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I am not going to rant and accuse. I am going to explain to you exactly how they do it and why you should never use this agency.By now, everyone (OK, maybe only 75% of all men) knows that anastasia-international.com (anastasiaweb.com and scanna.com) is the biggest scam agency in the world, Well, dream-marriage.com is EXACTLY the same. It is not clear if they stole the model of anastasia-international.com, or if they made a deal, but when you look at the sites, it is obvious that they are made of the same cloth.More proof if this is their affiliate program. dream-marriage.com has an affiliate program with the same exact system as anastasia-international.com. MORE proof of this is their names...anastasia-international.com - 4affiliate.netdream-marriage.com - affiliate4web.comAlso, they both have created fake anti-scam sites to discredit real anti-scam sites...agency-scams.com – belongs to anastasia-international.comagencyscams.net – belongs to dream-marriage, comIt is funny that they call real anti-scam sites a scam or unethical, but in making their fake anti-scam sites, they are libeling and attacking their competition; the most unethical practice of all.Lastly, both companies have excellent SEO and PR skills to make themselves look very professional and legit. They attack competitors, anti-scam sites and you can find there marketing tools all over the net. This is called smoke and mirrors. They hide the truth with BS to make themselves look wonderful.dream-marriage.com has stolen (or paid to have) the EXACT same scam model as anastasia-international.com And if you google their name, you will find many reports of this.How is it done?It is easier to answer, “How are they not in prison?”Answer? The bosses in the USA do nothing but collect money. This way, they are free of the law and not guilty of 'direct' fraud. What happens is the local Ukrainian or Russian office pays girls to writes letters. Every letter sent or received is paid for. So, the more letters opened, means more money for both the USA bosses and the local office. So, the office staff is free to write letters, posing as a real girl, and nobody is the wiser.You can also find reports from girls that were hired to write letters. Some were not paid and could not do anything about it because the agency holds their personal info and makes a profile of this girl. They keep the profiles after the girl leaves or is fired. AND, some girls actually feel bad about this and meet a nice guy and tell him about what really happens. (You can also find these facts on the net.)Proof? There is a guy on the net that has ALL the proof. You may not like him, but he has the proof.Bottom line – dream-marriage.com is a scam. They learned from the masters and didn't even mix it up to stay under the radar.
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 10th of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am registered on dream-marriage.com and I was communicating with a lady called Svetlana.
We were communicating about 8 months and I was distrusting dream-marriage since the beginning of my membership.
When I got her online she never was there to chat with me and she said she wasn't online but her translator was there.
The translator was to translate letters to her but every time happened that.
When i asked her to leave dream-marriage.com she told me to chat with her but she was always with excuses.
Now she disappeared and she even say goodbye.
her ID is: 374475
She or the translator are paid and she is there only for money.
 10th of Feb, 2012 by    -2 Votes
All I know it my story, I have been a member of the site dream marriage, for a year, and am now in Poltava to meet with a woman, sheis a good woman, I like her, she likes me and we are dating for two more weeks while I am here, anyway I hired a flat manage and driver/translator named Alex, and did not want to use DM interputers, do not trust them, had problems with that site, and even did tests to prove my point that there are a lot of women on that site that are not there for the right reasons, so when I told my girl, I had my own translator named Alex, she said, no way, I know this man and he is a crook and a bad man, but I have a friend that speaks a little english, we can use her, so we met, have been on two dates, and like each other, she is close to my age, and is very pretty, I asked her why she told me my alex was a pimp and she said everyone at DM knows of this crook and you should watch out for him, he will just take your money, I said, no, this is not the same Alex, they finally sent me the url for this site, and sure enough, this is not my Alex, and I told my girl this and we are all good now, but just think about this, this man, a man I have never met or know, or heard off, caused a problem in my meet and greet with my women from DM. and I do not like anyone that causes any sort of friction in my life with his bad reputation, Dream Marriage is a very large company and even though I know a lot of women on that site are just there for kickbacks or just fun, there are real women on that site, now how do I know there are women there that are not for real intentions, my plans were to come over here, spend a week in Odessa meet with two women, then go to Poltava and meet with two more, then to Kharkov and meet two more and then a few days in Sumy for another two, and out of all these women, every single one but one, has said, they will be out of town during my visit and two just stopped writing to me when I told them I was in Odessa and sent them a pic of me next to the famous steps, so our of eight women, that were so eager to meet me, only one, has met me, and tonight she is taking me to her flat to cook me dinner, I feel very lucky for this, now, will we marry and live happily ever after, can not say, too early, but I can say, Alex Pinto caused me some problems, and I have never met the man, I do not know about you, but warnings are here for a reason...good luck to all
 8th of Mar, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I just want to agree with this post, I just got back from Urkraine and know of this to be all true, I have also left long detailed posts of my journeys in other pages, under my name...good blog angelina
 3rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
Well, I have had 3 (very recent) problems with that Dream Marriage website!!!

1.) Three (different) girls would (either) NOT (answer) My (very sincere) questions, or, they would (very blatantly LIE to Me about (everything), PERIOD!!!

A.) Christina 24, Odessa, say that She is a Fitness Trainer, but, I went to her VK.COM (profile), & I found evidence that she was (actually) an (erotic) POLE DANCER at the PALLADIUM in ODESSA... Also, I spoke with somebody that works there, & I was told that, at times, this girl could be (available) for some (private) LAP DANCING...

Well, I have provided (all) of the (real) proof that She is a Pole Dancer, but, She could NOT, or, would NOT provide (any) kind of (real) PROOF that she was an Athletic Trainer... I have informed Dream Marriage, & I have (provided) ALL of the (needed) PROOF about there things, like (many) Photo';s of her doing Her (real) JOB...

Then, I asked the website to show this in the girls (profile) that She was NOT an Athletic Trainer, but, (rather) a POLE DANCER at CLUB PALLADIUM in ODESSA... They have refused, & they said that it is NONE of their business, & NOT Mine, (either), Oh My God!!!

My (main) point is that if they will allow (any) girl to SAY (anything), that they WANT, then, We are ALL (very greatly) wasting OUR, TIME, EFFORT, FEELINGS, & MONEY...

2.) IRINA 23, NIKOLAEV, told a good friend of Mine on that site that She has quit her job as a PJ DANCER & that she teaches Children dance classes... Only 2 weeks (later), I find a NEW (photo) of HER on the Illusion) Night Club, website, that was dated April 24, 2 weeks after, She said that She quit this job a month ago...

Well, the website did make her change her profile, but, (only) after about 5-6 guys complained to the website, STILL the GIRL (very openly) LIED to Me about HER (private) LIFE concerning HER (dating) with (local) Ukraine Guys, but, NO MATTER if Will (provide) the (actual) PHOTO'S, the website will NOT do (anything) about this, Saying that they are NOT the DATING, or, JOB POLICE...
However that is NOT the (main) POINT, since, I was (able) to PROVE that this GIRL was (very openly) LYING to Me, but, the WEBSITE says, TOO BAD!!!

3.) ANNA, 22, Nikolaev, told Me that She knows that (other) Girl, IRINA, & that She is stealing her boyfriend in NIKOLAEV, HELLO??? Then, She (very openly) LIES to ME to SAY that SHE (never) WAS a (night club) DANCER at CLUB ILLUSION in NIKOLAEV, at all, but then HOW did She (ever) KNOW the (other) GIRL, when She said that She has refused to do (any) MIND of DANCE CHOREOGRAPH WORK with HER???? OH MY GOD!!!

So then, I send this girl ALL the Photo's of her doing that JOB in the CLUB ILLUSION, (night club, & STILL She tries to (very blatantly) LIE to ME, WOW!!!

The (main POINT about all of these things, IS, that DREAM MARRIAGE doesn't GIVE a RATS A___ that ALL of these GIRLS are (very blatantly) LYING to (everybody), & that THEY are (refusing) to UPDATE (all) of these GIRLS (profiles) to MORE (accurately) REFLECT the (truth) ABOUT ALL of these GIRLS, (true) OCCUPATION...

One of these girls, Christina, (completely deleted) ALL of HER photo's on VK, to TRY to cover up that She was (able) to go on TWO, (very expensive) TRIPS in LESS than ONE YEAR to JAMAICA, & to EGYPT, HELLO, & WHY would She do that, (unless) She KNEW that She earned that kind of Money in (only) ONE (possible) KIND of WAY, HELLO????

So then, You can be (very sure) that (protecting all of those LAIRS, is (much more) important to DREAM MARRIAGE then to MAKE SURE that GUYS are NOT getting (totally) RIPPED OFF by (all) of these (very dishonest) GIRLS!!!

BOTTOM LINE: This along with (paid) CHAT is the (very biggest) PROBLEM with (international DATING, because IF You will GIVE (any) GIRL (allot) of MONEY, (without) a (very strong) & (verifiable) COMMITMENT, then, You are (very simply) a FOOL...

However, ALL of this (other) CRAP is (truly) HOW they ARE (very greatly) RIPPING us OFF the MOST, I think!!!

P.S. IF this DREAM MARRIAGE is NOT (ready & willing) to FORCE a GIRL to LIVE by HER (own) WORDS, then, IT (truly) IS (open season) FOR (all) of US (very honest) GUYS!!!
 3rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
The (very clear) Photo PROOF!!!

 15th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
The majority of the women on this site lie. Men stop writing and chatting they lose income! The buy the contact info is a big scam, some of the numbers given are never answered complain to the company and they only say they can give what is given. The one's that do answer will want to lead you back to the site to continue the correspondence as they think they have a hook in you and will suck your wallets dry. I am not saying all the girls have bad intent though let me ask you this. The girls state they have a job (a real job) so when do they work as each girl puts in an 8 hour shift with this scam company and then goes to a normal job for 8 hours? Yeah right give me a break! If you are lucky enough to get a hold of the woman and ask for her email address you will get answers like they do not have, or this is the company computer and they cannot use this for personal use. Another lie if you go to any social network in the Ukraine and you know the ladies name and date of birth or where she lives you will have a good chance to find her on one of them. Be smart guys the game is to milk the dude for all he has! Having lived in Russia for three years it is a little easier for me to see through the BS that never quits. Save your money, travel there on your own and meet a woman while you are visiting and you will save many headaches and frustrated days!
 26th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
I would like to tell you the truth about Dream Marriage and girls there.I was a director of marriage agency in Ukraine.MY agency wasnt scam. All our women (I said WOMEN AND NOT 20 YEARED GIRLS) were real and they really wanted to find their love in our agency. Well as you know it is a business. DREAM MARRIAGE payed us (agency) for our work but we do not pay our women! Do not understand me wrong. I payed my interpreters and web masters and sure myself. We work 3 years with dream marriage -first year of our work was great, we had one marriage. But then Dream MArriage started to impose fines, and so unfair fains!!! They called my clietns (women) asked her hundred questions about her personal info, client answered all these questions, and told me Dream MArriage called me. And then they imposed fines because woman didnt answer the call. IS it fair?? By the way Fine was 500$. And there are so many examples. You even cant imagine. We had a lot of stupid fines and when I started to write them to find out why they delete me as a parter. All my clients(women) who communicated with men were deleted. They do not have contacts. IT is so sad. How can they destroy people's feelings and future !!! Well and also they delete agency as partner and sure didnt pay our wage. It was 3000$. So Dream MArriage scams not only you, but even their partners (agencies). And believe me there are so many agancies were scammed by Dream MArriage. So they do not have anti scam programm!!!

By the way I would like to say that not only some women lie on Dream MArriage! I see a lot of men liars, who lied to my clients!!! So why do you think Dream MArrige has to care just about men??? MY clients are people too! And they are all wonderful women who deserve to be happy. I saw so many crazy men here. One men from Dream MArriage came to my client and they had meeting in the agency and when he came to us he asked me when I can have sex with her, right here? When I said we are marriage agency and not brothel he complained to our client, he devised that she wanted money from him, but women even didnt meet with him because of his behaviour !!! So tell me is it fair??? You think just you are so poor!!! Think about women too!!!
 8th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
mamba757 just proved they do call to verify the girls identity? Someone is not telling the exact picture...
 22nd of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
I'm from France, I spend more than 6000 euros to speak with Inga Yasmyna ;
I paid Dream Mariage to get the adresse to inga and number phone but every things was wrong, she lie to me every time during the night she told me I spoke only with you but she was liing, one time she sent me a letter not for me, i realise this letter was not for me ;
if the women speak with a lot of men they get money from ukrainienne agenci .
I never saw so many wwomen in love with me, I had more than 2000 letters in my mail box, this is very strange ;
dream mariage it's a scam.
some photo Inga Yasmyna
 22nd of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
some photo : Inga Yashyna From Lugansk

 28th of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
I was communicating with a lady called Anastasia . Her number 3349303
She or the translator are paid and she is there only for money. she lie to me every time.if the women speak with a lot of men they get money from ukrainienne agenci . All her photos on VK with boyfriend . When we met she ask me for money and her translator say that Anastasia sleep with men for money . Save your money, travel there on your own and meet a woman while you are visiting and you will save many headaches and frustrated days!
Anastasia is scam
her photo
 28th of May, 2015 by    -1 Votes
I was communicating with a lady called Anastasia Dubinina . Her number 3349303
She or the translator are paid and she is there only for money. she lie to me every time.if the women speak with a lot of men they get money from ukrainienne agenci . All her photos on VK with boyfriend . When we met she ask me for money and her translator say that Anastasia sleep with men for money . Save your money, travel there on your own and meet a woman while you are visiting and you will save many headaches and frustrated days!
Anastasia is scam
her photo

 28th of May, 2015 by    0 Votes
This is the same for me on dream marriage site. I spoke 6 months with Inga Yashyna 1233123, from lugansk, the site send me a wrong information after I paid, she was liing everytime, and when I find Inga on VK, she dicepear from VK.Com she was afraid.
Dream marriage it's a scam.

 2nd of Jun, 2015 by    0 Votes
Here is another another site identical to Dream marriage or Anastasia, we find Inga Yashyna as if by chance, attention she look for the wild love or rather make you spend crazy money, Inga Yashyna work in it is sites just to earn money she makes fun of you, I discussed 6 months with her. She is not the only one a large part of the women make it to earn money and persuade you in the wild love, they have grievance with your wallet. Attention American, European, it is a big .charmdate .Com swindle, is a member of the same kind of site and swindle,

 21st of Nov, 2015 by    0 Votes
I was a member of Dream-Marriage for 5 years. I recently quit the site because the site is COMPLEATLY DISHONEST. To be honest I could not tell if ANY emails or chats I received were legitimate, and not received from a site employee using a womans profile. In the last few months I became aware that the site employees were sending me emails from a certain ladies profile. I had developed an internet relationship with Alisa from Kishnev, Moldova. We had exchanged personal emails and had moved our communications to Skype. After we were not communicating on DM I started to receive "Introductory " emails from Alisa's profile. These were emails talking about how we should get closer and move to another site. I asked Alisa if she had sent these emails and she said no she had not. There was only one other option.

Then I received this email from a profile that had been writing to me for a couple months:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... /> Attention please,
Dear men
It is fake profile!!!Anastasya never wrote you letters, she never wrote you in the chat and never talk you by the phone (Dear Ivan, you called on Monday. On your call answered Nina - secretary in the Marriage Agency "Diamond").

Who I am and why am I writing this letter for you?

My name is Janna. One month ago I came to the Marriage Agency "Diamond" on the position of interpreter. After interview I was accepted on this position. I was so happy that I can helping people to finding their love. Ivan, he is manager in "Diamond", gave me key to the Anastasia's profile and instructions how works site "Dream Marriage".

I wrote from this profile one month. It was very interesting to communicate with different people. Franz you are amazing man thank you for community. You're right about the models. Ivan, I hope you find your love, be careful. Sebastien you are good man, be careful, do not trust all pretty lady here.

I was sure that Anastasya knows about my activity, but it is not true.

When I understood that the secretary instead of Nastya answered to Ivan (he phoned from New York) yesterday. I started to doubt the honesty of the work of marriage agency "Diamond".

Today I asked to Ivan (manager of the agency) about my payment, he said that it can't be possible in this month it could be possible in the end of next month only. Despite the fact that I have worked a month. I do not want their dirty money. I do not want to deceive people. I am sorry.

Contacts of the fake Marriage Agency " Diamond" - Kiev, Gospitalna street 24, room 40.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... /> To be honest I cannot recommend Dream Marriage if you truly want to find a mate. If you want just to write to and chat with a pretty lady and just play around, good luck. They will ask you for money, support, and expect gifts and money. Honestly I have heard many stories of American men who have married with a younger Slavic woman only to have her divorce him after the two year period is up, before the two years is up she would be deported back to Russia or Ukraine. The other way is for her to file a phony complaint of domestic violence against you. They know very well the marriage and divorce laws for the US and use them to get out of the marriage as soon as they can. Other stories include the story of the numerous American men who think they have a relationship with a Russian or Ukrainian woman and make the trip to Ukraine or Russia only to be left at the airport with no one to meet them. If you do go have a reservation at a hotel close to the airport and an escape plan in case you are stuck at the airport. You will need to buy another ticket home.

The Police will not be any help for you (unless you can speak Russian or Ukrainian) and will more than likely demand a payment to help. If you get injured or sick you must have Medical Evacuation Insurance, contact the Embassy and enroll in the State Dept Smart Traveler program. Do not try to use the medical facilities in the country. If you are hurt or injured in Ukraine you will need cash to pay the Ambulance, the doctors, and for medications. If you have to stay in the hospital you will need to pay some one to bring you food because the hospital will not feed you. DO NOT stay in an apartment unless it is set up by the Agency and someone knows where you are. DO NOT let the lady set it up for you. Stay in a Hotel so if you need help during your stay it s available from the hotel staff. Usually someone speaks English.
Robin W. USA
 13th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
Becarful for everybody I was member of Dream marriage site, all ukrainiene site are the same this is only to stole money from foreigners, German, Spanish, French, Italian, American etc.
I'm from south France Cannes, I went 4 times in holiday in Ukraine and now I'm living in Dombass near Lougansk and Donetsk, all friends of me from Dombass know that woman work on dream marriage site and other site it's the same women are paid to speak with you and you spend all your money.
When you are young in Ukraine and you leave University you don't find any job, and some agency try to find some people they have to speak English for translate letters for Women don't write letters all letters are made all ready, each letters women are paid 1 dollars, for chat is the same 0, 30 dollars minutes, when the women wrote to you you can see the difference between letters made in advance or if she wrote you some words.
Now I'm in Dombass army, and I am going to take my revenge against one women from Lougansk is name is Inga Yashyna She is prostitute in Istanbul and Kiev after now because it is war in Ukraine she go back to live with is family in Lougansk, Inga Yashyna lie to me 7 months, now she is going to lost his father and mother she have to pay.
Some photos of Inga Yashyna.
And one photo of me in Dombass army uniform.
I don't lie I spent with Inga Yashyna 8600 euros.
I tell you the truth.
 27th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
Yep, Just found out this is all bulls***. Their website may seem like it's legit - really really legit... but it ain't. Like all the other guys that checked out this site, I wish I hadn't - lost about $6, 000 in total (AUD). I wish I could get refunds, but yeah highly doubt it. Been on this site for about a year. Used to be that it feels like I was talking to the same girl over and over again, because of the way she spoke to me, as well as the 'quality service' - especially when I sent a query and I always got a reply for the support team. This site and everyone involved are now showing their true colors to me. Cause now, I just sent them a message about my scammer, even though I knew they would just ignore it. Right now, it feels like they're ignoring me.

They're pure evil!

There was this girl - Margarita, supposedly 24 and from Makeevka, Donetsk and works as a charity fund manager.

I looked up on European networking site VK and discovered she has the exact same name as the lat Ukrainian gymnast Margarita Nikolaeva. Coincidence? Maybe. But looking through her profile photos, I found some stuff troubling. Firstly, lots of photos that are top quality - modelling-type photos. Hardly any photos of her looking like an ordinary girl. Lot of pics that show only her raunchy side, many sex pics (probably from Google or something), couple of pics of her about to make out with couple of guys (separate photos!) and even a few photos of her in magazines and billboards. And a photo of what looks like a guy sitting on a bed that has been set alight. And a disturbing caption to it. Really really damn disturbing. These Ukrainian fools are crazy.

Secondly, I recognise another girl from DM in two of Margarita's photos ('Elena', whose profile states she's in Kiev, Ukraine but her VK states she's in Moscow). Yep it's the same girl.

In relation to our live chats, she told me about this 'online application' she completed in order to get permission to cross the borders. Sounded weird to me at first, but since she's in that certain country, I just ignored it. I knew I shouldn't have. I tried to google it - no results. She made all that crap up.

Because of the "connection" we built, I was aware of how she talked to me, especially calling me 'babe' or sometimes 'sweet Phil' (not often). Sometimes she'll just call me Phil.

We have chatted for about a year. All of a sudden, I get a message from her (sent Monday 25th Jan):

"hi sweet Phil. I just wanna say it would be really great to know you much closer and more private.
are you in?

Uuuhhh... yeah... good luck wit that, u sick girl

Sorry, had to laugh when I first saw that. Clearly a different girl.

And to top it all off (you guys are gonna love this. haha). What's even disturbing - more disturbing - is thanks to Google (Good ol Google! ; ) ) I discovered other photos of her under the name 'Margarita Maslova'. Yes, it IS the SAME girl. I'd recognise her from anywhere. Google image search 'Pani Zirka' (she is right there modelling and posing in white and creamy colored clothing) and Braschi fur. I've seen these photos on her VK. In addition, there is a profile (still active) created in 2011 by a guy named Glen McLaren - a previous DM member and potential mate for her - who dedicated the site to her.

Well there it is. Proof, that this site is, I'll say it again, bulls***.

It used to be that Margarita would not be sending messages almost every day and she'll be online only around 3, 4pm Ukrainian time, almost daily. When I saw that recent message from her (same one above!), I found out she was online and she was online for a while.

So, to all of you guys thinking 'hm, this looks alright, maybe I'll check it out. There are some hotties here", no, take my advice and ignore this site like the damn plague and you will live a healthy and happy loving life. And you'll walk away with your dignity intact.

We must help each other, stop other guys from using this site and teach them who's boss.

Should I report these mothaf****** as a scam (on their Facebook page)? So damn tempting. Don't wanna risk these greedy fools suing me for no damn reason.

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