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Chartis Travel Guard Complaints & Reviews - Non-Payment of Travel Insurance

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Chartis Travel Guard

Posted:    Baly

Non-Payment of Travel Insurance

Complaint Rating:  29 % with 35 votes
Contact information:
Chartis Travel Guard
United States
I booked an Australia trip with www.australian.com. They recommended Chartis Travel Guard Insurance. I paid Travel Guard 7% of the total trip cost for travel insurance. We had paid for a penguin tour for late one evening (after dark). Before the tour, my wife got sick. It was not life threatening but she was too sick to exert herself out in the cold. It was too late to call a doctor in a small Australian town at 8 pm at night. The refund for the missed tour was $25 (0.2% of the total trip cost, or 3.2% of the cost of the insurance).

Travel Guard refused to pay the $25 because there was no signed document from a doctor. I suggest that you NEVER use these CHEATS for your travel insurance. They will screw you!
Comments United States Travel & Vacations
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 21st of Dec, 2010 by   Anne_Travel 0 Votes
My family and I purchase Travel Guard for all of our trips and we've never had an issue filing a claim. One time my son came down with food poisoning while we were traveling in Barcelona. Travel Guard was a lifesaver and coordiated all medical efforts to and paid f or the medical expenses. Yes, they requires paperwork from the doctor to verify that my son really was sick, but it was worth it to have a doctor sign off... it saved us a lot of money!
 18th of Feb, 2011 by   jkeano 0 Votes
I have had an awful experience with travel guard, they made me feel like i was commiting insurance fraud. they never made clear all the information i needed to make a claim, and when i did present all the evidence they reqested, they reqested some more at my personal expense and time. surely if they dont believe me and the evidence it is up to them to investigate and prove my claim is not valid. when they did finally pay, they charged me an excess fee which they should not have. the policy terms that i signed up for stated no excess for my type of claim. on questioning this they said that the terms and conditions had changed, which i was not made aware of and they were not going to pay the correct amount. i complained further and have now been passed on to their customer relations unit. 8 months on and my claim has not been settled yet, i have to wait another month for the reply from their customer relations unit, then if they dispute i will refer the case to the financial ombudsmen service. this company provides poor service when handling claims, they ask for irrelevent information to slow down the process to the point people may give up pursuing their claim. one thing they are good at is taking your money!!! avoid at all costs.
 13th of Apr, 2011 by   letmebeheard 0 Votes
I am so upset with these people. They cancelled my husband's policy without so much as a phone call because they stated that our credit card was declined. I was very surprised as I had no trouble using my credit card, so I called my visa company... and guess what. It was confirmed that they never even tried to take the payment!!!??!! unbelievable!! They way I found out that the policy had been cancelled is because my husband had a severe allergic reaction and I called them before we went to the hospital for the ER. They said they sent out some letter a few days back... great way to treat your clients. It is by no means my issue that we had to pay $750 in hospital fees. It is the fact that they sell you peace of mind and leave you completely disappointed. Needless to say I will never EVER use these people again. They don't know what they are doing... that is my conclusion.
 22nd of Jun, 2012 by   abcddddd 0 Votes
i recently had my phone stolen abroad. these people said that, the insurance i took out does not include mobile phone cover and that i should refer to the terms and conditions to see this. it is the most hoodwinking piece of wording imaginable. upon reaching their policy on electronic goods cover, you are initially told to see a different page for the definition of electronic goods (pretty sure 99.9% of people would agree that a mobile phone is). They then give examples of electronic goods they cover and mobile phones is not on that list, however it does not actually state, we do not cover mobile phones. It is a truly deceitful way of conning people into believing they are fully covered knowing full well that a lot of people would look elsewhere should they realise that their mobile is not included in the insurance policy. I feel absolutely conned and would not recommend using these cowboys
 22nd of May, 2013 by   jadexinc 0 Votes
We have submitted about 100 pages of various bills to Travel Guard. Now they contact us to ask we submit these papers again. They sent one check for non-medical related bills but they sure are dragging their feet on the medical. When we call and ask for a supervisor or for the name of a vice-president or President, they will not give us that info. We are ready to contact the insurance commissioner and sic that office on them. Not happy at this point in time with the run around we are experiencing. Have bought insurance from them for almost 20 years with no claim. Now that we have had a claim, we are treated like this. Sad and next time we need travel insurance we will buy from some other company.
 28th of May, 2013 by   happy travellers 0 Votes
We purchased our cancellation insurance through Cruise Connections in Vancouver. I developed a serious health issue and required surgery just before the trip. While the paperwork was a bit onerous, 16 pages, we received a full refund from Travel Guard (on behalf of Chartis Insurance company) about one month after filing the papers. I have no complaints and will use them in future.
 3rd of Jun, 2014 by   Adel Yousef 0 Votes
they are worse company ever, i had connection flight from Dubai to Cairo and connecting to new york. first flight delayed five hours and i missed the second one. They say we dont cover this incident, only the food and loding if there is.

I paid 600$ to chaneg the ticket and I lost a lot of other arrangement in the trip. Hell of paperwork and they will find a reason NOT to pay you.

 28th of Jun, 2014 by   Gabe S 0 Votes
NEVER USE THEM AGAIN..had full insurnce and they will not pay. Unless i get a letter from the airline documenting why the plane was so late that I missed connections..what airline would ever do so…

Please please please do not use travelguard. I have sued and my travel partners are suing also.. You will never collect !!!

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