You decide for yourself, but maybe reading this will make it easier. These 5 are just the tip of the"/>
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Buffalo Grove, Illinois
United States
GPS, SMS, IPA, ABS, ROI-NA are all owned by the same pervert!

You decide for yourself, but maybe reading this will make it easier. These 5 are just the tip of the iceberg but you'll get the picture about who you're dealing with.

1. Look at this video, It's scary.

2. There's your answer on this read:

3. This is just another law suit of the many.

4. This is absolutely repulsing! />
5. A disbarred New York lawyer (John Burgess owner of SMS, GPS) with a criminal record for attempted larceny and patronizing a "16-year-old" prostitute, Mr. Burgess owns International Profit Associates, a management consulting company in Illinois.

A 16 year old? (What a dirty old man! That’s absolutely disgusting, what a Pervert!) Guess its easy to see why they lost the Sexual Harassment lawsuit and had to pay out $8, 000, 000.00 Heck the owner is a Pervert so Monkey see Monkey do I guess?

Note: That Rico “Criminal investigation” is alarming and disturbing. That's really bad but that's a Chicago Company for you. I don't think I'd want Al Capone looking at my books anytime soon. These guys are just really bad news, but at least it looks as though the Department of Justice is on to them and prosecution near in waits.
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 13th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
GPS USA is a scam! I found out the following:

1.Buyer beware: SMS, ROI, ROI-na, GPS, ABS are all names of the same consulting company.
Thier scam is to send a business consultant to your business with the claim to help your business. If fact they send a "consultant" who's sole job is manage to get more billable hours out. The client ends up with a very expensive invoice for a worthless business report


Attorney General Says Buffalo Grove Consulting Firm
Practiced Wide-Scale Fraud

Chicago—Attorney General Lisa Madigan today filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against International Profit Associates, Inc. (IPA), a Buffalo Grove, Ill.-based management consulting firm, and its owner John R. Burgess. The suit alleges that the defendants use wide-ranging deceptive practices to ensnare hundreds of small-business clients into consulting service contracts that fail to fulfill the defendants' promises to boost their clients' bottom lines.

"International Profit Associates takes advantage of small businesses by painting an inaccurate and dismal picture of their financial condition and then conning the business owners into hiring IPA consultants who promise to turn things around, " Madigan said. "It is an unfair and deceptive scheme that has played out hundreds of times as reflected in the considerable number of complaints that my office has received from small businesses that lost tens of thousands of dollars to IPA."

31. Look at this video, It's scary.

2. There's your answer on this read:

3. This is just another law suit of the many.

4. This is absolutely repulsing! />
If you get one of these salespersons in your company, show them out the door. If you didn't get informed in time and got scammed into that analysis they're selling, call the Attorney General with whatever complaint you have and also the "Better Business Bureau.
I seen they have a B- but thats a lie. Apparently they recently opened up that company with the GPS Akronym so that business owners wouldn't know they are IPA the real company. They are doing this throughout the nation so beware!
 10th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
That is Nothing Compaired to the abuse's maimings Killing By GPS EXRAY lasers, as GPS in nothing but a front for an illegal Microwave magnatron laser abuse progran designed to torture Victoms intell them giveup there investigations or fights aginst a gov agency.calling the secret program remote monitoring & Snuffing program.useing GPS exray telecsopes transmitter driveing sound lasers to torture Victoms, litterlly frying them inside out like being in a microwave oven. this system is called the beem mechine aired publiciced by american science & enginering, Used by DSHS/Filefap/ National security.They hide behind a fake illegalized patriate act, then they use it for nothing but tortureing inocent witness's, use it to watch subjects without legal they'll use it to watch see when your alseep, them they'll use locksmith to gain intrance inject you with pentathal them kiddnapp you try to make you have sex with kids Underground in Hidden Lairs, tell you they not let you go till you do.Or they make kidd's have sex with you in your sleep, while drugged putting strong Viagra under your toung get you erect while asleep.even useing Tammy harris barten hipnotists to Hipnotize you to do anythings or to forget what happend to ya.GP{S is a fake fron't to get illegal Banned micrwave lasers backup on satelites for tortureing Public into submitions.Because these lasers was banned by international courts in 1970's, order'd removed off satelite By 1971.Many dead Kidds found floateing in ocean that they couldn't hipnotise into forgetting, there shoes washingup on beach's with feet still in them.National security hired a secret Public Org a non Govermental agency Calling themselves Filefap./aka previously MKUTRa to do there durty works in there quest totake over the goverment.Congress call's them the new age Legalized terrorists.beem mechine pic in photo bucket

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