1StopBedroomsa bench that I never received

U Oct 10, 2019

I ordered my items 8/19/19 and I have had nothing but problems since day one with this item. It refuse to let me order online, I had to call in.

I left work early took a half day off work to meet the movers. When my items were delivered, they forgot my bed railings, which they promise to deliver later that day but never came back. Thiswas on a Friday and I did not see them again (after 8 calls to 1 stop and the delivery company) until Monday evening; after I was told they will try to put me into their scheduled. They also did not deliver the bench because it was damage. This sets offof other items that was riding on the bed's delivery. They could not put the bed together so they left all of the furniture in the middle of the floor. Dressers, headboards columns and other items all over the room. I could not get my adjustable mattressdelivered without the bed being set up and there was no place to put it. So I had them to take the mattress back which caused me a $45 delivery fee. I had to take a 2nd day off of work for them to bring the railings. The railings came but no bench. So Iwas promised the bench on 9/27 so I took a 3rd day off of work for the bench to only be told that this bench was also damaged. I cannot take a 4th day off for furniture delivery. I work in a hospital and cannot afford to do this. This bench will need tobe delivered around my hours and I would like to be compensated for all of my days off, leaving work early for your deliveries and for other deliveries I had to rearrange because of your in-ability to deliver a complete set. I would ask for a store creditbut I am too afraid to order anything else from you guys. This has been a complete debacle. I paid you for a complete set. I did not give you partial payment so why am I getting my items in sections.
I finally received an email telling me that they will work around my schedule. That was two weeks ago and still have not heard any more about it.
Right now I just want my money back and the delivery fee that the other company charged me.

a bench that I never received

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