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Veterans Support Organization, New York Complaints & Reviews - Fraud/ Scam

Veterans Support Organization Contacts & Informations

Veterans Support Organization

Posted:    christopherknows

Fraud/ Scam

Complaint Rating:  94 % with 17 votes
Contact information:
Veterans Support Organization
New York
United States
The "Veterans Support Organization" are originally from Florida. Since 9/2009, they have been in New York. They pretend to be soldiers, they tell you the money goes to help veterans and local VA hospitals. But no money is given, they keep the money for their organization's future goals. The people fundraising say they are soldiers, but in reality are ex-cons, or civilians. They also get paid for their services, which is crap because i know of two or three great non profits that volunteer their time to help soldiers, and veterans. There has to be an investigation against them. As a 30 year veteran from the Navy, i feel ashamed that there's an organization like the "VSO" out there collecting funds, but not doing what they promised. Cuomo needs to do an investigation against them. Many soldiers in New york, and Long Island are awared of the Veterans Support Organization and their unprofessional methods. The Veterans Support Organization is a sad look at how low people can get to make a living. Someone Investigate the "Veterans Support Organization"!!!
Comments United States Non-profit Organizations
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 25th of Aug, 2011 by   Rootin_Tootin -1 Votes
I am a combat veteran and fortunately never had any drug or alcohol problems. Please answer this question. How many of you people complaining about VSO have ever gotten off your fat asses and done a damn thing for Veterans. I originally complained about VSO and was invited in to look at their certified audits. They do donate most of the money to Veterans. VSO paying collectors is a responsible way to help the less fortunate work their way back into society.
 18th of Sep, 2011 by   skwerl -1 Votes
Christopherknows, what is your source for this information? Just because you say it, doesn't make it true.
 19th of Feb, 2012 by   American Legion Service Officer +1 Votes
There are official service organizations that have been "Chartered by the United States Congress" dating as far back as 1919. These service organizations ( American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Amvets, Vietnam Veterans of America Etc.) are without the need of fraud veteran organizations that are preying on the American publican sympathy and pride towards our soldiers in uniform and legitimate veterans. These officially recognized veterans service organizations members number in the millions past and present. The American Legion and VFW today have over 5 million members. The services they support for veterans are authorized by no less than the Department of Veterans Administration of the United States. You do not have to be a member of these organizations to secure their services for Compensation and Benefits assistance with the VA Administration and Charitable requests. We are an all volunteer organizations that dedicate ourselves to veterans and active duty service members. We do not need organizations like the VSO that pay their street collectors 30% of the take as a income. After reviewing the complaints and personally having the police remove them from a local busy intersection in my city (No Permit) I am convinced they are a fraudulent organization hatched for the purpose of scamming the American public. If they are legitimate why don't you find them collecting by a Legion or VFW posts? They always locate their collection intersections strategically to avoid a concentration of contact with members of those organizations. Question is why don't you get off your fat ass? Join a legitimate service organization, donate, volunteer and support with the money you are throwing on the street. Trust me we have combat veterans that know how to give of their time and money wisely. I am one, Vietnam 1967-68 173rd (The Herd) Airborne Brigade.
 26th of Jan, 2013 by   i hate hal hunter 0 Votes
their a bunch of crooks. i know some people that work for them and they are also scum. i hate them all
 1st of Jun, 2014 by   Kathy Honaker 0 Votes
How is the Veterans Support Organizations (i.e. www.theveteranssupporting.org) able to collect $ in front of large companies (i.e. Walgreens, Walmart, Target, etc..) if they are KNOWN as bullcrap.
 1st of Jun, 2014 by   Kathy Honaker 0 Votes
My husband is a disabled vet who served 10 years. We are hard working & good people. A couple months ago we were having very rough times. Very afraid of if we would be able to feed our children or if our electric would be turned off. We looked for help & tried to contact the VSO. The website kept us going in circles or we would receive an error message "Website down" now I just looked up the address printed on the card: 6526 S Kanner Hwy, #348, Stuart, FL 34997 & it keeps coming up with Quiznos.. Yes I am a dummy & donated $ this morning thinking "There may be a time we need help" not realizing this was the same place we looked for help. Can someone please answer how they are able to ask for $ in front of large corporations (Walmart, Publix, Target, & of course Walgreens where I donated $). I mean the large companies obviously don't know & support vets & our country but why is VSO able to get away with this?
 13th of Jun, 2014 by   GETOUTFAST 0 Votes
Huge Scam, You see that everyday down here in Florida.. Holding signs up for so good cause, asking for a donate. Every weekend by the entrance and by the exit. It's so bullshit, Publix where I live, Its nuts, can't even move to get in the store. I'm done getting money, it's a baseball team, a little league, football team, Vet's, Half the time you will see them same people buying beer, steak, in that store shopping. I told store manager one day he joked like it was funny..Would see that every weekend when I worked at Publix... Its soliciting, same as if someone walking around the parking lot asking for money!!

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