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Hancock Fabrics Complaints & Reviews - Bad service

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Hancock Fabrics

Posted:    Blake

Bad service

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Hancock Fabrics
United States
Terri works for Hancock Fabrics and that is where you would find her card for a seamstress. Terri, should not be a seamstress and work on peoples fabrics. We had Terri make a Brides Maids dress but the problem with Terri, is that she can not measure. The sample dress she made was out of another fabric than the one she was going to use for the dress. The sample dress was great but was a little to big in the brust. The Bride was there for this fitting on the sample dress and told Terri that the fabric that the dress was going to be made out of would not stretch as much as the sample dress, not to take in too much on the fabric for the dress and Terri took the measurement for how much should be taken out. The next fitting, I was there and the dress is now to small on the top. When we told this to Terri, she replied "I do not know what to tell you, I did the dress per the instructions. She did not offer how to fix the problem but she just did not know what to do. I am not a seamstress but I knew of a corrections that could be done, so I ask her, if she could not just add some more fabric to the sides where it would not show. Terri replied that she could do that and again measured how much should be added. Neither time did she write anything down unless she did after she left the room. At this time I had brought my dress to be hemmed up but almost did not leave it with her after that comment and I should not of left it because she missed it up too. The hem was to tight and curied, making the bottom of the dress look awful. We came back for the final time to collect the Brides Maid dress and my dress. This time it was too big again. We were running out of time and paid Terri way to much for her work. This is a warning for others, do not go to this person for any tayloring, don't be sorry, like we were. We paid $150.00 for the Brides Maid dress but it was not worth any money, she did a really bad job. The darts for the breast, made the breast look uneven, she put a panel in the back so that the zipper was not going down the middle of the back but went down one side off center. $150.00 is cheap to have a dress made anyway but you want the dress to look nice not cheap. I feel that the dress was not worth even $50.00. The $150.00 was for labor only, the fabric & thread we provided.
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 21st of Dec, 2009 by   redrover 0 Votes
In the future, I suggest getting references from people that the person has made things for. It might not have been the best idea to give her your dress after she messed up on the wedding dress the first time. What Hancock Fabrics does she work at?
 8th of Jun, 2010 by   Susan Laws 0 Votes
I shopped at Hancok Fabric store in Riverdale Utah, the customer service was not what I expected. I had to wait, while the woman that was going to cut my fabric, finished what she was doing.It's not like she didn't know I was there, she was just more interested in what she was doing. It did not seem to matter that there was a "customer". Then she cuts my fabric, hands it to me and turns around to do what she was doing. I went to the register and waited again, the woman who had cut my fabric did not come ring me out, she hollered at someone else to come ! while I waited some more. To my surprize 2 women came from out of no where, and actually stopped to chat for a second with the first woman, before one of them finnally came to help me.
The actual register system was juat as slow as the ladies. UNBELIVEABLE !
I wouldn't be so hard on them if I hadn't managed a Fabric Store for 9 years!
The customer come first period! there was no urgency to take care of the customer. How they keep customers is beyond me.
 7th of May, 2011 by   Helpcustomers 0 Votes
I shop at the Hancock store in Kingsport, Tn. The women that work there--- or should I say are there -- are the rudest employees I have ever seen. The attudies must be catching because they are all rude and dont care if you are waited on or not. I have stood at the register on more than one accasion for up to 15 minutes while the sales person cuts fabric or is just talking I dont know what they do in that back room but they stay in it. I dont go into the store no more than I have too
 29th of Aug, 2014 by   EllieMaeNor 0 Votes
I shop at the Hancock Fabric in Blossom Ave in San Jose, CA. The people that work there are very nice. BUT, it is not fair to them to have only 2 people working in a large store. Most of the time when I go in there only 2 people are on the floor. If you want your business to continue I would suggest to put more help on the floor. These people are lucky if they can take 5 minutes to go to the bathroom. Never hear them complaining. The law says that they have to have breaks with only 2 people on the floor it is impossible for them to take breaks. You can't cut material & help customers and do the cash register. Most of my friend have stopped going to Hancock and are now going to JoAnns Fabric that is about 10 minutes away. The only reason I still go there is because the manager is so nice and sweet. BUT, I understand that she will only be there until next Monday. One person can not do 4 peoples work. So after next Monday I will be doing all my shopping at JoAnns.

A very upset X costumer
 29th of Jan, 2015 by   496only 0 Votes
the new store in hickory nc is to small cutting tables are half the size checkout is so small you don't have room for what you are TRYING to purchase then I bought some embrodry thresd 25 of them the cashier had to ring each one up speratly what! my resgester reciet was so long they are losing money on recipt paper poor cutters have to wright down all # by hand cause they don't have proper yellow tabs to use WHAT! so then it takes longer at cash regester some one needs to check on this hickory store

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