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ID Nanny Complaints & Reviews - Unauthorized Charges

ID Nanny Contacts & Informations

ID Nanny

Posted: 2011-07-20 by    AliciaHarrison24

Unauthorized Charges

Complaint Rating:  79 % with 14 votes
The company called me as US Financial and told me I was eligible for government grants. I was told I would have access to a very helpful website that would give me instructions and all the tools I needed to pay for my college education. All I had to pay was a one time fee of $3.87 and I asked about four times to make sure. I got onto the website and realized there that after 10 days I would be charged a monthly fee of $60!! I called to cancel and found out through my bank (since my account was frozen from these charges from Utah) that I was also charged $9.95 for ID Nanny, which I had no idea what it was. I got the number from my bank and called them. They told me it was roped into the government grants thing and that I AGREED TO PAY!!! I had a few choice words with her and in the end my money is refunded (supposedly) and whatever I signed up for was cancelled.
Comments United States Government Grants
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 23rd of Apr, 2011 by   CaitlynReese 0 Votes

ID Nanny - Credit card charge
ID Nanny
United States

I have never heard of this before and it just charged me 19.95! I also got charged for some photo editing site called "Picnik" at the exact same time. I think someone might have my credit card #!
 29th of Apr, 2012 by   Racing horse 0 Votes
It also happen to me that case, I think this is a scam because their withdrawing the money without authorization every month they took $ 19.95 for ID NANNY . I don't know when ID NANNY stopping this strategy they using the U.S government for its interest .I think the government authorities need to investigate about ID NANNY.
 10th of May, 2012 by   Wendy Speed 0 Votes
This is happening to me too! How can I stop this? Please help me.
 28th of Jun, 2012 by   carla robinson 0 Votes
The exact thing just happened to me. I called my bank an they said I needed to go in to dispute it. did you ever get it resolved or refunded?
 24th of Jan, 2013 by   Ishkka 0 Votes
This same thing is happening to me as well! I am not even 18 yet and I just noticed today that they took this money from me! I have not authorized this nor have i answered the phone calls. He asked for $3.87 and i never authorized that either. The same guy keeps call my phone from either UNAVAILABLE or 000-000-0000 on my cell phone by the name of Henry with an Indian accent. This has to stop immediately!
 12th of Mar, 2013 by   Bear21222 0 Votes
This is a scam ! It has happened to my husband too..he canceled, complained to the bank and now the charges are on our bank statement again..Best thing to do is cancel your account and get a new account.
 16th of Aug, 2013 by   sdicken 0 Votes
I have had money taken from my account two time on 8-15-13 for .$.70 and $19.95 and I did NOT give my permission and I want my money back and this canceled asap..I have tried to contact through phone and cannot get through..? I don't even know what this is besides a SCAM...!!! I WANT MY MONEYPUT BACK ASAP...NOW!!!=A0 You can reach me at 301-786-7179 just to cancel and put money back and NOTHING else... Sue Dicken You have my information to put my money back so you should NOT need to contact me over phonebut I do want a e-mail knowing when my money is put back!!! Sue Dicken
Here is a copy of the money that was taken from me WITHOUT me approving!!!
08/15/2013 paymall.com *IDNanny.n +18667227938 GBR
Description: Debit: Signature purchase from 49002048 paymall.com *IDNanny.n +18667227938 GBR 99999999 49002048
With Card: ************7600
EditEdit the category this transaction is assigned to. Miscellaneous General Merchandise -$19.95

08/15/2013 paymall.com *IDNanny.n +18667227938 GBR
Description: Debit: Foreign Transaction Surcharge
With Card: ************7600
EditEdit the category this transaction is assigned to. Miscellaneous General Merchandise -$0.70
 29th of Apr, 2015 by   Melondy 0 Votes
The same thing has happened to me this past month. I am on disability and get my monthly payments on a prepaid card. I had the card cancelled and US Direct Express is in the process of an investigation. I can't get my money back until the investigation is over. Which will take 45-90 days. I also had to agree to press charges. So take your bank statements to the police and file charges. That's the only way these people are gonna stop.

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