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My Medical Loan Complaints & Reviews - Never use them

My Medical Loan Contacts & Informations

My Medical Loan

Posted:    TedE51

Never use them

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 46 votes
Contact information:
My Medical Loan
United States
I have had a horrible experience with mymedicalloan.com. They have representatives there who are beyond incompetent and their follow through is quite poor. I was approved for a loan for a surgical procedure only to be told 1 week before the surgery BECAUSE I called them that the bank that my funding was through, and other people, notified them that they were bankrupt. My medical loan took no responsibility and had no empathy. They basically stated, "well, we'll continue to look but you can too. They told me that they would call me back but never did! Never do business with this company.
Comments United States Health & Beauty
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My Medical Loan - Am I STUPID?


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 22nd of Mar, 2012 by   NICOLE TEE 0 Votes
 30th of Apr, 2012 by   Icyspicy 0 Votes
I actually am verrry happy that im checking the reviews on the nplb because I got my paperwork faxed to me from travis which by the way probably had somebody elses picture on the email he sent me..but anyways I called the bbb to check if this program was legit and many..complaints..earlier today before the travis guy contacted me after 3 days..i called the.nplb 800# and everytime I would think I would get close to talking to a live person the phone would automatically hang up..very shady..i asked the travis guy about this and what he said is he knows they were doing maintenance on the phones..lol..nope.mr travis with a fake photo your not getting my hard earned money.!
 13th of May, 2012 by   s@work 0 Votes
I just got a call from NPLB thursday about there program im suppose to deposit 2700.00 in my checking for a 4500.00 surgery. Are they really a scam?
 19th of Jun, 2012 by   Janet99 0 Votes
Man these are some horrible stories im reading! i was going to apply with mymedicalloan in the past but my doctor did not accept them cuz they probably are a scam! so we found fundmydoctor.com they were awesome with getting things done quickly and most importantly got a great loan with an interest free program (with a credit score of 644)!! Be careful You guys!
 9th of Jul, 2012 by   ooh_dania 0 Votes
weird, I have decent credit I would say, 680+ (I was approved with Care Credit) but couldn't get approved with them. i got an Email about their No Patient Left Behind program, seemed odd and a scam to me. I got a rep by the name of Travis. I asked him for a list of the No Patient Left Behind doctors, because it may not be the same as my doctor and they said I couldn't get access to it till I enrolled. So I declined and was told by the rep "that's fine, we have lots of other customer's"...ummm, ok. Great customer service. I just didn't understand why I would need to pay an application fee to process my loan.
 6th of Aug, 2012 by   Yessy96 0 Votes
Wow, all these horrible stories. m sooo glad i did my research before applying with them . my doctor gave me their info, and my dr didnt know how horrible this company is. after cancelling with My Medical loan, my doctor found a new finance company he is working with called FundMyDr.com ... Nig difference between the two, i got to speak to a rep, never was put on hold or mislead in anyway. so glad my dr told me abount FundMydr.com, not only did i get a great loan, save lots of $$ on fees... stay away from my medical loan !!
 4th of Sep, 2012 by   Ck7021962 0 Votes
I was contacted this evening regarding a loan that I qualified for based on the ability to pay it back, not credit ! I googled this company only to find such negative feed back. After losing 110 pounds I've been borderline desperate to continue with my transformation, can we say 50 ! I'm so disappointed, funny how you know something to good to be true isn't, ugh I can hear my mother, God rest her soul ! Looks like I'll be going the good old fashioned route, saving for it. Hopefully I'm not 60 before I can save the money ! But it is what it is and glad I checked it out first, as I wipe tears away. I may be sagging but I'm not stupid.
 3rd of Oct, 2012 by   TammyE440 0 Votes
I really hate reading all these horrible reviews. i found a company called fundmydoctor.com i read a bunch of great reviews and fees were nowhere close to what other companies were charging. really easy process. great rep's
 14th of Jan, 2013 by   Susi Q 0 Votes
Last year (2012) I had a horrible experience with My Medical Loan.com. The representative who I dealt with ( Erika), was completely unprofessional and incompetent. After I had sent in my paperwork and was approved for financing ( I was to have to checks, 1 for my Dr. and 1 for the surgical center).. 2 weeks before my surgery my Doctor had called to say that they had never received the check, nor did the surgical center receive their check.. I had called Erika (which I was surprised to reach her instead of her voicemail), and she said there was a problem with my paperwork. I told her, how is this possible? You must have received all paperwork, otherwise I never would have been approved for financing. I had to spend $54.00 to fax all of my original paperwork and reschedule my surgery. @ days before my surgery, my Dr called to say that the entire amount, less $150.00 was on 1 check. The surgical center cancelled my surgery because they never received their check. Erika knew that 2 separate checks were to be sent. When I called her, SURPRISE, no answer. I left several messages and she never returned my call. I told my Dr. to return the check. I had to argue with Duvia, the actual finance company because they sent me a bill for my first payment for a surgery that was never performed. Eventually it was straightened out. I do not recommend my medical loan.com
 24th of Apr, 2013 by   CaliGurlATL 0 Votes
OMG...I already paid the $14.95 processing fee for the "No Patient Left Behind" program. I will call myself lucky, because that's all I will lose. Thank you so very much for the info everyone...I will save my own $$$ and pay for it on my own! *air hug* to you all for the info!!!
 13th of Aug, 2014 by   della32 0 Votes
In regards to your question. My little advice is that you go to a bank in your area to request for the loan, and that is if you have a collateral, but if you want a loan from those that give out unsecured loan without a collateral i know of a loan firm that gives out unsecured loans, though he is the only one i have tried for now so i don't really know if their interest rate is the lowest. Few months ago when i had a bad credit, a friend of mine introduced me to them, inspite of my bad credit they were able to lend me a loan of $20, 000 of which i used to revive my business, I think you too can do the same as well. Here is their contact information if you wish to contact them. (hai_ying43@yahoo.com) or ( contact@haiyingonline.com)
Regardless of your nationality, i am sure they can be of help to you.
Good Luck,
Della Roland.
 1st of Sep, 2014 by   esta compania es un asco 0 Votes
Esta compania es un asco..es tambien llamada medical financing por la.aplicacion tu ve que pagar 15 dollares y segun me aprobaron yo muy contenta di toda mi informacion y alos dias me di cuenta que habian sacado mas dinero ...fue cuando empece a revisar las reviews y es verdad lo que dice son unos rateros nadie aplique para ellos son de lo peor.
 12th of Sep, 2014 by   tapout75 0 Votes
Thanks Ya'll.. geeze and I have been calling to ask why they need me to pay 19.95 to process my application. said that it was refunded when loan is approved. But what about if it is not? Also, I sure do not want this "no Patient left behind" thing.. When 90% of cosmetic surgery want their services paid in full.. Well after 5 tries no answer.. guess I'll go elsewhere..

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