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Fast Track Courier Services Malaysia Complaints & Reviews - Fake scam parcel delivery

Fast Track Courier Services Malaysia Contacts & Informations

Fast Track Courier Services Malaysia

Posted:    Princess Lilac

Fake scam parcel delivery

Complaint Rating:  88 % with 622 votes
Contact information:
I was a member of a dating site . And I met a guy name Smith Collins. I've known him for just a couple of days and then surprisingly he already send me a package containing a lap top and a gold ring plus a cash of 9500pounds . I already feel doubt about what he said. Because its a violation if you'll going to send money only thru parcel package. He gave me a site in which i can track the location of the package . With the track number he gave . And you will not believe coz you can also see information about the parcel. But somebody called me up telling from Malaysian Custom that the package was being caught because of the violation and telling me to pay 4620 Malaysian ringgit. And the guy name Smith Collins called me up and told me how much I can pay for that one and he will just reimburse me if he will be coming here. good thing i've got advises from my friends and telling me not to pay because maybe that was just scam or fake.So I research online and I've seen one complain here the same as mine. telling he meet the guy in Tagged. So I sign up in Tagged and surprisingly the guy name Smith Collins appeared. So I've come up the guy who met by the one complained here last february was the same guy as mine. I would like to tell any body specially girls from dating sites . beware of this guy .
Here's a letter from Fast Track telling me to pay the penalties in order for the release of the package ;


With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your
notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs
for some reasons which happened to violates the shipping policies.

Log into Fast Track Currier Service web-site:
http://www.fasttrackcourierservices.com/ with your tracking code to know
the present status of your parcel

Malaysian custom detected that cash were included in your parcel.

Thereby, certain commission must be paid as customs duty via Fast Track
courier Service which is for the immediate clearance of your package.

For the main time reference of tracking on the " status" of your package is
pending, this is in accordance to the mode of operations in the courier
sector for financial delivery .

We have already taken order number for this package from the custom.

You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate the
release of your package.

To do this, you are required to pay the required charges listed below for
the immediate release of your package.

Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your
destination address immediately this issue is resolved.

Outstanding Charges are as follow:

Administrative ...RM 2000.00

Clearance... RM 2, 650.00

TOTAL = RM, 4.650.00

A Total Of RM, Four Thousand Six Hundred And Fifty Malaysia
Ringgit only)has been charge.

You are directed to send the money with the account details below

ACCOUNT NUMBER; 0870020033284

We are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Faithfully.

P. Yoon Ling
Fast Track Currier Service

Fast Track Courier Services Malaysia Fast Track Courier Services Malaysia

Comments Malaysia Unauthorized Charges
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 21st of Mar, 2009 by   annie's song 0 Votes
I experienced the same thing but another guy and another courier company. website: www.valuexport.com. But the mode of operation is exactly the same. So please all ladies please beware!
 14th of Apr, 2009 by   scorpio lady 0 Votes
I also experienced the same thing today. A guy i met in tagged 2 weeks ago told me that he sent some jelwelries, dresses and a laptop thru fast track courier services. he told me he inserted money inside the package and instructed me to pay the airport clearance rightaway. the delivery man called me up telling me to pay 1250usd as airport clearance payment thru western union.and if i cant pay the amount there would be a possibility that the package will be lost...
 15th of Apr, 2009 by   Atiek 0 Votes
Hi Ms, that is same with me.
I was member on dating site too. and then...same with all of you. A guy told me that he sent some jeweleries, laptop, handphone and inserted money inside a laptop bag. ANd then a woman from valuexport.com call me and tell me to pay3, 9XX RM (like on my email bellow). and if I cant pay the amount the package will be lost.

And I said : I cant pay. and then I read all your message... Oh thanks God.

look my email :

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2009 7:17 PM
Subject: Dear Mrs. Munsriyati ( Value Export Securities and courier service)

> Welcome!
> Value export Security & courier Services.
> Jalan Utara, Sandakan,
> Sabah, Malaysia.
> Website:
> www.valuexport.com
> Email: admin@valuexport.com
> United Kingdom Contact:
> Tel: +447005-938-647
> Malaysia Contact:
> Tel: (60)192604251
> Land Line: + (60)102113130
> Dubai Contact:
> (97)2238864481
> 24th March, 2009
> Delivery Address: Address: jl.raya kebayoran lama no.16B grogol
> utara, kebayoran lama, jakarta selatan. 12210, +628561129469
>, atiek@ims.web.id, atiekmunsri05@gmail.com
> Attn: Mrs. Munsriyati,
> With reference to the delivery of your package, I wish to bring to your
> notice that your package has been placed on hold by the Malaysian customs
> for some reasons which happened to violate the shipping policies. As the
> goods arrived Malaysia entry point, the custom scanned the parcel and
> detected that currency (Money) were included in your parcel. Thereby,
> certain commissions must be paid as customs duty via us which is for the
> immediate clearance of your package. Reference (see "tracking status" of
> your parcel. This is in accordance to the mode of operations in the
> Courier sector for financial delivery. We have already taken order number
> for this package from the custom.
> You are required to follow all instructions giving to you to facilitate
> the release of your package. To do this, you are required to pay the
> required charges listed below for the immediate release of your package.
> Upon confirmation of payment, your package will be delivered to your
> designated address above within few hours.
> Outstanding Charges:
> Administrative: RM 1000
> Clearance: RM2, 980.00
> TOTAL :=> RM3, 980
> A total of RM 3, 980.00 (Three thousand nine hundred and eighty Malaysia
> Ringgit only equivalent to) has been charged. In acknowledgment to this
> email, account details shall be provided to you for the payment as stated
> above for the release of your package upon your request. In due time,
> demurrage will be charged for late payment.
> Thank you, as I hope I have made my self clear to you by this notice as
> directed by the management. For more inquiry call: Tel: +
> (60)102113130 Email: admin@tugsecserv.com Present your order number when
> calling so that we may honor your calls.
> We are glad to be of service to you.
> Yours Faithfully,
> Mr. Osman Yusof Ali
> Admin Head, Customer Propositions
> Value export Security & Courier Services.
> Tel: (60)192604251
 17th of Apr, 2009 by   Shannon 0 Votes
Hey! thanks so much to the one who wrote this complaint and those who commented on it! You have just saved my family!

My mother met a guy in Tagged named Stanley Devis from UK who clamied to have sent a parcel containing diamond ring and bangle, diamond wrist watch, avon perfume, leather bag and a laptop with 20 000 pounds hidden in it. He gave my mum a website where she could check the status of the parcel and yes, it's Fast Track Courier Services.

The day after he told my mum he had sent the parcel, he called to say that the parcel was being held up in Malaysia. Malaysia called my mum saying the sender did not pay the custom duty and wanted us to send USD1270 before the delivery of the parcel to our home. We even received a letter from Fast Track telling us the same thing.

My siblings disagreed of my mum paying the money. We went to check with Singapore Post if such cases do happen. They told us it's a possible scam and wanted us to get an invoice before making any money transfer.

I then called up Stanley Devis and told him about it. He said it was important that we pay the money asap and receive the parcel because he was afraid that Malaysia would find out there's money inside and both of us would be caught and sent to jail. He sounded really anxious and kept emphasizing that we might be caught and he did not want to lose the large sum of money.

On top of that, he said he would be coming over to Singapore next month to start up a business and wanted my mum to help him. He made it seem like it's a good way to solve our financial problem. And when we asked him to make the payment from UK, he said he's on high sea and couldn't do so. He even suggested we tell Singpost that we are transferring money to a cousin/friend in Malaysia so that they will not know we're transferring money for a parcel (he said we couldn't let them know as it might risk us getting caught)

We almost got cheated and made the money transfer just now!!! Thank God I found this page and told mum not to believe in that Stanley guy.
 18th of Apr, 2009 by   scorpio lady 0 Votes
Hello everyone! We all had more or less the same story. I would like to add concerning what i posted few days ago. I met that guy named DEV MIKE in Tagged. he told me his real name is DAVID MICHAEL.He said he is an offshore engineer and his parents are already dead and his wife died while giving birth last March 12, 2008. He will let u feel pity for him so that you will fall for him.

After few days of chatting, he told me he sent a package containing dozen of shirts, jeans, dianna ross perfume, gold necklace, diamond ring and 25, 000pounds. He said i should pay for the airport clearance in malaysia and should not let the package sleep at the airport as it might be detected by the custom that it contained money. They are really expert on this as they will send u thru email a copy of the airway billing number of the package but without tracking number. Dev Mike explained that tracking number is not necessary coz it is a 24 hours delivery. I even warned Dev Mike to b careful with package scam and he said he heard about it. And i wasnt aware that he is the one doing it. He supposedly send it thru diplomatic delivery but after i told him i have searched thru the net about that scam he said he sent it thru FAST TRACK COURIER.

The day came for the said package to arrive in malaysia, a man named CHIBANGU GARTH MULENGA called me up introducing himself as the one assigned to deliver the package once he received my payment of 1250usd thru western union. He kept on calling and texting me almost every 30mins following up about the payment.
His voice sounded like indian or pakistani. This man used different numbers while calling and texting me as what was registered on my mobile. I asked for the phone number of the head office of FAST TRACK COURIER SERVICES from him but he gave me a number that wont ring. And it seems that he is eager to receive the money. So i told him that i will contact DEV MIKE and i will ask help from him to send me money for the airport clearance as i dont have money on hand.

I was surprised when Mr. Mulenga told me that i cant contact Dev Mike anymore. So i asked him why? and he didnt answer my question...and that made me more suspicious how come he said that. after 2 minutes dev Mike called me and sounded very angry as to why i wont pay for the package clearance. I told him to send me money asap for the clearance but he said he cant make any money transfer anymore as he is in the sea and his credit card is not with him. He kept on sending me emails and offline messages in yahoo messenger to clear the package but i refused to do it.

I really thanked those messages i read here. I almost did send the money as i was able to made the transaction in western union. Good that the personnel in western union told me that it is 90% scam. So i cancelled my transaction. I really thank God for saving me.

PLEASE BEWARE THESE GUYS IN TAGGED...DEV MIKE (devmike37@yahoo.com), NORBERT...Please take note of their names. They just one person or in a group.
 23rd of Apr, 2009 by   JoJo 0 Votes
Oh no, Smith Collins from Tagged...i have added him as friend too but luckily we did not communicate further because after a few chatting, I find him very suspicious and not reliable. However today i just experienced the same incident with another guy name - David Cliff which i know from Tagged for almost 2 months. He told me he has send me some gift which includes nokia handphone, a set of jewelleries, engagement gold ring, manchester jersey, chocolate, teddy bear, roses and $10, 000 pound. He told me he is out station to France for a month and another of his colleague name Godwin William is heading to India for work, so he asked this colleague to bring over the gift to me in Singapore. Indeed I have received a call who claimed that he is David colleague and saying that he will be coming over on a following Monday (20/4/09) and will contact me when he reached Spore but on Monday I have been waited for his call and eventually William called and said that he can't fly over due to some job schedule which he need to rush so he will courier the parcel to me instead. Yesterday (22/4/09) i got the email from David giving me all the copy of the AWB and those consignment tracking nos which i can track where is my parcel and found out that it have landed in Malaysia. So I called out the courier company - Global Courier Services (www.glbcserv.com) and spoke to a guy who sound like an Indian and he told me that my parcel is on hold at the Malaysia custom due to the parcel contain some hard cash in the envelope so they need a sum of MYR$4932 to settle the clearance before they can deliver the parcel to Singapore. So I told him to drop me an email regarding this issue...oh my god...the content is exactly the same as all those that shown above...so I know I am conned. I called up David and tell him to settle it but after 10 mins, he returned my call saying that he can't get it settle within the same day as he is currently outstation so he tried to see if I can make arrangement to settle it first and he will pay me when he come over in June. God blessed...first of all I didn't have so much money and honestly speaking i didn't ask him to send me the gift so eventually i rejected to do so and David is very mad at me and trying to tell me that I don't love him and I didn't make the effort to find solution for it. Well...David, let me tell u this...I am not naive or stupid...afterall i m 44 years old, i went through alots...so too bad for u, u got the wrong person...So girls, let me warn u all, never get blind by love no matters how much u wish to be loved.
 24th of Apr, 2009 by   meg 0 Votes
This SCAM happened right before my eyes to my friend. She met an online guy name AHMED Mahmoud and claimed to be a businessman.( haha of course, his business is a scam). He told my friend he is in love with her and wanted her to go to UK to meet him for marriage arrangement. DUH!! i was surprise when i was told about this. Beside, AHMED and my friend only know each other less than a month.

In order for my friend to see Ahmed in UK, he told my friend he would send all expenses for my friend.
On monday, my friend received an email from a person who claimed to be from a company dealing with PARCEL, they told my friend that the parcel is on hold by Malaysia custom and she have to pay about RM 4, 300 to retrieve the parcel.

My friend ask for my help. she wants to borrow my money to pay it because she is flat broke at the moment. I demanded she tell me everything and i go to check it myself because i am very suspicious. Beside AHMED sent me an email asking me to help my own friend. ( VERY SMART)

I called Malaysia Custom and there! i found out about this scam. I don't know how many women out there looking for soulmate ended up in a pathetic scam like this.
I explain to my friend and very lucky she know i try to help her beside the fact that she still love this "GUY" Ahmed Mahmoud.
Now everything exposed and TV3 put it up on the news.

Ladies, no matter how much you want to look for love, JUST BEWARE of this scam. Don't trust people easily. If the guy want to send you money ask them to bank in into your bank account.

Don't let yourself fall into this mess in order to find true love.
 24th of Apr, 2009 by   miserable lady 0 Votes
To all ladies..This has happened to me too. My story is almost the same as Scorpio Lady..Only the person and his name is not the same. I did received the email from FASTWAY EURO DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICES ask me to transfer US$2, 000.00 to this lady by the name of Zafiah Binti Shapie (claim to be the boss of this FASTWAY EURO DIPLOMATIC COURIER SERVICES). I transfer the amount required to them for the local charges. After the transfer, next day I tried to call the person by the name Mrs Norifah (who talked and email me the detail of transfer) to email me the receipt of the approval and other document of the parcel, but to no avail she can be contacted anymore. On the same day, the diplomatic guy from UK who is supposed to deliver the parcel directly to my door step called me to ask to transfer US$6, 000.00 for custom check, his name is Mr Smith. After spoken to another lady, Normaya (claim to be from Malaysia Customs officer called me using a handphone number to check if I'm going to pay for this charges. Thank GOD, it strike me to call Malaysia Customs Director to check if there is procedure on such that I need to pay for Custom scanned for the parcel and check if there is anyone by the name of Normaya working there. What I suspected is true. These people are SCAMMER. Malaysia Customs Director advise me to file for police report. I'm filing a report to the authority. Let the authority catch these SCAMMER.
Ladies, this is a lesson for us to learnt..Not to trust a person through Net dating.
 27th of Apr, 2009 by   ryu 0 Votes
ASK the police to catch these people scammer, 60192604251 !!!
 30th of Apr, 2009 by   zedyj 0 Votes
I experienced the same thing, i met this guy in tagged for almost 5 months now...He uses the name ZEAL MARTIN and he told me he was from London UK working as a US Navy..Then one day he emailed me asking for my complete address because he will send me a Parcel with LV bag and purse, a brand new HP laptop, a set of gold necklace and a 4000 pounds inside..after 4 days i received an email from the malaysian custom, named Edris Cole, he told me that the parcel has been checked and they found out that there is currency inside, so he told me to pay for the clearance fee for a cost of 3, 460.00 ringgit that is 46, 000.00 in philippine peso..i called Zeal Martin to let him know bout what happen to the Parcel, he told me that he would ask help from his friend in London, the day after Edris Cole emailed me and told me that somebody made a payment from London but there is still a balance half of a cost..so i used to borrow money to one of my friend..Automatically i send the money through Western Union named after ZAFIAH BINTI SHAPIE..for my surprise Edris Cole emailed me again and told me that i need to pay again for the insurance and vat, my friend told me that its really impossible if there is really a Parcel coming..

So we decided to search the name ZAFIAH BINTI SHAPIE, then i found this site but its too late..I'm now so dissapointed and having a big problem how can i pay the money i borrowed from my friend...

So to those ladies out there looking for a partner pls don't find it through internet, or don't trust easily if you've meet somebody like ZEAL MARTIN..If they want to send you money, tell them to send it to your bank account..
 30th of Apr, 2009 by   zedyj 0 Votes
This are their contact number and the people behind the SCAM;

+60166152103 EDRIS COLE

+447031871567 ZEAL MARTIN
 30th of Apr, 2009 by   zeydj +1 Votes
beware of this man
 30th of Apr, 2009 by   miserable lady 0 Votes
As per info, these SCAMMER has a syndicate. They are called "BLACK GOLD" Syndicate. The phone number is useable for targetted people only. They will keep on changing phone number. I have provided the police Zafiah Binte Shapie address and account number to the police to investigate. Am waiting for the reply for the authority.
 30th of Apr, 2009 by   tenzin 0 Votes
I went through the same thing i had the same kinda letter we used to talk everyday online he was named daniel peter and i met him on tagged his id is d_peter1@yahoo.com so B'WARE. the letter i received from him

Hi Darling!

I bought my ticket to travel tomorrow morning to France for an urgent business, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, it is because I was busy running around to make my journey and also send the parcel that I promised .

I have sent the parcel containing a Silver Ring, Silver neck-lace, a rose flower, Hp laptop and a small cash sealed in the same box, to enable you settle some of your daily needs and to take good care of your self, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life.

Just accept this token from me. Since there was no time to contact you for your bank account details to do a bank transaction, I had no option than to sealed the cash in the same pack with a rose flower right in the same and the silver neck-less as promised.The parcel will arrive to its destination in 3 days time . I sent the parcel through fast way Courier Services. My flight is early in the morning, please do email me as soon you received.

With love from,
Daniel Peter.
 1st of May, 2009 by   B G Hansen 0 Votes
this is another one of those people..his email is nwabuezesolo@yahoo.com i ws tryin to upload his photo, but it wont let me...anyways hes also from UK met him on tagged, was very charming...but got a lot pushy when i wouldnt send the money, so i got suspicious too...anyways, this is the last letter he sent to me...
watch out for this man ladies...

Babygirl, how are you doing? Hope you doing great. I did receive your offline messages and I’m really sorry I wasn’t online because I’ve been busy lately but anyway, have you received the parcel yet? So what’s the present situation of things with regards to its pending?

Baby, please do give the courier service a call to release the package to you by sending it to the Canada and there only you can settle the duty charge. As I told you earlier I put GBP10, 000 in there which is more than enough for your flight fare to B’ham and other expenses. Remember; do not disclose to them that there is money in there.

But if you’ll pay the duty charge as stated by the company, then, you’ll be notify on how long it’s going to take to get to you seems the courier services have their shipment timing.

Whatever be the approach you are to take in order to get the parcel please be fast about it before it’s late. I don’t want them to open the package and that’s my worries.

I love you, sweetheart

Bob Lawrence
 1st of May, 2009 by   B G Hansen 0 Votes
this is bob lawrence...or thats the name he's using...he deleted himself from the my tag freinds...now...and i have no doubt hes not useing those email addresses either...


 2nd of May, 2009 by   jojo 0 Votes
Hi Gals,

More swindler are coming from Tagged, so beware and don't fall into their trap again !!! Here are some of the photo and yahoo id of the swindler.


I have check and their are still existing in Tagged using the same profile.
 12th of May, 2009 by   girlwhowasalmostscammed 0 Votes
I experienced the same thing as everyone else here. The guys name is Fraid Jose and claimed he is working for Shell london. I've known him for only a couple of days. We met through a dating website too. Here's his message to me:

Hello Honey!

I bought my ticket and confirmed my flight to Mexico so I am very busy running around to meet up with time send the parcel that I promised I called your line several times to get your account details but couldn't connect.

I have sent the parcel containing a new brand HP product lap top computer, brand new Samsung Omnia phone SGH-i900, two gold neck-less with rig and bangle, two white gold with ring and bangle a rose flower and the sum of 3, 500 pounds sealed in the same computer pack to enable you settle some of your daily needs and to take good care of your self, I can imagine how hard you could be working just alone to make a better life. Just accept this token from me.

Since there was no time for me to go to bank to transfer the money I promise to give you I had no option than to sealed the money in the same pack with a rose flower right in the same laptop pack and the gold neck-less as promised.

I sent it to your name and address you gave me from my enquiry the pack will arrive to its destination 2 to 3 day’s time.

Below attached is a picture of the pack containing the items so that you can identify it.

Please let me know when you receive the pack.

Dear you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have met and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so i willingly decide to share with you.

I will always be here for you. I have to go in a hurry now. Just few minutes away to departure. I will contact you when i arrive.

With love from,

Fraid Jose.

And here is the email I received from the courier (the messenger courier and diplomatic services):

Your parcel containing a brand new HP laptop, brand new Samsung Omnia phone
SGH-i900, two gold necks-less with ring and bangles, two white gold ring
and bangles and a rose flower has been dispatched.

Your parcel will be delivering to your designated address within three days
from this notification.

Your tracking number is 5993684649. You are to track your parcel online by
using this link http://www.tmcds.com/online_tracking.html, Tracking your
parcel online will enable you know the present location of your parcel.

Be inform that our delivery agent can only deliver the parcel to the
address that was provided by your sender and also do notify us immediately
if there is any change of address.

We are glad to be of service to you.

Mrs. Kate Lewis. (Customer Service Department

Good thing I have a clear mind and head and knew from the start that this is a scam. Let's all beware.

Here's his picture..
 12th of May, 2009 by   girlwhowasalmostscammed -2 Votes
and here's the email I received regarding the pending delivery of the parcel:

The Messenger Courier and Diplomatic Services,
Level 38, Menara TM.
Jalan Pantai Baru
50672 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: +60178702407

Dear xx

I am Mrs. Amina Yusuf from the messenger Courier and Diplomatic Service
(Malaysia branch). I am writing to inform you that your parcel has been
placed on hold by Malaysia Custom; in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
This was due to some reasons which happened to violate the shipping

When your package arrived Kuala Lumpur international Airport at the customs
check point, the Malaysian custom scan your parcel and detected that
currency was inside the parcel. Thereby, the sum of $300 (Three hundred
United State Dollars) need to be pay as a fine before the custom can clear
and release your package to us.

Immediately the payment of the fine is made, a Custom Clearance Certificate
(CCC) will be issue and attach to your parcel. The custom clearance
certificate is to prevent your parcel from having another stopover by the
custom in your country.

In acknowledgment to this, an account details shall be provided to you for
the payment as stated above or you can make payment immediately through
Western Union Money Transfer which is the fastest means to receive money

Payment through Western Union Money Transfer should be made to our account
officer with the information below:

Receiver’s Name: Leng Kevin.
Receiving Country: Malaysia

Thank you for using our service, we are glad to be of service to you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs. Amina Yusuf (Customer Services department, Malaysia branch)
 13th of May, 2009 by   victim of FRAIDJOSE 0 Votes
I also experienced this same thing to this girl above me.. his name is Also Fraid jose.. reading the email.. it has the same content and this guy has been banned in the dateinasia site... so i also was contated by the guy named Lend Kevin with teh same amount and the same reason. luckily.. i didnt get to send the money thru western union...

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