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psychic readings daily, North Carolina Complaints & Reviews - SCAM

psychic readings daily Contacts & Informations

psychic readings daily

Posted: 2011-12-05 by    BYE-BYE AND THANKS4...0


Complaint Rating:  95 % with 38 votes
Contact information:
North Carolina
United States
i was also taken by these people.i want to explain how.there ARE those who can do this.i have a somewhat developed intuition which in my sacred way is called "owl vision".the people who have been scammed should NOT feel stupid and non believers should not think them stupid.these people prey on all, and there are so-o-o many, people who are in despair, desperate to just hear that something good might be about to happen to them in this shitty life, or just wanting to see what fresh hell is around the corner so they can be prepared for the next ride down.They prey on those who need some comfort...and they offer that comfort...comfort, saying i see great things...comfort offerring hope that things might get better...comfort in giving them someone who says they care daily...the comforts they offer go on and on.now, my story- i had 35 dollars left in the bank, lost my home, my health, my partner----i am scared and desperate. Golden Girl at espchat told me of good things to come and at 2dollars a month for some hope and insight (that i have lost all of)was not bad!!instantly when i didnt get the text or the reading i knew i had fd up. but thats ok cuz what else have i really got to lose.it was only 24dollars right...to you guys at esp youre not really ruining anybody at 24doll.a pop, huh?not in the scheme of things...well it just showed me there is really no good left in this world(and know that u had a part in that insight)also, know that everything is on that wheel you should know about...it will bite u in the ass one day.on that day, picture all the people u screwed...the weak, the poor, the disgusted, the depressed--but mostly see ME.i am poised on my bed with a bottle of xanex and a handgun 9ml to b exact. its not ALL on you guys but you put the icing on the cake.theres just too much for me to handle any more and to be given a glimmer of hope and have it taken away with the slap of betrayal is phenominal.this is what your actions bringabout.sleep well. oh i had my CARD pulled by a real psychic and it was BINDWEED, look it up...its bad...it is SUICIDE! The cards dont lie...only people do. ... i would have been happy with a newspaper horoscope for 2dollars...
Comments United States Psychics & Mediums
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 5th of Dec, 2011 by   BYE-BYE AND THANKS4...0 0 Votes
norah's shocking result will be that your bank account 's future got told and u are sitting here wondering WHY you have not gotten your reading---or anything else----except SCREWED AGAIN! dont do it
 5th of Dec, 2011 by   BYE-BYE AND THANKS4...0 0 Votes
i did get the elloquently written "ox" reply.and coming from someone out there who i can tell by their reply has never done anything that didnt turn out right, never fd up in any way, never hurt anybody with their word that hold so much wisdome and today has every aspect of their life together and under control...alas there are the many of us that werent that intelligent...thanks u just shooood away any fear or doubt of my decision.noone as dumb assed (oh, u spelled ass wrong) should litter the world with their dumb assness or torture themselves with wondering if the had any potential. thank u, thank u, thank u...wishes for continued luck in your life of perfection
 5th of Dec, 2011 by   BYE-BYE AND THANKS4...0 0 Votes
you are absolutely right...see what i mean...i apologize...every little thing that happens today takes away a little more fear of not being. oh, i do sincerely apologize...1 more fk up on me
 20th of Apr, 2012 by   kerley 0 Votes
: (
 24th of Oct, 2012 by   Sharrieni 0 Votes
I pray you never take your life. Read the red road, Native American. We have several paths in front of us everyday that lead to one destination. Even a true physic can tell you what is told to you depends on the choice you make to follow that path. I have had it all and lost it all. I was healthy and know Im sick. But I choose how it turns out. We all have the power to move mountains if we truly believe. You can choose not to be a victim. Yes the world if full of evil but its also full of good. Find your light and follow what is good. Happiness will never be found in others only in our self's with our ancestors and Creators help. Your in my prayers.

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