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Group information
Created by:  susieb9329
Category:Magazines & Newspapers
Members:2 Members
Group type:Public
Description:Publisher Clearing House is the biggest bunch of bull shit I have ever seen, They send you endless emails telling you , You must enter to win. NO PURCHASE REQUIERD!! Thats a load of crap. Once you get sucked into even hitting that first button they send you directly to a sit to buy shit. Even tho its NO PURCHASE REQUIERED. You cannot leave the page without Xing off of it thus you havent registered. Its a scam. I have been dealing with these creeps for over two months now and as far as they say IM STIL NOT REGISTERED. WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT MY FIRST BORN????????? Im not buying anything because I have no money why do you think I would do this stupid crap if I had money. HOLLY SHIT!!!!!! Um yes I am a bit frustrated with this company. Oh Oh and the best of it all.. you cannot contact them. There is no link to contact them to tell them what you think. Hmmm I wonder why? lol
does anyone ever really win PCH $$
Created by tired of being screwed around by paypal on Feb 16, 2011


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