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Design Tech Homes, San Antonio / Spring Branch, Texas Complaints & Reviews - Poor construction & customer service

Design Tech Homes Contacts & Informations

Design Tech Homes

Posted:    DanRolin

Poor construction & customer service

Complaint Rating:  93 % with 42 votes
Contact information:
Design Tech Homes, Texas
170 Mexican Hat Dr
San Antonio / Spring Branch, Texas
United States
Phone: drolin@gvtc.com
Poor construction from framing to the tile floors. Issues include high electricity bills, the inspections promised were over looked, electrical plugs not wired, ac intake for the 1st floor was installed on 2nd floor causing high electrical bills, lighting not installed in proper place, water pressure way to high causing a water heater valve to malfunction, dip in roof,
sharp edges on the tile floor causing injury to feet, marble counter tops poorly installed, telephone jacks electrical not hooked up, outside brick poorly done, mortar color inconsistant, exterier siding poorly cut and installed, foundation has facial cracks, oven electrical not installed correctly, stain on door and stairway poorly applied, can see daylight through front door, sheet rock not properly installed not squared, contractors flooded house and carpet when installing sheet rock, just to name a few of the problems. Contractors did not speak english. I wonder how the could read the plans. Lots of errors in the framing because of this issue. We gave DTH a chance to fix the issues but the work kept getting worst and some of the issues were ignored. DTH's will not even return calls now. I WOULD AVOID DESIGN TECH HOMES AT ALL COST. HIGH END HOMES CONSTRUCTED LIKE LOW END HOMES. NOT WORTH THE MONEY SPENT. ITS REALLY THE CONTRACTORS POOR WORKMANSHIP. Contractors from framing, electrical, flooring, sheet rock installation and ac/heating should be accountable for poor workmanship...June 25, 2010
Comments United States Building, Construction
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Design Tech Homes - Poor performance


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 28th of Jun, 2010 by   Sean Dunbar 0 Votes
In response to the posts by Mr. Rolin Design Tech Homes would like to point out that any and all issues that have been brought to our attention have been addressed in a timely manner. When this post was read by DTH, we immediately contacted Mr. Rolin. It was determined through this conversation that he has not contacted DTH in a year for any warranty service whatsoever. When the call did come in a year ago, the warranty concerns were addressed and Mr. Rolin signed off the warranty call as completed. Since no warranty call was outstanding, I asked him if I could look into his A/C issue, as he described that as his most pressing issue, and he said that I could schedule that for him. That is in process now.

Secondarily, the other issues noted in the post were issues that came up during the process of the home construction and DTH management met with Mr. Rolin on more than one occasion to assist him and address his concerns. At the completion of the home DTH management met Mr. Rolin and his family at the walk through in order to make sure that his concerns had been addressed. Management was assured that while there had been issues that were less than desirable during the process, the home had been completed in a way that was consistent with the quality that he expected. To be fair, Mr. Rolin never liked the idea that there were workers on his home that did not speak English as their primary language, that the brick had to be redone in several places, or that the tile was not what he expected (although well within specifications).

Despite not being given the opportunity to assist Mr. Rolin prior to this post, DTH will address any issue that was not dealt with properly and is within warranty. It is important to DTH to try to meet every owner’s expectations and that will attempt to be done in this case.

Sean Dunbar, VP of Operations, DTH
 29th of Jul, 2010 by   Alex DTH home owner 0 Votes
I am a current DTH's homeowner. We built our home about 1 year ago. We had a great experience with DTH's. My wife & I felt the quality, service & price were very good. We were looking at a few different builders and decided on DTH's because of the Design process, energy features, price & quality. We felt DTH's provided the best all around value. The sales consultant was very knowledgeable and upfront about the complete process. DTH's were very organized and had every detail nailed down for us before we even started the home. Our construction manager (mike) was terrific! The communication was amazing and whenever we had any concerns he dealt with them right away.

We have built a new home before and understand what a bad experience is all about. We were concerned about building a new home becuase of our prior experiences(poor quality, NO communication, would not come back for warranty) we experienced all of these and more when we built our first home. This time we did our research. We checked with the BBB, called prior references and looked at homes under construction. We also had some specific needs for our design. Once we met with a few builders it was clear that DTH's had a superior process to help us with our design. The sales consultant helped us feel at ease by providing many references and explaining the building process in detail.

We have recently experienced our 1 year anniversary on our new home warranty! DTH's warranty has taken care of us. We only had a few issues but they did come back and return all calls/emails. We are very happy with the warranty.

My wife & I were just discussing not that long ago that Design Tech Homes was one of the rare instances in life that we we actually felt like we got more than what we paid for. We really truely believe this! I think alot of this came down to the fact that Design tech homes has a very buttoned down & originzed process. This process helped us feel much more comfortable right up front before we started and once we did start the communication was excellent, with very few instances of concern. Our prior experience when we built our first home was a process that was very disoriginized with poor communication.

We are very happy with DTH's and have already recommended them to friends and family. When I came across this site, I felt it necessary to offer my experience with DTH's.

Alex S.
Tomball TX
 10th of Dec, 2010 by   DISAPPOINTED DTH OWNER 0 Votes
Sorry but I have to agree with Mr. Rolin I am having the same issues with DTH They give everyone the same speech that Mr. Dunbar has given here when you bring up a problem all you get is that it is "within specifications"...There were several issues with our house that was not right and was brought up, but yet were still ignored and was pushed to sign-off on our house due to time constraints... Also in Mr. Rolin's defense we were told to wait until our warranty was almost up to call in all of our warranty claims in because it would only be fixed one time under warranty...
 31st of Jan, 2011 by   Tatih 0 Votes
I have been in the building industry for 15 years and have learned people who do not understand construction are usually the ones complaining. What detailed issues? Some builders, advise to wait a year to have typical settling cracks touched up, but builders never advise to wait to have "real warranty issues" ressolved.
 1st of Feb, 2011 by   Tatih 0 Votes
When you bash your builder you bash your value of your home!
 25th of Jul, 2013 by   sallybelle 0 Votes
We had our home built with DTH. I would not recommend using them for a custom built home. I have spent a lot of money repairing problems with our home. It was very difficult to get mistakes repaired within the year warranty as it comes out of the general contractors pocket rather than the company. I felt like I was a headache rather than a valued customer.
 14th of Aug, 2013 by   m72 0 Votes
I used DesignTech in Houston, Tx and was built a high quality home and
My electric bill is never over 175...They double insulated my home.
 14th of Oct, 2013 by   NofanofDTH +1 Votes
We got out before we were stuck with a home we are sure would not be worth the price. Having begun the process in November of 2012, we were told $438, 000. After we signed and gave them $5, 500 earnest money, $3, 000 for plans, $600 for soil samples, $300 for a septic design, the price increased to $576, 000. We deleted items to lower the price and the items we added were initially priced one way and increased after we signed. When we asked we were told we would only receive credit for deleted items at 75%. We constantly had to check the calculations since there were always incorrect prices. We were even advised by the designer to check everything. They asked us repeatedly to have our land appraised and move forward even though we never had a final price. Fortunately our lender would not order the appraisal until we got a final price. I spoke to DTH in Houston and advised we still needed the final price and have yet to receive one. This company is not worth anyone's time or money. Caveat emptor "Let the buyer beware". Do not give them money until you have a set price or better yet go somewhere else. We did and so far we are much happier with this process.
 2nd of Nov, 2013 by   Ferguson1 0 Votes
I had my home completed this last month by Design Tech Homes. The. Process was fantastic from sales thru completion. Tina was our sales person and she made the process easy and was truly a big help, in getting my wife to decide what our selections should be. My wife cannot make decisions easily and there design center along with Tina made the process enjoyable. When we started construction I was apprehensive at the start. Gabe Alaniz was our construction manager on our home. Gabe was a delight and kept us informed of the progress of our home. I can honestly say that we now consider Gabe a friend. He built us a wonderful home and we appreciate all of the effort that Gabe and Design Tech Homes put into our home. Thank you Design Tech Homes
 19th of Dec, 2013 by   KimOsull 0 Votes
I would have to live by the fact that people that are unhappy with the result of an investment tend to go more out of their way to express their feelings than satisfied customers. I would like to do the opposite. We built with DTH in Houston and Brian B. and Nathan were honest and came through with a very quality home. Sometimes we needed prices for special items that they did not have in their price book, but always were straight forward with the procedure and got us prices and options quickly. No complaints here. Great home and more than I expected to be honest. .. K. O'Sullivan. Katy, Tx
 5th of Feb, 2014 by   LStaud 0 Votes
Design Tech is too busy to build a home right now!!! They will promise anything up front to get business. I was told that in 7 months that I'd get a home within my budget. We are a year in to the process and still about 4 months from being done (my house is only framed). Our house is 30% over budget due to items that design tech overlooked foundation costs etc. They are friendly but too busy, I'd certainly have gone a different direction. We have friends that are also building with them and they are having the same problem.

Lance S.

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