1PhoneCancellation Hassle


I ordered this VOIP service and paid for the box/activation/shipping in advance. When I tried to cancel I was told to return the box. I said that when I signed up I paid $51 ($41+$10) - what was that for?. She replied "shipping and handling and activation." I was "transferred" to a message service which hung up on me. The second call was transfered/hung up too. The third time I was finally able to get someone to look at the site and see that if you don't pay for the box they waive a $41 fee and if you cancel early they charge you an additional $41. She said "an email would be sent to someone" who could cancel and there was nothing more she could do.

Don't give these folks your credit card, this is hard agreement to get out of!

This frustration is on top of the fact that they never disclosed the 911 and taxes which add up to $15/month not $10.

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