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Debit Card Scam

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Jacksonville, North Carolina
United States
I have shopped for years at this Target store as it is one of the limited choices we have in Jacksonville, NC. I have experienced bad service and attitude from a lot of the employees and overcharges at the register but this last experience really takes the cake. I had recently received a letter from Target stating that my Target card qualified me for 5% discount on all purchases made with my card. However when I went to use the card it was now closed due to inactivity. I decided to go ahead and get another card and went with the Target Red Debit card since I usually like to use cash. The cashier told me it was just like using a check or my own debit card and that the funds would just be transferred from my bank account. That sounded pretty good as I debit anyway and now I would get a 5% discount. I proceeded to make a $200 purchase that first day and when I received the debit card in the mail a week later, I went to the store and made another purchase for almost $200 again. The cashier at that time helped me locate a piggy bank that my son had been looking for so I proceeded back into the store to purchase it. That made my second transaction of the day. I went home but my daughter requested pain medication so I went back to the Target and got a basket of goods totaling about $40. Upon trying to use the debit card I was declined which totally threw me. I tried to ask the cashier what could be the problem since I had just used it but she smirked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and said there was nothing she could do to help me figure out what happened. I asked if the service desk would be able to help but she just shrugged her shoulders again and said I could try. The customers behind me were staring, the cashier was still smirking, and I was getting worried that my card and bank account had been tampered with. I quickly paid with my regular debit card which went through with no problem at all and rushed home to call the Target Debit card 1-888 number. I waited on hold for a while, explained my situation, and quickly got transferred to another division. I again waited a while and was finally greeted by an Indian lady who kept repeating the transactions I had completed during the day and that I had too many transactions and I had to wait a few days until the transactions cleared the system. What?! Who ever heard of a debit card that would only work twice every few days? When I asked her for details about how many transactions were allowed per how many days, she claimed that there was no way of knowing. I pointed out that the debit card was basically worthless than if I couldn't depend on using it and that I would never have signed up for a Target Debit card if I had known that it wasn't usable and that there would be not discount available. She said there was no way to know any details in order to clarify use of the card and when I asked to speak to someone who would know the details of the Target Red card, she said there was nobody who knew. I was flabbergasted! I asked her if she truly meant that Target offered a card without disclosing details to its consumers and she again reiterated that there was no way to know what kind of system the Target store had and that it would be dependant on several factors whether I would be able to use the Target Debit card on any given day but she didn't know what those factors are. I asked her if there was anybody at all I could speak with that could help me unravel the mysteries and she referred me to the 1-888 number I originally called. I pointed out that I had called that number and they transferred me to her since they said they couldn't help me but she kept saying I had to talk to them again. I asked her to transfer me back which she said she could but after waiting a while she said she couldn't transfer me at all and she hurriedly put me on hold listening to music before I could say anything. When I realized that she had left me hanging, I hung up and went through the whole rigamarole of the Target phone line and ended up with another Target associate finally. She cheerily explained that Target didn't "know" me and that they would limit my transactions until they did. When I asked her the time frame they would need to get to "know" me she said she didn't know and that I would have to use some other form of payment. I pointed out that the purpose of getting the card was to receive the 5% discount which their denials effectivedly canceled and she shrugged that off as unimportant. I pointed out that I had needlessly endured public humiliation due to their unpublished policies and she shrugged that off too. I finally pointed out that it seemed like a case of "bait and switch" since Target advertised a 5% discount if you used their Red Card but then they had these hidden policies that prevented you from using the card or receiving the discount you had bargained for. Instead you made purchases thinking you were getting the discount only to be denied the discount and instead receive a heaping dose of humiliation and condescending attitude from the cashier. She shrugged me off again but did throw me a bone by saying she would bring that issue up at her leadership meeting...hm, thanks for the help? I wrote to the Target customer service help email and received a message from another cheery Target associate who told me I needed to call this number, yep, you guessed it, the 1-888 number that I had been dealing with already! Um, thanks for the help again? I think that Target has been reduced to a scamming store if they are reduced to tricking customers with false advertised discounts and then brushing them off when they ask for help or clarification of policies. I am writing a letter to corporate officials and if I don't receive any response then I will definitely take my shopping elsewhere and advise others to do the same.
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 6th of Oct, 2006 by    0 Votes

AffiliateTarget.com - Unlawful hijacking of people's computer media
United States

I wish that someone could do something about unlawful hijacking of people's computer media. Web companies such as Doubleclick.net and Affiliatetarget.com are desteuctive advertisers who attach to any web address you are searching. I have been unable to surf the net safely without having my viewing content destroyed and disrupted. These companies do not have the right and freedom to destroy people's viewing content. Even though I have malware software, Internet Explorer folds everytime it is breached. This is a very serious matter since other businesses, people and possibly government agencies are affected.. Affiliatetarget.com needs to be exposed for who they are and place in jail. Thank you very much.
 15th of May, 2007 by    0 Votes

Target / TruTech TV - Problems with TruTech TV
United States

Target should be boycotted for selling this selling a TV that is as sorry as tru-tech. I paid almost a $1000.00 for this TV it worked about 4 month with a 90 day warranty. After calling target for 3 months they finally give a number to tru-tec. trutech wanted to box it up and ship it to buffalo, ny at my expense. So i took it to a local repair shop because the freight to send it back was so expensive, the local shop could not fix it because there is no schematic diagram no where for trutech. So i called trutech back and they advised that there is no diagram for their electronic equipment. I urgently ask for people to boycott target for selling the sorry products that they do and not standing behind it.
 10th of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

On Target Grants - Unauthorised charges
United States

It is not OK to take money from pplz Acts /50$ was taking from my bank this morning by ON Taget Grants!
 13th of Jul, 2007 by    0 Votes

On Target Grants - Unauthorised charges
United States

I got billed by On Target Grants and read about other complaints. I called the service number from my bill, 866-407-1028, and a rep., Robin, said she would cancel my account (which I didn't set up) and refund me the last months charges. I was pleasantly surprised. I am waiting to see if the money is refunded and if I get billed again or not but I do suggest calling.
 3rd of Apr, 2008 by    0 Votes

Target Stores Onalaska wi - Employee doesn't know return policy
United States

I would never buy a computer without a acceptable return policy. The store had 5 computers that had been returned unopend by someone who had bought them from Target online and so they were greatley reduced in price. The salesman assured me that I could return them up to 90 days if there was anything wrong with them. After I bought it I asked a female store manager (or, assistant mgr.) about the return policy in order to confirm what the salesman told me. She said that it could not be returned because it was sold "as-is". So, the salesman told me wrong by mistake I'm sure. Neverthelss, simple common sense should dictate that the store stand behind what their salesman had said. I asked the mgr if she would at least check with the salesman to confirm what he had told me and she did do this, but her voice was shaking as if she was caught . Anyway, I kept the computer and learned on line that others have had the same problems with that model as I have: Toshiba Portege R205-S209 . It's a very disfunctional piece of junk much of the time and I would have returned it if I could have.
 13th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

Target - Credit Card
New York
United States

Today on August 13th, 2008 I made a phone call to my target credit account to pay my bill as I have since I first recieved the card 2006. I was informed verbally for the first time today that target would now be charging $10.00 to make phone payments. Since I did not want to pay this fee which I was never informed about before I opened up an account online for my redcard. After opening up this account, I noticed that the last payment that I had made on August 3rd, 2008 over the phone was charged $10.00 and I NEVER RECIEVED ANY NOTIFICATION of this charge. I called customer service and after speaking with a representative who could do nothing for me I asked to be transfered to a manager. I then spoke with Barbara a supervisor who's ID# was 59934. She acted extremely rude on the phone ignoring everything I was saying and repeating the same thing over again as if she was reading from a piece of paper. Although I iformed her several times that I never recieved ANY notification of this fee she kept saying that "I was verbally informed on the phone on August 4th" and that in January target had sent me written notification. I am extremely upset with how I was treated, I was not treated as a "valued cardholder". In the end Target has done nothing to help me in this situation. I work in customer service myself and seeing that such a large company is able to get away with something like this really blows my mind. Its that I mind paying the $10.00, but principle of the fact that I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED.
 13th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have a Target account and don't ever remember receiving any kind of statement stating they would charge ten dollars for a phoning in your payment, thanks for the heads up.
 31st of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes

Target - They do not help anyone but themselves
United States

I can say as a "former" Target consumer that the fan fair of what Target does for people, employees, and the community is a facade. Our son (employed) by Target, employee of the month type of individual, trying to get scheduled hours to work around his full time school load at UNM. They have his class schedule but instead of work around, they increase and overlap it with his classes and tell him it's his problem. Where do we learn important work ethics? Not from Target Management let me say that. Smoke and mirrors, what a waste of time.
 11th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

Chase and Target - Deceptive Increase in Interest rates
Chase and Target National Bank
United States

About 3 years ago, I transferred about $10, 000 in debt to a no interest for a year credit card from Chase. I misunderstood the nature of the deal. I thought it was no payments for a year and Chase thought it was minimum payments of $230. After missing two months, I sorted out the problem, immediately paid them what I owed them and continued to pay them monthly. I didn't keep the original offer so I was unsure but I felt that there must have been some deceptive advertising. They immediately raised my interest rate to 8.99. Last month, I received notices on leaflets (designed to be overlooked) with very small font and misleading language telling me that both Target and Chase were raising my rates for no apparent reason ( I have not missed a payment since the original snafu on the chase card and I have never missed a payment on the target account.) The most insulting part of the notice was that I had to write a letter in less than 30 days telling them that I opt out of the new terms. Such a short time frame ensures that busy people will probably miss their opportunity to respond. These companies are counting on the fact that most people would throw that slip of paper away. The leaflets were not even personally addressed to me. Additionally, both use an unnecessarily confusing language and format. Chase and Target deliberately confuse and mislead their clients through the presentation of their information. I have a Ph.D. and have difficulty managing their nonsense. What hope does the average citizen with their 8th grade reading level have against these banks? None. It is a nasty situation and I hope to see Americans uniting against the nasty thieves with white collars.
 30th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes

target bubble coat for 12.98 - never received thru mail @ home but you had received the money thru credit
target store on line
United States
Phone: 330-744-7246

 5th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

structure target - i have to know woner of this number
Saudi Arabia

i have to know details of this number mobile number9895154179, from this number miss call come to my mobile some times, who is the owner of the number, i have to get this custemer details
as soon as possible send me reply if immediately reply will be highly appreciate

thank you with best regards
 9th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes
I am glad to hear your story, as something similar happened to me. I was paid the final balance on my Target Card, by phone with them, which was around $60, earlier this year. I checked my bank statement a couple days after and noticed they reversed (refunded) my phone payment and then recharged my payment with an additional $10 the very next day! I called my bank, and they verified that it was Target, so I called Target. All they could tell me is that their system did not show any refund and recharge of $10 more. They only had the initial phone payment I made and said that it was my bank's fault. I even asked them if it was possibly because of a fee they charged and she told me no, that they don't charge fees for phone payments.

I finally had to have a conference call with a Target manager and my bank, and they agreed that Target will process the charge through their dispute department and get back to me. About a month when by and no word. So, I called them and had to go through the entire story again, and had to contact my bank again, it was a mess. To only find out that they would process through their dispute department, again! Finally, about a week or so later I got a letter in the mail claiming they did not find anything regarding the additional charge! I have the damn thing on my bank statement!! I called them back, again explaining the entire story, and still nothing has happened. It has been over 6 months. Like you, I don't care that it's $10, but it's the principle that they took $10 and not only did they not inform me, but they are denying it!!
 15th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

Target - unacceptable standards
Victory Blvd
North Hollywood
United States

I remember when it was OK shopping at Target...prices were little higher than Walmart but the stores smaller, conveinently located and faster in and out...That has all changed and not for the better...

lines are always terribly long -- cashiers attitudes for the most part robotic and in a 'daze'...

stock are generally quite low on most items...if you go there for something on ad...forgetabout it...they won't have stock...if you go there for basic core items...forgetabout it ...they won't have stock...

Truly the attitude of staff and mgmt there seems to resonate a ' just be grateful you can shop here' ... so i give up on them...last straw was recent pressure to fill out a survey during checkout...result was that I get home and see all my purchases didn't make it in my bags...called store...you'd think I was asking for a price adjustment...bring in my receipt I'm told...no apology - no consideration that I have to take my time, my gas, etc to remedy their errors... its truism --- ya get what ya pay for...i don't get enough at Target to pay for it... I'm elsewhere !
 20th of Oct, 2008 by    0 Votes

Target Retail Stores - handicap carts
United States

Within the past month I have visited several retail stores owned and operated by Target. The first one that I visited was in the Wolfchase area, another that I visited was in the Germantown area and the last that I visited was in the Forrest Hill/Poplar area . Upon visiting all on the above stores I am sad to state that none of them had a hadicap cart in working condition!!! This to me should not be acceptable from a company that is dealing with the public on a daily basis. In some instances the carts were not charged which takes a total of a few seconds to do. I know that you have customer service representatives at the front desk and they should check periodically to see if the carts are plugged in for charging. I myself try to make sure that the cart that I use (on the rare occassion that one can be found) is plugged in when I leave so it WILL be available for the next needy person. Sadder still than this at all of the stores there were several carts sitting there with sign stating "Out of Order". Your company either needs to purchase enough carts and make sure they are in working condition or make sure that the fewe carts that you do have are charged. Needless to t you do have are kept in good working order and charged!!! say after no carts were available I was unable to do the shopping that I had intended so your company is the one who lost my business.
 22nd of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
The reason you give them an availability form is so that they can work around your schedule. The Target that I work for is very good about working around school schedules and people with second jobs. It saddens me that the kind of people running that store, tarnish image of the rest of the Target stores.
 8th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes

Target - Online scam
United States

Well to start I had gone to Target's website and found a trumpet. It was the Harmony Deluxe Trumpet-Brass style. It read that it was 8 dollars and 49 cents. It came with free shipping and handling. In total it came out to 9 dollars and 18 cents.

I was completely happy till I received an email two days later saying that my order has been canceled due to an error made by an employee of the the website. The 'correct' price was actually $179.99. I called customer service and they said that this was a mistake that they had one day and could not give me the trumpet for the advertised price.

They would not say why they just said they could not (aka would not). I have done some research on Target and apparently this has not been the first time they do the old switch a roo. The messed up thing about this was that they had no explanation, they just said it was a mistake and could not accommodate me. In the end we 'the little people' who keep these big companies in business are left in the dust when it comes to customer service.
 20th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
All things in perspective, you've probably noticed the same kind of service in a lot of retail chains during recent months, not to mention that mid-October is a major transition push for most retailers into the Christmas season. Not only that, but recent cut backs because of the effects of the economy have put stress on not only cashiers and management at retailers, but also shipping and manufacturers. It's funny how far ahead retailers get to try and get an edge, bathing suits in ads in January anyone? Insane. If you shop at BestBuy, are you angered by their product replacement plans? Have you noticed any changes and how they conduct their service lately? How about Circuit City, oh yes, that's right, they're closing their doors now.

Times are not all shiny in the retail, hell, in any industry right now. Expect to see a little more gray where ever you go.
 19th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
Hum...about the bathing suits in January Ms or Mr Dummy Droobin: it is summer in the other half of the hemisphere! But then again, I don't suppose you know what a hemisphere is. Sometimes some people go to these places, in case you don't know, buy a bathing suit (yeah, maybe at Target!) to go to such sunny places for vacation. Believe it or not! It happens! Shocking, huh? Hihi...By being a brazilian I don't buy them here...way to big!

Speaking of dumb-dumbs, I found this HA-LAAAARIOUS complaint of this stupid frustrated retail worker and this other person's response to it. Geniooous! Read it! It's worth the fun! Get some popcorn while you're at it! Maybe turn the heater up and put up a swimsuit while you're at it! Life's too short to be serious! Here it is! http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ulta-c119079.html
 2nd of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
Have you tried contacting your state agency regarding this practice? Or even the BBB? If they are not allowed to do this then the agency will fix it for you. I once had an issue with Ames and the weekly flyer that had great deals that were never actually available in the store. After I went to the BBB they called me and told me to buy the item at another store and they would reimburse me.
 21st of Mar, 2009 by    0 Votes
Target is a joke. The stores are crowded and messy, the clerks are rude and unhelpful, the management is worthless and the credit department is a waste of time. I am a long time Target shopper and credit card holder but I will not shop there again and I've cut up my credit card. More people need to just STOP shopping at Target. There are plenty of other places to go for better deals. Who needs Target? I, for one, do not.
Target can take their credit card and stick it where the sun don't shine.

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