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Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card, Beverly Hills, California Complaints & Reviews - Fraud Deceit Class Action To Be Filed

Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card Contacts & Informations

Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card

Posted:    Mitchell J. Stein

Fraud Deceit Class Action To Be Filed

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 48 votes
Contact information:
Urban Bank, Salute Credit Card, Tribute Credit Car
Beverly Hills, California
United States
Phone: 818-721-2163
These cards charge a huge set-up fee, they then let you use the card for a few months, and then they cancel you without notice. I have proof and have printed the cancellations. This is a fraud and is slander of credit. They ask the merchant to "pick up the card" although no money is owed. If you have any money owed on these cards, DO NOT PAY IT. I am a lawyer with 25 years experience and my phone number is 8187212163. If you would like to be part of a class action against these scam companies and their principals, please call me. They cannot cancel your account -- when it is current -- for no reason.
Comments United States Credit Cards
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Salute Credit Card and Tribute Credit Card - fraud


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 24th of Jan, 2009 by   Dude You a Joke 0 Votes
How can Mitchell J Stein who's a fraud himself call anyone a fraud? That Signalife stock has produced how many millionaires outside your inner circle? You are dodging how many court cases? You owe the MGM Grand how much money? Isn't this you that's being referred to on Raging Bull for a med fraud, Yahoo Message Board for Signalife fraud, doyouknowmitchelljstein.blogspot.com for being a deadbeat dad, and the list continues.

When was the last time you went to the MGM Grand? I bet a long time ago. You fraud owe them a lot of money.
 18th of Mar, 2009 by   Debby Guido 0 Votes
I also got the big jab from both companies but Tribute
was the worst . I was in 2 very bad accidents and on
alot of meds (opids) and had many surgeries i did okay
on my payments sometimes i was a little confused but
i always paid over what they asked.
And then i had a minor accident at home in late October and tore my rotar cuff whicih was unpleaseant i didnt no at the what had happened and waited to go to the Doctor . Well before that happened
Tribute Suspeneded my account because i was late yet
i would make double payments and their own people
would advise me the following a payment wasnt due
and then they gave me back the card and because i was in the hospital and 11 days late but made a 99.00
payment they said i had my card suspended again .
I hardly think that i was thinking of them when i was get my herniated disks done in my back and in
several degrees of pain .
They said they told me that if i was one day late that this would happen and that was a lie and then
he said i didnt pay and that was a lie each time i didnt
supposedly pay i did and over what the payments were.
That company also forgets how many times they had problems with their website and you couldnt get
online to pay and there was no care.
As for Secure 2 times they have gone into my account without permission and i would like something done
debby guido
thank you very much
 10th of Dec, 2009 by   TonyaJ 0 Votes
I have a salute card that the account was closed and they were still drafting my accout every month all year. I was able to see the transactions on line and that there was over 600 dollars just sitting there, my account was reading a credit of over 600 dollars, but When I emailed them about this, they all of a sudden transfered the 600 dollars to my account and documented as a recent payment, but sent me a statement saying that I old 706 dolloars. Now I am not able to see any payment history and they are still adding account maintenance fees. I only had a 300 dollar credit limit. I have know idea what this 706 dollars is for, but I am not paying it. They are also showing up on my credit report.
 15th of Dec, 2009 by   C.G. -1 Votes
My IMAGINE CREDIT CARD was transferred to a TRIBUTE CREDIT CARD and then immediately closed my account, so I never used the TRIBUTE card. I have never paid the IMAGINE account late, and usually paid over the minimum due. I called TRIBUTE about the $9.95 Monthly Maintenance Fee and was told the Fee was initiated as soon as the first transaction was made on the card. Since I never made a transaction using the TRIBUTE card, I told the Supervisor (Joseph) that it was unlawful to charge me the Monthly Maintenance Fee, by their own admission! He said it didn't matter that my contractual agreement was with IMAGINE and not TRIBUTE because the same rules applied, even though it was a different card, different billing address and different account number! They didn't care that I never signed an agreement with TRIBUTE and he just kept repeating his 'script' in a language I had a difficult time understanding.
When will there be an agency where we can complain about the unlawful dealings of credit card companies? They don't have to answer to anyone and can do whatever they want to steal from us!
I am writing my State Attorney General anyway. I need some satisfaction!
I am calling the Lawyer who also made comments on this page. If your account was closed for no reason, please call him at 818-721-2163.
 15th of Jan, 2010 by   C.S.B 0 Votes
 19th of Jan, 2010 by   glassbinky 0 Votes
Please report Salute to the Office of Thrift Supervision, Federal Trade Commission and your Consumer Affairs. The more complaints, the more likely they will investigate.
 25th of Jan, 2010 by   ds69 0 Votes
I am very upset. I received a notice in the mail that they are cancelling my credit card account. Ok fine than but they keep on charging my account these charges for account maintance and a prorated account fee of $91.67. Well I don't think these fees should be charged. I no longer have a revoling charge account with them. As far as I'm conern these people are ripping the consumer average person off. by adding additional fees. We need to do something about this company...
 27th of Jan, 2010 by   msgoodgood 0 Votes
yes salute is a very bad wanna be credit card i cancel my account an they still was charging fees to it., also little did i know they charge
$20 every month just to have the card which is a bunch of bull.
 6th of Feb, 2010 by   spk2urlife 0 Votes
How come it's taking so long to close companies down that are deliberately committing fraud against the people. It's companies like this that drive us into a recession by making false promises, then getting rich off of people who are trying to the right thing, but get taken advantage of. Then, when people stop paying, they want to scream, kick, and holler. These are the same people who later want to be bailed out by the government.
 19th of Feb, 2010 by   TCarlton0427 0 Votes
I had no idea why they cancelled my card however they continue to charge me interest and fees as well and no one ever has any answers when you call them. I have one payment left and I am done with them. It is extremely sad that anyone has to go through this. I am submitting a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission after reading all of this.
 4th of Mar, 2010 by   Beebers 0 Votes
Please write to the Atlanta Better Business Bureau. I did this a couple weeks ago and the credit company responded by returning fees and they now no longer charge me a monthly fee. However, I should have written FULL compensation for months of maintenance fees and I probably would have got it. Detail the amount charged, the fact that you cannot access monthly statements online. Also, don't know if they do or not but it is now illegal to charge for online payments. If you ask for compensation for your annual fee this will be at least partially reimbursed. Please, as many people as possible should do this. They are preying on people with substandard credit and need to be stopped!
 1st of Jun, 2010 by   New Bank Scams ? 0 Votes
I had a Card Through Imagine Bank . The account was Current. I got notice that the program was discontinued. I continued to pay off the balance through a auotdebit. In Nov the debit stopped drawing. A couple of months later I found Tribute on my Credit Burea reporting a past due credit line owing $700. I never had a account With Tribute and never recieved any notice from them or Imagine that they had bought the account. I finally got a collection call at work after I left a message at the 800 number on my credit report. The rep advised that Tribute had bought the Imagine accounts and that I should have recieved something in the mail. I told her to send me the appropriate documentation & I disputed the balance. Of course I never got anything ... not even a Bill to date?! But the debt is still on my credit growing and has actually caused me not to get approved for a mortgage. Is this a new scam? Bye good accounts and hold them to default and then either press for erroneous payment or target folks applying for mortgages knowing they will be more desperate to make the debt go away and just pay the charges?
 1st of Aug, 2010 by   RUTHIE64 0 Votes
 11th of Jan, 2011 by   ydennis 0 Votes
I had both a tribute card and a salute credit. I paid both of them on time every month. They wrote a letter indicating that they were canceling the accounts at no fault of mines. Now the credit cards who are owned by the same people charge what they call a maintenance fee every month for the use of the card. They cancelled my card over a year ago and are still charging a maintenence fee every month. I continue to pay the cards every month to avoid negatives on my credit report. What can I do about this situation?
 2nd of Feb, 2011 by   Ripchit 0 Votes
I have been paying monthly minimum payments on my credit card to Tribute regularly. Same story as many here monthly maintainance charges, ridiculous annual fee still incurred, no credit accrued despite the fact that I pay regularly. Recently, they took money from my bank account without authorization. Through my bank's intervention they were obliged to reimburse me, but now will not accept payments from my bank account and pressured me to opt for automatic deductions- I refused and will seek legal council. I am sick of paying money to these thieves but afraid of the consequences if I stop.
 20th of Aug, 2011 by   WhenCrooksRun 0 Votes
Yeah, right! This guy has his own troubles. Mitchell J. Stein has been shut down by the California Attorney General's Office and the California DOJ, http://oag.ca.gov/news/press_release?id=2552&. Instead of worrying about suing a credit card, he should had been worried he'd get caught for frauding thousands of Californians. The DOJ don't raid and seize attorney offices for nothing.

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