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Time Warner Cable Complaints & Reviews

Time Warner Cable / Customer Service

Reviewer78444 on 2016-02-08
They have been charging me for 8 months for channels I have not been receiving. Customer service person was horrible! They are the only option in the apartment building where I live - what a bunch of crap!

Time Warner Cable - North Carolina, Morehead City / Worst customer service I've experienced

Rick Caseu on 2016-01-27
T-W is my only internet service provider option in my area in coastal NC. I already had internet with them, and my modem went down, as confirmed by them. As they could not get a tech to replace the modem within 5 days, I agreed to go to the local T-W location (15 miles away) to pick up a...

Time Warner Cable - Texas, Garland / Billing

Reviewer93894 on 2016-01-27
Hello my name is Kimberly Scott and I set up service with Time Warner for WiFi in my home. When I first scheduled the appointment I was told that I had a deposit of $50.00, which I said ok so the service was entered to have a technician to come out Friday 1-22-2016, I was told that I could...

Time Warner Cable - California, Carson / Charges different from what I have agreed upon with Sherly operator

Eva Panganiban on 2016-01-19
My previous bill was $75. And some cents. Lately, I was having problem watching my Drama on my IPAD. ( I don't have computer. I watched news only on TV. I live alone.) I called TW and operator Sheryl offered me increased in GB to 50 for only additional. $ 5.00 incl tax total of $81.00 . My...

Time Warner Cable - New York, Flushing / Time warner cable claims they did not receive a payment I made.

Reviewer13575 on 2015-11-24
On 11/13/15 I made a payment of $150 from a debit card that time warner cable claims they did not receive. My service was interrupted without warning. I spoke with a customer rep Mr Israh Briggs, who stated he needed verification that the deduction was made and sent to Time Warner. Mr...

Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC - North Carolina, Charlotte / All of it

RoniB on 2015-11-20
I didn't have TWC a full 24 hours and I had to cancel the service. I never wanted to deal with them but I decided to give them a shot. The Sales Rep was decent enough. He came and set the equipment up in the home with a promise that someone wold be by to hook it up at the pole the next...

Time Warner Cable - North Carolina, Louisburg / On-Line Security

Reviewer86392 on 2015-11-10
I received an email 11/10/2015 at 3:00pm EST stating my on-line account password was changed. After chatting with the rep, his answer was "No a problem, disregard that email". Later on in our conversation he stated that another user may have tried to log in, in which I replied he shouldn't...

Time Warner Cable / Cable, Internet & phone

ltalman on 2015-11-02
My internet, phone and TV go in and out all week long. I work from home and I can't get 1 hr of phone or internet uninterrupted. Time Warner has sent out techs every week. They have replaced every piece of equipment and cable and every tech says it's not in the house, it's at the street or...

Time Warner Cable - New York, Buffalo / Roadrunner email

Elisse Antczak on 2015-10-28
I have about given up on this company. I have been trying to load my deleted emails file for over 20, yes 20 minutes now. This is not the first time this has happened. It also occurs with the incoming email. I'm only using 8% of what I can conceivably hold in my account space wise. Every...

Time Warner Cable / Removal of name and address from TWC's snail-mail mailing list.

Reviewer66392 on 2015-10-27
I have contacted Time Warner on several different occasions throughout the past several years, requesting it remove my name and address from its mailing list because I do not wish nor do I plan to subscribe to cable TV--especially Time Warner. On more than one phone call, the rep put me on...

Time Warner Cable - California, Los Angeles / Dishonest sales and missed appointments

Reviewer49139 on 2015-10-13
Made the mistake of signing up again with Time Warner. Three times I was given appointment times that were scheduled differently and so three times I missed work unnecessarily. Also said it was free install but the order showed an install charge. Took three calls to get it right. No resolution has been made

Time Warner Cable - Texas, Plano / Cable services

divachef on 2015-10-12
TWC risk management contacted me this morning about a past due balance on an old account.(I recently got new service). I told the rep I would call her back to set up an arrangement(I was en route to work). They ended up suspending my services. I called back to set up an arrangement for the...

Time Warner / Digital adaptor to analog box

ron bell on 2015-10-02
Charging 2.75 per box each month to get their service. Ive had their service since 1982 way to high now, but they figured away to charge all of us more each month. The box is coded and have to have one for each tv set at 2.75 month. Also they advise me my bill was 85 a month right now for...

Time Warner Cable - Ohio, Columbus / Poor customer care, many canceled appointments with no resolution

Reviewer61460 on 2015-09-25
This complaint is to express my discontent and frustrations with Time Warner as a company. I strongly feel something needs to be done about their customer care and how they handle themselves. My roommate had Internet service through Time Warner at her previous apartment with few to no...

Time Warner Cable - Texas, Nederland / Time Warner have a fake 238 dollar bill from 2014 on my credit report.

Brandon Ceaser on 2015-09-06
Time Warner Cable is the only Company on my Credit Report. Their explaining I had a 200 dollar bill from 2014 for one month of service charges. The Company have a fake Jason Stork all kind of account people under my phone account disputed for me. Their Company don't know how to service...

Time Warner Cable Laredo, Texas - Missouri, Laredo / Cable Lines Flung over Cinder Block Fence

Ernest Davila on 2015-07-06
On June 13, 2015 someone from Time Warner came and connected their bright orange cable to the community box that is situated on my property 2816 Don Sergio Dr., Laredo, Texas. The other end of the cable is situated at 10723 Patron. There have been several Job ID #s 248857, 21463908, and...

Time Warner - California, los angeles / customer service

rickoshea on 2015-07-04
Called in to order Time Warner cable on 7/3 and 7/4. Worst experience ever. Scary customer service weirdo kept calling me back at home to insult me after i hung up on him because he didn't seem to know who or where he was. Finally, I called another rep and asked to be connected to...

Time Warner Cable - Connecticut, Monroe / Not Getting What I Paid For

C Golden on 2015-06-25
I just found out that TWC has gone digital in my area and if I don't acquire a digital connector from them then I will not have TV in my living room. Totally appalled! We pay them over $130 per month for Internet and TV and they always seem to find a way to charge more!!! We might try...

Time Warner Cable - North Carolina, Kittrell / billing/false information/over charging/hidden fees

Gloria Johnson Allen on 2015-04-30
Rep's giving fake Id numbers, Rep's refusing to let customers speak to Supervisor, Rep's pretending to be Supervisor, over charging on bill, Rep's hanging up on customers, hidden fees on bill, District Manager Dana Height returning customers calls, Rep's lying...

Time Warner Cable / Billing Problems

Nidhit12 on 2015-04-01
I closed my time warner cable connection in aug 2014. I personally returned the connection device to TWC office and i was told that my connection was closed. I still wanted to call and check on the status of my account. Due to their horrible customer service i was kept on hold for HOURS. ...

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