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Pizza Hut, Jackson, Mississippi Complaints & Reviews - Did not deliver a pizza

Pizza Hut Contacts & Informations

Pizza Hut

Posted: 2011-07-28 by    rockman0

Did not deliver a pizza

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Contact information:
Pizza Hut
1220 E. Northside Dr
Jackson, Mississippi
United States
Phone: 601-362-1996
Last night, I ordered 3 pizzas and an order of cheesesticks from the Pizza Hut in my area. After waiting the usual time, the delivery guy brought our pizza, but he only brought us 2 pizzas. When I told him about it, he said to call the restaurant because they only gave him 2. At this point, I'm understanding. I didn't mind that he'd made a mistake. I called the restaurant thinking they would send the next pizza over.

When I talked to the lady, she basically called me a liar. She kept saying that I did get all 3 pizzas, and that 3 people had verified it. How exactly do you "verify" that I had gotten my order? Anyways, she continued to be rude and calling me a liar. Then, she gave me the manager's phone number. I thought it was weird that the manager wasn't in the restaurant and had to be called from a different phone. I'm not even sure if that was really the manager.

Anyways, the manager continues what she started: calling me a liar, trying to talk over me, and being rude. He said that the only thing he could do was give me a coupon for 5 dollars off my next order. I told him that I wanted my pizza. Considering that pizza (Meat Lover's) alone cost almost 15 dollars, a coupon for 5 off hardly fixed anything. After I turned down his less-than-generous offer, he continued to call me a liar.

Finally, after seeing that no one at the restaurant was being reasonable, I told him not to worry about it and that I would be ordering from there anymore. He told me that "they didn't want my business" and hung up in my face.

I've always ordered from this location, and this is the first time that I've ever had this problem.
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 28th of Jul, 2011 by   jbfirebird 0 Votes
get the corporate number off of the website and contact them. they will send out free pizza coupons and document the complaint to the franchise that it belongs too and then the store will also get feedback as well
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   rockman0 0 Votes

That's another thing. I did not receive a receipt, but they did say over the phone that the order was 3 pizzas. They just continued to insist that I had already gotten all three pizzas and called me a liar when I said that I only received 2.
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   rockman0 -1 Votes
I'm talking to corporate though. I hated the way they treated me and ripped me off. They probably kept it in the kitchen to eat themselves. Where I used to work, that sort of behavior never would have happened.
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   rockman0 0 Votes

Usually, at least here, they tape the receipt to one of the pizza boxes along with a sheet of coupons. I'm guessing the receipt and coupons were taped to the pizza that I didn't get. They have a policy here that if you don't get your receipt, your order is free. At the time, I was assuming that they had forgotten the pizza as an honest mistake so I was willing to let that go, but the way they handled the situation convinces me otherwise.
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   rockman0 +1 Votes

Get over? Are you trying to suggest I was trying to get a free pizza? If so, then you are very wrong. Why would I try to scam a free pizza? If I wanted four pizzas, I would have bought four pizzas. I ordered 3 and only got 2. Calling me a liar when I'm clearly not is most definitely a bad idea.
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   jbfirebird -1 Votes
let me tell you something about pizza hut. the pizza you order is the last thing they want. i was a manager at a pizza hut for 4/5 years. if they want to make a pizza, they will make whatever they want to eat it in the back. they arent going to take yours just to eat it. you wouldnt believe half the amount of mistakes, no shows, etc that there are for them to eat as it is. so, before you go thinking they are evil people that didnt bring your pizza on purpose, think again
 29th of Jul, 2011 by   rockman0 +1 Votes

Where did you get the idea that I thought they were evil? I had no negative opinion of them until they called me a liar when I told them that a pizza was missing. that's what my complaint is. I don't know why they denied messing up my order, but they still did.

That's the part that I'm most disappointed about.

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