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Pro Flowers Complaints & Reviews

Proflowers.com - California, San Diego / Horrible

Mike on 2016-02-09
I bought flowers from ProFlowers website few days ago and confirmed my order of $35. When I received a payment confirmation email it showed $70! To make matters worse the flowers never arrived! I sent them a message, but received no reply. So, yesterday I decided to call and they put me on...

Proflowers.com - California, San Diego / Flowers delivered were dead

Terry J on 2016-01-26
I purchased flowers from ProFlowers for my wife's birthday. That was a surprise, so I wanted them to deliver those to her office. When I received a message stating that flowers had been delivered, I called my wife. She said that she just received the box. When she opened the box flower...

Proflowers / Debit card misuse

Jayalakshmi K on 2015-05-31
Hi, I do not know if I will get my money back or not. I am from India and I ordered for a Birthday Cake from ProFlowers on May 2nd and paid online through my card. I got an email 21st stating that the transaction was rejected and I need to call them. I called Proflowers and spoke someone by...

Pro Flowers / They keep charging me every month for flowers i didn't order

lorraine bariteau on 2015-05-26
I ordered flowers a long time ago and they keep charging me every month for the same thing and i don't know how to cancel them. I am almost 80 years old and i don't know what to do. Please help me if you can Thank you very much

Proflowers.com / Horrible Service

Val3266 on 2015-05-24
I sent my two daughters a Mother's Day boquet on Saturday, May 9th. The website said they "guaranteed" delivery on Mother's day but I decided to play it safe and send them on Saturday. One was to go to Texas and the other to Georgia. Well, Sunday came and I heard nothing from...

Proflowers / No Delivery

ThessiaN7 on 2015-05-14
My husband and I placed an order to be delivered on Saturday, May 9th, for his mom on Mother's Day. The night before, we received an email saying that "our team immediately recognized there was a quality issue with your order and took proactive measures to ensure that your gift i...

Proflowers / Disappointment after Disappointment

Tracy TT B on 2015-05-11
I ordered long stemmed red roses for my mother to be delivered Saturday 5/9 for Mother's Day. On the day they were supposed to delivery them, the head of Proflowers' customer care sent me an email at 15:56 informing that since they ran out of the long stemmed red roses, they...

Proflowers / Errrors upon errors Rions V-Day

ajvas1 on 2015-02-14
Order was first promised day BEFORE V-Day at wife's work...30m b4 it was to arrive, they said it could not be filled. So I change it to Saturday, Valentines day and change the address to my Billing Address some 30m North of where she worked. Its 3PM on V-Day; I called and they FUBARED...


Johnny Ike on 2015-02-10
I ordered flowers online expecting to pay $49.99 for it to be delivered.Placed my order with a credit card and still thought the worst case scenario would be that I pay maybe an additional $10 for delivery. When I got the final bill, it was --- Amount Charged: $77.48. I was stunned. I...

Proflowers / Quote one price, bill another

jared4036 on 2015-02-08
I placed an order for some flowers based on a special that came in an email. I spent an hour on the phone placing my order because they couldn't find the special they sent me. Finally got the order placed and was told what the order would cost. It sounded fine. Five minutes later I...

Proflowers - Georgia, Duluth / FALSE CHARGES

allenjg on 2014-12-13
WELL I FELL FOR IT1 got a mailer that offered a mini xmas tree for $24.99 so i ordered it - after completing the order for "standard" delivery i was billed $49+ - they added "rush morning" delivery even though i did'nt order it (supposedly so it would arrive fresh). well not only wa...

Personal Creations (Part Of Proflowers.com) Personalized Gift / Stupid rules and process when PayPal billing address is non-USA

I placed an order and paid with PayPal...no problem there. Two business days later, I got an email that the order hasn't been processed because my billing address is not in the USA (shipping address was). I replied that using PayPal makes a billing address pointless. Two days later...

Proflowers / mothers day 2014 flowers dead on arrival and twice wrong arrangement

fredmiajuneo on 2014-05-15
On the Friday before mothers day 2014 flowers were delivered to my house containing white Asiatic lilies, white iris, and pink tulips. The arrangement arrived in bud and directions were followed. The next day they bloomed and dropped by the end of the day with leaves turning brown and...

Pro Flowers.com / Flowers / Too high prices / lying about their prices

Pat Kelley on 2014-05-07
I had never ordered from these people before. I wanted to get my mother something this week for Mothers day. They have advertised night and day for the last 3 months over 200-400 times a day that their flowers are ALL 19.99 and have given this special code of MOST and Savage and Michael to...

Pro Flowers.com / Rip Off web site

rang on 2014-02-10
So I go to order flowers for the wife for Valentines Day. Home page I fill in the search box for "student". The next page is for Valentines Day choices. I pick the $19.99 display of mixed roses and check off the clear vase at no charge. I click Next. Here I enter "student" for the promo...

Proflowers.com / No Delivery

Micci on 2013-05-10
I ordered my mother, who lives in another state, azalea's for Mother's Day on May 7, 2013, for delivery on May 10, 2013. Today, I called my mom and asked her if she received a delivery and she said no. I went to Proflower's website and did the tracking on my order. They...

Proflowers.com / Fraudlent website

sleeper416 on 2013-05-06
I ordered Mother's Day flowers this morning from ProFlowers and thought I'd be spending $19. My credit card was charged $42! Their website is very misleading in how they present the charges. They have a "Care" charge, a "Saturday delviery" charge, a FREE vase which cost $6.99 and...

Pro Flowers - Colorado / refund policy

venessa29 on 2013-05-05
Placed order for flowers $39 . Total price was $59... Credit card gets billed $84, I call to cancel two minutes later and get told it takes 3 to 5 business days to return the money to my credit card.!!?? How is it that your credit card can be billed immediately after placing an order, but...

Proflowers / unauthorized charges

LauraMorin on 2013-03-03
Proflowers has been charging our acct $14.95 in unauthorized charges under a misleading name on our statement "Easy Saver" since Febaruay 2010. My husband ordered my flowers for Valentines day in February 2010, and since then this charge has appeared. no notification has ever been sent to...

Proflowers - Florida, Tampa / undelievered flowers

reserarchzombie on 2013-02-15
I placed an order for Valentines Day. However, my flowers were not delivered on that day. The following day I called when I realized the person had not received the order. When I called, I was informed they would redeliver and proflowers apologized and explained that they had used their...

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