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iNeedHits.com Complaints & Reviews - iNeedHits.com is a scam do not use their service

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Posted:    Georgina Negal

iNeedHits.com is a scam do not use their service

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 19 votes
Biggest online marketing scammers. They scammed our company out of thousands of dollars and refused to refund even when the service did not work.

If you want to lose your money go and try ineedhits.com and the only hits you will get is ion your pocket when they clean you out.


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iNeedHits.com (complaint)
Posted: 2007-04-23 by Brian Ellis [send email]
Billed subscription charges without notification
We first contacted this company for a test of promotion they offered for keywords. They charged us $7.95 and said we can test it. They then continued to charge our credit card, and when we requested a refund, they cancelled the subscription and refused.

Be warned ineedhits.com...

iNeedHits.com (complaint)
Posted: 2007-04-24 by Donavan [send email]
Helping scams small businesses since 1996
iNeedHits.com is a big scammer of unauthorized charges .

INEEDHITS.COM is a search engine traffic promotion company that helps scam it's customers.

They will not respond when you file a complaint and will automatically continue to bill your credit card without...

iNeedHits.com (comment)
Posted: 2007-04-23 by Joanna [send email]
Billed subscription charges without notification
We absolutely agree. This company search engine marketing is a big ripp off. The wench katie had the audacity to tell us we have no choice and refused to give us a refund.

They will scam you our of money if you join any of their services, and automatically bind you into a subscription....

iNeedHits.com (comment)
Posted: 2007-04-23 by Ineedhits.com scam [send email]
Billed subscription charges without notification
This company billed subscription charges without notification

We first contacted this company for a test of promotion they offered for keywords. They charged us $7.95 and said we can test it. They then continued to charge our credit card, and when we requested a refund, they cancelled...

iNeedHits.com (comment)
Posted: 2007-04-24 by Brian2903 [send email]
Helping scams small businesses since 1996
Yes i agree they are the biggest scammers. Ineedhits.com is a real scam and they will charge your credit cards without authorization after you have cancelled subscription.

Watch out for this scamming company when using!

Comments Australia Online Scams
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 28th of Sep, 2007 by   Scott Tast 0 Votes
Buyer Beware!
They keep charging your credit card after you make a purchase. Almost all of their services are subscription based even though they DO NOT tell you and WILL NOT refund you.

Watch out! They dont care about the customers...only getting people's credit card numbers...Scam company! If they cared they would make subscription service optional...not force it on you whether you knwo about it or not.
 1st of Jul, 2008 by   jackson -1 Votes
Thats strange cause as off March 2008 i have used them for 4 months and i beg to different, i have increased link backs by 500 ranked first page for i would say high keywords, and also increased traffic by 60% so there service works, as for keep on charging your card

says it in T&T
 3rd of Apr, 2009 by   Allan -1 Votes
Some times can be luck, and depends of the content of your site.
Good Luck
St. Paul, MN, April/3/09
 25th of Nov, 2009 by   papanick 0 Votes
I'm trying to cancel after just the second payment and their telling my bank they have a contract.
That is a demonic lie. I've had to cancell my CREDIT CARD and obtain another one.

I also have to call others on my automatic payments list and give them the new #

Lancaster, CA. November 25, 2009

They forgot about INTERPOL and I'm report them to Homeland Security.
I believe there a front for islam.
 13th of Mar, 2010 by   username10 0 Votes
Both of these companies advertise and/or are promoted on StatCounter.

In my experience thus far they both are not worth wasting your money on.

LINXBOSS - This company offers a back link service (outlawed by Google) The warnings signs from them were obvious from the outset, no contact details or employee information on the website. I emailed them and someone called Erik (who under pressure says he is Erik Wickstrom) replied very quickly and helpfully but when he was asked this :-


I think I am almost there, sorry for so many questions.

i am worried about the way in which you operate / portray yourselves. Why all the cloak and dagger approach? i.e. no address, no telephone numbers no company details, no officers of the company etc...?

Who precisely are you hiding from?

I think I may start by promoting our www.xxxx.c o m website which is not a major brand of ours as I fear that we may suffer from some backlash from Google if we use our main www.xxxx.c o m brand as it already has a reasonably high Google search ranking.

Is there a danger any domain we promote via your service could be blacklisted by search engines in this way? if so, then I will go ahead with xyzxyz.c om


I received no more replies despite sending it a number of times, nothing at all ?

You can draw your own conclusions from that.

INEEDHITS - Offer a quick hit (1000) service and they do for sure generate "hits" but that is all they do, literally. If you expect the "hits" to be visits or views from real people forget it. They obviously have an automated system, this is one of them (http://www.adv-adserver.com/tserve/itrafficserver.html?) that records a "hit" on your website, that does not record anymore than a 0 sec hit. Their customer service is 100% dreadful...but they take your money fast enough. So if all you want is to look at your StatCounter stats and see it go up then this is for you.


 4th of May, 2010 by   raffleflorida -1 Votes
05/03/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 05/03 $70.46
04/28/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 04/27 $87.24
04/05/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 04/03 $210.28
03/29/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 03/27 $87.54
03/04/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 03/03 $189.44
03/01/2010 Purchase PURCHASE INEEDHITS/COM/SEO 02/28 $70.02

This is the ongoing transactions as we speak. I have tried several times to remove these subscriptions from my account and the system seems to fail every time. It appears you do not buy a one time service from them. You are automatically entered into this subscription service. When you try to remove the service the system will tell you there is an issue and try to come back later. This is a wash rinse repeat issue. I just got off the phone with my bank and they told me that they blocked the costumer ID affiliated with INEEDHITS but the company used another ID to continue charging my account.

My only option was to cancel my debit card and order a new one!!! This is a horrible option for obvious reasons but
I had to do it, No other way to stop them. They have an office in California and Australia. I have forwarded everything I have to my attorney and will be filling a suit.

I have purchased many many types of these services from so many different companies. I have only had a positive result from one company. Never before have I ever had a company like INEEDHITS pull this type of s****!!!

For the record and to help everyone out looking for real traffic I found www.easyonlinehits.com to have amazing traffic. I am running www.raffleflorida.com and have been buying traffic from him as fast as he can send it. I am not seeing an amazing transfer rate in sales but the analytics is the best I could ask for. My bounce rate is below 17% and my time on site is over 10mins. My sales per cost is profitable enough to continue the traffic, I will not get rich off of it or anything but when you figure I am making money and have been placed in the alexa rankings of the top 5, 000 websites in the world for traffic. That is a nice marriage, I have since contacted the owner Joe and have become friendly with him. His traffic is real and that can be verified!!

Good Luck and stay the hell away from INEEDHITS, I NEED HITS, INEEDHITS.COM, WWW.INEEDHITS.COM IS A SCAM !!!

P.S. INEEDHITS traffic is not qualified traffic, The traffic that actually visited my site was under 4, 000. Sounds good right? I ordered 100, 000. Is a shame because someone who can send me qualified traffic that translates into sales will receive a check for 1.5 million. No need to run a scam with that type of income.

 11th of May, 2010 by   BWL 0 Votes
In my opinion this company is a ripoff. Be careful when you check out and good luck on getting a refund. I have had to file a complaint with my credit card company.
 20th of May, 2010 by   ineedhits scam 0 Votes
Looks like a lot of their services are not "premium", but what do you expect for $2.99?
 22nd of Jun, 2010 by   Tbrooks11 0 Votes
STAY AWAY FROM I NEEDS HITS .COM. Got absolutely NO results and they keep billing me. I was not aware that they would keep renewing this service. I am still trying to cancel. I agree that the only hit you will get is in your wallet !! I would appreciate anyone who would know how to get these people to quit billing me !!
 4th of Jul, 2010 by   jjlscammed 0 Votes
Bad scammers. Add ticks to your order that you did not authorise and do not respond to complaints or requests for refund.
 4th of Jul, 2010 by   jjlscammed 0 Votes
Ineedhits are bad scammers. They add ticks to your order that you did not authorise and do not respond to complaints or requests for refund.
 9th of Jul, 2010 by   Roslyn b 0 Votes
yes there people are a scam I gave them a credit card., it expired in jan but they are still charging my account and american express gold is honoring it. the cardnumber has changed the valid date and still amex said i can do nothing.
 14th of Jul, 2010 by   bigboy2119 0 Votes
Hi, Thanks for the warning I needed this input. Cause I was thinking of trying out this service.
I won't be joining now thanks again :)
 29th of Jul, 2010 by   Steve_Honesty_Is_Easy 0 Votes
Ditto, thank you for the warnings... I will be avoiding them like the plague.

Where are the honest companies and why is the internet full of shisters around SEO and many other industries selling invisible products. I have tried paying for expensive SEO once before but this still does not insure a fair service and again it was a Scam dealt with by small print. I hope the cowboys get there just dues one day and I just worry that they are going to have children and nurture this growing society of fraud... where will it all end ? Love thy neighbour I once heard, not take them to the cleaners !

Keep it real and thank goodness for forums like this.
 29th of Jul, 2010 by   bigboy2119 0 Votes
Well Worldsubmit.com and wlmarketing.com are two good ones :) All you have to do my friend is research and chat with the head CEO.

Also stay away from India that country is nothing but problems! If this where the olden days Russia or China would have invaded by now. India is a backward country when it comes to SEO and marketing.
 6th of Aug, 2010 by   hardyseo 0 Votes
Thank you all for the information. I have used htt://www.wosar.com/ PPC and it works. It has brought me several sales so far.


 18th of Aug, 2010 by   complainter 0 Votes
Ineedhits promise the world and deliver nothing! the salesman was great at convincing me but after 6 months my stats havent changed. I brought a link building package worth about $3000 over a year and the links are VERY poor LOW Quality - even though I'm on a PREMIUM Package? They refuse refunds. DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!!
 25th of Nov, 2010 by   Tony199553 0 Votes
why do you buy backlinks? because you want links that linking back to your site! i bought links for years! only to find out that not even one link was do follow! that means that no matter what and how nice it looks your links will stay on this site (that they create for you) and not be visible to nobody! google will not index it because its a donotfollow link, so basically you trowed your money (i did) in the wide open sea! coz they do charge to put up do not follow links! ha... ineedhits
 25th of Jan, 2011 by   relvistcb 0 Votes
yes i agree they have done that to me a number of times. Now I try to call and reverse charges and never get them on the phone. Anyone have a phone # to call them? I need this to stop and get my money back, never sent me an invoice prior to billing and surprised me and my checking account.
 8th of Apr, 2011 by   pendejo 0 Votes
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