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ZBiddy, Sacramento, California Complaints & Reviews - charge

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Posted: 2011-04-19 by    Talmadge Shepherd


Complaint Rating:  86 % with 7 votes
Contact information:
zbiddy on line bidding
Sacramento, California
United States
Phone: 916 421 0203
was conned into putting $159.00 on my credit card without fully explaining .Now everyone tells me it's a scam.The credit card people say's they can't help. what can you do to help?
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 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD -1 Votes
AGREE! YES! that ZBIDDY is definitely a big fraud. i suggest that you call this number 888-740-5065 to help you with your concern, i suggest it to you because their the one who fix my problem same thing as yours and i hope you take my suggestion...

God Speed!
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD -1 Votes
i fully disagree to what your saying "xenophobicons" why not call if its them who can help us fix our problem that wont cost a any cent from our pocket nor account
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD -1 Votes
Xenophobicons = SCAM
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   molliewollie 0 Votes
Don't think Xeno's the scammer here, he's not the one telling people repeatedly, from post to post, to call that number. Go away Fraud.
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD -1 Votes
repeating is what your looking for???? then what do call the repetition of this phrase "DONT CALL - this number is up on several complaints for wholly different companies " and "If you call that number - which doesn't answer by the way (called them on a burner - so no worries there), they will be able contact you, sell your number to third-parties, and possibly steal your personal information through the guise of helping you. Go away scammer - if it's a legit number, the FTC consumer help website can give them info.
That's ftc.gov " in every post.compare his post to mine before you judge...
I'M JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU GUYS and if you don't want no more rebuttals, BUT DON'T BLAME ME IF YOU'RE ON A WRONG SIDE!!!

GOD bless...
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   molliewollie 0 Votes
Yes, I'm betting some of the "complaints"..."they took money out of my account" are also them, setting themselves up to provide the number. Good work Xeno.
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD 0 Votes
should i laugh????how can they get a money from our account they dont even ask for our account info
..get sense my dear
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   molliewollie 0 Votes
Idiot. That's the catch phrase on the phony post. English is obviously not your first language.
 19th of Apr, 2011 by   needTOavoidFRAUD 0 Votes
opz! if not English then what ??????
 12th of May, 2011 by   kypvteye 0 Votes
well, I guess no one has heard of law suits. File one or two. If they took my money I would take them to court.
 12th of May, 2011 by   kypvteye 0 Votes
Credit card companies are a job, when it comes to getting back your money. You have to file suit aganist them, get them all in court, believe U will get some answers than. They have to pay $1000's in lawyer fees, they have to have an attorney if they are a corp. U don't, lern how to file it, they will pay you before they pay an attoney these large fees, they will not let you get a judgement aganist them. They will pay, been there, done that, every time a bank charges me a fee for any reason I file a law suit, have always been paid before the case comes up. They pay me back $35 and $75 filing fee or pay an attorney $5, 000. Now what do U think they will do.
 15th of Jun, 2011 by   Fighting Scams: Scambook.com 0 Votes
We saw your comment, and I am sorry for your frustration with Zbiddy. I am seeing others going through the same thing you have.

They have submitted their claim on our website in hopes to get enough claims about Zbiddy to start a Class Action Lawsuit.

If you would like to participate in trying to get your money back and warn others about this scam please submit your claim on Scambook as well.

 27th of Jun, 2011 by   rknopf 0 Votes
Yes, I was scammed for $159 and spoke to a man named Serge at ZBiddy.com He said that no one has won the IPad item that I was bidding on last week. They stated that there were several minutes left to bid on that item at the time.
He told me that he will refund $100 off of my AMEX card and send an e-mail to me, I am still waiting for the e-mail to me.

Trust is s a bad thing. I asked if the $59 could be used for a donation and he said that he works for customer servive and cannot do that.
 24th of Aug, 2011 by   officialzbiddy 0 Votes
To place bids and win products on Zbiddy, you must first register and purchase a bid package. This process is standard across the penny auction industry and is not exclusive to Zbiddy. If you have questions about the registration process, or if you were unaware that you were being charged at the time of your purchase, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-888-406-6509. Our friendly agents are standing by to take your call and help resolve your issue. The Customer Service Desk hours are Monday through Saturday from 8am to 12am EST.
 3rd of Jul, 2012 by   Karenbason66 0 Votes
They do not charge for registration. You must be charge while purchasing a bid package which they state clearly in their terms and condition that it is non-refundable. Not only them but all the penny auction site doesn't make any refund.
 3rd of Sep, 2012 by   Kathy Hen 0 Votes
I found zbiddy most trustable penny auction site than any other site. I got my iphone shipped and it is new and working.
 11th of Oct, 2012 by   jasperkat 0 Votes
I have been a zbiddy customer for about 3 months and have won and received many very nice items including a HDTV worth $800, Calphalon cookware, a telescope, a printer, and over $2500 worth of Giftcards.
 25th of Oct, 2012 by   hopkinstuber 0 Votes
How could you give your cc information to a site which you don't trust.

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