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This company rips people off. They advertise $25 per load to remove you junk. This is not true. This is the way they get you to call their #!!! Once they have you hooked, they tell you that they will be sending you a weight bill to pay charged to your credit card by 11 pm the same day. Wow! My bill was gigantic! $900+!!! Wt[censored] I had already got a quote from someone else via the all inclusive price which was half the cost!! Dont get sucked in with the $25 / 50 per load bs!! And their drivers. . . Oh boy, you would not want them wondering around in your house looking for other things later on. . . Do not recommend! I called green valley recycling where they dump, and they even say they have many many complaints b / c of this pricing scheme of junk van!

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  • Ku
    Kubuso Feb 09, 2011

    Dear homeowner1,
    Can you please pass on your other quote? I would be happy to learn who does junk removal on this Planet for free!Junk Van does advertise $25/load, but please put on glasses next time and read the whole advertisement! Yes it's $25/load from the original price of $50/load, but can you honestly imagine that a anyone could survive charging $50 for a complete junk removal, that's very silly!
    As for the employees, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience, I've used this company over a dozen times in the last 2 years and always had friendly and professional crews come over.
    I would recommend this to you next time, grab your truck or rent one, and take it all out yourself, then you will only have to pay $0.09/lb, cover your gas, and/or rental and your time.

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  • Je
    jenix Sep 19, 2011

    I WISH I would have seen this before I purchased their services. I ordered their service online then called to clarify all points. Once the truck arrived I again asked for a quote and was told that "the trucks don't have scales"!!! The men gave me their quotes, assurances that they were very good at quoting, and that it would not be over a certain amount. As you, I received the invoice via email (over a day late) and they charged my credit card an exorbitant amount, hundreds of pounds above what I was quoted AND they did not deduct the discount from which I initially ordered their service.
    And don't respond with the ignorance of the last person - i have taken my own "junk" to the landfill on dozens of occasions through renovations and general help toward less fortunate friends...I have a VERY good idea of weights at such drops. My comments, and full report to the Better Business Bureau reflect 1888junkvan customer (dis)service. Once I received my midnight invoice I emailed, called multiple times (please test this for yourself before responding otherwise: their automated voice service cuts you off a few minutes in saying that the number you selected is not valid..."click"), reached out to their website chat service to which no operators were available and I left a message there, also on their facebook page, left a voicemail on their service, and emailed multiple times...no response whatsoever!
    This company communicates long enough to get your credit card information. This company is a scam. I have never experienced such a rip off and have told literally hundreds of people about this. My goal is that they pass it on, and that people like you research before they make the same mistake myself and homeowner1 above did.
    Again, please heed my warnings here and everywhere else I can post on the internet and in other publications.
    Any questions - just ask - I'm happy to give details, proof, reference etc etc etc

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  • Bc
    bcbeef Sep 20, 2011

    I purchased the coupon for 250 lbs of junk removal online for 1888 JUNKVAN. I was assured that the weight of my junk was under 250 lbs, however a 25$ dollar charge would apply to a old mattress. To that, I agreed. I was told that I would receive an invoice by the next day, since its coming from 'back east'. This was over a week ago now and still no invoice. They immediately charged my credit card 140$ additional on top of the coupon itself. After THREE phone calls have been told each time that the invoice was sent and re-sent. THIS IS A SCAM!!

    This charge would equate to over 300 lbs of additional junk. All I gave away was one normal size couch, two small chairs, one small tv stand and a few wood scraps.

    I will be waiting on the phone for the email when I call in next.. Warning to all reading this, DO NOT give a credit card number until you receive a invoice with a weight ticket from the dump or some proof of the applicable weight.
    If that doesn't work, Im going to contact the credit card company directly and get the charges reversed.

    Hope this helps. Be careful with this company.

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  • St
    SteveJB Sep 26, 2011

    I've had the same experience. They didn't show up on the day they were supposed to, instead they rescheduled to the next day. Then they showed up 2 hours late with a truck already 1/4 full of garbage.
    A day after taking my garbage, my credit card was charged. I phoned to inquire how they could possibly have come up with the bill as there is no way my garbage weighed that much, as well I wanted to know how they would be able to break out the charges for the garbage that was already in the truck before mine went in.
    Still no response from them - they won't return calls nor will they supply any paperwork to justify their charges. Stay far away from these guys.

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  • St
    SteveJB Oct 05, 2011

    Update to all complaints Re: 888Junk Van - as they have still not responded to my numerous email and phone requests to provide documentation and discuss the high charges for the job they did, I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I encourage any and everyone that has had a similar experience to do the same,

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  • Li
    lindsayrp Nov 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same experience as jenix and the others above. This company is a SCAM and I have tried to contact them numerous times about their "invoice" that doesn't say how they calculated the total amount or credit me for the daily deal I purchased. I am beyond frustrated and I have also filed a complaint with the BBB.

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  • Br
    Brendan D Feb 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1-888-Junk-Van charged my credit card three times with unauthorized charges totalling over $1200.00. They have also given me the run-around when it comes to returning my calls and settling this issue. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.

    I called their office on Feb 22, 2012 asked why I have two charges that are unauthorized on my credit card and was told their system billed me automatically by mistake.

    I was told the manager "Kerry" would call me back and sort the issue out. I called my credit card company to tell them and file a dispute to have the charges reimbursed. My credit card company tells me that last night they put another charge of $371.00 through on my credit card, again unauthorized. So far they have three unauthorized charges to my credit card totally over $1200.00.

    I called JUNK VAN this morning and was told my account with them doesn't exist, that they can't find my transactions with them on their system.

    The charges appeared 2 months after I initially used their service, as if I would not pay attention to my credit card statements.

    There are over 30 complaints about the same practice on the Better Business Bureau website and numerous other websites. I will do everything in my power to warn the public about this company.

    Do not give them your business. Charging people's credit cards with unauthorized charges is FRAUD. You will have to go through your credit card company to be reimbursed.

    This company is out to rip people off. This is FRAUD and I intend on getting every cent back.

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  • Kr
    krissy.f Jun 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If I could give 1-888-Junk no stars, I would. Absolutely terrible customer service! I unfortunately purchased a $35.00 voucher for a 250lb pick-up and disposal of junk. I only had 2 dressers, 1 boxspring, 1 mattress, 1 tv stand and a garbage bag of misc papers. Though not mentioned on the voucher there is an additional $25.00 charge to dispose of a mattress. That is one of the reasons I purchased this voucher was to get rid of my old bed.
    I called to book my appt for a weekend day as I work full-time Monday to Friday and am not home until after 5pm. So I booked an appt for Sunday. I was told they would call me between 8am and 5pm but a half hour prior to let me know they were on their way. I got up early and waited for a call as I have read bad reviews on people not being home while the junk co comes and collects your things and overcharges you.
    I received a phone call at 10:15 stating that the truck had broken down and would not be able to collect my stuff. Really, only one truck? I can't believe they only had one truck available. I stated that as I work full-time Monday to Friday Sunday was my only day as I am moving on June 30 and need to have everything out. The woman said that the driver could probably come around 6 or 7pm but she would give me a call back shortly to confirm. So I waited all day for a phone call. But to no avail. I was the one who ended up calling them back at 5pm. I explained what had happened and was asked for my phone number and someone would call me back.
    I got a phone call today at 830 stating that they driver would be by my house today to collect my stuff. I specifically said that a weekday would not work so I was shocked to find out they were planning on coming today. I asked if they could come when I got home like the lady yesterday said. Well the response to that was "that is not possible as the dump closes at 5, so whoever told you that was misinformed and will be written up." At this point my frustration level is mounding. I have to be out my place this Saturday and am worried that if they were to come on Saturday something like this may happen again and my stuff will be stuck there.
    And if things couldn't get worse, I just checked my email only to find an invoice for $32.00 for removal of junk from my house. What?? No one has even come to get my junk yet and I am being billed?? At this point I want my money back I am totally fed up and will not recommend this company to anyone, ever!

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  • Ma
    Marc B. Apr 23, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They should change their name to 1-888-junkSCAM! IHAD TO CHASE THESE CROOKS OFF MY PROPERTY!!!

    Like the other posters I purchased a coupon on a daily deal site for 1-888-Junkvan - $35 to haul away 250 pounds of garbage. When I booked my pick-up the woman on the phone said that anything over 250 pounds would be an additional $0.31/pound. I asked how they would determine the weight and she said the driver would estimate the weight and we would agree on a price.
    I have used many rubbish removal companies in the past and all their pricing models have been similar – fees are based on the % of the truck that you fill; and they advise you of the cost before they start loading.

    When 1-888-Junkvan arrived the driver, who introduced himself as Sharif, got out of the truck and after looking at my pile of garbage for less than 10 seconds told me “I’m 300 pounds and I can tell you what you have here is a lot more than 250 pounds”. I gave Sharif a quick rundown of what was in my pile and tried to get him to provide a quote before they started loading. He said they would get it loaded and then tell me how much it would be. Since I had read some postings of other problems with Junkvan was not prepared to let them started loading until we had agreed on a price.

    We were discussing the weight and Sharif tried to tell me that the piece of base board his worker was holding was 30 lbs. We are talking about 3 ½ “ X 3/8” x 16’ pine base board. (Just for comparison a full sheet ½ inch plywood weighs 36 lbs). I weighed that base board after Sharif left... it was only 5 lbs!!!

    I told Sharif to stop loading until we could agree on a price. He shouted to his crew “OK guys shut it down, we’re done here.”At this point Sharif became very aggressive and said “you really have a ### attitude Marc” to which I replied that I just don’t want to be overcharged and asked him to leave.

    Sharif walked to his truck and then back up my drive way 3 times shouting and being very aggressive saying things like “I made $3000 today Marc, how much did you make”... “I have a $30000 scale on my truck that would tell you us the weight of my load but you didn’t give us a chance”... If there was a scale on the truck why would they need to estimate the weight??? Why wouldn’t they just show the customer the weight prior and after the pick-up? My guess is either there isn’t a scale; or if there is show the customer the actual weight would mean they can overcharge anyone.

    As he drove away he shouted “have a nice day, you still have your garbage”. I hired the guy down the street whom I had used before – Fred’s Rubbish Removal – and he was at my house in had the truck loaded 20 minutes later for $100... money Sharif could have easily earned for just 10 minutes work had he been a smart businessman... instead he was out of pocket for fuel, wages etc. Shortly after Fred left Sharif left me a voice mail shortly after saying “I just did a job around the corner and I want to leave you happy, I’ll haul away your junk for the 250 lbs”... I called him back and told him I had hired someone else and I would never give him my business.

    Sharif, if you read this, have you ever heard the saying “you can sheer a sheep many times but you can skin it only once”? I use junk removal companies 3 to 4 times each year for my home and business. This could have been an easy repeat account for you but you had to get greedy. Not only did you lose any future business from me but you also lost any potential referral business from my friends and family... and most likely anyone who reads this posting online.

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  • Ms
    mselizabeth Jul 19, 2013

    They called me to say they were coming 3 days before my scheduled appointment, then never showed up. When I called them up I got the run around, and when I called the driver as I was instructed to do he was rude and yelled at me about how I scheduled my appointment! One girl I spoke with actually told me that she would hire another company if it were her...

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  • Ab
    abc123def Jul 26, 2013

    I too purchased this coupon from groupon. $35 voucher to remove 250 lbs of junk. I needed to remove 3 tube TVs that are each 60lb and also one tiny chair as well as some wires.

    First, I regret not doing researches before I bought the coupon and when I called the 1-888-junk-van, the customer rep was very helpful and explained everything clearly. SHE did mention that the driver would show me the scale and would stop loading when the 250lb mark was up.

    I booked the appointment for today. 3 big buff men showed up and the older one distracted me by telling me this other promotion they are having while the other 2 men sneakily load the items to their trunk. Then suddenly, one of the men said “its already over the limit, its at 360lb now…” and I was just so gobsmacked and speechless at the same time. I asked why they didnt tell me when the 250lb was up and they said rudely that they thought I just wanted to remove eveything. and I said if they could unload because I didnt want to pay any EXTRA MONEY. The men refused… at that time, I still had one TV left. The older one suggested me to just throw it away and that TV would be just about 50lb. then after, they gave me a weigh of 400lb….. 180KG….. I was super shocked but seriously it was intimidating at the same time because they were 3 buff men and I am just a girl. They were rude and the total I had to pay was $53. I asked whether I could take a look at the scale, they said ” sorry we cant show you and plus, we have already reset it back to 0″ I asked if they could reset it but he said NO.

    I paid the $53 but seriously just because I was intimidated by them. The TV was not heavy at all. I could lift it by myself so I dont know where they got the 400lb from nor whether they even have a scale in their trunk. The whole procedure was just so ridiculous and sneaky. How do I know the trunk was not empty before they came to my house OR if they do as they claim that they have a scale, did they really set it back to 0 before loading my items? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    I called the customer rep wishing to speak to the manager, the girl couldnt care less and told me rudily that the manager was not around and after I had explained the matter to her . She simply told me that the driver was usually very precise and that she will get someone to call me and if I havent heard back I should call back on MONDAY. HELLO???? WHy do I have to call back, and how hard is it to return a damn call and today is THURSDAY and how long does it take you to call me and settle the matter?

    This is totally a SCAM and I am actually thinking about taking legal actions. I STILL BELIEVE that there’s justice. I am surprised that the company still survives after numerous complaints online. They are dishonest and

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  • Fo
    Fooled TheFirstTime Jul 28, 2013

    I also had a groupon or dealfind voucher for junk van. I called a week or so in advance and they booked it for the following weekend. They said that they would be at my house somewhere between 9:00 and 5:00 p.m. The night before I received a call confirming that they had an appointment at my house but considering it was the weekend were only accepting cash or a cheque. Today I waited but nothing. I finally phoned the number at 4:00 p.m. to be told that they had 4 other pick ups before me. I asked how they thought they were going to manage 4 other pick ups before 5:00 p.m.? They re-scheduled and showed up at my home at 4:30. They then gave me a quote on the amount that I had to remove over and above my dealfind voucher and quoted me close to $400!!! I don't think so. I told them to pick out the 250lbs worth and be done with it. After waiting over 6 hours I was not impressed. They started going through my garage taking items and throwing them around. He kept picking up my stuff and throwing it around so it would crash and break. i told them to stop throwing stuff around. It was as if they were trying to intimidate me. Honestly, if I didn't have a friend of mine with me it would be really scary. They finally took two items charging me $1.67 in taxes. When I was paying them they then asked how much do I think I would pay to have the junk removed? Then I got the sob story of how he was taking over the Calgary franchise and that he flew in from Vancouver, yada yada yada. I guess that's why the charge was $400 to pay for his airplane ticket?! The thing was i called another junk removal company who charged me $70 for a truck load of junk removal. A lot different then there quote of $400.
    If you see this dealfind stay as far away as possible. These guys are rip off artists with "eye balling" your 250lbs. What a talent!!! What a rip off!!! Stay far, far away!!!

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  • Bc
    BC-Girl Jan 29, 2014

    Scam Scam scam, I agree with all the complaints. People please do not get sucked into buying the low price from those deal sites, these guys are scams. They are very aggressive with their approach too. I asked them to only take 250lbs of my junk which was the coupon that I bought for $ 35 from Groupon. When they came they proceeded to take all my junk and quoted me $ 900, when I said I only wanted 250 lbs of my junk and why did they not tell me that the weight was up? I demanded I can't pay that and asked them to dump the junk back onto my driveway. They said they cant do that and demanded I pay them right away. The two guys that came were 2 large scruffy looking dudes and very intimidating. It was just myself (woman) and my elderly mother. I got in a heated argument with them but they intimidated me into paying them. Please stay away from the company and do your research and go with a reputable company.

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  • Su
    suzyq1004 Feb 12, 2014

    I wish I read all this beforehand. I assumed seeing that the groupon for $35 for 250lbs was bought over 850 times that the business was doing well... NOPE! They never gave us an estimate and demanded cash or debit. It says on the website that they will give us an estimate on site and that they take credit cards (all 3). No where did it state exceptions in BC. After gathering everything we asked how much the weight estimation was and they said 6 tons!!! That's the average weight of a killer whale (yes I researched it). All we had were 3 desks, a pile of cardboard, paper, bubble wrap, styrofoam and some glass. Tell me how that would weigh 6 tons which they say was about $2000.00. We bought groupon to save money, not to be scammed to pay THAT MUCH. Sure we had a feeling we would pay more for the desks and such and we were fine with spending another 500$ but $2000.00?! We called the owner, Shariff, to return our junk and he would not do it and forced us to pay when we didn't even sign anything. He just threatened us with collections. Who in the right mind would have this many complaints and not try to create a better business? This should be illegal! SCAM SCAM SCAM STAY AWAY [email protected]^*$&*%#^ grrrrrr

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  • Bu
    Burl.Ontario Apr 23, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish I had read these reviews prior to purchasing the Groupon for $35; however, I will take the $35 loss as I am in NO WAY using this company now after reading everyone's feedback. I have tried unsuccessfully to book an appointment over the last two weeks. Customer service reps are unbelievably unprofessional. I have left several messages trying to book an appointment. My call was returned once only to be told that they are very busy and someone will call me back. I have yet to receive a call back. Unbelievable. I will be sharing this negetive experience with family, friends, and colleauges to save them from such a scam.

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