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Meetingmillionaires.com, Beverly Hills, California Complaints & Reviews - Scam and fake

Meetingmillionaires.com Contacts & Informations


Posted:    alwysanadventure

Scam and fake

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 42 votes
Contact information:
Elite Meeting/Meeting Millionaires
Beverly Hills, California
United States
I signed up with this website and posted a free profile a couple of months ago. I received multiple viewings and emails daily. Two weeks ago, I decided there were enough interesting men who and emailed me, that I paid for the subscription. As I started ready my 150 emails, I noticed a similarity in them. I had a friend read some of them and she agreed. I sent a couple of emails back and never received one response. And since paying for the membership, have not received one viewing or email since. I immediately emailed their support email and demanded a refund. I have sent two emails and have called the number and have not received a response from them. I have disputed this with my credit card company and am awaiting their reply. I found a friend on the site and he didn't even know he was on there. This site is a total scam and fraud and do not use them. I usually always look for reviews about online companies and products and wish I would have with this one. Do not fall for all the gorgeous pictures on there...they are not real people.
Comments United States Online Dating Services
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Meetingmillionaires.com - Scam


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 16th of Sep, 2009 by   LaMesa Cole 0 Votes
I too placed a free profile with this service today and by the evening checked my account and they banned me for no reason, it even says "NO REASON GIVEN". This is a scam indeed...no telephone support number or person to speak to. The above complaint is legit and we put some personal information out there. Watch out potential consumers...this seems to be a major problem. Just warning many of you out there, especially vunerable women. DO NOT USE THEM!
 21st of Sep, 2009 by   speakeasy602 0 Votes
Ok, so the pictures ARE REAL PEOPLE, you just don't believe that they are really members of this website...Right? Well, please understand, all of the pictures that are uploaded are uploaded by the members, not by the staff. People on dating sites are notorious for posting fake pictures to make themselves look better. Sure it's dumb, but it's how people work. I'm sure when you're posting your own pictures you probably try to find the best one, so think about it like that.

Also, you both mentioned a lack of support and no contact information. It took me 2 seconds to find this page: http://www.meetingmillionaires.com/contact.php. It has an email, physical address, and a contact form. Or you can go to their home page and click the link that say's "Contact Us."

When you complain about a company, don't exaggerate. I understand that you had a bad experience, but to lie about a legitimate company is just wrong and a bit unethical. If you have a dispute with your credit card company, then let them deal with the details and contact. Sometimes these companies are will to help with issues that come up and it's impatience that makes the issues get out of hand.
 12th of Mar, 2010 by   cettefillela 0 Votes
Are you kidding ??? How do you explain receiving the SAME messages to both my profiles? One real and one with NOTHING! No picture nothing written... It's a total scam!!! Yeas real people are on the pictures, but they are DEFINETLY NOT the people behind the profile... come on ...
 3rd of Apr, 2010 by   missbiz1 0 Votes
I signed up as a free member, got 92 hot, very wealthy men who wrote me. I totally forgot about joining, started to answer each and every one of them until I got stopped at number one telling me I had to pay if I wanted to comunicate with them. Sure send a free wink, but if they wrote you, what's a wink gonna do for them. I happen to see an honest to god actor that is known on the big screen, won't mention any names, but I knew it was a partially fake site at that point. Sure, all the hotties that WE get hits from, are paid models and actors, with the exception of a few. The free ones that email us, are genuine paid regular joe's like the rest us, or jills in my case since I'm female. I saw 92 and almost lost it. It's definately a real site, and you can definately meet real singles, but it is definately, undoubtedly filled with lots of 'Posers' as I call them. Set up by the webmaster of the site.

Here's what they do, they get about a hundred guys, and a hundred women that come from modeling agencies, or thier own lawyers, doctors, friends or whomever that's rich and hot. Well, they really do take some professional photos, notice how all the rich ones never have snap shots, they're all just so perfect. Next, they get some background info on them, probably record the whole ten minute conversation, or type it in on thier laptop on the spot and it's a wrap. One by one, they have themselves a beautiful, website filled with these 'Posers'. Yeeeup! They're real, will they write you an email back? Maybe. I've gotten as many as 2 sentences from one. Notice how all the replies you recieve after they've initiated it in the first place, are always just sometime to the effect of this one I got for example: TGIF. Right? that was an email?? I was livid. HE wrote to ME. I was nice and decided to answer each email, and believe I have now. I'm done with the site, I learned in about 2 days it was the way it is. In this case, You DON"T get what you pay for. It sucks, I fell for it but am doing something about it. If anyone is interested in a classaction lawsuit, let me know. I'm starting one. You can write to me at bizminders@rocketmail.com. Let's get them back!!!
 14th of May, 2010 by   sstenn 0 Votes
I am so glad I decided to check these blogs! I knew it was somewhat of a scam - you are right, way too many mass wannabe (& legit) models. I knew that over half of the people on the site were NOT millionaires, but thought that I'd find a higher quality of member there. When I wrote into tech support - yes, there is one, "speak easy" and yes it does list contacts, but no - it is not helpful. I sent a very earnest e-mail complimenting them on their site, but also let them know that I realized that it was not a 100% legit. I asked for more information, requested an alternate e-mail that I could talk with someone about my concerns as far as giving my CC and also wanted to learn more about their "verification" process. I received back a "form e-mail" answering only that they take pay pal and cc's. Too funny...
So, I stopped there!

I looked into it because just find Match to be slimy, filled with shirtless guys and people you would never date in a million years...however, I did meet one guy on there (ONE) that rocked. BUT, I also know tons of people who meet through Match & have a great experience. Turns out - this site has a lot of shirtless guys too - but much better looking. Save yourself $ and go buy a GQ!

E-Harmony...oh Lord. Ok, nice concept but rarely works. Again, know people that it HAS worked for, but...I would get " custom matched- or whatever they call it) with people that didn't match ANY of the physical criteria & got really tired of worrying about hurting people's feelings, etc. I also had a HE** of a time cancelling the membership. Once they have your CC info they'll run it every month - it's almost impossible to get it stopped. (I've heard that they've improved this)

Because of this, I was very hesitant to give Millionaires.com/Elite Match - whatever it is they're called...which obviously saved me some grief according to the blogs above!

I am a writer & have been looking at these sites -thinking - "what a great story! "(TOO funny) Look for it in a National publication soon!

I'm happy for the guy above who gets hookups where ever it is that he's traveling...lol Sounds like it worked for him, but women have to be a bit more careful!

P.S if there is ever a website that actually DOES filter out all the crap & really DOES provide better quality members/matches that ARE successful, ambitious, and good looking...you can bet they will be charging a lot more than the common sites. MUCH more...and I'd pay it! I'm a (described as)good looking, successful, ambitious, yada yada - and I don't want to waste my time with anyone who is not. A real service like that would be invaluable to a young professional like myself & I'm sure many, many, many quality people!

UNTIL THEN - I would advise sticking to a match.com or plenty of fish/whatever, you'll get the same result with a lot less out of pocket expense than the "millionaires/elite site in my opinion. I am leaving my profile up, NOT subscribing...we'll see if the wink thing works - if its not an entire scam, then ONE of these people that haved e-mailed me will respond back. from the wink. (since I can't e-mail anyone until I pat the overpriced fee)

As was stated above - if a guy is really wealthy & wants to talk to you - HE'LL upgrade or whatever to make that happen!

Good luck ya'll!
 30th of Jul, 2010 by   Been Scamed in California 0 Votes
This site is a scam!!! A girlfriend and myself both signed up days apart. We recieved emails from some of the same fake men saying the same fake thing! The same thing as the others, the emails stop and you never get a response as soon as you sign up for this site.Tell everyone you know not to be fooled by this site. I have a friend who is a Attorney that said we should band together and get our money back? anyone interested?
 4th of Sep, 2010 by   1Note 0 Votes
September 2010, September 2010 MEETING MILLIONAIRES... is a scam. Ladies, They actually have hundreds of fake profiles that they send to members.
Here's a note-- if the man seems to good to be true.. he is. I'm not sure where they obtained the fotos, but obviously there are websites and they have spent quite a few days creating these fake profiles. Here are just a few: 949379 951984 952011 949188 950504 949176 948237 948189 933817 944239 949176 ; There are hundreds of VIP members. I have received over 160 messages from this site. Ladies do not waste your money!!! How do you report these scam artists to the BBB?
 15th of Jul, 2012 by   JennyLR 0 Votes
I placed an ads on Ukmillionaireclub.com and a few days a handsome lawyer nearby contacted me. I'm moved by his words and upgraded. But, he's gone from that. I believe it's a scam.

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