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UltimateBet.com, Missouri Complaints & Reviews - rigged poker

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Posted:    jhendrix707

rigged poker

Complaint Rating:  44 % with 9 votes
I agree that ultimate bet is rigged. I have been playing live poker for many years, and have done online for several, and I have never seen anything like this. I lost every pot that I had a monster hand.. They had a 1-10% chance, and won on the river 7 out of 8 times.. Get real, this shit doesn't happen in real life that often. I think it's bs for Phil Helmuth to sponsor a site when he goes so crazy when he loses a hand, and plays tight. So you play tight like him, and like his "lessons" say to do, and you lose every time... This site is bs, and I have never lost so many times playing and raising with the best hand on the table. Thats just pathetic for a multimillionaire like Phil to make a site that screws people without alot of money out of all they have... Fuck you Phil!!!
Comments United States Entertainment
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 6th of May, 2009 by   pra 0 Votes
they are pure thieves, i signed up last week, deposited 50$ played for about an hour, won about 50$ and after a couple of hours they froze my account and money saying i was a high risk account, no other explanation..
 1st of Jun, 2009 by   shelly35 0 Votes
i would like to say that everytime i get a monster hand i lose to some bs hand like today i was playiny the same guy called me both times i had pocket aces and he had 45 and 78 and beat me both times and this is how it is every time i play ive played live poker and have never been beat so many times like this, this is a bull sht site and phil helmuth needs his ass kicked that would make me happy so im done with this scam every monster hand i get i lose so ive called it quits it seems like they have prop players that take your money no matter what you have, greedy bas terds...
 23rd of Jun, 2010 by   UBhater 0 Votes
This is the worst website !!!
there's a lot of collisions or whatever you call it when the same player sits with two or more accounts...
lots and lots of bad beats...
just too many !!
too much action.. you can be sitting with AK, someone is sitting with QQ
another dude with AA, another with KJ and the last guy with 33..
the flop is

the cards that come out
and the 33 wins the pot
fuck UB... they are fucking RIGGED...
I hate UB
I have everything that's related to them
fuck UB
hope they get banned from the US
hope they get sued...
FuCk THEM !!!
 6th of Aug, 2010 by   ubsucksdick 0 Votes
This shit is so fuckin rigged! I pplayed on their blackjack tables, and everytime I would stay with a 19 or 20, they would get either 20 or 21! I bet $5 on a hand, and double down on my 11 and get a fuckin 2, and dealer wins with 18. Fuck this bullshit. And anytime you try to send them a complaint, it is always the same Bullshit response: I am sorry, but are site is monitored by such and such bullshit company. Everything is random. BULLSHIT! I am getting fucking fed-up with being screwed out of my god damn money and being stole from. I am gonna do everything I can to get these fuckers off the net. This site is crooked as fuck. Anybody that has some solid info, email me at - asazzin8er@hotmail.com Trust me, I will get something done about this shit.
 24th of Mar, 2011 by   PokerPro 0 Votes
I have tracked 1500 hands on this site. What I found is that 68% of the time I go all in with the best hand, I lose. 56% of the times this happens I had a 60% win hand. The cards on this site are not random. The site intentionally favors the worst players. The reason for this is to keep the money in the system. If UltimateBet didn't do this, the better players would grow their bank and cash money out of the system. By keeping the funds in the UB system, the site owners collect more revenue in tourney fees and rakes. Stay away from this site. I play live tournaments regularly and I have a 32% cashing record. On this site I have cashed less than 5%!

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