particular set because 1stop keeps pushing the delivery date out. Turns out this set is out of stock and backordered for 5 months! 1stop is trying to charge me freight fees - there is no freight. It never shipped and they cant cough up a name of a freight company or tracking number. These Mothertruckers need to go down in flames!

1StopBedrooms - Cancellation

I ordered a bedroom set $4k in April. It was supposed to be delivered in June. Due to covid it is on backorder... I completely understand. I tried to swap out 2 of the 4 items and asked for a price match... I tried 6 times (3 via phone and 3 via email). After a month of not receiving confirmation of the change I got frustrated and said to cancel my order. Now after receiving confirmation of the cancellation I am being charged a $1756 restocking fee on a $4000 original charge. The items were not even in stock. This is FRAUD. You are stealing money from a single mom with 3 kids... This is unacceptable... I want my refund for items never shipped... Thank you

Desired outcome: Refund 100% of my money for items not in stock.

1StopBedrooms - Service and shipping issues

My husband and I placed our first order with 1Stop in July 2021 and the second order in September 2021. We were in the process of relocation and asked 1Stop if there would be any issues to placing a hold on shipping the deliveries until we were ready to relocate, giving them approximate dates of September back in July and when our move was delayed, we let 1Stop and Ryder both know the date of delivery would need to be November 4th. We were told that Ryder doesn't schedule that far out so they would be calling about every two weeks to confirm the delivery. This was fine with us, no problem there.

The problem we had was in the lack of communication between Ryder and 1Stop and us as the customer. Ryder and 1Stop have different terminologies when it comes to White Glove Delivery. My husband and I paid for 14 pieces to go white glove delivery and found out there was an error in the orders with two sets of furniture, which said "over the threshold" delivery. I called 1Stop and haggled back and forth that we paid for white glove and that they could see this in the receipt under the shipping charges. We finally get this straightened out, or so I thought.

Then came the many text messages I started receiving on my phone for over the threshold delivery from Ryder. Then, I received text from 1Stop that deluxe delivery was ready to be scheduled. Nothing about white glove delivery in the communication between 1Stop and Ryder ----1Stop calls white glove the same as deluxe delivery. Ryder considers Deluxe over the threshold delivery where they drop the boxes and go. They do not set up the furniture for you. I went back and forth in emails and calls between Ryder and 1Stop for 4 months trying to get this straightened out and trying to get my account updated to read white glove. I was assured by Mason at 1Stop in an email and verbally over the phone that he had relayed that this was white glove to Ryder. Ryder kept telling me that 1Stop never corresponded with them this message. There was back and forth until two weeks out where I received final confirmation that all the items were in Dallas hub and would be white glove delivery. I asked Ryder to make sure, and was told that they would relay this to the driver but that 1Stop still had deluxe delivery showing. I hoped for the best and we made the move on November 3rd to TX.

We get to the place and the drivers from Ryder show up 11/4 to delivery our items. First of all, we find out that these are not drivers for Ryder, but Crate and Barrel an entity under umbrella of Ryder and third party contractors. The drivers were so rude, and even though they said it was not us, they were not happy since they were told the furniture was over the threshold for a few of the pieces and the drivers showed us where the items were tagged over the threshold. So, again, we are dealing with the same darn issue now 5 months later. The drivers refused to put the pieces together and left us with boxes. We had to call Ryder Hub and talk to the manager, which by the way, was the only person that got this mess straightened out --his name was Mark - he was excellent and said he would reschedule the items to come back out to us as white glove after going back and forth to explain what was going on. However, we did not get our furniture until 11/15, almost two weeks later than originally scheduled. We are very unhappy.

We asked 1Stop for a manager multiple times and instead of a manager, Mason calls us back. He was not easy to speak with and he finally said he would have a manager call us after my husband insisted that a manager call back to speak to us about the problem with the shipping and delivery of our items along with all the stress and aggravation, lost time from work and so forth in dealing with the issues. I was on the phone quite some time each time I had to call Ryder or 1Stop, which cost me a lot of lost time with work where I had to work late to make up time lost and so forth, all the while trying to relocate to a completely different state.

We are tired of fighting with these companies and cannot believe the poor service, the attitudes, the lack of making things right, and no management call back to address the many issues of the company and service. I have never seen it this bad before where you cannot even reach anyone to discuss anything, and if you do manage to reach someone, they ask you why you need a manager.

We would like compensation at this point for the shipping charges --all of it because really, what is our time worth?...all the time spent, all the energy wasted, all the money we have lost as a result of being away from work and haggling with Ryder and with 1 Stop Bedrooms and just the bad service alone. We are very unhappy customers at this point. There was a manager there and waiting when we were waiting to spend our money and to help with our initial order back in July but find it funny no manager is available when there is a problem at hand. A move is stressful enough without having bad customer service, attitudes on the phone that are not even the least apologetic and issues with delivery drivers. 1Stop and Ryder both have internal problems that need fixed and it starts at the top and rolls downward. We spent over $7, 000 with 1 Stop and word of mouth is a powerful thing, at this point could I ever recommend that anyone go to 1 Stop to meet their needs? No, I could not recommend them or Ryder at this point, and such a shame, because we were so excited about having new furniture and the process has been extremely stressful to say the very least.

Desired outcome: Compensation for all shipping charges on both orders

Update by powersda
Nov 17, 2021

In case 1 Stop even decides to comment the complaint above is referencing orders: #8983302 and
#8940536. You owe us money back so do the right thing for us and others on complaint board that are having issues. No good comes to people that are ripping others off and no good comes to those that have bad business practices. 1 Stop should be ashamed of the business practices they have and how business is conducted.


there are laws, many of us may not be aware of. Fight these people - they need to go DOWN!

1StopBedrooms - Incorrect Delivery dates/Very high cancellation fees

I placed an order for an Ashley living room set on October 14th, 2021. Throughout the process of paying for the furniture on that day through the website, 1stopbedrooms.com displayed a delivery date of November 1st - 9th. All the way up to November 9th, 2021 the order was still scheduled for delivery on that date.
After not receiving my furniture by November 9th, I logged on to their site and noticed the delivery date had changed to January 2022.
To me, this is fraud. The company implied that the furniture is available when I selected it and paid for it. The reality is that 1stopbedrooms does not know when the furniture will arrive because they do not possess the furniture. The furniture comes directly from the manufacturer, in this case Ashley, according to the phone representative that I spoke with on November 12th. I asked to cancel my order. The rep said there was a cancellation fee of up to $300. I informed the rep that the customer did not meet its obligation promised to me and wished to speak with someone else. The next day I received an email from them that my order was cancelled. However, it is 5 days later and I still have not received a refund. I filed a complaint with BBB. Next stop is the NY AG.
Note: As of November 17th, 2021 1stopBedrooms has changed the content displayed during the transaction process. The company no longer states a date range on when you will receive the furniture so at least they are no longer lying to consumers.

Desired outcome: Full refund without any cancellation fee and change in company policy

1StopBedrooms - Incorrect delivery times, horrible customer service

I had ordered a couch back in the beginning of September. The estimated delivery date I was given was about two months, end of October. Since then delivery has been pushed back THREE times and 1stopbedroom has claimed this is due to covid. I do understand that COVID has slowed down supply chains. However, when I contacted Ashley furniture for the SAME EXACT couch, they estimated my delivery at about a month and a half. Which at this point, would arrive at the same time as my original order with 1stopbedrooms. So now my estimated delivery is 20 weeks after purchase... After the holidays. Also, getting hold of customer service is extremely hard. I had called and did not get ahold of anyone. I asked for a call back and it took them 24 hours to give me a call back, while I was at work so I was unable to answer it. I tried calling again and waited 30 minutes on hold before giving up. The best way to get hold of them is via email but also be willing to wait forever! I just want my couch and see absolutely no reason for why it could be taking so long!

I had the exact same experience. Once they changed the delivery date after the original date to 60 days further out then I knew this company was fraudulent. They do not even have a furniture inventory so they should never have displayed a delivery date during the transaction process. I canceled my order on November 12th but haven't received a refund as of November 17th. Also, as of November 17th, they no longer display a delivery date to consumers during the transaction process on their website. This is likely due to the large number of complaints and inquiries from BBB.

1StopBedrooms - Love seat and sofa set.

I ordered a Harlson wheat love seat and sofa July july.11.2021. Which is still advertised as in stocks free shipping to home with reasonable current applied dates. So why have I not received mine?? I...

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1StopBedrooms - Bedroom set and mattress

This was my first and last time ever ordering through 1stopbedrooms. You would think after all the money you just put into a new home purchase and new furniture you would be well over satisfied. Well I purchased my bedroom set August 3, I just had my bedroom set frame and chest delivered with the white glove service literally 2 weeks ago. Here's the kicker though everything was purchased on the same day and it's November 2 and I still haven't recieved my mattress. Wow has dissatisfying is this what the hell do I sleep on the freaking wood this is crazy and I'm not happy at all. $3, 000 and the delivery date changes every week, and then no communication from the company like their the ones spending the money. Just taking and ripping your customers off. I don't write reviews I just take my business elsewhere but this company needs to knows about their service before they have nomore business. This company needs to do better and I mean extremely better.


This is very common for them. Look at all the reviews on the BBB. They are NOTORIOUS for the horrible delivery pattern you describe. I placed an order in June 2021 and the dates keep getting pushed out CONSTANTLY and with NO call from them when they do! Yet their site always displays a 4-6 week lead time which is a LIE. My current delivery date for my JUNE 2021 order is now FEB 2022! This is INSANE and I am in the process of seeing what it takes to file a class action lawsuit. This company needs to STOP what it's doing to it's customers and be held accountable!!

We are in if you ever get that class action lawsuit through... if you find someone. Horrible experience and 4 months of fighting with them. I posted my review above as well.


My thoughts exactly. A class action law suit is the only way to get any type of justice for consumers. The New York Better Business Bureau is an absolute joke. If they had any integrity they would have stopped these scam artists already. I posted a review on Trustpilot because I'm pretty sure 1StopBedrooms is posting fake reviews there. If you'd look on Trustpilot to see if 1Stop is a reliable company you wouldn't hesitate to order furniture from them. No way there's satisfied customers writing that many reviews and giving them five star ratings. No way.

1StopBedrooms - Will not uphold warranty! Lies & Steals money!

I purchased a complete living room set and a warranty for all from one stop bedrooms. It was cheaply made and pieces broke the first year! I have been trying for two years now to have them honor their warranty and fix this. I have sent multiple images, sent dozens of emails and about a hundred phone calls. I have requested escalation to managers and still receive no calls back. Andrew who I have dealt with on multiple occasions through email and phone has stated to me that they will not honor their warranty and refuse to fix or replace anything. He also said that I could file a complaint with anyone or take matters further and that no one will be able to help me. Sorry about your luck is what I've been told! I can't believe that they treat consumers this way! I can not believe this is how one stop bedrooms treats military families. Shame on you!!! To anyone thinking of purchasing from one stop bedrooms, take my advice and go elsewhere!!! You will be safe and happy with anyone else but them!!!

Desired outcome: Replacement or Refund

1StopBedrooms - Sectional placed on backorder without my permission/Recliner

I wish I had found this website before I placed my order! They seemed to have good reviews, so I felt at ease, and when I spoke to the sales rep they always were helpful and answered promptly...

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1StopBedrooms - Never received dressers

I ordered two dressers in January 2021. They still are not here and I cannot get a response from the company. I have emailed at least 20 times and get no response. I have called and get the run around. They always say it's on the way but that does not appear to be true. I believe this company is sham and that my money has been stolen. They do not tell the truth and cannot even tell me what company the dressers were shipped with. They said that was private. Meaning that they can't provide that info because it doesn't exist. Nothing has been shipped. BEWARE, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE NOT HONEST.

1StopBedrooms - Recliner

Ordered on 9-18-21. My order is still sitting on at stage 1 which was only supposed to be 1-4 days. I've tried to cancel due to freight charges and warranty charges that were not advertised. They refuse to cancel without a fee. Terrible communication, long hold times, short business hours, no call back from management or cancellation team when requested. Plus they have a D rating with the BBB.


I had the exact same issue but they started to give false ship dates when I tried to cancel. If I could make a recommendation; if you used a credit card call the company and dispute the charge. Tell them the company hasn't acknowledged the order but they charged the card, you want to cancel the order but they won't acknowledge the cancelation. 1StopBedrooms has three days to respond to your cardholder and then the money is returned to your account. They won't respond because they know the jig is up. You will continue to get emails from them that you can't cancel and the delivery company is contacting you to set-up a delivery time. I actually did get two calls from the delivery company, I told them I had paid for nothing and I had no order. Delivery company said "no problem, I'll cancel the order." Not sure how legit the delivery company was but the money was already returned to my card by Discover so they can pound sand. On your dashboard at 1Stop, change your email, and as much contact information as possible, and you'll be done with them. I've thought of contacting an attorney friend to file a class action suit against these frauds based on the volume of complaints just on this site.

1StopBedrooms - Delivery

Ordered a bedroom suite in June. Was told it was "in stock" at the time I ordered it. It is OCTOBER 6 and we received the bedroom suite today. Took about 4 months to receive it even though i was told it was in stock in early June when I placed the order. That's not even the worse part!! We paid an extra $199.00 for "white glove delivery" which was where they would bring the bedroom suite inside to the bedroom and set up the furniture. When the company who delivered called to set up a delivery time, I ask about them bringing it in and getting it set up. I was told they would only bring it inside, still in the boxes, and leave it in the first room they came to. My husband and I are in our 60's both with back problems, so there is no way we can unbox this and set it up. If I had known that they no longer do "white glove delivery" in our area, I would NEVER had ordered from them! The delivery man told us that his delivery company stopped doing inside set up on furniture last year! So at the time I ordered this set in June 1stopbedrooms should have known this! Also there was only one man who delivered the bedroom suite and he dropped the box with the dresser in it! We have no idea if this damaged the dresser because we cannot open this huge cardboard box by ourselves. We have now got to search for someone to hire that can open these very large boxes and take the bedroom pieces to the bedroom and set them up! I can't imagine where we are going to find someone or what it is going to cost to hire someone! I could have ordered this exact same bedroom suite at a local store and had it delivered and set up for only about $300 more than I paid to purchase it at 1stopbedrooms. Plus I would have received it in half the time it took them to get it to me. I should have realized that you get what you pay for. BUYER BEEARE: THESE PEOPLE WILL TELL YOU ANYTHING TO GET YOU TO BUY FROM THEM!!! Once they have your money, everything changes! I WiLL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY AGAIN!! The hassle and lies are not worth saving a couple of hundred bucks!

1StopBedrooms - Grossly Inaccurate delivery time/ charge for shipping despite it was supposed to be free

I ordered my bunk beds from 1 Stop bedrooms Order # 8942706 on 7/8/2021, the price was supposed to be $1267.86 with FREE shipping. They charged me $1370.36 with $129 for shipping. Although they immediately pulled the money out of my account, I've been waiting on my bed for almost 3 months now and still have not received it. Despite being told I should receive it in August. The nature of my dispute is I would like a refund for my purchase, or be reimbursed for the shipping and compensated for a rental truck so I can pick it up myself. I would like to be reimbursed for my shipping and either get bed dlivered ASAP or also be credited a fee for a rental truck so I can get the bed myself or refund my entire purchase! Since God forbid something be wrong with the product Im sure they will never resolve it

On 8/24 Surge said I would get a call in a week with a delivery date. I never received a call back. On 8/31 I called back and was told I should get a call by the end of the week for a delivery date. I ordered from them because they were supposed to deliver the quickest, if I ordered from Amazon which was cheaper I would have had the bed in about 2 weeks. 1 Stop bedrooms continues to push my dates back numerous times and now the bunk beds are about 2 months over the estimated date when I was supposed to have received it. I received an email on7/23 stating the bed would arrive at my local delivery terminal 8/6-8/10. Yet every time I called customer service they had no idea where the bed was, and couldn't give me the courier phone number or a delivery date.

After calling customer service again on 9/8 and waiting on hold for 24 minutes, I asked to cancel my order and was told to just sit and wait on it by Sonia because if not I would have to pay for shipping on an item I NEVER RECEIVED! I've asked to speak with a manager several times and never was able to. I have a couple of emails from their support team from when I first filed a complaint about my order being late, but still no bed and no offer of reversing shipping so I could pick the bed up myself, they said they don't charge the shipping the delivery company does. When I called the delivery company they say it's up to 1 Stop Bedrooms. Not to mention 1 Stop bedrooms advertised free shipping but up-charged for shipping almost immediately, allegedly for being charged by the courier because of my living in a remote area. I have requested they reverse the shipping since they offer no shipping and they said they can't, they offered me $50.00 instead. I want them to deliver my bed now or reimburse me the shipping charge so I can go pick the bed up myself. Nicole at the courier service said they would deliver the bed on 10/1(they only deliver to my area on Friday's, and would call me to give me a scheduled time. On 10/1 the freight company called me and said they don't have anyone to deliver to me. People keep calling off.

1 Stop bedrooms provides misleading information and when confronted with questions they blame covid! If that is the case why didn't they tell me that upfront when I placed the order? They mislead you to believe furniture is going to take 4 weeks to receive but I have been waiting just shy of 2 months now

Desired outcome: Complete Refund

This company should be shut down!

1StopBedrooms - Sleigh bed

I bought this product and when it arrived it was so poorly made it would not fit together. The pegs would not go in the connecting holes and some of the screws were to big for the holes. It was supposed to have a supporting leg that was not in the package. I am going to have to get a carpenter to come and drill new holes for the screws and make a support leg. I am very disappointed and want my money back. I called one srop and they were supposed to call me back but have not. I plan to protest the payment through paypal.

Desired outcome: A refund of my money. It would cost to much to send it back. I'll never purchase again if this isn't taken care of. from here again if this isnt

1StopBedrooms - Head board and bed

My bedroom outfit was delivered and they couldn't fit it pass my upstairs entrance so they took it back. Once I asked for a return. Anastasia G told me that they will charge me 15% for a return fee plus the weight of the object which they were only going to return 446. Dollars for something I paid well over a thousand dollars for. I brought an entire bedroom outfit which was around 3500 dollars or more and there trying to keep majority of my money. Also my order was put on back order so I've been waiting on my bedroom set for months and my bed is still on the floor this has been the worst customer service I've ever experienced and I'm pretty sure I'll never trust this place I need all of my money returned nobody have 1000 dollars to just throw away this is Covid people are out of work and to get over on people like this is very unreasonable.

Desired outcome: Full return for bed

1StopBedrooms - [protected]

I would like to file a complaint with this company and request a full refund. I placed an order on 06/20 that did not arrive after three months and was then back ordered for an additional 3 months. I requested cancellation and went with a company that would meet my needs. Now I'm being charged $1218.66 for restocking for an order I never received!!! Please Refund

Desired outcome: Full Refund and cancel order

1StopBedrooms - Ordered and paid for furniture in April 2021. Never Received.

Order status was in stock and to be shipped in May 2021. Received MANY unauthorized status changes and different shipping dates. Even at one time status said order was shipped August 24-31 and would arrive by September 4. When it did not come by September 7, their worthless customer service said there was a problem with one itme not being in stock so nothing was shipped and changed my status back to "in processing". They promised to call me back with updated status but never did. I have called customer service numerous times since then and always been on hold for over 30 minutes each time then transferred to another "department" where no one was available and mailbox full. Today a "Customer Service" representative told me that my order was now delayed to December but if I wanted to split the order and get part now I would have to pay extra for shipping. They have already charged me almost $7, 000.00 for items I have never received because they say they are not in stock -- on back order!!! Why should I pay more and beleive they will actually send something??? When I said I just want to cancel my order and get my money back, they said they would only refund half because there's a 50% restocking fee. What kind of scam is that? They said they don't even have it in stock yet? This is bald-faced FRAUD. They got my money in April and had NO INTENTION to deliver goods. They might as well set up a website and say here, give me your credit card number so I can make fraudulent charges on it. Oh wait, that's exactly what they are doing!!!

Desired outcome: Full refund - goods and services never received - breach of contract

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