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Titlemax, Sumter, South Carolina Complaints & Reviews - Scam and fraud!

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Posted:    Valerie

Scam and fraud!

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 148 votes
Contact information:
1021 Broad St
Sumter, South Carolina
United States
Phone: 803-774-6000
I paid my loan off in full 6 months ago and I still yet to receive my title contacted the office on several occasions and was informed it was in the mail. Since I never received my title I contacted the regional office where i was told that they had the wrong address and that i would be receiving it in a week well now its been another month and a half and i still yet to receive my title don't trust this company they do nothing but lie and if i don't receive it soon next step is contact a lawyer to receive it this has gone to far so don't take a chance they may never issue your title back to you. Also You pay a lot more money than its worth I paid $120 on this loan for over a year and only borrowed $600 and still had to pay $400 to get my title back and yet still have not received it this is the truth i urge you to look away and not to ever use this company they will screw you.
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 18th of Jul, 2008 by   SHAR -3 Votes
My Family moved to Dallas Georgia due to financial difficulty we needed to borrow $1500. A friend told us about Titlemax of course, we thought at the time it would be a good idea to pawn the title of our 1999 Toyota Camry. We did the loan was $1800, that we would pay $235 every month for 12 months wich would be a total of $2820 very high but at the time we really werein a financial crisis. We made our 1st payment July 2007 then so forth, we decided to move back to Florida which we advised them it was ok and we were paying on time. January 2008 we moved to Florida still making our monthly payment, In July 18th we were watching TV around 1 AM in the morning we heard a loud noise in the parking lot we looked outside sure enough our car was beeing towed. We ran outside the only thing the Tow truck driver can tell us we are beeing repo. I call the Police they told me that I need to call titlemax, I waited until 9AM Sharp to call spoke to the Rude, Unprofessional Manager (Terry) he could not even tell why my car was towed I was very upset, I was tired of their rubbish we argue on the phone for a good 20 minutes but he still could not give me a straight answer. I lastly ask him how much do I still owed he had the nerve to tell me that in order for them to release my car I need to $2210.72 don't forget about the $235 a month for 12 months I already paid. I told him no problem I will pay it, as a so call manager he told me I need to send the money Western Union, I ask him do they have another way that they can get their money. He just hung up the phone. I managed to put the money on a friend account and she went to take the money to them that same day of the 18th late very late I got my car back. Here's the Scammers address 5739 Wendy Bagwell Parkway Suite 101 Hiram Georgia 30141 (678)567-5231. Now I am waiting for my title when I called Terry he had the nerve to tell me how come I had the money now to pay after they had to repo the car, like I explain to him on the phone. I will make sure they get fix, Voodooooooooooooooooooo does exist specially where I am from. It is very hard in the USA to make it, and you go about robbing people like that, who would want to borrow $1800 and pay back $5000. They are so unprofessional talkig to them is like wasting your time and energy, they just want your money and that's it. I know the system won't do anything to them, and they also know it, but guess what you really have customers from every where that does not believe in the justice system here. Please I would advice anyone that needs a loan please don't use Titlemax they are a bunch of crooks, the face they give you on when you go take the loan is not the same face that you talk to when you have to make payment... I am glad I paid them off, so when I get home this summer I will make sure I send the spirit of (Agarou- Bosou- Saint Jacques) after Terry Lacy, and who ever the hell the CEO of the company. It makes no kind of sence how someone can take a loan the more you pay the principal balance never decrease you pay interest for 1-2-3 years. And when they call you they talk to you like you are dumb and stupid, they always tell you if you are going to be late call them they will work with sure enough when the day come they giving you hell on the phone.
 20th of Jul, 2008 by   honest +1 Votes
What happens if my vehicle is stolen or is involved in an accident?

If your vehicle should become totaled in an accident or stolen while your title is being held as collateral, you keep your money, and if you don't have collision insurance, TitleMax gets nothing.

If you look on TitleMax website you will find this question and answer they wrote themselves, however there have been known Managers who tell customers otherwise. It works like this Managers get bonus for there stores each month so some tend to tell customers whatever it takes to get them to pay, although it clearly says this on TitleMax website you will hear Managers harrass customers by calling them still trying to collect even when they tell them their car is wrecked and didnt have insurance coverage.

If more customers read Titlemax website or demanded to talk with corporate most of these Managers would be held accountable for their actions.
 19th of Aug, 2008 by   todd +3 Votes
It is everyones responsibilty to READ the contract, be a man or woman of your word (pay your BILLS) and you would not have to go to Titlemax. What if title Max wasn't there? Then What? If it wasn't for title loan companies, where would consumers go to get emergency money? I assume most have BAD CREDIT or they would go to normal financal institutions ! I'm sure you had a SMILE on your face when you received that check! The Government can't bail you out of EVERYTHING ! :-)
 29th of Aug, 2008 by   SHAR -2 Votes
They most pay you a lump sum to represent them. Continue representing Titlemax foolllllllllllllllllll, this is a compalint board people are entitle to say what they want ok if you do niot like it don't come here with your rubbish/nonsense comments.
 31st of Oct, 2008 by   trasheik Croom -3 Votes
Ihave a complaint  . aginst your ST.Louis store 7 I worked for that store This title max is  raciest aginsted blacks . I Alos worked at store 5 aT STORE  5 was employed by blacks only  Thay were not allowed to  read any books eat at the front desk get on internet well they did not have internet get on youtube go to the store on there lunch and bring back dolls or toys of any kind.  At this location thay could come in sleepy and sleep in the back room if tired.  I have never been at any job that would let you do that .My boss name is Jesse she was my supper. she was pregnet. She was allowed to hire all her friends . Thene she let them do anything that thaywanted. I have viedo of some of the things that went on their. Iwill talk to the local tv sation.  And show them the unfair racist thiogs that all other stores cant do.
 29th of Jan, 2009 by   victim -2 Votes
TITLE MAX the company and the employees are a bunch of scumbags and legal thieves
 4th of Feb, 2009 by   SouthGA +2 Votes
I worked for titlemax in the Savannah, Ga. area. What happens is when people come in to borrow money they do not here anything except how much they are getting and to pay every month. The loan is like having a credit card, if you will. Titlemax gives you the opportunity to pay the loan off without interest within the first 30 days, after that you are charged an interest rate, which is explained, you can pay a minimal payment each month which only pays the interest, which is explained, anything over the minimal amount pays down the loan. If all you ever pay is a few dollars over it will take forever. That is why, when you take out the loan you are given a paper that shows you at the time how much you need to pay each month to pay it off within a certain time frame. So, in support of Titlemax who lends people money who are in crisis without checking their credit, you know what has to be done before you leave... if you didnt like you did not have to accept the money. Also, I witnessed numerous customers calling and working out arrangments with the managers for help. Love em when you need them and hate them when you cant hold up to your end of the deal..
 23rd of Mar, 2009 by   brian +2 Votes
This is for the person who first posted the comment, If you have not got your title yet just go to courthouse and apply for a lost title. Titlemax can give you a lien release form and take it to courthouse and get you a new title. This is not that hard.
 29th of Apr, 2009 by   u know who this is -2 Votes
I ve worked for the company for about 3years they wasy they talk and treat there employess is worng looking back i wish all those time my distric managfer cruised around me or spoke wrong in ref to other employee's or on eloection when we wee told to vote for mccain i had a recorder, I never was writeen up or gave any trouble the most was me missing days but it was cause i was sick and they had they doctors notes to prove it ... the frist mistake made i was fired on the holidays at that, that is how much they care about there employees or there finincal needs, stated tht i was doing something fruadulant when all i was doing was tring to help a fellow employee that i thought worked there before she knew so much of the company's payrate gave mne personnal info and i still did nothing i waited LIKE COMPANY SAY"S MUST FOLLOW CHAN OF COMMAND I WAITED AND LEFT THE DOCUMENT I CREATED FOR MY MANAGER TO SEE AND APPROVE DIDNT EVEN SIGN THE LETTER > BUT YOU THINK THEY CARED, you think they offered an employee of 3 years a chance, i advise the distric manager and kayla i wasnt aware just by making the document i was doing something wrong, she advised me why didnt you shread it, so basically i tolk that as why didnt you lie to your company, you rather i have lied about it and faxed it then asking the manager what to do???? they so called had fotage that i faxed the letter a letter that was not even signd how could you revify employment without a signature????? and when asked for there proof of the accusation they gave me nothing frist she said i was being fired for revifing employemnt the sence they couldnt produce the correct document just an unsign letter that i typed that was the way they showed me to do so obvisouly unsigned waiting on the aproval of the manager what i should do next with it... instead of giving me a warning, writting me up not to do it again after giving the company all theses years, that's what they do!!! as if you never meant anything to the company, i have beeen working since i was 15 and im 29 at this time and never have i worked for a company who cared so little about there employees as this company does, never have i worked for a company that cared so little about therer employees family. this company is the worst company i have ever worked for and something should be done about it!!!
 23rd of Jun, 2009 by   angiek -1 Votes
Does anyone have a corp0rate phone number? I am having issues with the title max I took a loan out with. I pay my bills, im just a little behind at the moment. I told them on Friday that I was a little behind but I would be in the next Thursday. So what the hell do they do, call me on monday while I am at work and when I couldnt answer my cell phone, they proceeded to call everyone on my list. I just talked to them on friday, and only 1 time that they have ever called me and I couldnt answer. They didnt even give me time to call them back, which is what i was getting ready to do when i started getting calls and texts from all the references on my list. Now the manager is being rude as hell and told me to find a way to just pay them off, i just got the loan, this is only my 2nd payment, 1st was before time, this one is only a week late. So, does anyone have a corporate number that I could call so that I can make a complaint, even if it does no good at all, at least I made a complaint. Thanks for any help!!
 14th of Jul, 2009 by   James monroe -1 Votes
My roofing company did work for Titlemax in Opelika Alabama and they have not paid us. He did the work about 3 mos ago. They owe us 400.00
 4th of Aug, 2009 by   Homer123 -3 Votes
Title Max preys upon those who are in need of cash...they are legal loan-sharks. Period. Beware when you deal with a loan-shark you will most likely get bit.

Fact - In Tennessee they cannot touch your vehicle for 31 days from your last due date...use this to your advantage.

Fact - Their motto is " a late paying customer, is still a paying customer"...Regional managers, District managers and store managers get a monthly bonus based on store profit, which is affected by collections at the end of the month. Calling the "800" # (plainly posted in each store) will get you a call from the district manager and one a one time relief opportunity.

Fact - In Tennessee the APR is over 158%...think about that before you go in to do a loan!

They will steal your money and then your vehicle...legally.
 3rd of Sep, 2009 by   christi7c 0 Votes
does anyone know if titlemax is required to show what they sold vehicle for escpecially because i believe they sold it for more than it was worth and they refuse to give me any information on what they sold vehicle for.
 29th of Oct, 2009 by   dlester_3 -1 Votes
what happens when a title loan has not been paid off in 3 years, title max is unable to locate the vehicle and the person has ins and is still driving around in it.
 26th of Nov, 2009 by   perfumenut -2 Votes
I wonder who the CEO or exec's of this company are? They must be living high on the hog. That is the money must be rolling in and fast. We as consumers have got to go something.
My husband and I have been fighting our elect company for months now. They say our meter is right, I say it is flawed, and needs to be read by someone who has a masters in elect They said, no and shut us off. Now there will be a letter to the CEO of the company and an order to have the meter read in front of us, and an expert with no less than 25 yrs exp in meter reading and worked for the company for more than 25 yrs. We are dealing with the CEO of the conpany in this. I told him to take responsibility for his company and stop looking at his paycheck how big it is, and how big it will get. So we had to get a title loan to pay the elect bill. Those people were very rude, and they knew it. Basically their attitude was take it or leave it, we can do as we want to.
Like I said, the CEO of this company must be living high off the hog and such.
 26th of Nov, 2009 by   perfumenut -2 Votes
The only way we as consumers are going to do something is this. WE have got to take this mess to the news media and let the consumers know about this.
 12th of Feb, 2010 by   pay up or shut up +1 Votes
After reading these complaints (of which you all sound like total idiots!) I am not suprised that you are in the binds that you are in. Complain as you may, you had the opportunity to read any documents, ask questions up front (that means before you signed) or you could have just walked away. Shut up, make your payments and learn from your mistakes. If you can't afford to repay, don't borrow and quit complaining!
 25th of May, 2010 by   LawDog323 -1 Votes
Title Max is one of the worst companies on the planet. In response to the person's above who say, "you were smiling when you got the check so pay up" Knocking people who fall on hard times, you should be very ashamed of yourself. People in general have a very hard time in todays' economy. Title Max is indeed in complete violation of the law in my mother's case. They are out right lawn sharks, and preadotry loan companies, who prey on people who feel they have their backs against the wall. I plan on contacting everyone in my state to report them and we're going to sue them. I've already contacting the Federal. My 68 year old mother has been tormented by these predators. When I informed them to STOP all contact ASAP. They had the nerve to LAUGH @ me. I told them that was very rude and I didn't think it was one bit funny they felt the need to harass a 68 year old woman who is 4 days late because of her check being late.
She mistakenly got involved with them and they call her cell phone up to 8 and 9 times a day everyday, even before her loan is due. When she makes her payment, they have the nerve to ask her when she's going to make her next payment. They call everyone on her list everyday each 3 and 5 times everyday all month long. Yeah, you read that RIGHT. I'm talking about 5 individual people. That's pure HARASSMENT. They have messed with the wrong woman's mother. Not only have I contacted the Attorney General's Office, I've hired an attorney, and I'm not stopping there. I'm also printing out this entire ledger of complaints from Title max's customer's to support our claims. I informed them to stop calling my number hourly in order to collect her debt which was not even due at the time, told the man he was making my elderly mother sick with the harrassment of all of her family and he laughed hysterically in my ear. Oh no he didn't! Title Max will be held accountable for their illegal actions and they have been notified in writing to refrain from contacting anyone in regards to her loan but they ignored it. They have broken in to her building to post notes on her door. They call 2 days in advance and start harassing her friends and family before the loan is even due. Who do they think they are?
I agree, if you get a loan it is your responsibility to pay it back. I also agree that if your willing to continue to pay title Max they should be willing to work with you under all circumstances.
I guarantee you, I'll sue these scumbag's as we're going to file a lawsuit on them very soon. The government won't ignore this lady. I have a very loud voice and enough evidence against these predators to bury them in court. They have called my mother, myself, and 4 other's in a 30 day period over 183 times. You do the math. We have a log of the calls. Fortunately they are calling cell phone's and those records are very easy to print out. They are in deep trouble.
You can not harrass and abuse anyone in order to collect a debt. Nor can you harrass the person's on their list.
So you EX- Title Maxx employee's think your smart with your comments to these people who are filing complaints better watch out. You might be in their shoes someday and be forced to deal with this company. However, by the time I finish with them over tormenting my mother I doubt they will be in business. I've done my home work, dotted my i's and crossed my t's ...So we'll just see who wins. title Max has broken the laws and I'll hold their feet to the hot coals for it. They have literally caused my mother to have a nervous break down and caused her great embarassment all because she needed 4 extra days to make her payment and they said, NO! Well, she paid it 4 days late anyways. Title Max is walking a thin line and they are about to fall off...and which side they fall on is going to be up the the Federal Government! rest assured I'll come back and write a post on what our outcome will be. I'm not going to allow them to continue to violate my elderly mother who is in ill health anyways! if they cause her too much stress it could cause her death and you know what that means? Her doctor is also very upset over the harrasment of her as she is in ill health. He supports my claims that the stress could cause her to die. She has a serious heart disease and stress can kill her. Title Max better back off and follow the LAWS!
Think about it. ...Karma is about to force you to pay...and it's time..oh it's TIME INDEED!
 18th of Jun, 2010 by   silly stupids +1 Votes
The ignorance that allowed them to get in these situations is reflected in their writing abilities. Don't blame your bad decisions on a company willing to give you a hand when other lenders will not. It's your fault you have bad credit. It's also your fault for not having the brain cells to comprehend the difference between a loan and a pawn.

For the sake of those who are financially responsible, I hope you learned your lessons, or we will be seeing long lines at the welfare/handout offices.

Regarding LawDog323's situation: if you have the money to pay for attorneys, why not just use it to pay off your mother's pawn?
 25th of Jun, 2010 by   blahblahblah2 +1 Votes
Karma is a beautiful thing. Notice I am not illiterate! People have difficult times and do some times have to resort to means they normally would not have. These high and mighty people who feel the need to "kick those who are already down, " in this economy, your day may very well be coming. You may find yourselves on here complaining about how you were wronged while you were in a desperate situation and hopefully there will be vultures in here waiting to tear you apart as you are tearing down and judging those you do not even know...nor do you know their circumstances. Ignorance...yeah. Take a look in the mirror!

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