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Missing 90 Oxycodone from 150 Pill Prescription.

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Contact information:
CVS Pharmacy
1408 W Craig Road
North Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Phone: 7026422680
On October 22, 2010 at 4:54 I picked up my prescriptions from the above
referenced pharmacy. At 5:50 p.m. I noticed my bottle of Oxycodone did not feel right. So I counted my pills and realized that I only had 60 pills and I should have had 150 pills. I immediately called the pharmacy. I explained my situation
to one employee and the employee asked me to hold on for the Pharmacist, then
another person came on the line and I explained the problem to her. The second employee told me that the Pharmacist would count the stock and return my call in 30 minutes. After an hour and a half when I had not received a call back, I called the Pharmacy. I asked for the Pharmacist and told the gentlemen who answered my name. He said, the Pharmacist counted the stock and our stock is not off. I explained the stock had to be off because I only have 60 pills and I should have had 150, I told him I know how to count and he should tell the Pharmacist to check again. He said, our count is right. The pharmacist would not speak to me either time I called and I suspect that Pharmacist would not speak to me because the Pharmacist knows what happened to my pills. If there stock is correct, then they have done something with the paperwork or prescriptions or the medications to make it correct. It cannot be correct if
they are doing everything they should be doing.

I take these pills for back pain and my insurance only allows me to fill a
prescription every 30 days. I would like the CVS Pharmacy and all of it's
staff, especially the Pharmacist investigated. I will not use this CVS Pharmacy again but I would like the rest of my Oxycodone for the month.

I went in to the Pharmacy on Saturday 10/23 to speak with the Pharmacy manager. I explained my situation to her and she said, sorry, we watched the video the pills were counted twice and logged correctly. Our count is correct. I explained that I am not concerned about their count. Obviously something happened to my bottle of pills after it was counted and logged and before I picked it up. She called over some grouchy little old lady who said she personally reviewed the video and I left with 150 pills. I told her that she could not have viewed the video from 10/20 when my pills were filled to the time I picked them up in the evening of 10/22.
I dropped off 4 prescriptions on 10/22 but the prescription paperwork says that 2 of the prescriptions (oxycodone and morphine) were filled a couple of hours later on 10/22 but the cymbalta and soma were not filled until the morning of 10/22. There were 4 bottles in one bag with the oxycodone and morphine paperwork stapled together and the other 2 scrips added stapling all 4 together. Obviously the oxycodone and morphine were filled and were put somewhere, probably in a bag on 10/20 evening, when they filled the other 2 scrips on 10/22 and put them all together, is most likely when they stole my pills. But when I explained this to the Pharmacy manager she was rude, and said, she did had said all she was going to say to me, if the authorities wanted to look into it they could, but she is not going to look any further. She actually accused me of someone in my household taking my pills or me losing them or lying. When I explained that I left the pharmacy, went to Walmart, before I got out of my car I put all scrips in my purse, and zipped the middle zipper, when I returned to my car an hour later after grocery shopping the zipper was still zipped and that is when I noticed the pills were not there.
I sent a complaint form to the NV State Pharmacy Board and called the police. The police were supposed to return my call today to take my report but they have not done so yet.
The Pharmacy Manager should not be a manager if she is not smart enough to figure out that it doesn't make sense for them to fill 2 of the 4 medications, the narcotics, on one day, and fill the other 2 meds, 2 days later, leaving an opportunity for an employee to open the bag of the and remove an already filled bottle. The Pharmacy manager should lose her job and the Pharmacist's on all shifts should be fired and lose their licenses for allowing this to happen.
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 24th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
CVS has shorted my class 2 & 3, they have also over dispensed, which I returned, thinking it was a set up.
 24th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Maybe they filled the others two days later because they were out, but wanted to have the other ones ready for you as soon as possible.

I didn't even know they could legally fill a prescription for oxycodone that large. They must be low dosage.

Good luck.
 24th of Oct, 2010 by    +2 Votes
target pharmacy offers to recount before you leave their pharmacy, maybe you should ask your pharmacy to recount before you leave their store to make sure you have all your meds.
 29th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
You are on way too much medication. I don't believe this is a valid complaint for a second, the staff probably grimaces every time you come in. 150 pills is already way too many for a 30 day supply, plus you're getting oxy and morphine? Give me a break.
 30th of Nov, 2010 by    -5 Votes
Once again trouble with dispensing, as I've had many times. They do make serious drug mistakes. What did the pain Dr. write? The drug stores should have a room for us to count them with a video. so when it happened you have verification . I always count asap. As for people who don't suffer chronic pain, keep your negative opinions, up where they belong. I just don't under stand 150 oxycodones, "NOT OXYCOTIN"to clear up the drug lesson, my regimine is similar and I keep things locked-up an with me. Just keep them in their bottles. In Florida her I use CVS and they are always in a jumble that one of the kids that work there have opportunity to steal concidering the big drug problems we have with class 2 &3's.
good luck!!!
 11th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
From your written account, I can tell you are a bright person who is very analytical. You are probably correct in your assumption that between the time your prescription was filled and then dispensed, someone stole your meds. I am very unimpressed with one of the CVS stores near me. I watched them fill a prescription for me and the same pharmacist in training answered a phone and then filled my prescription by counting out pills with her bare hands. When I mentioned that I felt it was a sanitary thing to do, she said that is protocol. I then spoke with the pharmacist at hand who backed her up. I am saddened to think that we have people like this in the medical field.
 12th of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Power to the People, IN PAIN! There are a lot of problems in many drug stores with abusers behind the counter, and have a million excuses for their incompetence's, as I see how many scripts waiting to be picked up sit there. I still think they ought to have a monitored counting room for the customer to check the count. As I have had overages and returned the extras, mistake or set up who knows! Medications of every kind have to be counted correctly, NO IF ANDS or BUTTS ;-)
Best Wishes, but mostly-GOD BLESS
 23rd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Always insist on going to a pharmacy that will recount your oxycodone in front of you when you pick up. If a pharmacy refuses to do this, don't do business with them. You are probably right in thinking that a worker may have stolen them out of the bag after they were counted. I wouldn't be surprised. As far as filling 2 of the prescriptions before the others, the pharmacy manager wouldn't question this because they probably think this is being done for your convenience so that you would not have to wait if you needed to pick them up before the other 2 were ready to fill. (I am guessing that the other 2 were a couple of days too soon- or someone is intentionally splitting the fill dates up so they will have a reason to get into the bags to combine them- which is when they probably steal some pills)
 15th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Walgreens is just as bad ! They think they are pain management MD'S and know better as to what dosages you should have . NOTE TO ALL PHARMACISTS JUST DO YOUR JOB AND FOLLOW DR'S ORDERS.
 7th of Mar, 2011 by    +3 Votes
Oye! This is a mess, personally in my 4 years of working in pharmacy I've never seen 150 Oxycodone prescribed within a 30 day period. Mind you I am at a store that does over 4, 000 scripts a week so I see a lot of medication. I know at my store it's mandatory that we double count C2's, and circle the correct amount as a safety guard but every store is different. Not to mention your story makes no sense...

"I dropped off 4 prescriptions on 10/22 but the prescription paperwork says that 2 of the prescriptions (oxycodone and morphine) were filled a couple of hours later on 10/22"
yet you say...
"Obviously the oxycodone and morphine were filled and were put somewhere, probably in a bag on 10/20 evening"
So you dropped off 4 prescriptions on 10/22 but the pharmacy filled them two days earlier? Yeah no...

Not to also mention that you're taking 5 oxycodones a day on top of everything else? I don't see people dieing of cancer get THAT many painkillers.

Last but not least, you said you only received 60, that's impossible. If you said 50 that would be believable and they could have shorted you two bottles...Or if you said 75 then a bottle. If you are saying it was one big bottle of 150 there is no way in hell anyone could have went into your bottle without someone taking a huge notice because they would have had to hand count 90 tablets. It's obvious you are lying. Saying everyone should lose their job, el oh el? We deal with people like you crying wolf all the damn time and it's frustrating because we are trying to help people who actually need it.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------... />

You moronic idiot it's the pharmacist job to make sure the doctor is right. Countless times I've seen doctors call for a far higher dose than required. Down to the children who are prescribed a high amount of Tylenol for their fever and the doctor guessed the correct dose without using the proper formula to calculate it using the child weight. Pharmacist are doctors of medicine, they know far more than your doctor does when it comes to medication/drug interactions (which doctors do on a daily basis prescribe something that will interact in a bad way with another medication the patient is on)/ and your drug allergies. People like you really need to get a clue, you act like a child. The pharmacist is trying to prevent you from putting your hand on the stove but you just don't want to listen.
 19th of Jul, 2011 by    -2 Votes
To whom it may concern I cant believe that you hire people that dont know how to count...My wife gets a prescription for oxycodone and she is supposed to get 120 every 30 days and she needs them all.Well the Honesdale store shorted her 10 and they told her that thier count was right.I can only determine that you have a bunch of thieves that work for you.From looking at all the complaints you have it just goes to show you guys that there is a great problem with your pharmacists.Somebody is stealing the medication and and the consumer(customer) (paitent) is the loser in this sorry situation.I suggest that you find more repitable people to work for you...Take note I will make sure that she counts them in front of the pharmacist from now on...Sorry but I cant say thank you at this time...Allan Schmidt
 22nd of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Pharmacists most unprofessional. Specifically, night shift pharmacy personnel.
 19th of Aug, 2011 by    -1 Votes
Hear this type of complaint way too often.. usually it's an abuser trying to get more medication. people, we've heard all the stories.. you can't come up with one that we haven't heard. "I dropped my pills in a sink of water" "I dropped my pills in the toilet" "my boyfriend/girlfriend threw my pills out" "i lost my pills" and the famous one that they were shorted and blame the pharmacy.. and, to "dontuseCVS" when YOU picked up the prescription, YOU didn't notice that the bottle didn't feel right. the pharmacy was right in this case. there is a big difference between the way 60 tablets and 150 tablets feel in a bottle and the size of the bottle. these drugs are monitored by the states and every pill/capsule has to be accounted for.. so quit blaming the pharmacy employees and scam the system
 23rd of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Who can I complain to when this happens? Mine is slightly different. I went to cvs with my regular 60 pill script for oxycodin. the girl told me that they didn't have any in stock, come back tuesday.
Tuesday my wife went to fill them for me as she has in the past and they told her that they were not carrying them anymore due to the federal regulations being too strict. So I went myself again. This time the girl told me that I had filled my script on the 3rd of the month. Impossible, because it was in my hand! I also had the script from the previous month which I had not filled because I take them as needed for pain and I have had a pretty good month painwise, She then told me she could only fill them on the thirtieth day after the previous refill, not a day more or less. All lies! Who do I go to with this? I still have the unfilled scripts. And I still have some pills leftover from the last script. My doctor says he cannot help me except to change the medication. To add insult to injury, the alarm at the door went off when I left, taking my picture like a common shoplifter. Was this deliberate?
 29th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
It matters not that they video counted twice if the pills are hanging out in a bag for anyone else to get into. Do they have a video on the pills @ all times? One solution would be for the pharmacists only to have a lock & key cabinet where they keep filled class 2's 3's after they've been "video" filled.

Just because we are on pain medication, does not mean we're all drug addicts trying to get more pills!!! I take my pills strictly as per
instruction on the bottle, no more, no less! Lets face it people these mistakes "DO" happen and some people are innocent!! You cannot make the assumption that just because we are on pain medication we are all bad people or addicts that are just trying to get more. Yes I know some are, but, please, not all of us.
I have the issue of you cannot get your pain meds just 1 day early, yet they've filled & indeed given the last several months 1 day early. Some people in the pharmacy will give them one day early & others will not. My question is...what happens when i have an out of town trip & I need my meds because I won't be in town?

Who do you report it to when a pharmacy fills your script with your medication, but, you discover 1 pill is something entirely different? I had metoprolol filled a month ago, with about 5 or so pills left I dumped some out into my hand to take one, put the rest back only to see a flash of oblong pale orange instead of the round dark pink. I looked up the pill which comes up as some kind of thyroid medicine. I have no thyroid problem, this could have been a very serious issue had I swallowed it & i'm now 1 pill short on my metoprolol. I want to know who to report this kind of thing to because I feel if I tell the pharmacy they'll say oops sorry and be done with it & I feel they need to be held accountable for it, not that one pill is that big of a deal, but it could have been and what if it's happened many more times with this pharmacy and i just don't know it...So who do we report this miscount/wrong pill to? I will also report it to Target as well.
 10th of Jun, 2012 by    +2 Votes
cvs has given me a weeks worth of blood pressure pills because I am disabled and could not even afford the 7 dollar copay until the following week. my refill however wasnt a controlled substance or a day early (actually a day late). I am grateful because I would have had severe withdrawal from it like flush skin, muscle pain, tachycardia and severe rebound hypertension (possibly even stroke). The first time a didnt fill it until I was out for 2 days (at the time i didnt know cvs would help), i ended up in cardiac icu and was there a week, So I know alot of pharmacists will help as much as possible if its absolutely life or death, not just an uncomfortable opiate wd for a day.
 25th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I guess if you are on pain meds you are a drug addict and if you work in a pharmacy you make no mistakes. well that's bullshit and shame on you john c8 who the hell are you because you work in a pharmacy and haven't seen anyone pick up 150 pills it cant be right and she isn't tell the truth well let me tell you something you don't know everything and because YOU haven't saw this before doesn't mean it doesn't happen. And as far as helping people i would hate to ask you for help shit happens and in your pharmacy you have to double count well this isn't your pharmacy. You have no idea what this women is being treated for you are not her doctor if he he thinks she needs 150 pills than maybe she does. you are a ass and you may see people crying wolf as you call it but stuff like this does happen and why could her pills not have been taken by someone who works there they work around pills everyday maybe they are the lying junkies that you are making this women out to be. i go into my pharmacy at home and see one one person working the front and one in the back it you be really easy for one of them to open the bottle and take some out. and for the feel of the bottle it sounds like when she picked up her meds she had four so they give them to her in one bag that is a lot of meds and it may not have felt any different because of the others being in there also. you need to get your head out of you ass you are the reason people who are on pain meds feel like they are doing something wrong or feel as if everyone will think they are lying . You could be the one at your pharmacy who opens the bag and steals them than gets on here and makes the person who really needs them out to be a lire. Think about it before you write because no one really needs to hear what you have seen, what your pharmacy does. Plus maybe they do all need fired most all of you that work in that field are assholes anyway not saying all are but you seem to fit in with the assholes. I hope that you keep pushing and someone is made to take the blame besides you. it is to bad that you are labeled with the drug addicts because you are on pain meds. and from now on i would pulled out and count them right there you ant trust anyone when it comes to pills.
 20th of Oct, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I know how you feel to be shorted pills. And yes the pharmacy can either make a mistake or have employees that steal. My husband has been given 30 pills over in the past and tried to bring them back and was told that they could not take them. That does kind of make sense since they didn't show a shortage in the store if they took them they would have inventory not on the books and anyone could just take them. But I was shorted just this week. 100 pills, yes 100. And how could I not tell, well the pills are given to you in a white bag and I had two prescriptions together stapled. I picked them up just like I do at least 3 to 4 times a month since my husband has multiple health problems and takes a lot to meds. When I got home and opened the bags both scripts were in a bigger bottle than normal and my script for 120 only had 20 in the bottle. I called the pharmacy and they said that they would do a could but I got right back in the car and went there. They told me that there could was correct. There was not a pharmacy manager or store manager there. She told me that they would look at tapes the next day. When I called in the morning the pharmacy manager told me what I already knew, that the could was correct. I asked him if he looked at the store tapes and he told me that they followed policy which is to have a double count and to initial it. OK, big deal. Number 1 pharmacists are not saints. They can either make mistakes or also steal. And they were not the only people to handle the pills. They sit in the bin until I pick them up. To take that much they either were in some kind of huge trouble or made a mistake and meant to only steal 20 but put the wrong bottle in my bag and kept out the bottle of 100 for themselves for themselves. My doctor who knows that I am not a thief gave me a new script so I don't have any reason to pursue this. I am doing it because someone at Walgreens stole 100 pills and I do not want them getting out into the school system that my daughter and her friends just graduated from. I also went to the police station and filed a report. I have a phone number for the DEA and sent an email to Walgreens Corp. office. The 100 pills should be returned into Walgreens inventory and credited to my health ins. Why are also being ripped off by having two claims. The manager at Walgreens also had the nerve to say that they can note my record to always count by pills in front of me. He must be high; would I ever walk out of any pharmacy again without counting my pills. I told him that I would have to be an idiot if I did. Of course that is because he doesn't believe me and is too stupid to believe that his employees steal from him. He is going to learn a hard lesson in the future. By the way, when I told CVS that I needed to could my new script the pharmacist was very insulted and said that it was double counted and initialed. I don't care they will all hate me when I pick up by pills but I will never be the victim again. Because if you walk out without checking you are out of luck and the pharmacy counts on that.
 3rd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
CVS...SHAME ON YOU!! I I just recently had foot surgery Sept 12th and have been on and off Hydrocodone-Acetaminophin 10-500. I noticed in Oct that the CVS on Maryland (las vegas) had shorted me 2 pills...I thought "ok, that's fine." I figured that maybe they had dropped the 2 pills, not that big of deal. Well, today I went to the CVS on Las vegas BLVD to refill my script and once I got home counted my pills..I only had 84! The Quantity was suppose to be 90. I called the pharmacy as soon as i realized how short my meds were and I was told "we double count them" I then asked if they were going to give me the 6 pills that I had Paid for and MARK told me "it's a controlled substance and there's nothing I can do!" MARK made me feel like I was in the wrong...like I didn't know how to count...I told him my mother & my boyfriend double checked my count and it was 84..I again asked what MARK would do for me...and he told me the count was 90 and I was wrong! CVS you need to background check and drug check all of your pharmacy employees! How is that out of the 2 medications I picked up that only that narcotic's were short?? hmmmm I'm sure a 6yr old can count better than those employees! I did call the police department & they told me I can go to a substation tomorrow and file a report for theft.. Not only that I called the News and informed them on what happened! IF YOU HAVE BEEN SHORTED MEDICATION AT ANY CVS HERE IN LAS VEGAS PLEASE CONTACT CH 13 NEWS! FROM NOW ON MAKE SURE TO COUNT YOUR MEDS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE COUNTER!!
 18th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Why is there no complaints on any meds being shorted or not refilled on time that are NON narcotics ?

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