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Datehookup Address And Telephone Number, Valley Forge Complaints & Reviews - Datehookup.com Address And Telephone Number

Datehookup Address And Telephone Number Contacts & Informations

Datehookup Address And Telephone Number

Posted:    6xBigJohn

Datehookup.com Address And Telephone Number

Complaint Rating:  52 % with 33 votes
Contact information:
Valley Forge, United States
Have you ever been a member, or put forth any effort to become a member of the free on-line dating service known as Datehookup.com? If so, you undoubtedly have run into problems that you thought would be resolved through communication with customer service. Chances are you either received no response, or your problem remained unresolved. Your search for a telephone number to call or address to direct written correspondence was both frustrating and fruitless. Well, I am here to help.

You first need to know whether or not you are still an "active" member of the community. This is not as obvious as one might expect. Each "nickname" a member chooses is linked to a given single email address. You can have multiple nicknames and Profiles only if you have a different email address for each, which is not a problem if you are with an ISP like AOL. I joined the site this past summer under a particular nickname. A few months later, with no notice or warning, I was told by other members who were friends of mine that I was no longer appearing in their "favorites" section, they could no longer access my Profile and a search for "nicknames" could not locate my account. I sent an e-mail to customer service which was not responded too. I found this an odd situation, since I was still able to access my own Profile when signed on, and it still appeared as though I could post commentary in Pennsylvania Chat. When returning to chat after posting, my comments were not available to view.

Under the impression this was a computer glitch, I attempted to make another account under a different name. This new account was met with the same problems, and there was no notice that the account was awaiting approval. The same problem was attendant to three other nicknames, all with different AOL email addresses. Despite being denied full access under any name, all still received regular e-mailings from Datehookup.com notifying me of new members in my area; members with whom I could not communicate. Then I realized that this was not only deceiving to me, but to all the advertisers on the site as well. Any number of active members provided to advertisers would be askew. Afterall, Datehookup's records would reflect at least five (5) active accounts just for me when really none existed. I then embarked on my campaign to find out who was actually behind Datehookup for the purpose of issuing a warning prior to contacting all of their advertisers on an executive level. If you have an unresolved problem, perhaps you would like to communicate with the owner directly. This information is accurate as possible.

The owner of Datehookup.com is Dustin R. Weirich. His nickname on the site is merely "Dustin". Mr. Weirich also incorporated a business in California on August 30, 2004 called Search Floor, Inc. The registered address for this internet related business is 117 Lost Oak Court, Roseville, CA, 95661. This address is believed to be his home address, although I have not telephoned any neighbors, voter's registration or real estate property assessor as yet to confirm. The telephone number for this business where you can reach Mr. Weirich is 916-787-0817. His home telephone number is 916-788-9629. Next time you have a problem, drop Dustin a line. Maybe he won't be so cavalier with personal calls as he is with customer service...and tell him Big John D. Pettineo sent you.
Comments United States Online Dating Services
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 23rd of Feb, 2009 by   Stress_test -1 Votes
Ummm Let's see here...
5 active accounts? So you have a multiple personality disorder?

Your accounts were deleted because you had multiple accounts. Which IS against the rules and an indication of an internet scammer.
 19th of Mar, 2009 by   CaptainChaos 0 Votes
it's very frustrating when these businesses don't have the manpower to resolve customer service questions
 10th of Apr, 2012 by   PIAOWAKA 0 Votes
He has done this to me as well. And I found out that he has an unlisted home phone number now. This one no longer exists.

This is go unfair that this was done to me. I have done nothing wrong and contribute alot on that site.

I can't send an email to him because when I tried it just stayed on send. I can't answer my emails because of this. I can't post in the debug forum about this. Such bad customer service. Worse than Match.com.

Good for you John. I hope you got through to him and told him what you thought. I am going to try too as well.
 9th of Jun, 2012 by   QUINTN +1 Votes
 9th of Jun, 2012 by   QUINTN 0 Votes
 24th of Sep, 2012 by   angelrosethorn3 0 Votes
I sign up for DateHookup.com And for some unknown reason my profile was deleted 3 different times and I did not do anything wrong please fix my account so I can chat with my friends why is my profile being deleted what did I do wrong this is so fun fair I did not break any news
 11th of Dec, 2012 by   raynellehaze 0 Votes
I sign up for DateHookup.com And for some unknown reason my profile was deleted and I did not do anything wrong please fix my account so I can chat with my friends why is my profile being deleted what did I do wrong this is so fun fair I did not break any news
 11th of Dec, 2012 by   nestegg 0 Votes
There was a guy that I met on here and he told me that he wanted a LTR but two days after he thought I was cheating. He was wrong.
Russ Holt was his name and his profile on here is blocked but I filed charges for phone harassment against him for calling me names and other things.
 21st of Jan, 2013 by   repentbesaved 0 Votes
All you people on the internet with pof, datehookup, facebook, my space, got serious mental health issues, Go to church and get right with god and maybe u just might meet someone if you repent of your sins.
 14th of Mar, 2013 by   Angry 2013 0 Votes
Someone has put my phone number with an ad on this site and when people google my phone number it pops up. It has caused me several problems when people google my number. The most frustrating part is I can not get a live person that can delete this information.
 20th of Apr, 2013 by   britanna7792 0 Votes
on 4-18-13 i noticed that the member i had several contacts with, her profile suddenly came up deleted! i contacted customer service, they failed to reply! on 4-20-13 i am not able to sign at all! i contacted customer service, they failed to respond once again! i need to get this issue resolved quickly! can anyone help me out with this problem?
 21st of Aug, 2013 by   cwhalen 0 Votes
What the hell is going on I can't get on this site anymore!
 22nd of Nov, 2013 by   cuddlebunny6869 0 Votes
Hi I can not sign into my account I've requested 8 times a new password no response, and all a sudden people been sending me emails and I've not been on the site for a month now cause it won't let me sign in so I want to know who is on my site and giving my email address out. Please get back with me.
 20th of Nov, 2014 by   Brown margaret 0 Votes
date hook up log me out. can't use my e mail, it has been taken. how is that. please help 805-258-2284
 20th of Nov, 2014 by   Brown margaret 0 Votes
date hookup log me out. can't use my e mail. it has been taken. how is that.
 12th of Dec, 2014 by   jerrico1177 0 Votes
i have a important person am talking to came to chat my account is delete i don
't t know who did it and i cant get help, please help this is my email
 1st of Mar, 2015 by   MEANDONLY ME24 0 Votes
 3rd of Mar, 2015 by   kattriplr 0 Votes
I requested a know scammer to be removed fromt he website before he cheats another woman out of money and he is still there. Something is not working

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