156Rexpress Bus156r bus driver driving bus #7930 on 8/2/18 skipped multiple stops leaving passengers in the wind

J Aug 02, 2018

I get on the 156R express bus every weekday morning. The 156Rexpress bus that is scheduled to arrive at the Horizon road stop on or around 9:06am has not shown up in about 1 week. The bus keeps disappearing from the app when you look up the bus arrival time. When the driver who is scheduled to arrive at 9:06am skips my stop, I have to wait over 25 minutes for the next bus to arrive. Today there were 12 people waiting for the 156R bus at the Horizon road stop at 9:00 am this morning. The app stated the 156R bus was going to show up at 9:06am then it completely fell off the grid and disappeared.

Because of this, my neighbor and I got on the 156 local & took it to the Gorge/ Edgewater stop (about 10 stops past our usual Horizon road stop) in order to switch to the 159R bus which runs more frequently (both the 156R & 159R stop at Gorge/Edgewater road bus stop). As we drove past many bus stops on the local bus we noticed an unusually large amount of people at each bus stop we passed waiting for the 156R express bus. When we reached Gorge/Edgewater bus stop we only waited 2 minutes when out of the blue a 156R bus arrived (bus #7930). When we got onto the 156R bus at Gorge/Edgewater we noticed that NONE OF THE remaining 10 people waiting for the 156R bus at the Horizon road stop were on this bus. The bus was also empty with no more than 10 passengers on board.That's when we realized that this 156R driver (bus #7930) skipped multiple stops on the 156R route. Based on the amount of people we saw at each bus stop while traveling on the 156 local bus, the 156R bus that picked us up should have been full. I asked the bus driver where he started his route this morning. He turned around and yelled at me saying "I'm doing something". I have been on this man's bus before. He is rude to all the passengers and drives very fast to each bus stop where is actually passes the bus stop before stopping the bus. The people waiting have to walk about 20 feet to get onto the bus. This driver is mean and rude. It is obvious he hates his job. He is a loose cannon & uses a harsh loud tone of voice which intimidates the passengers. You MUST FIRE THIS CRAZY CRACKPOT! HE IS ABUSING HIS POSITION and passengers.

HOW CAN YOU ALLOW A DRIVER TO SKIP MULTIPLE STOPS AND START HIS ROUTE WHEREEVER HE PLEASES LEAVING PAID CUSTOMERS TO WAIT 1/2 HR FOR THE FOLLOWING BUS? Are you even aware this is happening? Please look into this immediately. Innocent paying passengers are arriving to work late every day due to this haphazard driver disgruntled driver. This is SHAMEFUL

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