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Native Remedies LLC., Boca Raton, Florida Complaints & Reviews - Unscrupulous practice

Native Remedies LLC. Contacts & Informations

Native Remedies LLC.


Unscrupulous practice

Complaint Rating:  46 % with 35 votes
Contact information:
Native Remedies
6531 Park of Commerce Blvd
Boca Raton, Florida
United States
Phone: 561-544-6006
The people at NATIVE REMEDIES LLC are dishonest and engage in unscrupulous business practices. I ordered their NITE TRIM product. Three months later, I did not receive the product, but my credit card account was debited monthly during those 3 months, and continues to be debited. I tried to contact them at an e-mail address where the order was placed but mail was not delivered. I wrote to another e-mail address instructing them to cancel my order and refund my money. Their response was that the product was shipped, and that I should return it after which a refund would be processed. But I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT! How can I RETURN SOMETHING THAT I DO NOT HAVE?

I then contacted Master Card for assistance. They referred me to the bank that issued the card. My bank advised that MARQILIFE had debited my account again, and recommended that the card is canceled, which was done.

I now plan to fight MARQILIFE to get back my money and request contact form other victims so that we can make a united appeal to the relevant US Government Authority for their intervention

Azard Mohammed.
Comments United States Health & Beauty
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 9th of Sep, 2008 by   Linsey 0 Votes
I am an affiliate of theirs and they don't even sell a product called nite trim. Maybe you got your company's mixed up.
You should do more research before you slander people.
 31st of Oct, 2008 by   Samantha 0 Votes
I have dealt with Native Remedies on several occasions and have nothing bad to say about them. Their products are also second to none. I think you have the wrong company.
 21st of Feb, 2009 by   arly 0 Votes
I have ordered from Native Remedies before with no problems. Have received the products really fast, but I live in Florida so that helps.

And Nitetrim is not sold by Native Remedies, you must have company names confused.
 3rd of Oct, 2009 by   90210Organics 0 Votes
I have never had any problems with Native Remedies, LLC and their products are WONDERFUL!
 7th of Nov, 2009 by   2day 0 Votes
I have had very good luck with Native Remedies products. Always receive quickly! Even had a return once that went very smooth! Their products have helped keep my husband off of Cholesterol "drugs", my son off of ADD "drugs".
 8th of Nov, 2009 by   rhawk301 0 Votes
You have got the "Marqi Life Inc." and the NiteTrim correct, they are a scam. However, Native Remedies does NOT sell that product. That product is simply another Hoodia scam, and shouldn't be trusted.

I would trust Native Remedies as they are friendly, respond to e-mail, and have real results from their products using natural supplements. Try the Ecoslim product instead as they use quality ingredients.
 27th of Nov, 2009 by   bayli27@hotmail.com 0 Votes
To be clear that I am talking about the 'right' company as per previous comments. Here is the link https://snoringsolutionsite.com/?aid=IMK&sub-id=22595.

My experience has been horrendous with them!!! Upon ordering their customer sales reps didnt know much about the product or process... only how to take money!!!

Upon trying to resolve issues after point of sale... I was promised (over the phone) that they could fix it but instead took money out of my Paypal account that was not agreed to which caused a chain reaction for other purchases.

Last but not least they were unwilling to be flexible about resolving the financial issue and I have yet to recieve my money back (and no I never received the item). They simply stopped responding to emails!!!

I would NOT recommend them to as an online seller!!!
 8th of Dec, 2009 by   chrispower 0 Votes
I am not sure how you get Native Remedies from this link: https://snoringsolutionsite.com/?aid=IMK&sub-id=22595. It has nothing to do with them.
 15th of Mar, 2010 by   90210Organics 0 Votes
The Snoring Solution Site is NOT Native Remedies. Even if this site sells Native Remedies' products(which I am not sure if they do) they are NOT the Native Remedies company.
 16th of Mar, 2010 by   bichomau 0 Votes
I have nothing but good to say about Native Remedies. They have always sent the product promptly after I ordered and charged the correct amount. I have ordered from them a total of 6 times. The above link does not seem to be Native Remedies. It states it is mysnoring solutions.com
 13th of Aug, 2010 by   teacher betty +1 Votes
I am plagued by eczema on my face, and was considering ordering form this company (Native Remedies). Now am I confused! Any more recent posts about this company? Should I do it?
 22nd of Aug, 2010 by   silly_puss 0 Votes
I have used products from Native Remedies recently for my dog and they seem to have been very helpful in easing his joint problem - enough to reduce use of NSAID's. I live in Sweden and had no trouble getting the product - but had to pay customs as it was coming from outside EU. Only good things to say about them. I suspect a link high-jack is causing the above complaint ...
 8th of Sep, 2010 by   bronte2 +1 Votes
I've ordered just once from Native Remedies and the remedy Thyroid Assist worked wonders for me. I had tried about 5 products before that like anti-inflammatory (prescription from my family doctor) to natural anti-inflammatory to over-the-counter thyroid med from Whole Foods but nothing worked. My thyroid/throat was so painful I couldn't even read to my son for 9 months...finally googled "natural remedy for thyroid" and found Native Remedies. Don't know why it works but Thyroid Assist worked instantly for me...within 10 minutes I felt relief.

I recently placed my second order from Native Remedies...immune boosters for myself and my son and had no problem with the charges or products. I believe they're a reputable and legit company.
 14th of Oct, 2010 by   KWinNY +1 Votes
I have been ordering products from Native Remedies for my cat for the past year and they are AMAZING! Her problems have cleared right up! There must be a mixup with the company listed for this complaint. Native Remedies has been an excellent company to deal with and they sell wonderful, natural products that I have started using for myself.
My experience has been nothing but positive!
 6th of Jan, 2011 by   MissygailW +1 Votes
Is this the product and website that should be referring??


I can't find these people under any other name other than just nitetrim, but they have nothing to do with native remedies. According to the website these people are located in California not Florida.

Here's the address from the website.

PO Box 7775 #29035
San Francisco, CA 94120-7775

There is some legalize on the site that you should read as far as them continually charging you.

As far as your implication goes for native remedies, you've got your facts wrong obviously and should do further research before besmirching the character of a good honest company, when you have in fact done no harm to the company you were intending. I've done a lot business with native remedies. They have wonderful products and an awesome staff who is willing to help you. They have never charged me in excess of what I've ordered and my products always arrive and usually ahead of when I thought they'd come.

Please check your facts next time.
 6th of Jan, 2011 by   MissygailW +1 Votes
@silly_puss Go ahead and order. Read through all the comments, the original poster got the website wrong. His complaint is not with nativeremedies, it's with another company, native remedies doesn't even sell the product he's talking about. I've dealt with native remedies for ages and they are awesome, the only place I go to when I have a troubles with a UTI.
 10th of Jan, 2011 by   Therrien 0 Votes
I recently placed an order for two products. The online offer was that if I purchased two bottles I would receive the third bottle free. When the offer was placed I expected a confirmation but did not receive one. I called customer service and was very rudely told that I would receive the confirmation once the order was processed. I called back two days later to again ask for the confirmation and was told it would be e-mailed to me (it wasn't). My credit card was charged that day.

Three weeks later I called the company and advised that I had received no product, no confirmation and no further information. I was also leaving on vacation two days later. The customer service rep told me that the order had not shipped and he would be happy to send the products to our holiday location.

One bottle of each product finally arrived and I called the company and advised them of such. I was told the remaining two bottles of each product would be shipped overnight. Two days later one more bottle of each product arrived. I contacted the company once again and have just been advised that there would be no third bottle coming.

A good, honest company does not treat customers this way. All I wanted was the products for which I paid.
 9th of Feb, 2011 by   ambamb +1 Votes
I live in Canada and order NATIVE REMEDIES regularly, they are never late, I had one incident where a bottle leaked they replaced it the same day and provided a tracking number to support the fact that the shipment was on its way. You are sadly mistaken and should remove this slander from the web.
 11th of Feb, 2011 by   captkamikazi 0 Votes
First of all, I'm biased towards these comments because I am "very close" to Native Remedies so in a professional courteous way I will respond. First of all Native Remedies does not make any product called "Nite Trim" so you have either been redirected or misled. Secondly, Native Remedies does everything in it's power to take care of their customers, new and returning customers. To err is human, so the fact a previous poster said he was told he wouldn't get his third bottle is completely false. I know personally that the company would send him free products just to show him the company does care about their customers.

And in all honesty, us as human beings tend to elaborate or embelish the situation when something doesn't go out way, because as a species in this day in age, we're spoiled. To call out a company I know goes ABOVE AND BEYOND to please it's customers is unfair and unjust.

In closing, if someone is reading these comments you can assume for yourself that this is a respectable natural remedy company. They wouldn't be where they are if they were not. Don't hesitate to try any of their products. If you're concerned at all, nativeremedies.com has links to all of their ratings (BBB, SSN, shopping.com, BizRate & Geotrust) and all of them go well above and beyond what you would expect ordering from a place you've never tried. Give it a shot.
 1st of Mar, 2011 by   mfev 0 Votes
It is possible that someone is using the name Native Remedies in their advertisment. I received an ad in my email offering "Accel CoQ10" when I clicked on the product it took me to a different website not Native Remedies so I did not order it. I did go to Native Remedies website and typed in the above name and the return was "Not found" so I knew that they did not sell this product.

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