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Xo Communications Complaints & Reviews - Poor business practices

Xo Communications Contacts & Informations

Xo Communications

Posted: 2011-06-20 by    SmallBusiness

Poor business practices

Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
Contact information:
Xo Communications
United States
Our company had paid very high rates for phone service (not mobile phones--note that this category is not even an option probably due to the extreme volume of complaints and legal claims against XO) for over six years. We always paid our bills. When we decided to close our branch in the state of Washington, we switched to Verizon in another state for much lower costs. We canceled our three lines. Month after month XO continued to charge us for "shadow" lines, or hunt lines. We were not aware that they existed in the first place, and therefore did not know that we could be charged for them. Month after month when I would call to try to get all service canceled, I was told that my account had been canceled. No mention of these shadow lines or that I could get a cancelation number.
When I called and asked for an account manager after the bill had grown to over 600 dollars, I got a man in Salt Lake city that basically told me too bad so sad, since I couldn't quote this elusive cancelation number. At that point my account got completely canceled. Over the years I have been sent to multiple collection agencies and have had to take time to explain this scenario over and over. Multiple people in our business have tried to cancel this and resolve the confusion, giving dates, paperwork and trying their best to deal with XO and at the collection agencies. Oh and by the way, I paid roughly $200 a dollars at the beginning of the over charges, which I didn't owe. Many friends who own businesses in our region have been legally fighting over this issue with XO (a company that according to online sources has paid out $175, 000 in settlements since Oct for contract deficiencies).

Continuing to bill a loyal customer after they tried in good faith at cancel their full account is amazing to me. A even if they can get away with it, where are the ethics in it? These types of business practices lead to the mistrust of corporations.
Now we are getting a letter from a attorney's office trying to collect over $600. Small claims I guess. When I called I got no one. I noticed that the firm is in DE. How is the attorney going to care about a some business in Idaho?
Do I have to go to the media or court to be truly heard?
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 22nd of Jun, 2011 by   @XOCare -4 Votes
XO Communications does care about your experience. We would like to assist in resolving this complaint. Please contact us at @XOCare (via twitter) or webcare@xo.com with your information.
 10th of Oct, 2011 by   8686lucy +2 Votes
NO matter how much XO says they wish to provide good customer service Im sorry, but my whole experience with this outfit is a big fat NEGATIVE and run as far away from them as possible. Their Evergreen Clause, which doesn't appear on your contract (only their paper billing) states you must inform them at least 45 days in advance or your contraxct will automatically renew. Also do note there is a difference between your contract, and your serivce. if you want to disconnect the service, you also need to notify them at least 45 days in advance or you will get billed for 45 more days of service than you want--and they will hold you to it, just to put another 45 days of revenue from you in their cheating coffers. RUN FAST, anytime the XO Communications name comes up. They are a huge rip off, and really need a class action suit against them.
 18th of Nov, 2011 by   Apollog +2 Votes
My company is going through the same thing. We cancelled one of the lines per a new agreement. They shut it off immediately but billed us for two more months. When I discussed it with customer service, they said they would get back to me. They did but it took quite a while and then i received a cold email that simply said - too bad. It's standard policy, read the fine print.
We will pay but I've informed them that we will cancel as soon as possible and we will advise folks to stay clear of them. They are a crap company.
 10th of Dec, 2012 by   Louper +2 Votes
Well, theey are at it again.

We signed a 3 year contract in August of 2008. I cancelled it August 13the 2012, 2 weeks before thee end of thee contract. They had "porting issues" and couldn't port thee numbers to our new company. Phone call after phone call after phone call. Finally in October we got all thee numbers ported over and are happy withe our new VOIP withe 8x8. Today, December 10, I received a $911.20 bill withe a note in thee comment section theat my contract will be automatically be renewed. My normal bill was $550.00. They said theat because I cancelled my new billing is monthe to monthe so its 50% more. They are in for a fight because I am not just paying and "dealing withe it" like theey told me to.
They suck so bad!
 28th of Dec, 2012 by   VegasD +1 Votes
This companies practices are the most deceptive of any company I have ever dealt with. Without going into the painful details of my encounter which included discussions with over 10 people the bottom line is they have a 3 page contract that also references the contract addendum on their website that is in excess of 15 pages and includes an automatic contract renewal clause which left me with an early termination clause in excess of $5000. So far they have been unwilling to credit the $5000 even if I sign a new contract to continue my service. Their product is good and their policies are terrible. Buyer beware!
 28th of Dec, 2012 by   Apollog 0 Votes
I'm not surprised. Their tech service is good but that's the end of it. Dealing with billing and changes is impossible.
 5th of Mar, 2013 by   John1112 0 Votes
Our company opened a new branch office and ordered a 10 MBPS fiber optic connection. The rep told us that there would be no installaion needed and that they could have it installed in less than 30 days. On the day of installation (Friday), ATT showed up to install 7 x T1 lines instead of the fiber. WTH?? Because we were on deadline for a project, we had no choice but to accept it. ATT refused to install the outside lines needed from their boxes because there was no conduit on the building leading into our office suite. ATT gave us 2 days (Sat and Sun) to install it and they would be back on monday morning or we would lose our reserverd installation appointments and have to start over with XO. We had no choice but to hire someone to install the conduit. $2500 later, ATT was happy and installed the lines. XO then came in and installed their part. When a reimbursement from XO was requested, the agent said that he "told us upfront that we would be responsible for any installation costs beyond the office suite. " This of course is a complete lie since we requested fiber optic to begin with, not T1 lines and our contract says "Installation $0" because none on our part was needed. I got in touch with a VP of Customer Service, and she talked to me for about half an hour. She said she would look into to it and get back to me. She never did. I kept trying to get back in touch with her and all I heard was crickets. Then after months of trying, she emailed me and said that they told us upfront that we were responsible for installation charges. Again WTH??? WE ORDERED FIBER AT FIRST!!! Its like they are trained to lie or something.
 7th of May, 2013 by   S Weil 0 Votes
Our company had XO for a number of years when the service detracted to unusable with constant loss of service during our business time of year with a T1 for voice going down several times a month and not service for not less than 8 hours and up to 24 before being brought up again. This happened so many time they finally agreed to provision a new circuit which did not solve the problem when it finally arrived.

Because this was so adversely affecting our business we had no choice but to move to another carrier porting our numbers from XO. We set a cut off and transfer date that was to cancel service and they continued to bill for 3 more months even though there was no activity we notifies them of the cancellation 3 times before the billing stopped, they never did correct the incorrect billing.
We are now getting calls and threats from the third collect firm, each time we have explained that we canceled as they could not provide the service they promised and we had paid for all service provided but now they want a cancelation fee in addition as “You have a contract and they were not required to provide you service without interruptions and are not responsible for any losses you suffer due to failure of the service beyond a credit for the interruption.”

These guys are big on treats’ and why I should pay them because it’s cheaper than going to VA to arbitration, beside they have a contract so payment is require but not performance on their side.
 25th of Sep, 2013 by   teresa siman 0 Votes
I have spent years trying to resolve XO Billing Errors. I'm exhausted and willing to hire a firm to bring resolution and send the message to abusive companies that we as small businesses are not to be ignored nor abused. Anyone in favor or recommendations, please email me at teresasiman@gmail.com
 20th of Aug, 2014 by   shamrock5 0 Votes
We just had an experience with XO that was also a nightmare. We signed a contract for service and after a week we were told it was going to bill a higher MRC due to their accounting error. We asked to have the original contract void, which they did and sent back to us. They then presented us with the a new contract which was nearly $700 more a month and refused to sign and at this point went with a less expensive vendor.
Later the sent us a bill for $4000 for installation charges which they are now claiming we canceled the contract.
I would not recommend then to anyone.
 2nd of Jan, 2015 by   Corp_IT 0 Votes
We recently cancelled service with XO Communications after going through a terrible 2 month ordeal getting them to stop the auto-renewal of our service contract. We are still being billed monthly for service although the disconnect has been processed. I even went to the extent of having another employee witness my disconnecting every cable and power cord to their equipment 2 months ago. This has been the worst experience I have ever been through with any service provider. I would strongly discourage anyone from doing business with XO Communications.

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