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Posted:    Mrsec46

Unwarranted Repo

Complaint Rating:  67 % with 6 votes
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United States
I too have had a problem with TitleMax here in Bloomington, Illinois and we are now involved in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Peoria, Illinois . My wife and I took out a loan on a vehicle several years ago and paid it off and we had no problems with the people working there at that time. So when I lost my job and was receiving unemployment benefits things got tight and we decided to take out another loan with Titlemax. I went in and took out a loan on our minivan in june 2010 only to learn the first of July that the state was broke and that there would be no more unemployment payments paid untill the legislaters passed the new extension. So my first payment was 30 days or so late, and we made several other monthly payments. Then I was hired for a new job in October 2010 and went to 3 days of training but wasn't scheduled to officially begin working until November 1st. My payment was not due to Titlemax until the 25th of October 2010 and I was due to receive my last unemployment check on the same date. When my direct deposit arrived from unemployment I was only paid $18.00 ( which I provided the manager Parnell a copy of my deposit) and I was told by the unemployment office that because I had went to 3 days of training that it was considered working eventhough I had not been paid from my job for the training as of that time. I called Titlemax and spoke to the store Manager Parnell and informed him of this and let him know that I would be in on Saturday November 6th, in order to make that payment as this job would mail out the first few checks until my direct deposit began. So the week of November 1st, I called and spoke to the store Manager Parnell, employees Lindsey and Brian to keep them informed and to let them know that I would be in the store on Saturday November 6th, to make my payment. Never once was I told to surrender my vehicle ( which we would have done if asked ) because we own another vehicle and it would not have been any problem. When I awoke on the morning of November 6th, I learned that our van was gone from our home and that Titlemax had reposessed it. I went into the office planning on making my payment as I had agreed and asked the Mgr. Parnell why my van was taken? and I was told that because I did not surrender the vehicle that it was reposssessed. When I told him that I had spoken to (3) employees there the past week and that neither of them had asked or mentioned to me that I needed to surrender my vehicle or I would have done so. Parnell never answered my question, but rather went on to tell me that his supervisor had told him that we would need to pay off the balance of our loan in order to retreive our vehicle. I left there and proceeded to pay other bills with the payment money as I did not have the money to pay off the entire loan at that time. On Monday November 8th, i began the task of trying to get ahold of the corporate office and was unable to, but did get to csr rep. who had the Regional Manager Greg King call me back. When I spoke to Mr. King and explained to him what had happened, we vcame to the agreement that I would make the payment the following Saturday the 13th, of November he assured me that he would see what he could do about getting my vehicle back and that he would call me in 15-20 minutes. When I recieved a call back it was not Mr. Greg Roberts, but the District Manager, Mr. Fred Roberts. He went on to tell me that Mr. King was in a meeting and that I had two options, (1) pay the $240.00 payment that day or pay the $240 payment + the repo fee of $250.00 on the 13th. When I had told him that was not the arrangement that Mr. King and I had come to he told me that those were the options and I could either take it or leave it. I left it and contacted the Better Business Bureau with my complaint and we are awaiting the final outcome now. I would engourage any one that is even considering taking out a title loan with Titlemax to not, I repeat do not do so. They lie, withhold information an I sincerily pray that they go bankrupt with all of these complaints. name withheld until the outcome of this complaint!!!
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 28th of Dec, 2010 by   Mrsec46 0 Votes
I came in on the day that we agreed for me to pay with the payment money in my hand!
 29th of Dec, 2010 by   Mrsec46 0 Votes
So I do not know what you are refering to? I agreed to make the payment on the 6th, and they came and repoed the vehicle overnight between the 5th and the morning of the 6th so I did not break any arrangement and I had the payment in my pocket. This was just their way of trying to extort extra money out of me... I am just amazed at the way in which we were treated, especially after being previous customers as we had paid off a previous loan with them a few years back. The best thing is that the loan that they gave us on this vehicle was more than I paid for it so I figure that I am still ahead by a few hundred dollars. It is not really about the vehicle anymore but rather the shitty way in which we were treated
 15th of Mar, 2011 by   zirkey91 0 Votes
i had planned on getting a loan thru them today but now that i read all these complaints i think im going to go somewhere else thank u for expressing wat they did to u.
 15th of Mar, 2011 by   zirkey91 0 Votes
thank u for expressing wat this company did to u today i planned on going and getting a loan today but i think im going to take my business elsewhere. thank u

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