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Humana, Lexington, Kentucky Complaints & Reviews - Worst insurance coverage on the planet

Humana Contacts & Informations


Posted:    Heather

Worst insurance coverage on the planet

Complaint Rating:  89 % with 9 votes
Contact information:
P.O. Box 14635
Lexington, Kentucky
United States
Phone: 800-833-6917
Humana is the WORST insurance company without question. After paying high premiums ($556.00 per month) for my son and myself, Humana has refused to pay for any of my doctor visits so far. Out of a $300-$400 bill for a pap test (routine cervical cancer test), Humana payed a whopping $16 for the lab fee, and I had to pay the rest. For visits to have a wart removed, once again, I paid about $250 for 2 doctor visits while Humana paid about $30. I just got a bill from my allergy doctor saying I owed $463 for a $500 bill for allergy tests and treatment. So Humana coughed up a whopping $37 for that. I have called the company numerous times, filed a complaint, etc., but they weasel out of it every time. RUN from this company. They love to dissect each and every doctor claim and refuse to pay based on unclear wording in your policy. I would love to see a class action lawsuit against this company for their refusal to pay claims based on unclear/misleading wording in policies.
Comments United States Health & Life Insurance
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 2nd of Sep, 2008 by   Wayne -1 Votes
Yes they are disappointing. By far the lowest of the low and oriented to cheating a customer every way they can.
I have never encountered any business or agency so disappointing. Clearly low life people. I can only wonder if they would treat their own family as they treat us.

Their actions only cheat us, their customers, of the medications and services we pay them for.

Contact your state insurance commissioner and file a complaint with that agency. You may also want to contract your congressman and hope he has not accepted campaign money from them. Best of luck.
 20th of Oct, 2009 by   brookiebaby +1 Votes
Perhaps you should become more educated about your insurance plan BEFORE you go to the doctor.
 30th of Jun, 2010 by   qscott86 +1 Votes
There is nothing unclear about your policy language.. you just don't understand it. Your deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance is clearly explained to you when you sign up (and if it's not, that is your employer's fault). It is also clearly stated in your coverage certificate and on Humana's website. The amount Humana reimburses is based on your individual plan and that is chosen by your group/employer, not Humana... so be mad at someone else.
 8th of Nov, 2010 by   qmpesw 0 Votes
never had a worse experience
 24th of Sep, 2011 by   Superdollor 0 Votes
I have been in the insurance business for over 42 years and have never dealt with a company so incompetent as Humana. Every call to this company is transferred and then you end back up in the same place. It is just like the TV commercial I am Peggy which is a man. You never get to have your problem fixed. Also their RightSourceRx lies all the time and does not ship through the postal service as they claim. They use a trucking service then into the postal service so when the prescriptions finally arrive you are past out on the floor if you are lucky. Their prices for mail order many times are higher than the price to buy at a local pharmacy. If I have to pay more the transfer to another company, I will, but the Medicare makes you suffer until renewal date which can be up to a year of pain.
 25th of Nov, 2011 by   kenguy 0 Votes
HUMANA screwed up on my drug plan application and as a result, I am without any coverage.
I signed on as a first time medicare member when eligible in October and subsequently received welcoming emails, notice that my card was in the mail, and then in a couple weeks afterward, the payment book showing first payment due Jan 1 of 2012. (I should have taken this a warning sign then!) Then to my surprise my prescription I went to fill on November 23 was denied and I realized I had not subimtted my "new" card to my pharmacy yet. Then I realized I had not received any new card yet and when I contacted HUMANA the rep informed me I was not covered yet and my coverage was not effective until Jan 1, 2012 as the coupon book indicated. SO, I have NO prescription coverage yet! Just glad I am not in dire need of any meds currently. I now plan is to find another drug plan provider, maybe one that has all coverage in one package but definitely NOT HUMANA! If they cannot even get my plan date correct, how can I be sure they can get anything else right?!
 16th of Aug, 2013 by   Papaya 0 Votes
This is the truth. There is no accountability. Customer service is no more than a game of password. Nobody has the same information. Nobody is taking care of your account. You can't speak with anybody on a higher level than the inbound operators. They have breached their contract with me as far as I'm concerned! Over the course of a year and perhaps a dozen calls not once have I received the same information. There is no continuity. One rep said the hospital and clinic need to appeal, the next rep said my doctor needs to resend in a referral, the next rep said the dates are wrong, the next rep said my doctor called in but they didn't know what she was talking about, the next rep said the hospital dropped the ball by not responding, the next rep said it's too late to appeal. When the hospital called Humana, that rep said the member has to file a grievance. Follow up with her. Impossible! Today's rep said she didn't leave any notes nor did she leave her name. Today's rep also said I'm in a never-ending loop and agrees my next step should be outside the company. They are raising my blood pressure. I need to find a different company.

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