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Dr. Andrew Jacono, Great Neck, New York Complaints & Reviews - Confident incompetent

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Dr. Andrew Jacono

Posted: 2013-03-02 by    

Confident incompetent

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Contact information:
Dr. Andrew Jacono
44 Northern Blvd, Great Neck New York, 11021
Great Neck, New York
United States
Phone: 15167734646
This man is a confident incompetent. He talks a good game but his skills do not match. I'm living proof. He has ruined my face. Stay away from him, it will only bring you hardship and pain.
I had an s-lift, brow lift and 3 revision rhinoplasties with him. The facelift has left me with asymmetry where one cheek is higher than the other. I have pleats in my skin more noticeable on one side than the other. He also pulled the skin too high over my cheekbones leaving an unnatural look with lines radiating from my mouth when I speak. The rhinoplasty was even worse. I've had 3 surgeries with Dr Jacono and they have all been bad. The first one where he took a significant amount off the length of my nose without consent-we never discussed shortening my nose. This along with the s-lift where the skin pulled too high (and asymmetrically) makes me look hideous. He obviously has no sense of aesthetics. I went back to him again for what he was originally supposed to do which was to even out the sides from my first surgery. In the 2nd surgery, again, he did not even out the sides and he made my nose look worse. My nose collapsed on the left and he did not even out the sides. In fact over time, when the swelling went down, my nose looked more uneven and looked like it was deviating left. I had a 3rd surgery(stupid me to go back to him) where he was supposed to finally fix the unevenness and lengthen my nose to bring it back what it was before. We agreed on what he was going to do. He did a digital image, After this surgery, my nose is not noticeably longer which is the biggest issue and I can see my nose deviating right as he left more cartilage on the right. I can barely look at myself in the mirror. My feeling is he has no sense of aesthetics, never takes notes, always rushing, he doesn't think about what he's doing - he just does.
The man is incompetent. Beware of his confidence. He has left a trail of destruction. Read the reviews.
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Medical Negligence and Deficiency
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 21st of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
This could be the most unethical dishonest surgeon ever. He performed a face-lift on me and managed to damage every feature and function on my face and then was arrogant and dismissive afterwards. He is reckless, rushed, and so over-confident of his abilities that he advertises that he fixes other surgeon's mistakes. Says he! Yeah sure. Please do yourself a big favor and find a more experienced and thoughtful surgeon. I only wish I had been warned because my face is ruined beyond repair with no second chance. Biggest regret of my life.
 25th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
First, i wanna start by askig for any of you girls or women's contact info if you read this., i would like to discuss this personally and privately with someone because my situation was very similar if not worse.i absolutely & unfortunately agree with this, had surgery back in 08 and am still suffering greatly. Unfortunately I was also very young, he clearly made a huge mistake on me, I also have nerve damage and a twitch when I blink, on top of a scary flat looking face and almost a full facelift at the age of 30. I have to pay for fillers constantly just for it to look somewhat normal, on top of it still paying his 30, 000 surgery. lol what a joke he seriously is. my situation was not due to normal aging, there was a hormonal issue involved, he told me he had experience with this and told me this was what was needed. i now also have a crooked smile. The list goes on and on, but I feel it would be pointless to discuss on here. On top of all this, he actually put me in jail for threatening to kill him, which was also a joke and something he just used to kick me out of there. It was a complete nightmare & still is .There was also something sexual and disgusting involved that I'm not making up to be spiteful but can not clearly state on here . The man is disgusting and people do need to seriously stay away from him and be very careful, watch out for his arrogance and confidence because the only reason he's like that is due to the amount of money he has, not his skill or personality at all... He's a miserable man, his x wife also left him as well at the time of my surgery, he always appeared so tired, as if he had not slept in years and was always late to my appointments, even the day of my surgery. That should have been a clear sign for me to get up and leave right away!!! Then, post op was terrible, forget abut him being on his cell phone texting all the time during my appointments when I had a hematoma and so many other things going wrong, he completely dismissed me when he realized he did something wrong and even recommended that I get therapy. Lol. Not before the surgery after my hormonal situation that originally caused my face problems, but after it was made 100 times worse due to his surgery which was never needed at all.I'm telling people to stay away and be careful, I know people that know him personally, and have been treated horribly from him.
I'm not sure if the same people that wrote get notified to reread this, but if anyone has had a bad experience, please come back here, share, and leave any contact into. Thank you
 11th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
If you like the look of visible scars, asymmetry and you are not concerned about nerve damage...then Jacono is the mad man for you. Just be prepared to be ruined for life.
 12th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
This man needs to be exposed and he needs to stop practicing medicine (if that is what you call it). There are many of us out there.
 14th of May, 2013 by    0 Votes
I would very much like to talk to Staylove405 having suffered a similar fate. My email is jmk1925@yahoo.com.
 30th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
Dr. Jacono ruined my skin! I had fraxel laser surgery because he believed my skin would benefit from it. Instead of seeing an improvement with my acne scars and making my crows feet disappear I am left with EXTREME sun sensitivity. I cannot leave my house when there is sun. I'm stuck wearing a wide brimmed hat and reapplying sunscreen every two hours!!! No matter what I do I cannot control the brown spots from appearing ( btw I never had brown spots on my face until he lasered me). Instantly the lines under my eyes worsened making me look much older. My acne scars never improved. All he says is it takes time for the skin to heal!!! Bologna! Every doctor I spoke to said that my skin should have healed already!!! It's 14 months since the laser surgery. Adequate time has passed and now I'm stuck with this damage. He will lie and say anything to buy time and get rid of you. He promised to speak with a dermatologist friend of his to see if there is something that could be done for my skin ( btw he acknowledged that there was damage) and never called me back. Maureen the receptionist expresses extreme annoyance with me whenever I call to ask if he spoke with his dermatologist friend. It is clear that they do not care about their patients. The doctor refuses to call me back and refuses to find help for my situation. He is a horrible doctor!
 16th of Aug, 2013 by    0 Votes
Daniela, Yes, you are correct, he is a horrible doctor. Sorry you had to learn the hard way too.
 20th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
You cannot be serious and doctor would ever intentionally disfigure a face there is no logical reason . You cannot expect to look perfect you have to realize you have only the ability to improve your face but a doctor cannot give you a new perfect face.
 8th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
We are not talking minor imperfections. I could live with that. This doctor took off all the cartilage from my nose. He was not supposed to touch the length of my nose. I feel disfigured. I'm also left with significant asymmetry and not just a little imperfection. So please don minimize the concern by telling us we are looking for perfection.
 10th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
I can't agree more with the comments here. He also ruined my face causing asymmetry in my nose and also my entire face...making me look a lot older. In a span of two years my pictures look like I aged about 10. This entire surgery and the years following it have been extremely traumatic for me (surgery was done in '09) and it is really hard to discuss this further. Please reconsider going to this doctor. Also I want to note, that the one great thing about him is that he does offer a lot of follow up care (even though the wait to see him is horrible) but the problem with some of our meetings was that I discovered (in retrospect) that he lies a lot. If you would like to know more you can contact me at this email address: JTstar1984@yahoo.com

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