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Victims of Daniel C. Hunter III

Group information
Created by:  Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
Category:Business & Finances > Bad Business Partners
Members:3 Members
Group type:Public
Description:Daniel C. Hunter III, who lives at 3 Stonington Road, Laguna Beach, California is a swindler, embezzler, thief and liar and all around bad guy who preys on members of his Mormon Church (Dan proclaims to love Jesus and used to be a Mormon Bishop, until he stared stealing from them and they kicked him out, so he's also a hypocrite) He steals from his neighbors in Laguna Beach and anyone else who has the misfortune of knowing him, including but not limited to, people with whom he has done business with. A formerly legitimate real estate developer, investor and general contractor, Dan started stealing from his business associates, fellow church members and neighbors when the economy soured and his investments went bad. Now broke, he survives by lying about his fraudulent hard money real estate lending business with convicted felon Marc Sessions Jensen (Google for details) and stealing money so he can perpetuate the illusion of prosperity. Do NOT under ANY circumstances loan money to or do business with this scumbag or you will pay the price, as I have!
UPDATE! Dan Hunter has filed bankruptcy and is commiting fruad again!
Created by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim on Jan 11, 2012
Trying to evict poor familiess
Created by gf10111011 on Oct 23, 2011


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