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Posted:    BAR

Received DVDs without ordering them

Complaint Rating:  84 % with 88 votes
I am disgusted to have received two DVDs from GGW without placing an order and want to return them at their expense. Any ideas on how to do this, since I opened the package expecting another item I ordered?
Comments United States Airlines
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 6th of Nov, 2007 by   Liz Houchen 0 Votes
I did not order these videos, nor do I want trash like this in my home with my young sons!!!
 14th of Nov, 2007 by   joyce hunter 0 Votes
I agree with the other comments I did not order this and do not want it now do I return this package I hope it's not charge to my account by any means of someone will be in contact with your company.
 14th of Nov, 2007 by   WAYNE T NORTON 0 Votes
 14th of Nov, 2007 by   linda Alamina 0 Votes
I have received these DVD and I never ordered them! I don't want to keep them because I know somehow I would see a charge on my bill. I would like someone to contact me so I can return this item! I don't ever watch these kind of DVDs. Please reply so I send back to your company at your charge!!! I don't want these movies in my house and wouldn't purchase theses movies online either or buy them at all!
 14th of Nov, 2007 by   Milton Emery 0 Votes
Received these DVD's at my father's house in MY name- I was embarrassed to find out what the package included 2 of these movies I DID NOT ORDER!! Disgusted!!! HOW DO I SEND THESE BACK??? HOW DO I MAKE SURE I AM NOT CHARGED FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS???
 15th of Nov, 2007 by   Smithson Smith 0 Votes
I also did not order any items form this company yet I received two girls gone wild videos. If I find ANY charges on my credit accounts then my lawyer will earn some of that money I pay him monthly!
 20th of Nov, 2007 by   charmaine overton 0 Votes
I also receive these filthy dvds. I would also like to know if I am being charged and if so what is being billed.
 26th of Nov, 2007 by   andrew j rivers 0 Votes
I received these two filthy dvd's today without ordering them and was billed $i.00 (one dollar on my credit card. Refund my money and stick the dvd's up your nose and do not send any more. I am consulting my lawyer in the morning.
 1st of Dec, 2007 by   Lucy Legrand 0 Votes
I cannot believe that there are such sick demented individuals that would send such filth into a person's home when they were not ordered or wanted!!! And then to have the nerve to charge my account for them!!! Need to explore if there are legal recorses that could and should be taken to ensure practices such as this no longer are allowed!!!!!
 1st of Dec, 2007 by   Michael green 0 Votes
I didnt order these DVDs and dont want to be billed for them.
 4th of Dec, 2007 by   mary wedgeworth 0 Votes
dear sirs,
i recieved two dvd;s from you that i did not order.you charged them to my creidt card without my permission .i am very upset that you can do that without my permission. when i get my next bill i will surely hope that i will have a credit not another charge from your dvd.'s.i would like to know how you got my credit card number when i have never order anything on line and used this specific credit card for anything. i hope to see a credit on my next statement from my card not another charge.the dvd's are being mailed back to you unopened.

 6th of Dec, 2007 by   Michael Leckie 0 Votes
you have charged my account for $26.98. I did not order anything from you people. How did you get to my account? I ordered a product from a company who told me I will receive two CDs for free with my order. Now you send me a CD and charge my account,which I did not order.I am returning your CD,you will credit my account for $26.98.I will be taking this matter further if you do not comply.This is piracy,and fraud.
 7th of Dec, 2007 by   Dennis K. Boone 0 Votes
Stop DVD from coming to this customer.

 8th of Dec, 2007 by   Thaddee Lebel 0 Votes
I received three video's which I didn't order and my credit card was charged 26.98 so please credit my account as I do not want that trash and am returning those video's.

Please DO NOT send anymore of those videos and please credit my account.

Thank You,
 14th of Dec, 2007 by   richard libensperger 0 Votes
these bastards keep sending my wife there pron trash. charging her C C BUT JOKE IS ON THEM CC WIPES OUT THE CHARGE.
 18th of Dec, 2007 by   Martha Ann Hill 0 Votes
I have NEVER ordered any material from your company and am EXTREMELY insulted at receiving this trash in the mail. PLEASE consider this my official request to have my name removed from your list as well as all information regarding me. Upon advice of my attorney, if my name is not removed and this trash stops coming to my home , as well as any charges to my account refunded, I will begin legal action. I will also report your company to the Better Business Bureau. I anxiously await your immediate attention to this matter. How dare you distribute this garbage without concent! I am sending an official letter to the return address on this unopened package. I trust this will complete my transaction with you.
 20th of Dec, 2007 by   Kristina 0 Votes
I am really pissed off! These people sent two DVDs using our account information with no permission. They used my husbands account info, and used my first name to send it to us. They didn't even get my name right. The name that they sent it to does not even exist. As far as I'm concerned, they are stealing.
 26th of Dec, 2007 by   Tom Halsey 0 Votes
I have called twice to cancel this product but continues to arrive monthly. Please discontinue this practice amd credit my VISA card. Thank you.
 1st of Jan, 2008 by   Vincenza Peters 0 Votes
Someone is being very "cutsie" here and needs to clean up their act. I did not request nor desire these filthy video's. To have them sent without my permission does not create an obligation on my part to return them unless you pay the shipping. So far three have been sent and do not send any more.
 17th of Jan, 2008 by   MAXWELL MAYES 0 Votes

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