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Drive Financial Complaints & Reviews - This company needs to be driven out of business!

Drive Financial Contacts & Informations

Drive Financial

Posted:    Mary Samantha Hartline

This company needs to be driven out of business!

Complaint Rating:  91 % with 111 votes
My husband and I bought a vehicle at Airport Suzuki in Irving TX (another big headache) in April, 2007. We got pushed into a vehicle we were not interested in at all!!! We told them we did not want a car payment of more than $325 a month so we could actually live somewhere other than the vehicle. We never got a contract and the co-buyer we used ended up not having a drivers license so the car buying experience was less than smooth. After 2 months we received our payment statement to our "surprise" it was $400. I called and talked to an "account manager" they told me that's what you get when you are a dead beat!! I told them that I would NOT pay that much for a piece of crap car that is only by the way worth $7000.00 brand new, we paid $17,200.00 after all the charges. I refuse to pay that amount, so they call numerous times a day!! One gentleman even wanted to talk to my husband while he was on the potty. Hopefully everyone that has gotten SCREWED without KY will get together and sue the HELL out of these bastards!!
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 5th of Sep, 2007 by   mom in pa 0 Votes
How do we get together and sue the shit out of them? I would love to get together and knock them down like they don't people like us.
 5th of Sep, 2007 by   mom in pa -1 Votes
Sorry didn't prof read above.
 13th of Sep, 2007 by   Ella Willingham 0 Votes
I mailed my car payment 2 weeks ago and I was told they have not received it. The mail has not been returned me. Also, hidden fees.
 15th of Sep, 2007 by   Alissa Lorick 0 Votes
Hardly any of our payments go toward principle. I thought paying $50 to $75 over each month would help(go to principle)...even worse, when you overpay..they only apply the amount over toward principle. The entire regular payment goes toward interest. You cannot win with this company. We have had our loan for 18 months. In that time we have payed them close to $9,000. OUr balance on the loan has only decreased by $1, 623.19. We want to trade in this vehicle and go with a different loan company since the car is a piece of crap now anyways. It's going to be tough since we are insanely upside down on it. I wish there was something we could do to put a stop to them so that no body else has to be a victim of thier unfair practices.
 23rd of Sep, 2007 by   kp 0 Votes
We need to contact Becky Oliver with this issue and put some pressure on them. Its ridiculous how they are doing people.
 2nd of Oct, 2007 by   KJACKSON 0 Votes
I am so glad that I am not the only one have serious problems with this company. I told the representative to log in the call that I hate their service and when I find another company to refinance my car I will NEVER deal with them again. I will be sure to tell everyone I know that's going to buy a new car to make sure if the dealer says your finance company will be Drive Financial to RUN FAR FAR AWAY! I have had problems from DAY ONE! Each month is something different with them and I constantly have problems with them and they don't try to help. I would have pages full of complaints on here if I tried to type it out. I'm just glad I'm not the only one and I already have been trying to get this car refinanced so I can stop dealing with them because this is the worst company I have ever dealt with! THEY WILL NOT LAST LONG I'M SURE...THERE ARE TOO MANY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS FOR THIS COMPANY TO BE SUCCESSFUL.
 7th of Nov, 2007 by   Shannon Hultz 0 Votes
I bought a 06 chevy truck from Smithfield Chevrolet August 06. I had not had truck 1 week and they were calling about a payment. I was not even late yet. They call at all hours of day and night. call at work even after asked by me to stop. called me at work after my boss told them to stop. I had my phone number changed several times to unlisted numbers and they still managed to get number. I finally had phone shut off then they started calling my neighbors and asking them to get me on phone. I had truck for 10 months. I gave them the truck back because it would have never been paid off at the rate they charged penalties . Every time I checked balance it was higher after payments were made than before I made payment. It was a 16500 truck last time I checked it was at 18500. Truck was wrecked by a driver who rear ended me talking on cell phone. Ever time I called them to talk to them about accident I was told a different story about what I needed to do. THIS COMPANY APPARENTLY only hires lairs, people who barely speak English and Rude people.
 14th of Nov, 2007 by   Shelley 0 Votes
I unfortunately got a car financed with them in January of last year and due to a out of state move and everything that can wrong did, I am 1 down on my payments but I send them a payment every single month and have told them I am back in school and what happened. One person seems sympathetic and the other seems shitty. When you get the name and ext # of someone that will help you, when you call them back no one has heard of them or "they no longer work there" I don't know what to do!! Now they have me stressing my hair out because they called my parents today and told my dad they want my car!!! Without my car I can't go to school!! I am 33 years old, doing what I am supposed to. They told me to send my payment every month and add some to it to try and catch up the one I am down. Now, something different again. I hate them!!! But, now, I can't refinance because I go to school and no longer work, I live off my grants and scholarships. And I agree about the language, I get so tired of either someone I can't understand or someone talking so ghetto I can't understand her.
 4th of Dec, 2007 by   deborah rowan 0 Votes
my complaint is when my son was sick and in icu drive didnt' want to work with me or defer my payments til i got caught up
not to mention the harrashing phone calls .... by law only one phone call is to be made to the customer once daily they repeating keep calling .... the next time they harrash me i will sue them......its' against the law what they do to their customers .
 18th of Dec, 2007 by   steve keathley 0 Votes

Drive Financial - Illegal collection activity!
drive financial
500 S. Castello St.
United States
Phone: 3143235726

My daughter apparently got a loan from these people, I have gotten two phone calls from them and they left messages
asking if I was related to her and that she owed them money and wanted me to give her a message to call them. I believe this is a violation of the collection laws if not it should be.
 13th of Jan, 2008 by   mtp 0 Votes
That is, they are not supposed to disclose any information to anyone other than the person on the loan. It is called 3rd party disclosure and it is against the law. I would put in a complaint to the BBB and also get some legal advice. Good luck and i hope everything turns out your way.
 22nd of Jan, 2008 by   Aseelah Hall 0 Votes
They went so fas as to look up my neighbors phone number and call her. They asked her if I still lived next to her and asked her to give me a message for them. She wasn't lying because she gave me there number. My neighbor is over 50 years old and she's blind. How embarrassing.
 6th of Feb, 2008 by   Toni 0 Votes
We must remember they think their company can't come down. No matter what you all are dealing with stay diligent and keep records of everything. Go on to your history page and print your payment history. Do this because Drive loves to delete things off of their website.

I am in the same boat as many of you. They did defer us for back payments, but it has been hell every since. They have called people and even called someone I have not spoken to in about 10 years. The tactic is if I embarrass the consumer, they will move. GO TO HELL DRIVE. You all are so right! The payment is not intended to pay the car off. More than likely our cars are not worth the payments. Drive is a stronghold for consumers and it will be destroyed, by their own greed.

People just remember whatever your financial situation it does not dictate your destiny. We all used Drive because we needed to get a car to try to take care of our life's chores. Personally I had never heard of them and I can't wait to get rid of them. Just remember you can get another car through a company with common sense.

If there are any attorneys out there that can help please respond to this forum. There are thousands of consumers that need your help.

Less focus our energy on getting a better car, with lower payments with a company that understands the sudden turns in everyone's life. Consumers if you have any good resources or agencies that may assists us please post them ASAP!
 26th of Feb, 2008 by   Vickie 0 Votes
This company is a mess. I have faxed these people verification of my payments and they still claim that they have not received the fax or the payments The dealerships knows about this comapny and it is a shame that they are still swindling people to use this company. I will not make a another payment until they find my money. The proof is in the pudding. Their customer service people are rude and discourteous they will not let you speak to any managers. They say things like "it want happen" "You need to make a payment". They put a note on my door with a name or an address. This is bull. Something can be done. Talk is cheat I am going contact the Att. Gen. of the United States.
 9th of Mar, 2008 by   Cheryl 0 Votes
I also have a loan for my car through Drive Financial. I was unaware of the kind of loan company it was at the time. When I got the loan I was told my payments wouldn't start until the following month on a certain date. I drove my car home and I ended up with a loan for well over 16k for a car that was only worth at the most 7k. I've been paying on it now for a year and the loan amount has gone down less than 1k during that year and I am making payments of $479 a month. I am hounded on an almost daily basis. Even when my payments are not late. I became late once due to having to go to Arizona as my dad was dying. I made arrangements with them but they still called me daily asking where the payment was at. I would ask each time why are you doing this. They would tell me that they had to keep calling me until I was caught up. Now they have finally stopped that but they still start calling me a few days before my pmt is due. Unless you use a check each month, ( I don't use checks) they charge you for whichever way you make your payment. Each month it costs me from 10 to 15 dollars charges to make my payments depending on how I make the payment. We only wanted payments of no more than 350 a month. Now we are stuck paying forever on this car. We wanted to go to another company to trade it in and get out of drives clutches, but we can't. no one will take it. Usually when you try to refinance and you request a payoff they knock off some of the finance charges. Not this company. When I ask for a pay off quote its HIGHER than what it says I still owe. How do you get out from under this? I can only imagine the only way is to let them take the car back and and have a repossession on my credit. which I hate to do. One Toyota dealer told me that about the only options I have are to hope the car gets stolen or that I can have them take the car back. He said that the way they work they'd rather put you into a car get a year or so payments out of you with huge finance charges then take it back and resell it again for the same price they sold it to you. They keep on doing this several times and make a lot of money off people doing it.
 24th of Mar, 2008 by   A very unsatisified customer 0 Votes
Oh my goodness, it seems like there is alot of us out there. I got a car back in 2003, the car was junk and a lemon since day one. I have put serveral complaints against the dealership. after calling Drive several times to document my complaints, it just seemed like depending on who I spoke with, I got no where. After the car sitting in front of my house for 8 months, cause it just stopped working...I had to make a choice to surrender the car. I was working out a deal with Drive and the next thing I know, I am being sued!!! I have to go to court to try and fight this. The amount that was left on the car, is way different than the amount of the law suit, which I find to be interesting. So now, I have to figure out what to do. I am beside myself. I do not understand how they can do this...I was dealing with Drive, then it went to a Pallisades Collection to some debt Lawyers. I called Drive to find out what the heck was going on and of course they couldn't explain it and don't know why Pallisades is suing me and why the amount is much higher than what they have...I am just sick to my stomach that it has gotten this far. If there is a class action suit, please contact me!!!
 10th of Apr, 2008 by   jody 0 Votes
We have made perfect payments to reestablish our credit. Little did we know that it really made our credit worse. We finance 13, 000 van and still owe over 6ooo for 2more years yes the pay off seems to grow each time. I was told that you actually pay them with a down to finance you. Your down does not go toward the vehicle. What do we do we cant trade or refinance either and cant afford to leave it with them. Its awful.
 16th of Apr, 2008 by   Tommys Dogs 0 Votes
Let me explain something to you guys that are neg towards Drive.. 1st let me ask a couple question ... Did you make your payments on time? Do you keep you line of communication OPEN? Is it really Drive Financial or YOU? If you answer yes to the first question then you would not receive calls everyday because your account is current. If you answered NO the yes you receive calls because they paid money up front for you to drive off with the car when no one else would finance you!!! 2nd question ... If you answered Yes .. then it goes 2 ways either you say your going to make a payment on a certain day and they call you to follow up or you dont make it and they call because your credibilty is at a loss!!! 3rd question which is the most important ... who is it really?????? All you have to do is make your m payments on time and if something comes up just call them and let them know and make sure you stay TRUE to your word.. let me ask you this if you paid money up front for someone and they told you they will pay you back and they dont what would you do? If they offer you assistance and you still fall off track .. what would you do? Now in all honesty if I was in charge of Drive yes i would give you the benifit of the doubt but if you ever Fuck me and im only giving you 1 chance then Hell no im not giving the the car back. Now what im about to say is know to all man kind .. fuck me once shame on you fuck me twice shame on me and if you really think about it Drive should be one of your best friends because if not you would not have your car to go to work .. out to eat .. watch your kids events and basically your everyday must do things.. Once again lets look at it as if it was your company and everyone else was doing the same shit to you... NOBODY not even you have money to just give away and when someone cant pay just say ok they will pay me when they can ... you have bills and so do Drive !!! Really sit back and think about it and if you still cant see why they are consistant about collecting on whats theres then you serious need help!!!
May GOD help.. bless.. and see you through your trouble times.

FYI .. yes i have an account with Drive and yes i have been late but I have never experienced what you all have said becasue I keep my line of communication open and keep the arrangements I set.
 16th of Apr, 2008 by   Tommys Dogs 0 Votes
I learned this the hard way ... Mailing a payment is not good unless your current .. they offer money gram & western union .. and payments by phone .. automated system and online.
Guys we some where some how messed up our credit in the past and need to be blessed that we were able to be financed to get a car. yes its sucks that its a simple intrest loan but if we are late we are being charged a daily per diem each DAY. I got a 2 month deferment to help bring me current and changed my due date so now my 1st check goes to my house payment and 2nd check goes to car payment .. talk to your acct manger to see what options would be best helpful to you!!! OH YEA ... remember .. please remember its not the reps fault they are just doing there job so the can pay there BILLS and yes one of there bills is a car note and even though some of you may not believe they are probably financed through Drive. Always remember what if it was YOU!
 22nd of Apr, 2008 by   Joy McDonald 0 Votes
Concur with all of above complaints.

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