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Union Workers Credit Services, Dallas, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Scam on Credit Card Application

Union Workers Credit Services Contacts & Informations

Union Workers Credit Services

Posted:    Jacob Shane Johnson

Scam on Credit Card Application

Complaint Rating:  98 % with 432 votes
Contact information:
Union Workers Credit Services
1327 Empire Centra
Dallas, Texas
United States
Phone: None advertised
Second letter referring to a Pre-Approved For a Platinum Card.

Letter specifies as follows:
It's nice to inform you that you have been identified and Pre-Approved for a Platinum Card Membership from Union Workers Credit Services with a Guaranteed $10, 000.00 credit limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider!

You don't have to worry if you have been denied access to a Visa or MasterCard The UWCS Platinum Card Membership offers many benefits including a LOW, LOW interest rate of 5% APR all because you are Pre-Approved.

By viewing this the company is looking forward that we are stupid enough to send a check for $37.00 and when you receive their package there is no credit card as you were hoping. Only a way to purchase their products from some online store. When you go to their website and enter your approval number it makes it look like their is a web site error and everything else looks to the up and up. They are hoping you send your check so that you can be disappointed for this multi non-functional credit card.
Comments United States Credit Cards
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 29th of Jun, 2010 by   Paxton04 0 Votes
I totally agree - I took a red marker and wrote "scam" all over it and mailed it back to them! Thank you so much!
 6th of Jul, 2010 by   Mrosuper 0 Votes
I have just recieved the same letter and no phone number is a big RED signal and or emails like Info@unionworkersservices.org... of something like that.

Watch... if it is too good to be true, it usually is...
 21st of Jan, 2011 by   Sicopria 0 Votes
Got one yesterday, 1-21-11 also...With all the different scams nowadays, a smart person can ask Google about this Union Workers Credit Services. Even if it wasn't a scam I personally am not interested in obtaining a huge loan like that anyway. What I do like is the time that people have invested and shared online so that people are made aware, not fall into the trap of paying $37. To all of you who took the time to post this scam, I am very thankful. Thank you very much.
 4th of Feb, 2011 by   Lisa Miz 0 Votes
Got mine yesterday 02/03/2011. ...I was delighted as I currently do not have a credit rating and really need one. I thought this was the answer.
Thanks heavens for Google and all the people who have posted about this scam. Surely something can be done about these quite obvious scam merchants???
 16th of Apr, 2011 by   livingmagic2 0 Votes
I got my letter in the mail April 16 2011 at a time I am looking for more credit.

I didn’t like the fact that a credit union was charging a fee to open a credit line and I scratched my head when I read the credit union name. Both of these things were red flags to me. I’m glad I came on here and found other people see red flags too.
 16th of Apr, 2011 by   livingmagic2 0 Votes
it pays to check things out when you are in question. My desires could have caught me up in a scam. I am looking business credit.

 25th of Apr, 2011 by   mmufo 0 Votes
I just got mine today, 4/24/2011, I hope they accept my check, I sent it to them, only problem is that I hand wrote mine, didn't have a real check on hand so I made my own, I hope it works and I get my credit card ASAP, I just hope they're stupid enough to try and cash it, This had scam all over it when I got the mail and thank God I checked online for the scam first. Thank you guys for writing your coments...
 29th of Apr, 2011 by   Doria V.D. 0 Votes
I got the letter today4/29/2011, I knew without a phone number it was a total scam plus the charging for the card was a dead give away too. I mean come on 10, 000.00 dollars credit limit and 5% APR too good to be true...scam artists. However not too bright I might add. I mailed it back and worte lovely big letters SCAM over the copied letter and drew a smiley with it's tongue sticking out and under it I wrote SUCKER. I hope they get the message soon. Thanks guys for the comments on this scam brightens my day to know I ain't alone on this boat.
 6th of May, 2011 by   Ha'lleBerry 0 Votes
I got my letter 4/13/11, with me being so fast to pay things and get the best of some things, I am glad i found time to check with Google before. So to be funny I called the 1-877-835-0969 # to Union Workers Credit Services to see why they can't work like everyone else for a living, you can not speak to a live REP.
 6th of May, 2011 by   honeydip 0 Votes
i got my letter yesterday and a bunch of bullshit it is thanks guys
 17th of May, 2011 by   trouble241 0 Votes
I got my letter yesterday May 16 2011, knew it was a scam since my credit is so low
 4th of Jun, 2011 by   Shahjeee 0 Votes
Got one today June 3rd 2011. I looked at their website and it was clear that it was a scam.
 16th of Jun, 2011 by   beachguy4242 0 Votes
SCAM. My 10 year old daughter received this in the mail. Although she is a smart kid, she is not in a Union, nor is she ready for a credit card. I knew it was a scam when I opened the letter. To have some fun, I called the number to play with them, but it was an endless phone tree. PEOPLE, do not fall for these scams. If you receive an unsolicited letter or email that requires you to pay a fee up front, please, grab a dose of reality, , , , no matter who professional it looks or what their website states. In most cases, these offers and companies are outside the USA and once you buy into it, there is nothing anyone can do. Although what they are doing is no illegal, since you are getting a service, the manner in which they are advertising themselves in questionable and misleading. Google any offers. And since I am in the profession of identifying crooks, one more piece of advise. You will never win the lotto, of any kind, through the mail or email. If anyone says you have to pay taxes before receiving your reward, , , , run away. The government will get their money at tax time, there is not need to pay anything up front. If anyone claims to work for a law enforcement agency and solicits your help in catching bad guys, confirm who they are and dont give them money or access to your accounts, , , , the government will steal your money the legal way. And, finally, your grandkid is not in a Mexican jail needing your money to post bail. Report these scams to IC3.gov. Have a nice day
 29th of Jun, 2011 by   Bolinda S B 0 Votes
My fiance recieved the first letter back in March of this year and thought it was being offered to those people who had in some way was affiliated with union work.. I convinced him to wait to see if we could find out any information about the company but there was no contact information. Thank God for sending me on this search and finding proof that this card was bogus. It is sad that this scam involves the title of union workers...a lot of other folks probably have been or are gonna get scammed with this.
 18th of Aug, 2011 by   Mugzy 0 Votes
Received my scam letter from Union Workers Credit Services, Inc yesterday, 17-Aug-11. Same story as the complaints above: Pre-approved for $10, 000 credit limit at 5% APR. Send $37 in advance to P.O. Box 569799 in Dallas, Texas 7536-9691. The real scam indicator is: "You have been approved for this Platinum Card offer based on among other things, information in your Credit Report. You were approved because you satisfied certain criteria, although this offer may be withdrawn subject to your continuing qualification." Hmmmm... I bet everyone's offer gets withdrawn after their $37 check clears the bank.
 7th of Sep, 2011 by   Jodi S. 0 Votes
I got my letter today read it fully and understood that it not a credit card that would help rebuild your credit, it says right on the letter that it is not affiliated with visa international and MasterCard Inc. It also states that it is exclusively for credit purchases from UWCS. The problem with most people are not reading or not comprehending what you read, and always wanting something for nothing (it's the American way) and when you find out that it is not what You hoped it to be you yell to the whole world (google) to hear SCAM! this company offer you the exact same shopping experience that some of your mothers, and grandmothers once did, I know grandmother did as well...FINGERHUT! finger hut has been around since 1948 and has been in most people homes and widely used way before the Internet and thank God because it would not been able to have it's great success!
 8th of Sep, 2011 by   DAREALIST 0 Votes
LoL my credit score was so bad i couldnt even get a old navy card let alone a 10, 000 credit limit lol this is a frikin!!! joke!!! as if the bad economy aint bad enough!!! BASTARDS!!!
 20th of Sep, 2011 by   Ms Caldwell 0 Votes
I recd a letter the other day and had put it the mailbox with my check when I pulled up the site and saw the info about this being a SCAM. I hurried to the mail box got it out and tore it up. I should have known better but some times desperation wil make you do crazy things you may some day regret. I wonder if this company has been reported to the Attorneys General Office in that state? If I receive another letter I will most definitely send it to the ATG Office. Thank goodness for people sharing these posts.
 7th of Oct, 2011 by   josieb115 0 Votes
I just recieve this junk in the mail, it just seem to good to be true allthought my credit is perfect it takes a real fool to believe this it has scam written all over it. We really have to be more careful because people are out to get us from every side no phone number always a red flag.
 5th of Nov, 2011 by   meplus4 0 Votes
Ya i got one and sent it back with the word SCAM on it but i used the Shit from my kids dipper to write it. : } lol.

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