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Scam, corrupt

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Contact information:
Smart Circle International, LLC
19511 Pauling
Foothill Ranch, California
United States
Phone: 800-775-1975
I joined smart circle international, llc at the san diego branch. Little did i realize the horrible nature of the company. They lure you in claiming they do marketing and sales for fortune 500 companies among their 311 divisions and 15, 000 offices, and that if you join their "management training program" and work hard for 6 months you'll then be given your own office and make $150, 000 per year. However, what they don't tell you is that it is door - to - door soliciting. The "clients" as they claim are just people that you walk up to on the street or in businesses. They make you work 72 hours a week, don't pay you overtime which is a violation of labor laws. There is so much harassment and descrimination within the workforce, management picks their favorites and treat others unfairly. And forget raising issues of concern to management because they will just retaliate against you until you quit or until they fire you. And because there is so much bad publicity about this company the local offices which are all set up under different names just keep changing their names. I worked at the san diego office cosmetics division called foundation marketing, inc. , now called keystone run by ian laird, san diego campaign manager, sandy el - rayes, assistant manager, and headed by scott williams, smart circle vice president. Sandy though just opened the encino, ca office called diamond, inc. Other offices in the cosmetics division headed by scott williams include 2k millenium in new jersey, idg in dallas, momentum marketing group in cincinati, skylink in denver, newgen management in massachusetts, insight marketing group in michigan, empire international in boston, shu marketing in grand rapids, michigan, vantage, inc in los angeles, kc event marketing in overland park, kansas. If you want to do door - to - door sales and work very long hard hours it may be worth it for you to get ahead in business quick. But be very careful because management is corrupt, and if you don't fit within their "inner club" you will be singled out and pushed out.
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 9th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
I learned today the true nature of this company, which is going by the name:

"Phoenix Marketing" now (phoenixbiz.co). Their office is at 8555 Aero Drive San Diego, CA.

I was led to believe that I was applying for a professional position with a professional company. I got called back for a "second interview" (which I feel like such a fool for being proud of myself about). What it consisted of was a demonstration of what I would be doing if I was "hired". It was literally soliciting random people in a random shopping center for cheap make-up, which just happened to be on 2 for 1 special today!

The bottomline is the company obviously purposely misleads you in terms of the job you think it is you're applying for. Neither their website or even my first interview contained ANY mention of the fact that the job would involve door-door solicitation of cheap make-up. This company is very obviously taking advantage of the fact that the job market is unusually tough. They'll sign you on to sell their product, and the guys at the top sit back while you do it and they take your money.

I am going to pursue this as far as I can. This company is SO obviously (changing its name, withholding information, misleading you) unethical-if not criminal. They wasted my time, and I'm not letting them get away with it.

There is further information on this company and its scamming nature here:

 26th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes

Makeover Essentials - SCAM
Makeover Essentials
United States

Teenager sales reps = scam. Buyer beware. They show up all the time and ask you the same thing. Scam, scam, scam. Rude and obnoxious. People. They have no respect for people. Scam scam scam.
 7th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
DO NOT WORK WITH SCAM CALEB SIMS. Caleb Sims is highly involved with the Cosmetics division as well. He is a puppet for Scott Williams. Both Scott Williams and Caleb Sims are professional con artists and Caleb is learning from the best. Both Scott Williams and Caleb Sims are extremely narcissistic and compulsive liars. I would like to explicitly state that matter who you are you will be selling make up door to door and to people in parking lots and on the streets for over a year, over 12 hour days and 6 days a week. YOU MAKE LESS THAN 3 DOLLARS A SALE! 90% of everyone you talk to will refuse to even talk to you let alone buy. The makeup is toxic, made in china and contains parabens. DO NOT BUY MAKEOVER ESSENTIALS. DO NOT WORK WITH CALEB SIMS. YOU MAKE LESS THAN 3 dollars a sale! THEY CONTAIN PARABENS and link to cancer. Look this up and research yourself if you do not believe. EVEN IF YOU COMPLETE THE MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM, HE WILL STILL FORCE YOU TO SELL MAKE UP DOOR TO DOOR! Less than 1 percent of the people make it to assistant management and even fewer of those actually get their own office. YOU HAVE A BETTER CHANCE WINNING THE LOTTERY THAN GETTING RICH AS A MANAGER IN HIS BUISNESS. EVEN MANAGERS WHO MAKE IT SIGN DOCUMENTS GIVING SMART CIRCLE ACCESS TO THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS and FUNDS. THE MONEY IS NOT YOURS. IF YOU TRY TO QUIT THEY TAKE IT. THEY DECIDE WHEN YOU CAN RETIRE and when you have to stop lying to people.
Caleb Sims targets fresh college graduates, young people, or anyone who has not worked for a real reputable company, with real benefits, a 401k, vacation time, etc. HE OFFERS NONE OF THIS. YOU ARE AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AND SIGN WAVERS AGREEING NOT TO SUE! YOU GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL! READ THE PAPERWORK HE TRIES TO MAKE YOU SIGN!! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF A COMPANY THAT HAS TO DO THIS??? He goes after people who display a weakness, most commonly those who show a LOW SELF ESTEEM. These are the easiest people to exploit. Whether these individuals are unintelligent, have a low confidence or are unable to get another job due to a criminal background, he soon finds out their weakness from the beginning so he can use it to his advantage in the relationship he builds with the individual. Next he will go at great lengths to make the individual feel like they are weak or unable to do anything right. If you are not an owner you are a pawn to him, just another way to make money. He will claim that he does not make any money off of people who work for him in “the field“ and that he could care less about the $50 dollars a day they make him. Caleb Sims will say the true money is in promotions and that he wants to work with people to promote them out so that they can both make money together. This is a bold faced lie. He keeps people in the field as long as he possibly can. EVEN IF YOU COMPLETE THE MANAGEMENT TRAINING PROGRAM, HE WILL STILL FORCE YOU TO SELL MAKE UP DOOR TO DOOR UNTIL HE THINKS YOU ARE READY!! HE WILL HAVE HIS ASSISTANT MANAGERS DO ALL THE WORK FOR HIM SO HE LITERALLY DOES NOTHING BUT KEEP THE LIE GOING TO COLLECT MONEY.
He cares more about that $50 dollars a day than he makes off people in the field than he does about the actual person who is making him the money. This is proven easily if someone asks for a day off after a family member dies, or if they are sick. He will be little them and degrade them and call them weak for not working. He will tell them they will never make it. He also keeps people around by encouraging them to go out and spend money on the many "team nights" so that they do not have any money saved they will need to rely on selling more for him.

Almost every person in his offices live packed together in what they call “merch houses” and work together as well. A lot of these people are emotionally unstable individuals who need to be constantly watched and guided, because they are unable to live in society dependently and function normally. Caleb Sims has the “ability” (though moral individuals would call this a lack of conscience) to look these people in the face, smile confidently and lie to them. He dangle’s the carrot” and convinces these unstable people that he is there for them and that he wants to help them go to the next level. His actions are never to help the individual but to benefit himself. He displays numerous anti social personality traits from degrees of grandeur, to narcissism and compulsively lies to everyone in his life. He does not feel bad either. He encourages the members in the office to go out and drink often so they forget about what they are doing with their lives. While Caleb Sims may come off as a genuine person he is not. I have seen him betray and lie to even his closest friends. Anyone educated will easily discover the true nature of his character. Caleb Sims has a very a short temper and is extremely selfish. He does not care about anyone who does not immediately is making him money by selling make up products for his business. This is not just my opinion; everything I have said is undeniable and very easily provable. He will hire anyone to sell make up for him; whether they have a criminal background, are convicted felons or sex offenders. There is no background check what so ever you don't even have to be a legal citizen. It is a 100% undisputed and undeniable fact that convicted violent felons work in his offices. I will admit that these are not most of the people who work in his office. Most of the people are good people. Caleb Sims has mastered a way to keep people working in his business. It is not as complicated as you might think and I will explain how the business works as I myself made it as an "owner.” No I did not quit because I was weak or could not do it, and I was not fired either. I quit because I was not proud of myself as an individual with the work I was doing. Nothing about lying to people is fulfilling, and you cannot put a price tag on your morality and sanity. There is literally no way a good person can be good at that business. It is impossible to sell the makeup products without lying to people, and it is impossible to bring people in to work in the business without lying to people. MOST PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THE CHEAP MAKE UP FROM CHINA. They will tell you this is part of sales and it is a numbers game and that you are weak for not playing your “Law of averages” and finding buyers and that you don’t know how to hunt and take no’s. The truth is that if you are able to sell the makeup successfully, despite its obvious negatives, YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE VALUABLE WORKING A REAL SALES JOB WITH A BASE SALARY, COMPANY BENEFITS AND WORK FOR REAL CLIENTS AND WITH REAL PEOPLE WHO SEEK YOUR SERVICES, NOT ATTEMPTING TO CONVINCE PEOPLE TO BUY CHEAP CANCER CAUSING MAKE UP. AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO LIE AND HURT PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS.
 18th of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
Met one of their sales reps today and had them tell me that they are a new makeup line created by MAC and Estēe Lauder. Duped me out of $22.00. Shame on me. I should have trusted my gut and kept on walking. MAC and Estēe Lauder should be contacted and warned that their names are being used to sell this product.
 15th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
Met one of the sales reps today in the parking lot of my doctors office. Should have gone with my gut feeling and walked away. She asked if I had received one of their complimentary bags. Told me about what was in the bag and that they have been featured in Cosmo on several occasions, been used by top models. Then told me today was a special two for one, for $22 I could get two bags, being stupid I gave her the money. She gave me the two bags and hurried along. I got into the car and realized I just paid for a complimentary bag. Of course she could not be found to get my money back. As said above, shame on me!
 29th of Jul, 2014 by    0 Votes
So to start at the beginning, what first raised an eyebrow was when their website had a load of "business speak" and didn't say exactly what they *did*. Then when I had my first interview she didn't really tell me what they did until I asked what a typical work day was. Then when I had my second interview and went out with the person responsible for training me I found out we just went from store to store and person to person selling CHEAP makeup at an extreme markup price (the stuff is terrible). "These two makeup sets will only cost you $20! Online their $100!", type of bull. He encouraged me to be deceptive to people, to even try selling to people who were obviously very poor (he bragged about selling one to a homeless woman, and assured me that homeless people make 20, 000 a year so it's fine). Poor people would say "I'm sorry I just don't have the money for that type of thing right now. I can barely afford groceries" and he would tell me it was just an excuse. He actually went into a poverty stricken URGENT CARE CENTER TO SELL THE FREAKING MAKEUP. Tried to sell it to a man there who said "I'm sick. I'm not buying makeup for anyone". Not much of a conscience. The people who run the organization are sociopaths. The people under them are gullible idiots or have low self esteem. I really feel for people who think it's a great opportunity.

To top it all off we work 72 hour work weeks with a couple of 10 minute breaks and quick lunch in between being on out feet in the heat all day. There is no overtime because it's all commission. No check. But that's ok, were "independent business owners"! Which, of course, makes no sense.

When you "make it to the top" by busting your ass, lying, and cheating then you get to open one of your own offices wherever you want... and call it whatever you want: Vibe Management (a real office in LA), Diamond Minds, Ball Sacks Galore, WHATEVER. This is so people won't know that they are all under the same cheating company. They have complaints all over the internet.
 13th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
I worked for Caleb Simms till yesterday. He s now under the company name of team Instinct. Everything that has been written is true. Promises of grandeur and nothing to show for it. He is pushy, condensending, and negative with all the people he is supposed to be promoting. He state make 125.00 three days in a row and you become a leader. One lady did just this and missed one early morning meeting, so she had to start over again. WOW . Making 30 bucks a day barely covers the gas. He has much to hide. changes company names every few months . I was promised $750.00 a week. and never saw more than 220.00 per week. the hours are horrible and the other employees are cut throat. they don't care about you just putting that money in their pockets. Caleb uses everyone as his own personal bank. Dallas trip?? right. Not happening.
 19th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes

Makeover Essentials - Cosmetics kit special scam
Merch Source
Foothill Ranch
United States

False advertising
Said makeup was mac quality lie
Showed "ad" in cosmopolitan (Had a laminated page) lie, i subscribe to cosmo, never seen the ad in their magazine and cosmo does not endorse them
They send pushy sales people with little bags full of "introductory" special offers to your place of business and talk them up to you. (I fell for it) saying how they cost $200 but will only cost you $20. Only buy if you want $20 of pretty packaging that you will not use. If you want cheap makeup, buy e. L. F. The m. E. Poducts are horrible quality and are not pigmented what soever. You might as well just buy baby powder and mix it with glitter for the same results. An hour later i broke out in hives where i had tried the makeup on. I should have known something was up when the sales person smiled look so sly after i said yes.
 20th of Oct, 2014 by    +1 Votes
"I was led to believe that I was applying for a professional position with a professional company. I got called back for a "second interview" (which I feel like such a fool for being proud of myself about). What it consisted of was a demonstration of what I would be doing if I was "hired". It was literally soliciting random people in a random shopping center for cheap make-up, which just happened to be on 2 for 1 special today! "

I know exactly how you feel. I had the exact same thing happen to me. Fortunately I only gave them one day of my life and then realized what a giant scam I was in and left.

Mine was in Tigard, OR, and was called LOA Marketing.
 18th of Nov, 2014 by    -1 Votes
I've worked for Scott Williams and I had a wonderful experience. It takes hard work and determination to make it in this business. I'd move across the country to work for Mr. Williams if an opportunity was available for the second time!

Amy (Philly)
 2nd of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
Very much agree with all of the above. These people are scam artists and prey off of those wanting to make money and better their lives. Sandy El-Rayes at Vibe Management (the short girl in the blue blouse) is one of the biggest crooks. She used to work as a manager with Ian Laird in San Diego, the office down there called Foundation Marketing.

They mislead you into working for them with a bunch of empty promises. Once you start working you realize you are basically selling make-up in parking lots and aisles of stores (hello...illegal!). Then they violate all sorts of labor laws. We were made to work from 8am to 8pm most days, and even forced to work Saturday (though this wasn't told to us during the interviews or hiring phases).

When labor violations are filed or other government entities come looking for them all they do is move and change names. The corporate office is called Smart Circle International.

Do your research on line before working with these idiots. Google Sandy El-Rayes and Smart Circle International, see everything online.
 13th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I was approached by a young lady asking the same thing inside of Charming Charlies at the Quarry in San Antonio yesterday - did you receive your complimentary bag - shouldn't this mean FREE - I told her no - she handed me the bag and of course pulled out the little handy makeup box that is clever and showed all that it held - and brushed me with a bronzer - she said it was $20 and with tax $24 something - I bought one with my debit card on her square app on her personal phone - I was leary of the whole thing - but I had seen these before. It was until I got home and noticed the box with lip glosses had already been opened and someone stuck their finger in one of the lip glosses and closed it all back up. I tried to go online and send a message to the company about getting that particular part of the package replaced and either the site is bogus - because it never would let me send the message to anyone - I even tried to copy and paste and nothing...so I checked the online email and called the phone# on it - if the answering machine was this girl she really sounded dumb and unprofessional - wasn't leaving a message - now after reading all of these problems - i was doopped as well
 19th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
We were just duped as well AND one of the reps stole our NO SOLICITING sign ... big mistake on his part since we have cameras! THEFT can now be added to the list of complaints. Does anyone have a phone number for this Scott Williams? Or ANYONE know how they can be contacted as I WILL BE FILING CHARGES. Might be a misdemeanor BUT it's something ... any help or contact information will be GREATLY appreciated!
 24th of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
This comment is in regards to poster "JWind"

Please take notice that Caleb Sims (“Plaintiff”) has filed an action in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas (Ohio) – Caleb Sims v. Reviewer 1, et al. (Case A1502400) – due to allegedly false and disparaging statements published concerning Plaintiff on ComplaintsBoard.com and other websites. This complaint is one for defamation per se and defamation. Plaintiff seeks the following relief: a preliminary and permanent injunction; declaratory judgment; general, exemplary, and punitive damages; and attorneys’ fees. Defendants must answer the complaint within the time allotted by the Court. “JWind, ” please contact Plaintiff’s counsel at DefLaw@vorys.com.

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