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Equiant Financial

If you are making payments through Equiant Financial this is something you should know. They did not loan you any money. They just process payments for Geoholiday. So, if you want to stop paying on your timeshare the only people out money is GEOHOLIDAY!!!!!
Cancel your credit card, change your bank account, do what you need to do to stop payment. They will get they hint if people stop paying them. My lawyer said that was the best thing I did in this mess!!
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 Edd B, 28th of Mar, 2015
im currently in battle with these jokers. 8 payments of $78 and a deposit of $2k and they have credited me with $180.00 they won't answer phones, it takes 10 days to post a payment and immediately they get on the phone making demanding phone calls for payment. when told they have the money inthe office, they refuse to check and will continually make phone calls till your blood pressure it sky high. i have no alternative but to hire an atty and this phoenix group must be put out of business. timeshares suck. i lost a good one hoping to upgrade and this is the strife i must endure and still no place to visit.
 kem7190, 4th of Feb, 2015
Would like any information available to be included in the Class Action Law Suit against Equiant/Geoholiday Timeshare Association. The biggest mistake my husband and I ever made was going to this "party"! We were on vacation at the time, which already put us at a disadvantage, because you are usually enjoying yourself while on vacation. Therefore, I'm positive that this is considered when their High Pressure Sales people are being trained on how to take advantage of people's euphoria! Their one and only goal is to make a sale. The amount of money we continually have to fork out to cover an OVERPRICED loan for vacations that we cannot afford or have the time off from our jobs to participate in is totally ridiculous. I want to stop paying them but I do not want to ruin our credit. The lies we were fed while being hounded by high pressured sale tactics is flat out WRONG. We got caught up in the moment, the lies, promises, and taken advantage! We were a young couple just starting our lives out together and know this monthly payment and annual maintenance fees cause constant turmoil in our marriage because its so expensive and we cannot afford to take vacations. We both work our asses off and still have trouble making ends meet. Please help us with a solution to get rid of this monkey on our back. Signed, SO OVER IT......
 shannon hall Duluth MN, 5th of May, 2014
I want to do a class action lawsuit hallshannon01 is the email I set up just for this purpose only Duluth,MN is where im from at we purchased March 31 2014
 Nicole Collins, 4th of Aug, 2014
My fiance and I have one of the time shares through Geo Holiday. We have been paying on it for a few years now and really haven't made a dent in the amount. I believe this is a BIG scam. We were never told about the grace period to cancel if we decided we didn't want it. My question is.. If we close bank account and get a new one will not paying for the time share go on our credit report?
 wilsob6, 6th of Dec, 2010
What if payments are expected to Geoholiday International at 40 eglinton ave west, toronto, on? Do you have any experience with collection agencies and garnishing of wages under timeshare companies like this?
 mahirap, 22nd of Dec, 2013
Cancellation with Starpoint Resort is technically not only within 5 days but 120 days from the date they first charged your credit card. Mine was Visa Canada & because there are merchant codes that Visa goes by Starpoint is not listed as Timeshare merchant so technically i can cancel within 120days & that's why i got all my money back & Visa advise Starpoint to return my money & dispute is settled as Cancelled Service because i cancelled within 120 days, so if your charge on your Visa is within 120 days you're in LUCK you can still cancel it by disputing it with Visa just ask your credit card company on the dispute process. I'm in Canada so i'm not sure if this is the same with U.S Visa or any other credit card company. It was a long process & while i was waiting Starpoint was still harrassing me on the phone & by mail. But everything was settled i won!
 woodrho2, 2nd of Feb, 2014
I would like to join a class action if anyone knows of one. please post it.
 gmkhawaii, 3rd of Feb, 2014
to everyone that wants to do a class action lawsuit......contact the Nevada Atty. General office, real estate/time share division and log a complaint. I do not agree with Starpoint NOT informing me that there is a 5 day period in which I have time to cancel the contract. .......if enough people report the same offense by geo-holiday/starpoint then maybe the Atty. Gen. office might be able to make it mandatory that POTENTIAL SUCKERS...OOPS BUYERS (I was one of them) will also be advised of the cancellation policy. Geo-holiday/star-point uses delay tactics to "get back to you" by the time you actually speak to someone its past the cancel date.
 mahirap, 4th of Sep, 2013
is this forum still actively looking for people who are against Starpoint/Geoholiday Resort? What kind of collection did they do to you? Did they get a court order to garnish your wage or bank account? or you just ignored them & they got tired?
 maxpedal, 11th of Oct, 2013
I am interested as well what actions you all have taken. Is there progress on the Class Action lawsuit? I'm considering just going to the Jockey Club/GeoHoliday location in Las Vegas and not leaving until the cancellation is complete. If we could amass a group, it would likely have more effect.
 rrandn, 13th of Nov, 2013
We are in for a class action suit against GeoHoliday, Starpoint. We have not been able to use anything we were promised but 1st and foremost in the Truth-In-Lending statement under cancellation there was no name or address to send a cancellation letter. A blatant act of Fraud, not giving the customer all the information needed for the purchase. In addition, no one from their office will give you the information needed for the cancellation. They send you to different departments passing the buck. Needless to say 8 months later unable to spend unlimited time on the phone we kept it hoping it would work but to no avail nothing works with this timeshare.
 mahirap, 13th of Nov, 2013
If your original transaction from your Visa Credit card was done within 120 days you can still cancel with your credit card company by disputing the transaction as Cancelled Service. Ask your credit card company how to proceed its a long shot but an alternate way of cancelling from Starpoint Resort. But if the transaction is over 120 days you no longer have any dispute rights on the transaction. Submitted complains thru FTC & Nevada Real Estate Industry Office but they're both useless organization that needs to be dismantled. BBB is also nothing so i can't really think of any other way to lobby this in Congress since these very kind of people have connections, friends who owns Timeshare so they are all ganging up on middle income earner to get our money. My take if you don't care about your credit & your not going to work or apply for any future loans or employment with a bank, because your credit will have derogatory remarks from this company I will just walk away or go to Vegas again & have a sign that reads: Do Not Sign any Contract on Timeshare. Don't say any name because the police might question your intention, so just Generic expression of opinion will be harmless. " Do Not Sign Any Timeshare Contract"
 mahirap, 13th of Nov, 2013
Equiant dude called me and said Hi Mahirap were here calling to help you arrange your timeshare obligation. Then I said what kind of obligation the one where your employer misrepresented & lied to me about. I have the money but i don't like to pay you. You promised that i'm getting a good deal well again that's another lie it's overpriced. In the next 45 yrs in total I would have paid $33k Canadian dollars divide it by the number of points you gave me then divide again by 5 days (booking) that will cost me $1200 for 5 days that $240/nighth where is the discount there now. Yeah I was lied about that too and they said they have an accommodation available in Whistler that i don't have to exchange any points because its under Starpoint Geoholiday again its a lie. Never ending lies. If i win 6/49 or any lottery I will sue this company or if i get introduce to Obama i will let him know about this fraudulent company but for now i'm just walking away. i don't care they can put negative remarks on my credit who cares but i'm not paying them anymore. I'm getting my $$$ back from my credit card company !!! yeeepeeeh!!!!!

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