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GE Capital Retail Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina Complaints & Reviews - Customer service/Collections

GE Capital Retail Bank Contacts & Informations

GE Capital Retail Bank

Posted: 2012-06-20 by    Kingstara

Customer service/Collections

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Contact information:
GE Capital Retail Bank/Dillards
Charlotte, North Carolina
United States
I had an account with Dillard's and was paying off the remaining balance when I lost my job. I continued paying as much as I could and made arrangements with everyone I owed money to, or at least I thought I had. In July of 2011 I applied to Payment Protection that I had attached to the account, and was told that I still had to keep up the regular payments to Dillard's until a decision was reached. I payed for August, like normal, and went to the Dillard's website to pay in September but I couldn't access my information, all I was given was a contact number. So I called and was informed that the account was closed and the balance was at $0. I asked the associate to send me a letter stating this and in October I received it, and filed it away, considering the matter resolved. In March of 2012 I received a letter from another collection agency claiming a debt of over $1000 filled to them from Dillard's. I sent a letter of verification to the address and received a letter back from GE claiming I still owed money. I spoke with two associates at GE who said the next step is to request the last 2 yrs of statements, which I did and received. The day after I received them, I also got a letter stating that due to non-payment for a repayment plan (that I never agreed to) my account had been removed from their consumer credit counseling (which I have never heard of) and charged off and was in the Recovery center. I called and spoke with someone in the Recovery center, they couldn't give me any information and said they didn't have the account, suggesting that I call the Consumer credit people. I did this and was told they didn't have anything because it was charged off. I explained what was going on and was transferred, the associate told me to call someone else and gave me the number of the first person I spoke with (in recovery), she did tell me that according to the information on my account I had not agreed to any repayment plan and to write another letter to disputes dept to review my case. I keep getting the runaround and am really tired of this. I was told that I could pay about $700 and it would settle, but I had to pay all of it in 30 days or less. Really? When I have a letter saying I owe zero? When no one can actually tell me where my account is? When I never agreed to a repayment plan until the amount owed was actually established, but was placed into one without my verbal or written agreement? It makes me wonder what a judge would say if I walked into a courtroom. I just want this resolved, I have made arrangements with everyone else I owe, this is the last one, and I thought it finished 8 months ago. I can't pay $700 in 30 days, I have no job and live with my father, who is on a fixed income. I can barely spare $15 extra a month. These people have so much spread across so many departments that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing and the customers are suffering for it while they rack up fees, interest, and money, and apparently, lots of complaints. I don't blame the associates I speak with for not knowing the information I'm requesting when the entire system is established to confuse and separate the account info so that no one person will ever get the whole picture. But there has to be someone, somewhere, some little filing gremlin that has all the info. I'll send in my letter of dispute with a copy of what they gave me back in October, but at this point, I just want it to go away, for them to go away. They've already ruined my credit, but it's the constant shifting from one person to another, from one department to another, that's driving me nuts. I warn people now, find out what retail places are attached to GE Capital Retail Bank and DO NOT get a card with them! It's not worth the hassle later on when they change the rules and you are forced to play phone tag for days on end.
Comments United States Business & Finances
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