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Taman Anin Property Preservation Services, Tampa, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Property Preservation

Taman Anin Property Preservation Services Contacts & Informations

Taman Anin Property Preservation Services

Posted: 2012-07-13 by    piwatching

Property Preservation

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 6 votes
Contact information:
Taman Anin Property Preservation Services
Tampa, Florida
United States
Jacklin S. Safie owner of Taman Anin Property Preservation Services is a fraud. She comes across as a sweet hard working woman who always has a rush a job because someone did not complete an assignment correctly. She called us saying she would pay $100 just to take some photos. We did other work for her, lawn cuts, lock changes and a few bids. Everything is a rush. When it came to payment, we never saw it but we always had communication with her. She was always blaming someone else for not getting paid.

We contacted a supplier of hers, Diamond Services. We were informed that our completions were late and payment was cut. We proved out assignments were not late. As it turned out, Ms. Jacklin, who was claimed she was always up late doing invoices and completions, turned in the results late. Since we are a 4th party and she is a 3rd party, it is up to her to submit the completed assignments to her supplier. When we questioned Jacklin about this, she stated that was not true and she did everything right.

We were given an assignment for yard work at a property she gave us. There was another contractor doing what we thought was a lock change. He told us that Jacklin told he was going be paid $60.00 to install a lock on various properties. After a month of working for her, he was told that he was only going to be paid $12.50 for a 2 locks and a lock box. Jackie told him that the company she was getting the work from was ripping her off. He told her to pay him the $12.50 but he would no longer provide locks and a lock for $12.50. When he never got paid from Jacklin, he removes the locks and lock box on properties he did work on and did not care if the property was left unsecured. He further told us about other contractors who Jacklin had running around all over the state of Florida claiming everything was a rush but she pay good money for their efforts.

As it turns out, there are several contractors who felt sorry for Jacklin and did work for her only NOT to be paid. When we heard that there was a contractor who was owed $15, 000.00, we didn’t fell that bad about our $1, 000.00.

When we checked into her company, which we should have done from the beginning, we found that her business was formed in August 2005 and became inactive in September 2007 for not filing an annual report. She loved talking on the phone while we were trying to work.

This business has become very competitive with people getting into this business and under cutting us. The only thing we have in this business is our word and the few that do good work. When you come across someone, like Jacklin, who claims to know the business, she has no clue. All she does is sit at home giving out assignments. They we she would talk on how busy she was, staying up late hours, we thought she was a great source. But as it turns out, she is not a good source. She is a 3rd or 4th party and by the time money gets to her, it is chump change. She had no clue about discounts or pricing.

We called one of the banks that owned a property. They advised us to call another company, Five brothers. Five brothers told us they did know Jacklin or her company. They gave us the number of Diamond Home Services. They would not discuss anything us and advised us to talk to Jacklin. When we said we were going to file lien on the property, they said we could not do that because it was in violation of the agreement we had. WE HAD NO AGREEMENT! We called back Five Brothers and advised them we were going to file a lien. They took all out information and called us back. We need to complete some paper work but they are going to pay us directly.

We do not wish harm to anyone, but it is people like Jacklin who make good workers look bad. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.
Comments United States Contractors
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 20th of Jul, 2012 by   mammajamma 0 Votes
The information that is provided in this crazy documentation is completely twisted and if there are any questions should be directed to me. via e-mail at safiejackie@gmail.com.
To respond to the fraudulent accusations that this fool has posted, there is over $15000.00 that is owed to me and is legitimately owed to contractors that did indeed do work for me, I have been battling with the person that owes me that money, but apparently he has gotten paid all the funds and did not pay me. Now whomever is claiming that I owe them $1000 has yet to come forward to show me their invoice that a $1000 is indeed owed to them, there are 4 contractors that is owed between 5-600 and I have been sending them small amounts as I get the funds in from other clients. The contractor that is owed 15000 is my company.
the vendor who has said that I reduced his pay for lock changes and lockboxes has made an incorrect statement, I have not edited anything on their invoice and have not claimed to pay them any less then what was agreed on.
Now for the crackpot that decided to SLANDER my company name on the internet is the person that is so talkative and apparently has dementia he is always calling and keeping people on the phone while he is driving and taking up peoples time during business hours. He has wormed his way into my life pretending that he the knight in shinning armor coming to save the day. I will not do to him as what he has done to me with his company's name, yes he has been in business for a while and he may know some tricks of the trade and knows how to get away with things that are not right. He is the one who spoils the business that we are in.
I have been accused of turning in this one particular work order late and that is why the pay was cut, when indeed I have been disputing the issue with the supplier as the time frame was in the original bid was approved. My contractor had send me the completed work order in a different format than what was required and therefore was rejected and I was asked to send it in the correct way. I clipped out all the photos to submit them the correct way as to prevent any further delays as my contractor was so busy with his other clients, I would have had to have waited even longer to get them.
I have warned Ken not to SLANDER my company and if this continues I will pursue this even further, as well as he needs to get his facts in black & white and not just hearsay from 3 friends who do not like to do business with a female owned company, I have never claimed to know all in this business and Ken has given me some good advise in the past and now ironically it has been all men attacking a woman owned business. I have never played the OH WOE IS ME card to anyone, I have always been too lenient and polite to everyone and I have never tried to stiff anyone that has done work for me I have always returned phone calls and replied to e-mails, so I am not under no circumstance trying to run away from any obligations to pay what has been agreed on and is owed.
Again as for Ken, he claims he does not wish any harm to come to anyone, that is an out right LIE, this is a bully trying to call the kettle black, he should remember the ear aching talks he had with me and he should know what I am talking about, if not reminder pressure washing, that all I have to say to him!
Anyone who has questions my e-mail address is above, and I will answer them.
 4th of Dec, 2012 by   JMSSC 0 Votes
She did the EXACT same thing to us. She, after MONTHS still owes us almost $500. The same everything is a rush and all that applies here too. Now we can not get a hold of her at all. All her voicemails are full and my last resort is to have someone go by her residence.
 15th of Nov, 2013 by   mammajamma 0 Votes
This person does not comply with work orders claims to be experienced but turns out not to be. Be aware of the quality of their work it will eventually make you loose your client. I am not hiding I am right here but as usual what comes out of this persons mouth needs to have a janitorial done, as it really is wrenk when they talk they are so full of it! They need to stop robing vendors with fake pictures.

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