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Tate & Kirlin Associates Complaints & Reviews - We need to stop them!

Tate & Kirlin Associates Contacts & Informations

Tate & Kirlin Associates

Posted:    P. Collins

We need to stop them!

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 132 votes
They have been calling my house, and my mother's house (who is 76 years old and an invalid.) I've told them that I'm not the person that they are looking for, and so has my mother. I have even blocked them, but somehow they still manage to get through, or will call and the phone number shows up "unknown caller".
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 3rd of Jul, 2008 by   davianna m fincher +1 Votes
these tate and kirlin agent are who ever they are have been calling my ever day 10 to 20 times aday, and iam about to report tem to the better business bur. iam so tried of them, now what i did is start calling them and each i do the one same person keep answereing the phone with a different name each there is some thing gooin on with them every one that works with this company all have the achent. they all sound alike.
 25th of Aug, 2008 by   K.HEARY -4 Votes
 11th of Sep, 2008 by   Melissa Rutty 0 Votes
This company is rude and definitely not honest. I was berated by one of their managers for a debt they "claim" I owe from 8 years ago! I watch my report very closely and this popped up only this year. Do not trust this company.
 19th of Sep, 2008 by   m. alvarez -2 Votes
tate and kirlin is a reputable company with over 15 years of collection services to many business'.the only people that complain about them are the true dead beats that don't pay there bills.
if you owe a debt, you owe a debt...pay your bill and move on scum bags
 26th of Oct, 2008 by   john -1 Votes
The only ones that complain are the ones that dont pay your bills if you listen to what the collectors have to say instead of cursing them out they will help you out.
 30th of Oct, 2008 by   jason hodges +1 Votes
Those deb collectors at tate kerlin are awful scumbags they are tying to get me to bay a pill that is many years past the collection date. They even told me that I had made payment on this debt less than 4 years ago even though I charged it off in bankruptcy. Don't trust these scumbags.
 25th of Nov, 2008 by   creditguy +2 Votes
Beware Of These Scammers! They( TATE & KIRLIN Associates) are involved in illegal collection antics and are currently being sued for them
 6th of Apr, 2009 by   kaslungs +1 Votes
Professionals that are will ing to work with your situation, what a joke! I let this "professional" from Tate&Kirlin rip into me and attack me for being a deadbeat because i'm on the Lung Transplant list and can't work or do anything for that matter. Real compassion there huh? I understand they are doing a job but there are many other collection agentcies that have been working with my situation. Tate&Kirlin are one of the "BIG" collection companies and they might have some good people working there but the "LADY" that called me was neither a professional or willing to help with my current situation. This is not a credit card debt either it's a mortgage debt. I am willing to accept responsibilty for my debt too, but this company doesn't want to work with you they want their money which right now, I'm sorry my new lungs are more important.
 21st of Apr, 2009 by   Jack +2 Votes
These people have called my home continuously and I am not in collection by anyone. I have explained this several times and all they can say is they must have a wrong number. I have requested the calls to stop. They have not done so. the last call from them, I called from my cell to tell them to stop and was hung up on by a very RUDE person that barely spoke english. If they had their shit in one sock they might just find the clue that will lead them to the grand prize. Should they call me again, I will file a federal complaint for harrassment.
 1st of May, 2009 by   Long Island Business +2 Votes
It's scary that this firm can get away with this type of tactics. I never herd of them until my office started to
get calls, about 6 to 8 per day, increasing to 12 to 20 calls. They have been calling my business, but never ask for a name or contact person, just to speak to our accounting department. I wonder what they are seeking for, or what is their intention ?? I have no debt, or any customer of mine that is in need of collections. Business
is just fine, so what are they after ????
 12th of May, 2009 by   friend9 +2 Votes
Tate & Kirlin Associates represented Washington Mutual as it was about to be forced out of business for the kinds of dealings that got them into the sub-prime loan debacle that finally killed the company (which was taken over by Chase after Obama rightly called in their chits). In my case, Washington Mutual neglected to build in an Escrow / Impound account in my Re-Fi ... after assuring me that the monthly mortgage figure (both 1st and 2nd through WAMU) INCLUDED the Escrow / Impound account. After about six months, my homeowner policy agent called to say they were about to cancel the policy--for NON-PAYMENT. I said "But I have an Escrow Account!" and he said, "Well, it's not making the payments! Better check." Turns out that WAMU neglected to create one then had to go back--at my expense, of course, and create one. Rather than tack the cost onto my 1st, they created a kind of "sub-loan" and promised that I could pay it back over "at least two years." Turns out they designed it so I'd have to pay it over only 12 months ... thus raising my mortgage payments by almost $600 BEFORE THE FIRST ARM ADJUSTMENT EVER HIT! They also finagled the appraisal to make sure that Re-Fi was high enough ... comping my 4-bedroom house against 5 bedroom houses that originally cost $30K more than mine did. Anyway, when the first adjustment finally came due, I attempted to give the house back on a "Deed-in-Lieu." It was a nightmare to arrange because the two sides of WAMU didn't "speak" to each other. Everything was separate on contacting the 1st and 2nd people, and they had different rules, accepted only faxes, gave phantom phone and fax numbers on different websites, wouldn't return calls --- if I was lucky enough to get through at all. Both the Home Equity and the Mortgage side said the same thing: "Basically we can't talk with you until you are in arrears ... until AFTER your loan payments are over 30 days past-due." I said, "You mean you won't talk to me until I kill my own credit ... even though anyone can tell that from the increased payment due to your negligence added to the adjustment, I won't be able to keep up?" "Yeah, that's about the size of it!" they told me.

Anyway, after several months (and keeping current with the mortgage) I finally moved out on the last day through which I had paid my mortgage--and after MONTHS of trying to get WAMU to give me a straight answer to ANY question. After moving (and ceasing to pay the mortgage) I suddenly started getting calls from WAMU ... from INDIA! Lots of electronic calls, and lots of calls from people who had absolutely NO answers. I kept telling them to record my calls and send the recordings to someone who actually knew how to do a Deed-in-Lieu. Finally, I got the word from both sides of WAMU and got instructions about what I had to do in order for them to consider doing a "deed-in-lieu" instead of a foreclosure. I had to get a real estate agent, list the house on the MLS for at least 90 days, try to do a short-sale, clean the place suitable for showing (backyard and all).

I did all of that. Had a great Real Estate guy who bent over backwards knowing that it was unlikely that he'd get much if anything out of it. Turns out, he got nothing--because after receiving two offers--that WAMU refused--they suddenly changed the locks and sent in their own agent. I had followed all of their instructions--all for nothing.

It was going to be foreclosed after about 8 months of trying to work it out with WAMU ... four months while still in the house and still paying the mortgage, and four months after I moved out and stopped paying ... while trying to sell it according to their instructions.

I didn't know for sure what WAMU had done with the debt until tax time and I received a W-9 showing that they claimed to the Federal Government the ENTIRE remaining debt as a loss. So they wrote it off for their own tax purposes.

THEN ... they got taken over by Chase. My credit was in ruins, obviously, and I thing that was the end of it. WAMU didn't even exist any more! But then I started getting calls and letters from "TATE & KIRLIN ASSOCIATES" of Philadelphia. Apparently, with its dying breath, WAMU contacted "TATE and KIRLIN" to help them collect late mortgage and/or consumer loan (2nd) payments. So T&K then started dunning me ... as if WAMU was still carrying the debt--even though the W-( proved that they had actually discharged the debt. The were doing it in the name of WAMU--even after WAMU was already formally taken over by Chase.

I told them that was fraud ... since the debt was already written off and CLAIMED by WAMU as a loss on their corporate taxes. they said, "We'll have to get back to you on that" ... but never did. In the meantime, they continue to dun me with calls and letters, "offering" to settle for 50%, etc. It feels like they must get a high enough percentage of people to walk willingly into their web, that they will keep shaking us down until someone steps in and stops them.

QUESTION: Who is TATE & KIRLIN working to benefit? Not WAMU. Not Chase, either, since the debt was discharged before the takeover. Their original "customer" (WAMU) no longer even exists. It LOOKS like TATE AND KIRLIN found itself with thousands of documents relating to outstanding debt from people in trouble over WAMU mortgages, and they have no one they have to give it back to. The debts are dead--as is the credit rating of all those people, like me--but this outfit in Pennsylvania if busy trying to squeeze blood out of us beat-up turnips. Seems unfair. Writing this and posting it wherever I can is about all I can to in my own defense. Feel free to spread it to anyone and any site where it might do some good.
 29th of May, 2009 by   allie +1 Votes
I would love to believe that I am a deadbeat and scum (as mentioned by others in this forum) but I am not. I owe none of these "debts" that Tate and Kirlin keep calling about. If they had any inkling about what they are doing they would realize they have the wrong person and the wrong number. They call several times a day and wake us up constantly (we work opposite shifts). They are rude and abusive and won't take no for an answer. I finally started calling THEM nonstop and asking how they like it. Click. Some of them don't even speak English...I am planning on changing my number to stop the harassment. So, any of you who post on here as employees, take this into consideration next time you make a blanket statement about deadbeats who owe money. Lots of us don't owe anybody anything, but are still getting your nasty phone calls.
 30th of Jun, 2009 by   fyou Tate & Kerlin +2 Votes
I do owe the money and I say they can still suck a dick for calling in the evening and on the weekends pretty sure thats illegal. Its interesting that they are the only number that calls me that instantly leads to several anti fraud sites. Its also interesting that they have planted comments on these sites about how good they are lol.
 2nd of Jul, 2009 by   TonyStarks2292 -2 Votes
First of all, it is not illegal to call on the evenings or weekends. Collectors can call up until 9pm Sunday-Monday. So if you want to try and seem like you know everything why don't you look into the laws before you start spouting off at the mouth. Just pay your bills and you won't need to deal with collectors.
 22nd of Jul, 2009 by   DNTMATTER +2 Votes
 9th of Aug, 2009 by   DebtCollector1 -2 Votes
You people that think Tate & Kirlin are not a reputible company have got your facts wrong!!! It's because of people like you that think collectors are bad...it's not the collectors that are bad it's the people who WON'T pay their debt!!! Suck it up...you owe a debt so pay it...no need getting all defensive about it...if you must you should have thought about the results of your actions when you were out racking up your credit limits and wat not. You people that think collectors are bad because YOU owe a debt & won't admit it. Well...news for you...it's you're OWN damn fault...you need to be more responsible with your money. Collectors are humans too...they work for a living and it's not an easy job. Hahaha, well at least they work unlike some people who bitch & complain about them cuz they owe money!!! Good Day!
 17th of Aug, 2009 by    Disappointed +1 Votes
I don’t believe this is a reputable company. I have prefect credit and own no one have never own anyone and this company still calls me about 3 times a day. It is only a matter of time before the law catches up to them or if this is not legal I am sure laws will be passed soon to stop it. This is all part of the non-regulations that’s got the bank into the mess we have today. I can’t believe the phone companies are not stopping this because people are getting rid of their phones because of people like this. And it is very low down to scare elderly people like this company does. They are usually confused and believe things they should not. Employees probably make the comments defending this company. The end results do not justify the means. What goes around comes around.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   broke in SC +1 Votes
When I got a call from this company, I reconized it as being an attorney firm, so I Googled it and found tons of complaints...they called again, so I answered. It was an attempt to collect a debt from my husband from a finance company we've never heard of, so I Googled the finance company, no complaints I could find for them. I started reading more about Tate and Kirlin and started searching for more complaints against debt collectors and/or finance companies and got very curious about this "debt" he owes. I can't firgure out what it is and of course they are not going to give me any information, they are only going to try and force payment. In their defence; however, they probably don't have any more information than we do -

The problem is not always the debt collection, even though this company is VERY agressive, it's the selling of the debt, the selling, the re-selling and the selling again to the point you have no idea...it's fairly small amount, but we don't know who we supposedly stiftd in the first place. I've been down that road before - as a voung adult, I bounced a check, the store I bounced it to, sold it, in the mean time I paid back the store - that debt collector hounded me for years...I have a feeling this collection attempt may be something like that.

But I will say I am extremely distressed at the shear numbers of complaints against this company. Tate and Kirlin are not all that needs to stopped, it's the selling of debt. Live and learn used to be the saying, now it's just eat or be eaten. I bought a used car with a 36 month loan from a "repuatable bank" 7 years ago, almost 2 years into the loan, I was hospitalized for a week - my recovery time caused my husband to use all his leave time and take some unpaid vacation - I called the bank, no problem, they would give me a 2 month diferal. After the two months, I got a call from a man saying he was from a subsidiary bank that had bought my "deliquent" loan and my payment was two months late and as an added bonus my intrest rate had gone up 4 points and they had added collision insurance since I had none (which I did have)- when I complained to the BBB, it was perfectly legal - I didn't have a leg to stand on. What needs to happen is ALL companies who buy debt are stopped - let capitalism work, stop letting people take on risk they can't afford to loose and stop forcing people into debt.
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   broke in SC +1 Votes
Holy crap, they NOW - I just got a call - want to discount the amount owed and are going to wave some majic wand and give my husband perfect credit - are there people on the planet that fall for this crap?
 25th of Aug, 2009 by   broke in SC +1 Votes
I told them I would give them every dime - mind you, I'm not the one they asked for on the phone, if they could guarentee they would take it off his credit report (it's not on it to start with) - we don't know what it is - "oh yes, let me get my manager.." i hung up. There's something fishy. They couldn't do that even if they wanted to...

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