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Cordell & Cordell, Ft Worth, Texas Complaints & Reviews - screwed by their scam

Cordell & Cordell Contacts & Informations

Cordell & Cordell

Posted:    screwed by cordell & cordell

screwed by their scam

Complaint Rating:  83 % with 64 votes
Contact information:
cordell & cordell
Ft Worth, Texas
United States
I was screwed by cordell & cordell. Please warn anyone you know. Avoid them like a plague. every complaint I have seen here is true. There are also numerous complaints against them on other sites. They are not difficult to find. The only thing they do right is lure you in and get your credit card #. they lead me to believe that it would be an open and shut case and should cost no more than $2500.00. Bryan Abercrombie (the local manager) told me we wanted to avoid a trial because that could cost $5000.00. So far they've screwed me out of $12, 000 and there is no end in sight. and my wife got everything she asked for (and more) . There is one difference between my case and a previous complaint. His attorney acted like he did not know the other attorney, but mine acted like my wifes attorney was one of his old freinds.

If you have been screwed by cordell & cordell (or any attorney for that matter) please report them to your state bar. If their firm advertised falsely or deceptively, you may also report them to the Better Business Bureau.

Comments United States Lawyers and Attorneys
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 18th of Oct, 2010 by   CordellLaw -3 Votes
Cordell & Cordell's Client Care Department has attempted to reach you multiple times, however you are unwilling to communicate regarding the specific issues you have had. If you would please contact us regarding specific issues with billing we would be more than happy to discuss and come to a common ground on these issues.

However, if you are unwilling to discuss this with us we can not help you. Please contact Kathy Edson by calling us toll free 1.866.DADS.LAW.
 22nd of Oct, 2010 by   screwed by cordell & cordell +1 Votes
Prior to posting my complaint here against cordell & cordell, I notified them by email to give them an opportunity to make me an offer for all of their erroneous charges and highly inflated fees. Their rep contacted me by email and informed me that all of the charges were justified due to "unexpected" complications. I do not agree. Everything was a simple and standard divorce in private mediation. The only thing my attorney did during mediation (other than a secret closed door meeting which I was told to vacate) was sit in the room while the mediator made arrangements to give my exwife a very lopsided (in her favor) settlement. After the agreement was made, he told me that his office would get the QDRO forms from my HR dept. and everything would be completed in 7 to 10 days. That was 3 months ago and the only progress that has been made is I have since been billed an additional $6000.00 (in addition to the $6000.00 that the charged me prior to mediation.)

The only thing they did right was lure me in with their fraudulent advertising (promising to protect mens rights as a father and financial means to do so, and sell me with their deceptive sales pitch during the initial consultation.
 18th of Nov, 2010 by   palmriver2020 +1 Votes
My attorney did the same thing in mediation. Absolutely nothing! The attorney I got to replace him from another firm actually made a presence in a follow-up mediation. That's right, another firms attorney did their job. I'm not even convinced Cordell & Cordell attorneys carry real degrees. My guess is they got their degree as they say in some other state then move their people around to states where people are less likely to determine their degrees are worthless. They sure have no qualms about getting bad reviews. Park of my complaint with this firm also revolved around them charging me multiple times for the same items because they kept switching attorneys on me. Then after they were fired I asked for all the work they had provided. They gave me a foot thick box of paperwork. All paperwork I gave them but copied many many times to look like it was more. Completely useless and did very little to prove they actually did any work on the case. Keep an eye on the states where this firm works. They tend to pick states that are less likely to prosecute them for their actions. The state of Florida thinks that it is customary to charge for fees of service that was not provided so great state for them to work in. All they have to do is say they did work without any proof. I hope this firm is litigated into bankruptcy like they do to their clients. Joe Cordell you are nothing more than a spokesperson for a corrupt mafia style organization. In fact, I doubt their spokesperson is even Joe Cordell.
 9th of Mar, 2011 by   Dad is mad +1 Votes
I will have to agree with the complaint. I recently used them to gain custody of my children out of a harmfull situation. From minute one my attorney claimed that he was agressive in his pursuit for what was right on my behalf and for the best interest of my children. So, after almost a year, 10 continuances and 8000.00 over what his highest estimate would be, we rolled into the court room and he laid down. Did not present documented proof, did not present so much as an argument outside of making it a he said she said. I am so disappointed in my choice, their website states aggressive, they state they will return phone calls, they say they will keep you in the loop and keep you informed, oh and the best part they will doctor up your bill. But, if you choose to use them, my only advice, save your emails and record your phone calls.
 9th of Mar, 2011 by   CordellLaw -1 Votes
Dad is mad - I apologize that you were not happy with the service you received. I would encourage you to speak with our Client Care Department, because if an attorney is not returning your phone calls the same day, if made before 5pm, this is an issue they can and will correct. Were you not receiving bi-weekly billing updates? We like to keep our clients up to date on what is being done on their case, and this is one of the ways. We would be happy to go over any and all issues you had with the attorney or billing. We will do our best to remedy the situation. I appreciate your comments as they will help us to continue improving and offering the best service possible for clients.

Please feel free to contact me directly - Keri Esmar at kesmar@cordelllaw.com.
 29th of Mar, 2011 by   CordellLaw 0 Votes

We appreciate your comment, and would encourage your coworker to please reach out to us. However, since you have not used our services we can not discuss his case or complaints with you.

 31st of Mar, 2011 by   cordell_past_client -1 Votes
Cordell and Cordell in reality loves women, and this is a scam. Since they know that usually guys make more money, so they lure guys into filing for divorce/custody modification/or whatever ... They will get your credit card, and go on vacation, didnt return calls, they funny thing is they usually called me at my home number even thou i told them to call me on my cell, so they can bill you for a VM. Well about their customer care...LOl its a joke. They try to be nice and sweet talk, but in actuality they try to keep the billing on the roller-coaster going... so you get clam down and the results are disastrous. My Lawyer Dan Cuneo dropped out of my case 4 weeks to go, left me scrambling, and helpless. As you can see in this blog, they are trying to defend. I went to Cordell and cordell to get an advise, and they told me peice of case and they will take care of it, and once the case was filed, and my ex found out about it, my ATTY Dan Cuneo handed my kids to my ex with no evidence, just her say. And the billing was just speed of light. He didn't answer any calls for a week, and every voice mail i left Dan Cuneo charged me for it...trying to follow the contract agreement, but he ethically violated my representation, and fooled me and my kids. He took away ther success and kids actice father away from them. He also discolsed any confidential convo we had to the GAL, and GAL all of the sudden wanted to award the full custody to kids mother...Cordell and cordell billed me $30k for just phone calls, and not even an depo or defending me. I didn't get to see my kids for 4 months. Cordell and cordell will mislead you and they will try to make your case very complex, and will make you bankrupt. Please research, educate yourself with family law. I was discriminated by cordell and cordell.
 1st of Apr, 2011 by   cordell_past_client -1 Votes
www.cordelllaw.com Noone tried to call me from Cordell and Cordell . Stop copy and past the same message over and over for each complaint.
 30th of Apr, 2011 by   caseclosed +1 Votes
I was also scammed by Cordell and Cordell. All of these posts sound so familiar. They said my case was an easy cut and dry case. They failed to follow through on anything they promised. They charged outrageous amounts for emails and letters that said they were reviewing the case but my attorney never knew what was going on with my case. They switched lawyers on me and the new one charged more hourly and had to charge to review the material. She did nothing in court to defend my rights. She agreed to everything that the opposing attorney asked for, never standing up for me. She billed for hours of work that was certainly not true or she would not have to be reminded over and over again what I was asking for. The client care department is just a way to cover their butts. I am out over $12, 000 for something that I could have done a better job without representation. They are obviously scam artists and dont care for men's rights. They need to be disbarred. Anyone who has advice on how to handle this matter, please post.
 2nd of May, 2011 by   CordellLaw +1 Votes

I'm sorry you feel as though your attorney was not prepared. Our client care department is there to help. If you have looked over your bill and feel as though you were charged for things that did not happen they would be able to review that with you. If you would like, please reach out to myself. I'd be happy to bring your concerns to a partner of the firm. My name is Keri Esmar, my direct line is 314.587.3488 or you can email me at kesmar@cordelllaw.com.
 2nd of May, 2011 by   cordell_past_client -1 Votes
Keri Esmar,
By calling you has not helped me during my case. Now my case is closed, and you should quit working for crooks. One of these days Joe Cordell and his company is going to be sued bigtime, and fraud charges might be filed against the crooks.
 19th of May, 2011 by   Terroristic Divorce +1 Votes
All Lawyers work for the Judges and themselves & oh yea I forgot MONEY! their career and income are far more important than the real issues. My friend is getting screwed like you can't ever imagine. His wifes lawyers do what ever they please. No ethics whatsoever and to the point of breaking the law!
His wife has spent over 40k - He has not hired a lawyer and fights them with every drop of energy he has left in his body. Read his incredible story.
 20th of May, 2011 by   Granny45 0 Votes
I hired Cordell and Cordell for my son so he could get custody of my grandson. 15, ooo dollars later (I have reciepts), asking them to show proof of the time they charged which they wouldn't, at least not sufficiently. They would show that they talked to other attorneys in their office for advice but only did the same thing over and over at least thats what they charged us for, but on the court website it said they only attempted 3 times but they charged us for more attempts to serve paperwork. We got nothing done. They couldn't even serve paperwork to the mother, they made excuse after excuse. I looked up the rules for serving paperwork and they would only do it by mail. I told them to have it served by the police dept. and the that too was done by mail. I asked about publishing, which is feasable since all other attempts failed and they gave me false information saying that in a custody case you cant do that. I had paperwork showing that the mother was a danger to her child, showing her psychiatrist calling her another Susie Smith, they did nothing I had to get the information on my own. I did more for the case than they did. I even called the governor of the state she lived in and got that information because the mentally ill mom kidnapped my grandson. She had already been deemed unfit. The family court wouldn't release the paperwork because I raised a stink about them wanting to put my grandson in foster care instead of letting his father raise him. I told the governor in an email that they wouldn't release any documents or make the family give him back and it was 2 days later I got a call from the state, then 2 days after that I got the paperwork. Of course they kept out the paperwork showing they were releasing him into my sons custody but they didn't leave out how dangerous she was and since he had resided with his father it was considered kidnapping. I made them do everything, I had to tell them what to do, it was rediculous how incompetent they acted. I, fortunately was raised around family lawyers and had picked up some information growing up. I have been researching price gouging and am going to help my son look into charges of such. I suggest everyone look into this and maybe they can be stopped.
 20th of May, 2011 by   caseclosed +2 Votes
I also was charged about the same amount and have asked the client care people to show me why the charges were so high, yet they keep skirting around the issues. I want my money back from those crooks. Do you have any advice on how I can go about proving they have taken advantage of me? Its a shame they continue to scam so many people.
 22nd of May, 2011 by   Feloniousjoe +3 Votes
DO NOT RETAIN THESE CRIMINALS. I went over every detail of my past with the attorney, Maura Cunningham, out of the Philadelphia office; this was for a custody hearing. Spent $1, 500 of my fee in the first 2 weeks on emails and a continuance that she asked for because of her own personal schedule; not business conflict. This schedule conflict should have been disclosed when I retained them since she said to ask for an emergency hearing. Shes asks for it knowing she would not be available. I also paid for her to have a phone conference with another C&C attorney in Pittsburgh which they billed as a strategy conference. $190/hr for Maura and $250/hr for the other attorney, Courtney Knox. The day before the continued hearing I'm told a new attorney, Dan Cuneo, will be handling my case that day due to another conflict. I was assured that Dan Cuneo was up to date on my entire case. I met Mr. Cuneo before the hearing, he talked a great game and said all the right things. My wife showed up without an attorney, she has never been inside a courtroom before for any reason. Needless to say she won her first case against a so called experienced attorney. I went in as the plaintiff and left feeling like I was just handed a death penalty. Dan Cuneo actually told a female judge that I was afraid for my daughters health because my wife was breast feeding the baby and the baby is lactose intolerant. The judge politely, and with a slightly justified smirk, informed him that lactose intolerance comes from cow milk. He was told multiple times before the hearing that the pediatrician said to stop breast feeding after 1 year because there is insufficient nutrition and it will keep the baby from eating properly; save the bresat for night time only. He also repeated the same argument over and over, which was verbatim from our filed complaint, even though the judge dismissed it as irrelevant the first time. The days after you get apology after apology and an assurance that they will do better next time; and they also offer their trademark $200 refund. Now that I've cancelled all my credit cards, closed all my bank accounts I will be reporting this firm and each and every attorney involved in my case to the state bar assoc. Fortunately for me I volunteer with a state senator in my neighborhood, and after reading all the paperwork, emails and transcipt from my case he offered to assist in helping with this. I feel bad for the others who have to take what this firm dishes out because they just don't know better. Hopefully this post will open peoples eyes and help them avoid this corrupt company. I know this is a local Missouri message board but the attorney, Dan Cuneo, works out of the MO office and is licensed in PA as well; that way they can bill you for his flight and hotel. As for the result of my hearing in which I was the plaintiff; I was ordered to have 2 hours per week supervised visits with my little girl. A girl who I spent 7 days a week with at playgrounds, b'day parties, family picnics, etc. Supervised visits are held in a dirty room filled with nothing but chairs and tables and a couple of toys that don't work; and they have the equivalent of unqualified rent-a-cops that watch you. The real victim of C&C's negligent representation of me is my little girl, and for that alone I will do my best to make everyone aware of this criminal enterprise.
 22nd of May, 2011 by   Feloniousjoe 0 Votes
Granny45 I feel your pain as you will see from post above, which has a few errors from a copy paste issue. I have posted my comment on every board I can find and will continue to do so. I am filing complaints with the PA Bar Assoc., the attorney generals office, and will pursue other avenues that will remain under wraps until enough evidence is gathered against this company to have everyone of them jailed. All victims of this criminal organization should obtain transcripts of all hearings they attended and keep copies of all email correspondences and bills they sent you. I'm sure your bills were all sent through email so Cordell/Cordell cannot be accused and/or convicted of mail fraud. I guarantee everyones transcripts from hearings read like a book and have very little dialog by Cordell/Cordell attorneys; because they dummy up when in a court room. The reasons for this is 1, they know nothing about you or your case and 2, they want to continue your case forever. No regard for you and your family whatsoever. These are the people that give attorneys a bad name; the 2 I dealt with and the 3rd I was billed from for a strategy conference. Maura Cunningham (PhiladelphiaPA), Dan Cuneo(Missouri/licensed in PA), and Courtney Knox(PittsburghPA). If you see any of them run to another attorney because if you use them your hearing will be like a scene from My Cousin Vinny with the bumbling stuttering attorney; and you will lose.

 22nd of May, 2011 by   Feloniousjoe +1 Votes
The 3 attorneys who were involved in my case and scammed me ... Maura Cunningham(PhiladelphiaPA) Dan Cuneo (MO, licensed in PA also)Courtney Knox(PittsburghPA)

 23rd of May, 2011 by   mwoody11 0 Votes
I feel so sorry for the individuals that have been taken by this law firm but thank you for posting your complaints. I just scheduled a consultation with their Dallas office to discuss my situation involving my daughters and after reading this...called right back and cancelled. I've dealt with sorry attorneys for the last 8 years, since my divorce, and really don't have the time nor the money to work with people who don't care. It's attorneys like this that should be ashamed to even look at themselves.
 27th of May, 2011 by   ROYEFlorida +1 Votes
WOW, thanks everyone. I was just about to hire these guys. Thanks for the responses!!!
 7th of Jun, 2011 by   VegasBob03 +1 Votes
You have no idea how close I was to hiring this firm. I was listing to the radio this morning and going over my ideas in my head, heard their add (quite a fantastic advertisement I may say) and then thought why not research their company and look what I found as the first hit.

Thanks for the input and I will not use this company simply for their resonses to the complaints, sounds like a typical attorney.

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