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Terrible experience

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We bought a new 2007 Siena Motorhome, within the first year it was in the shop 4 times, 2 times for leaking axle seals, 2 times for misfiring spark plugs due to not enough air flow in the spark plug area.

1st long trip we made with less than 7000 miles on the unit and 2 of the outside compartments literally melted from lack of firewall protection between catalytic converter and compartment back walls. The temperature inside the compartment was 140+ degrees and the only thing between it and the propane tank was the entry door. If it had been closer, my husband, two dogs and I could have been toast.

We trailered our car to Idaho & Washington, but couldn't climb mountains faster than 30 miles per hour over the grades. Misfiring started for the third time and spent 3 hours in Portland, OR while a wonderful repair shop installed an airflow duct system, which should have been installed after the 2nd time we had this same problem.

During this trip the slide crept out at the bottom 1-2 inches during travel.

Even though we had a pressure regulator on our water supply, the fresh water plumbing inside the motor home failed, the hose separated from the booster pump and poured water out of the compartment over the generator in copious amounts. Too pissed to write anymore about this unit..
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 13th of Apr, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have written personally twice to Jewell and have not received any response back, so I am going to address her post publically.

My husband and I have a 2006 Siena Motorhome. It was the 3rd one built. Yes, we had some things go wrong during the "break-in" period, but a little research will show that all motorhomes have "new rig bugs" that have to be worked out.

The biggest difference between the Siena motorhome and other motorhomes we've heard about is the manufacturer - CT Coachworks located in Riverside, CA. CT Coachworks stands behind their Sienas in a way unequaled in the industry.

We took our Siena back to CT Coachworks and they bent over backward to take care of us and our Siena. We have talked to other Siena owners who have had the same experience with CTC.

Unfortunately, there is also something else many have in common and that is bad experiences with the Dealers. Many dealers have gained a reputation of not making repairs correctly, which keeps the motorhome returning again and again for repair. I don't know whether or not Jewell fell prey to these less than competent methods of taking care of the problems with her Siena or not, but I suspect she did.

Anyone having a problem with their Siena should call CT Coachworks and deal directly with them. The Siena is a wonderful creation - especially for those of us who live the full-time RV lifestyle.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Siena Owner's Website that we started last year. We also have a Forum where you can see other people's reactions to their Sienas. We have recently created a New Website and Forum (for the forum, the old forum information has been brought over into the New Forum).

The address of the Website is: http://www.SienaOwnersClub.com and you can access the Forum from there.

We love our Siena and I'm very sorry that Jewell has had such a negative experience. I hope she will contact CT Coachworks and get her Siena taken care of properly. Of course, we, as owners, have a responsibility to treat our motorhomes with respect and care, too. There is always more to a story than what is told or seen on the surface.

Happy Trails!
Carla Lowry
 4th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
I own a 07 Siena and yes I did have problems with it also. I contacted CT Coachworks and they bent over backwards to repair/replace anything that I found wrong with my unit. They even sent a person to come 100 miles to drive it back to the company and then returned it to me with the tank full. I have never seen a more helpful group of people anywhere. I brought it in when I had problems with the TV. Steve had 5 people come out and fixed things that I was unaware that there was a problem with. I damaged the drivers side hubcap on one trip, and jsut recently damaged two compartment doors on the passenger side when I made a right turn at night and didn't see a fireplug. I called Verionca at CT Coachworks, sent her pictures of the damage to the doors and she told me that they would fix it all for $700.00. They not only fixed the doors and trim but they replaced my hubcap, which I didn't ask them too, washed the coach and told me that I could pick it up and either leave a check or mail them one. My coach looks like new again.What other business is that trusting and willing to go the extra mile. I take my hat off to Steve and his people at CT Coachworks. I have nothing but praise for him and his company. I hope they weather this economical storm and stay in business as I will buy another coach from them in the future.
 18th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
I have had to reconnect my surflo water pump twice, fitting discontected, technician/manufacturers falt no ct coachwork.
 18th of Oct, 2009 by    0 Votes
please excuse my spelling error. It's not ct coachworks fault
 5th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes
you have to be one of the biggest idiot i have heard of as the mis firing axles are workhorse problem i believe that if you actualy wrote a letter to the company then posted there answer then i could read your crap instead you are one of those winjing people that are to scared to confront the the company and when you do arnt able to get your point accross the you whien of the net you must be a office worker or a school teacher grow some cohooters and go and see ct coachworks then post what really happen
 13th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had my own issues with my Siena that made my first two years of ownership disstressful. I was working with my dealer to make repairs but just recently started working directly with Coachworks. Wendy and Steve at Coachworks have been absolutely wonderful!!! I wish I had contacted them the day I bought my RV. The dealer is not the expert on the Siena... Coachworks is. They made all of the repairs and some beyond my requests. They will bend backwards to make sure you are happy with your Siena. Call them today!.
 18th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Dear Sienasucks2: If my computer's working right, you posted your supportive comment 5 days ago. We bought a 2008 Siena in March and it's our first RV. We are on our first trip with it this weekend. So far, we love it, but had a couple minor issues and I wanted to call Coachworks. I called the 951 number listed in the manual and it belongs to a restaurant. I can't find a website or new phone number. Do you know how to contact them? They're still in business, right?
 20th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Yes they are still in business. I just visited them last week in Riverside. You can reach Wendy at 951-343-8787. She went beyond expectations in helping me. I bought my RV two years ago so the warrantly has expired. They will honor it though after the one year they are that great. I need to change my site name now from sienasucks2. :) Tina
 6th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
We bought a 2008 CT Coachworks. It is amazing. The design is hands down fabulous. We had a few issues, tried to work with the dealer, thank goodness my husband and his sons are handy men. Everything gets fixed. Just got back from out West. 5100 miles. Would not have taken this trip in any of the prior owned RVs we've had. Comfy. Smart layout. Beautiful interior. Love It!. Thanks CT Coachworks. The Barmes Family
 22nd of Apr, 2015 by    0 Votes
Hello, I just purchased (2 weeks ago) 2007 Siena. I love it...all the amenities are perfect for a full timer. However, it leaks around the slide out whether in or out...rain just literally pours in. Hopefully Camping World will fix it without charge as obviously it was an existing problem. There is only 8900 miles on it so probably been sitting a long time without use and the seal needs replacing although it looks tight on the outside.

I am a bit scared as I am a 71 year old widow who plans on driving this cross country later this year and I put every dollar I had into the purchase and don't have anything left for repairs. Should I call Coachworks? I am in GA so there is not much they can do in CA. I will take it back to Camping World Thursday for diagnosis. I've never seen one leak like this, literally swamped with water inside.

Any other suggestions?
 28th of Aug, 2015 by    0 Votes
We purchased our 2009 CT Coachworks, Siena, 39' RV in 2013 with 7, 000 miles on it. We now have about 30, 000 miles on the RV. Admittedly, we have had some problems with the RV, but they were to be expected for the most part. Most of the people that I know who own motorhomes, new and used, experience breakdowns of one sort or another. We installed an anti-sway bar on the RV and it rides very nice in the wind. Last year we had some engine problems with poor performance and intermittent backfiring. I found that it is common with Workhorse Chassis because the spark plug wires fail from the engine heat. I had the wires changed and it ran great. We recently took a 6, 000 mile round trip from California to Georgia and back. Our first problem was that the slide out filed in Georgia. It was discovered that the solenoid for the slide had failed. A quick fix and the slide was working. Shortly after that the ignition failed and the RV would not start. I found that that was a common failure with Workhorse chassis. After locating a Workhorse repair facility I was able to get that fixed and be on the road. Just this month we started experiencing electrical problems with the ABS warning alarm and the chassis battery discharging when parked. It is in the shop working with CT Coachworks on that. After experiencing some failures, we still love our Siena and hope to get it on the road again soon.

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