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McDonalds Complaints & Reviews

McDonald's / Management

Connie Hunt-Toolis on 2016-04-20
I work for McDonald's in Portage WI. I was working in the kitchen in close quarters, I bumped into assistant manager Oma and touched her shoulder and said sorry. She punched me not once but twice and told me not to ever touch her again. . I spoke to the manager about this and was told the...

McDonald's - New Hampshire, Portsmouth / Spoiled food

Kimberlee9163 on 2016-04-06
It was approximately 12:45 on Wednesday the 6th. I went to the McDonalds on Rt 1 (Lafayette Road) in Portsmouth NH. I went through the drive thru and ordered a bacon ranch chicken salad and a large coke. When I got back to work and began to eat my salad I noticed that the lettuce was brown...

McDonald's - Indiana, Valparaiso / drive thru, wrong order, cold food

Joe Putrow on 2016-03-26
I went to McDonalds located at 364 US-6 Valparaiso IN 46385, Drive thru at 1:33 on sat March 26. I order 2 qtr lb w/ch n pickles and a plain hamburger and dite coke . drove home looked in the bag and the order was wrong. I recived a sm fry s m nugget. well I drove back and went to the drive...

McDonald's - California, Santa Maria / Service

Reviewer59942 on 2016-03-02
Went to Mcdonald's located at Clark & Bradley, Santa Maria, CA on March 2, 2016. It was 8:55 AM. Went inside as the drive-thru was lined up with 10 or more cars. The employee I believe was the Ass't. Manager, was on her cell (they said it was work related) & 2 customers were waiting to be...

McDonald's - Ontario, Mississauga / Customer Service of Management and Team

gc41 on 2016-02-21
McDonald's located on 375 Iroquois Shore Rd Oakville (around 3:30pm): Went to order a SPC McCaffe Deal which is buy one get one free - The associate that was dealing with us didn't know about the deal was so I informed him, he then went to confirm with his manager who said they don't have a...

Macdonalds / food restaurant at Yishun North Point Singapore

Reviewer11966 on 2016-02-10
The branch here the service very bad, especially the Malay woman staff and the Aunties working here always talk rudely in a loud voice and recently i ask if where to make payment, the rude malay lady staff shouted " you got to line up there "and stare rudely at me... Where is the customer...

McDonald's - Nebraska, Gering / Ice Cream machine

Reviewer87507 on 2016-01-11
I went thur the drive through at McDonald's in Gering NE about 3 weeks ago to get a Mcflurry and the ice cream machine wasn't working. I stopped in again to day and was told the ice cream machine wasn't working. I will not be going to the McDonald's ever again. It is crazy that there machine is down for that long.

McDonald's - North Carolina, Lumberton / Food

Sickpuppy1964 on 2015-12-04
Yesterday, on 12/3/15 I got 2 Mcdoubles with extra pickles and onions and a mocha frappe. About 20 minutes after eating food while at work; I got severe stomach cramps and after a few hours, starting passing blood in stool. Never had this happen before! Today as of 12/4/15 still happening!...

McDonald's - New York, Queensbury / Nutritional facts on packages

Reviewer39480 on 2015-11-27
I went through the McDonald's near me in Queensbury, NY and noticed no nutritional facts on anything but instead all I found was this stupid lil messed up bar code thing and I think that Discriminates against people like me that don't have or believe in these stupid so called "smart"...

McDonald's / Food

nyameko on 2015-11-22
it was on the 09/10/2015 at 08:39:34 at Mcdonalds in Umtata (eastern cape - south Africa) manager - Sibusiso, when I bought a Mega McMuffin in which I found plastic inside the bugger petty which I think I consumed, I was enxious after that and had to seek medical attention. I request that I be refunded all my expenses - transport, medical etc.

Macdonalds - Arizona, Phoenix / Service

Reviewer99320 on 2015-11-13
I went through the drive through today and ordered a medium coffee and bottled water. The lady took my order but added a reece's blizzard. The blizzard belonged to the car behind me. I asked them to give me another bottled water or refund but they were unwilling to provide a substitute and...

McDonald's - New York, New York / Night shift manager refused to give me my refund

Reviewer77089 on 2015-09-28
McDonald's 966 3rd. Ave., New York, NY Went into the store at 00:29AM, Monday, September, 2015. Ordered a Southwest salad and medium fry. The overnight shift had a skeleton crew, so the wait times for orders was long. At 00:43AM, I asked for a refund because I had to return to work. The...

Macdonalds - Ontario, Beaverton / I'm complaining about dirty store

Bekhit on 2015-09-27
I use to go every Saturday with my family for lunch to Macdonald at 24018 woodbine ave in Keswick and I notice a lot of flies in the store the girl never clean the tables she is only pick up what ever left on the tables but never clean it most the time busy talking with customers also when...

McDonald's / French Fries.

jayweb2014 on 2015-09-04
on September First 2015 I walked into the Mcdonalds on the corner of first and second street to enjoy what I was looking forward to be some piping hot fresh French fries. You know, like the ones they advertise on the commercial. After waiting in a frustratingly long line I was forced to...

Macdonalds Quakers Hill Pkwy - New South Wales, Quakers Hill / Service fit for criminals @ Macca's Quakers Hill

Reviewer94715 on 2015-08-15
Today I have experienced the worst kind of service, or no service from Macdonald's at Quakers Hill Parkway. I went through drive through and simply placed an order for 2 burgers, fries & 2 sml cokes. When I reached the second window to pick up my order, I didn't receive the...

McDonald's / Food Poisoning

Leslieeetammy on 2015-05-26
I had a Hot n Spicy McChicken and 20 piece chicken nuggets in the afternoon around 4/4:30pm. The sandwich seemed more brown than usual. There was also a chicken nugget piece stuck together on the other that was hard to pull off; i pulled it off and ate it, which now I wonder if I should have...

Mc Donalds - Western Australia, Kwinana / No service

Petrice on 2015-03-11
This issue of "no service" available has been going on for at least 5 years and it has NEVER BEEN DEALT WITH successfully. I have had this problem on at least 9 occasions, the most recent was on Friday 6 March 2015. I hardly every go to this Mc Donalds and have started using Burger King...

Macdonalds - Western Australia, Perth / bad service

Candy3 on 2015-02-01
On sunday 1/2/2015 I was at work and had my lunch break. I went to Macdonald Whitford store as I work at Whitford I placed my order for a Grill chicken wrap meal large my number was 122 and I waited for 30 minutes and I didn't have my order I asked them where it was and they then told...

McDonalds Malaysia / Wrong order

ImadTheDeer on 2014-12-18
This happened a few hours ago, 18 of December 2014. My sister and I made an order online. I ordered for a DOUBLE Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, and my sister ordered a normal Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Everything went fine, I got my money out from the jar (I paid the meals for my sister and I) and...

McDonalds Fish Sandwich - Oklahoma, Anadarko / Rat Feces in fish sandwich box

Randall Ware on 2014-11-09
We love McDonalds food i and my family, three (3) weeks ago i went to Anadarko McDonalds drive thru and ordered fish sandwich, my wife was with me. upon opening fish sandwich, i reach in to remove my sandwich and look in sandwich container and there was three big rat feces at the bottom...

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