1StopBedrooms Complaints & Reviews

1StopBedrooms / bedroom set

Aug 31, 2019

Right now, I'm rating this company a 1 star experience. My stuff has been sitting at the warehouse for 10 days and they say that the workers have not logged it in. The representative told me that it appears as though it's not there until they do this. They don't care if we're sleeping on a...

1StopBedrooms / delivery is not free!!

Aug 27, 2019

Their website is fraudulent with the claim of free white glove delivery. They said i was in a rural area. Toledo Ohio is a pretty populated area. What a scam. They also didn't say anything about tax but then called me back and charged me. This feels like a bait and switch scam. My sofa...

1StopBedrooms / better business bureau

Aug 24, 2019

It is so sad to read all of these stories. You all saved from almost making a large purchase with 1stopbedrooms. I read all the great reviews first, then I got suspicious and continued to search and found all these reviews. I am not sure how much this will help but you can try contacting...

1StopBedrooms / delivery and communication #8493822

Aug 09, 2019

I have contacted your company numerous times regarding a delivery that was scheduled for this past Tuesday. The furniture is for my daughter, she has to work, I took off work to meet the delivery team. They forgot a part and basically left the furniture at the house all over the bedroom and...

1StopBedrooms / dining room table and chairs order 8413540 and 8404499

Jul 25, 2019

Placed order on 1/16 and 2/7.. 2019 received chairs quickly..did not open as it was to be white glove delivery...waited MONTHS for table only to have delivery person say 3 out of 4 broken and table scratched...agreed to take unreasonable refund and paid for pick up and restocking. It'...

1StopBedrooms / return fee

Jul 22, 2019

1StopBedroomsI returned a damaged dresser and this company is charging me a 600$ fee for returning a damaged item that cost 800$. This is ridiculous beyond words! This is a unethical practice to consumers and a money grab not to mention an inconvenience. I have never experienced such horrible customer...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom furniture

Jun 28, 2019

Whatever you do dont purchase from here. I bought a bedroom set from this website on April 16th 2019. They informed me that this was on backorder until May 25th, which I then agreed to wait for. A month later I was informed that it was "damaged in transit" and could be another two month...

1StopBedrooms / platinum white glove delivery

Jun 13, 2019

Ordered some furniture for my nephew and it arrived in good condition. Delivery service was to include delivery, set up, and discard packing material. Unfortunately third party delivery left without set up. Called 1stopbedroom the next day to ask whether they will return to set up and...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom set order # 8467169 - cancellation — attention: sr management and vera rabinovich

May 29, 2019

I have called, texted, emailed to cancel bedroom order # 8467169 placed on Memorial Weekend. Due to holiday no one was available to speak with me until yesterday Tuesday, 5/28, when I talked to Customer Service Rep Ray and told him to cancel. He said he would email the manufacturer and get...

1StopBedrooms / damaged dining room furniture

May 26, 2019

On Jan 16/2019 placed ordered for dining room table 4 matching chairs and what I thought was matching arm chairs..received chairs quickly, did not open because was told white glove delivery would assemble ..after realizing arm chair was not a set placed order for second chair excited that...

1StopBedrooms / order/charge to card/delivery

May 22, 2019

I placed order #8427325 on March 2nd 2019 with my credit card charged immediately. On March 29th, I was informed one of the 2 bedroom sets was on backorder and I had the option of approving the back order for it set to ship out on April 12th. I approved that. On April 9th, I received an...

1StopBedrooms / order cancellation

May 17, 2019

Four days ago I ordered a Catnapper Monaco Sectional. Three days later, I was informed of a family emergency. I promptly cancelled the order. The manufacture and delivery of this furniture was scheduled for four to six weeks. 1StopBedrooms now wants to charge me a freight fee of $1.50 per...

1StopBedrooms / you won't believe all the rave reviews are fake until you're screwed up by this merchant!

Apr 29, 2019

I ordered a kid's bed last November and haven't got it till march this year! I asked my credit card company to charge back, it allows up to 2 months for the merchant to respond or the money will be back to me. It turned out they just wouldn't care to respond. Although I got my money back...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom set

Apr 29, 2019

on 4/29 I was requested to verify my shipping information. Was told that I could not get white glove delivery and set up so I asked if they would price match the set Initially was told yes but then was told no because the other distributer was not reputable and therefor they would not...

1StopBedrooms / receiving wrong set of furniture

Apr 19, 2019

I ordered furniture in feb 2019 I received a text message saying it would be months before delivery it was out of stock so I had option to cancel order so I did And reordered a catnapper set that was all electric head and foot, I asked the person I was talking to (gentleman) about the...

1StopBedrooms / company accepted a return of an item that would not fit up my stairs but won't issue refund or give me a credit towards another item

Apr 16, 2019

I ordered a bedroom set which is great however the mattress was all in one which it did not mention when I bought it and it could not fit up my stairs so the company that delivered it took it back to the warehouse. I bought this on credit through Affirm and realized I was never credited...

1StopBedrooms / liberty furniture kids loft bedroom set

Apr 12, 2019

This company is a scam it only took me 2 weeks to figure that out and once I did I asked for them to refund everything back to affirm. Now, look at all these reviews and wished I had saw these reviews before dealing with them. How can a company finance furniture that isn't in stock? I...

1StopBedrooms / worst customer service & poor quality bed

Apr 10, 2019

1StopBedroomsI chose 1Stopbedrooms due to the good reviews I found online. I ordered a full size bed that was delivered on a March 12th, 2019 to my house and assembled by the delivery service staff. March 27th I was lying on the bed and suddenly I heard a snapping sound. The bed mattress dropped to...

1StopBedrooms / my general order

Apr 09, 2019

I ordered my furniture 2.27.19 and i moved March 22. When I tracked the order, the ETA was March 16. That never happened. Come to find out the order was on back order. I never recieved a phone call in regards to the situation. I keep getting the run around and I have tried to cancel my...

1StopBedrooms / bed

Apr 08, 2019

1StopBedroomsThis place is a rip off and the warranty might as well be toilet paper. I read the reviews on their web site and thought what a great store so i spent almost $4, 000 on defective parts and no warranty worth anything. This has been going on since September of last year (2018) Oh they did...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom suite damaged.

Feb 05, 2019

The absolute worst customer service and management I have ever dealt with. They are absolutely no help after purchase. Please, please do not buy anything from them. My order was received with a broken chest of drawers. I called immediately and after "on hold" for 50 minutes, was told to...

1StopBedrooms / sofa/loveseat

Jan 08, 2019

My wife and I started out on the wrong foot with 1stopbedrooms on christmas eve this year. We were incorrectly charged for a protection plan we turned down on the initial phone order. I was pretty angry at that and canceled my entire order, going with a different company. Much to my...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom set never delivered

Jan 08, 2019

My order was placed on November 20th, 2018 over the phone with the promise to deliver in 3-4 weeks My credit card was charged immediately the full amount upon placing the order I tried contacting the company multiple times via phone and email without any success, nobody called me back or...

1StopBedrooms / kitchen island

Dec 30, 2018

12/24/18 ordered a kitchen island with a warranty for $822. Rep called to confirm address and offered a longer warranty for additional $49; however charged bank another $112.10. Also the shipping date kept changing, currently stating 2/15/19. Attempted to call multiple times, when finally...

1StopBedrooms / fraud

Dec 24, 2018

I placed a phone order with these guys on 12/24, and the sales rep tacked on a $249.99 "protection plan" after I DECLINED. I called them back, had a "supervisor" hang up on me. Called them again and was told they needed to "check the recordings." Had to cancel my ENTIRE order because they...

1StopBedrooms / living room set - not received false delivery time

Dec 18, 2018

I placed an order with this company on Dec 7th 2018 After speaking with the salesman on the phone to confirm the order and the financing I specifically asked when could we expect the furniture to arrive I was told since we live in New Jersey and it appears there are 3 warehouse in New...

1StopBedrooms / awful service and delivery process

Nov 22, 2018

I wish I could leave 0 stars, but it doesn't let me. They were literally the worst company I have ever dealt with. The salesmen are pushy "car salesmen" type who are quick to make a sale and push their warranty on you. I was purchasing a unique sectional that had complicated configuration...

1StopBedrooms / delivery of damaged goods/poor customer service

Nov 05, 2018

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!On October 9, 2018 I purchased a 3-piece bedroom set for my son. I quickly received a confirmation email with NO INFORMATION AT ALL REGARDING CANCELLATIONS, REFUNDS, OR DAMAGED GOODS. funds were immediately withdrawn from my account. With no commuication...

1StopBedrooms / horrible customer service!

Oct 17, 2018

I was nervous to purchase a couch online without seeing it first, but what I should have been more concerned with was purchasing a couch from a horrible company like 1Stopbedrooms. After waiting a month for the couch to be delivered (after they told me via phone that they would request a...

1StopBedrooms / customer service

Oct 01, 2018

decent customer service up until they get your money - then the customer service is non-existent. Over the course of a month, I contacted them 4 times trying to find out why I had not been scheduled for delivery by the time they said I would. All four of those times they told me someone...

1StopBedrooms / customer service

Sep 27, 2018

Ordered a set of Ashley pictures from… Ordered a set of Ashley pictures from 1StopBedrooms.Com. Price was great and product arrived on time and in perfect shape...that's where the warm and fuzzy ends! Unfortunately, the pictures I ordered were too big for my wall so I emailed the customer...

1StopBedrooms / sofa and loveseat

Sep 24, 2018

I ordered a sofa and love seat almost two months ago and I haven't heard anything from 1 stop bedrooms yet letting me know when exactly I am getting the stuff I paid for. 3 weeks ago I spoke to a floor manager and told me he was gonna have someone from the delivery place call me that...

1StopBedrooms / dining set not received after 4 months and yet not a response

Sep 20, 2018

I ordered on 1stopbedroom on May 13... 3 items (order number # 8328661). The first one was a bedroom set which was delivered on June 15, a vanity set delivered after several months after many calls. I still haven't received my dining room set and I constantly call every week for a statu...

1StopBedrooms / delivery of barzini bed frame and 2 nightstands

Sep 20, 2018

Placed my order on 8242018. Was supposed to recieve between 911 and 918. Started trying to contact company on 17 t see if I could get a better I could have time to get my room ready for setup. Have called numerous always "closed". Left number for call...

1StopBedrooms / bedroom furniture / customer service

Sep 19, 2018

I would rate them Zero Stars. Ordered $2300 bedroom furniture on 7/12/2018. Received email on 7/20/2018 stating order was in-transit and would arrive 8/3 - 8/10. Twelve days after deadline, on 8/22, I called and was on hold for 1 hour waiting for customer service agent. I spoke to manager...

1StopBedrooms / office furniture

Sep 19, 2018

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS! If I could give zero stars, I would. I purchased and paid for three pieces of office furniture on Aug. 6 -- 48 days ago! I was informed that the the three pieces arrived at the Local White Glove Delivery Terminal on Sept. 6 -- 13 days ago! I have not heard from...

1 Stop Bedrooms / furniture delivery and customer service

Sep 12, 2018

I ordered a bedroom set over 3 months ago and haven't received it. I've called numerous times and only got to speak to someone once. I've emailed customer service 4 times and they've never responded. They contracted with a local moving company to deliver it and they marked it a...

1StopBedrooms / dining room table/chairs

Aug 08, 2018

Save yourself much frustration and order elsewhere...I wish there was a lower rating than 1 star so I could give them less...I ordered a dining room table and chairs and a bench for a bedroom on 5/ is 8/8 and I have received nothing...I have made numerous phone calls and go a...

1StopBedrooms / furniture delivery and customer service

Jul 17, 2018

The customer service for this company is horrible. They ensured delivery of my furniture when I placed the order and when it came time, they said they could not commit to a date. The purchase was done in late April, with initial delivery in June. When June could not be done I told them it...

1StopBedrooms / same complaints as everyone else. wish I would have seen this board before I bought from them.

Jun 15, 2018

Damaged bedroom furniture dresser, damaged head and footboard and damaged second bedroom furniture. Sent pictures of damage as they requested which they supposed received. Their return email states they would contact in 72 hours but they never did. I have been chasing after them since May...