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N Dec 23, 2019

From: Alik Bhattacharjee
[protected], [protected]
P.O. Bhatpara
Dist. [protected].
West Bengal, Pin.[protected]
Mo. [protected]
Email [protected]
The Propritor,
M/S. Kundu Special
1, Chattaranjan Avenne
Kolkatta - 700072
Email [email protected]
Sub.: Defamation of kundu Special due to inefficient / Negative
motivated /having extra superiority complex of the Manager,
Feed Back Report after completion of every Tour from the tourist
Request of:
Ref.: Tour Programmed for Goa Mumbai w.e.f. 09/12 to 22/12/2019
I am a bonafied tourist of your Esteemed Organization and conducted several Tours through your Company since a long time and never faced such an odd experience since before.
There was serious discontents amongst the passengers regarding the misbehavior/mode of delivery of words of the Manager Mr.Debasis to the passengers and also towards to his sub ordinate staffs in front of so many outsiders ( abusing Mr. Rajat and involving all the category of Clerical Staffs saying a "MACHI MARA CARANI OF WRITERS BUILDINGS, etc) and instantly protested by the Cooking Staff Mr. Kalu of your organization.
In such a condition it is understood that you are getting one sided report only from the Manager as a result you are in quite dark about the success of the tour.
This time the, lower standard food stuffs was selected like "OAL"which was rejected and thrown away by the passengers as it was irritated throats of all the passengers.
Remedial Measures,
Asking Feed Back Report from the Passengers as per your Specified Format
Please Put tik Marks on your answers
1. Have you Enjoyed your Tour Fully Yes No Partly
2. Conveyance Provided to you Good Very Good Out standing
3. Hotel Accommodation Good Very Good outstanding
4. Quality Food stuffs Good Very Good Out standing
5. Behavior of the Manager Poor Good Very Good
6. Behavior of the Cooking Staffs Poor Good Very Good
Etc etc.. as you desired
Trust, this will find your favorable consideration considering the prosperity of your company and customer satisfaction in future.
Thanking you,
Dated 22/12/2019 Yours truly, '
Alik Bhattacharjee

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