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SC KIOSKS INC inside SAM'S CLUB, Gurnee, Illinois Complaints & Reviews - Cell Phones - Retailers can chrge

SC KIOSKS INC inside SAM'S CLUB Contacts & Informations


Posted:    Misled by Kiosks Communication Inc

Cell Phones - Retailers can chrge

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Contact information:
6570 Grand Ave
Gurnee, Illinois
United States
Phone: 847-855-1130
7/20/09 I bought 3 sprint phones at the Kiosks station located inside of Sam's Club on Grand Ave in Gurnee, IL. Yuri (Kiosks rep) strongly encouraged me to buy the phones now & get insurance on the phones. I paid $125.20 for ins coverage on one of the Blackberry phones. I returned to Sam's Club on 7/28/09 to return the phones & cancel the policy. I was not able to do this because the Kiosks was no longer there. Sam's club mgr NOT very helpful w assisting me, its member, w trying to locate new location of this Kiosks. They kept saying that they were NOT responsible - but the are since they allow the Kiosks to rent space in their store!

Yuri (Kiosks rep) very deceptive. Aware I was not ready to commit to a new phone carrier; encourage me to try the phone & stated I would not have problems returning it w/in 30 days (well knowing he'd be out of the Sam's Club location w/in 3days. Yuri (Kiosks rep) insisted there would be no charges of any kind if returned w/in 30 days - said "ABSOLUTELY NONE/NO CHARGES OF ANY KIND" if you're not satisfied.

I signed Sprint's written contract which absolutely stated that. But Yuri (Kiosks rep) had me sign the another electronic contract (like the ones you sign for paperless credit card receipts. He stated this was the same as the Sprint paper contract.) I read the contract before I signed. No where on there did I see that the Retailer did charge for returns. After I signed the electronic swiper, I was given a paper print out - at the end of this 6 page receipt, it said "In addition to the terms & conditions described on the back of my sales receipt, I also agree to pay the Retailer $200 for each handset received that is not continuously in service for 90 days after the original purchase date & is not returned to the Retailer." Yuri (Kiosks rep) repeatedly told me there were no other hidden charges or any fees that would be applied to me if I returned the phones. I've been mislead by both Kiosks & Sam Clubs. Sam's club won't take accountability for this at all. They allowed the Kiosks company to sell phones at their locations. They should be aware of the practice of the vendor the allow to sell products on their property! And they should be held accountable.

I am now bound to a 2yr contract that I cannot afford because I have no knowlegde of where to return the products. And even if I did know the new location of the Kiosks and was able to return the phones, I'd still be out $600 because Yuri (Kiosks rep) had me read & sign another contract via a miniature credit card monitor - which then spit out a paper contract that stated extra charges that was NOT shown thru the monitor.

Beware Everyone - Heard they be vending at K-mart on Rollins Rd in Round Lake Beach, IL (as well as other K-mart related stores) soon!!!
Comments United States Mobile & Cell Phones
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 21st of Sep, 2010 by   Fenderguitarguy 0 Votes
It's a shame that Yuri didn't inform you that the kiosk was moving, but I can guarantee he wasn't informed until the day or day before the business moved.
However, I do not feel badly for you at all. There was no hidden charge. The $200 per handset not returned and not in service is completely fair and logical. The Blackberrys you signed for retail at over $400. By signing for two years, you got them for free, did you not? Of course the retailer is going to require you to have them active for the length of the contract. The fee is a way to protect the business.
Why didn't you inquire further into the business' new location? You went back eight days later to return the phones (impulse buy) and just sat on the phones for twenty-two more days? Didn't think to make a call to Sprint? Cell phone people make commission. Why would you have your credit run and spend an hour with the salesperson if you intended to return the product and cancel the service? YOU wasted the guy's time, took money out of his pocket by returning the phones, and you probably had a nasty attitude the whole time.
Long story short---You are a lazy consumer. Cry all you want. All you had to do was make a phone call. By the way, why did you sign up if you knew all along you couldn't afford it?
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   FlyDaddyApollo -1 Votes
Suck a dick and get over it bitch!!!
 15th of Feb, 2011 by   hbgguy11 0 Votes
I dont feel bad for you either its a common mistake to blame others for our own misfortunes, he sold you a phone that you wanted and intended on keeping, you wouldnt have bought something you were definately returning afterall, the fact you couldnt afford it just shows you had a lack of competance when you signed a two year agreement for something you couldnt afford. As for the 200 dollar fee you never wouldve been charged that if you cancelled your service and considering that store is/was in over 50 percent of sams clubs at the time im sure the club wouldnt have had much difficulty finding another location relatively close to your area that you couldve returned it at. And lastly blaming others because you signed something without reading it is your own lack of judgement, it would be impossible for him to explain every detail of an as you said six page document so you should have read it before you signed it. Now i am very suprised sams club wasnt more helpful that was wrong on their part did you speak with a manger.

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