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Caroline Lyders Complaints & Reviews - Fraud and lies

Caroline Lyders Contacts & Informations

Caroline Lyders

Posted:    Burt

Fraud and lies

Complaint Rating:  13 % with 15 votes
Contact information:
Caroline Lyders
United States
Caroline Lyders is an anchor WJLA, Washington DC. She connived and schemed her way into these offices. Journalism is about integrity and truth, this woman is a deceptive careerist looking for fame and will stop at nothing to get it.

In 2007, she took part in an 'elaborate' publicity scheme, playing the fake girlfriend of AI winner Taylor Hicks. Due to her similar look (short hair) she 'pretended' to be the woman he was caught on the beach in Hawaii.

Lyders agreed to take part in this scheme to further her career. Hicks' was desperate to clear his name as the woman on the beach with him was a prostitute and they were taking part in 'illegal activities.'

Lyders blatantly lied to various media outlets, co-workers, friends, some family, and still to this day, makes up elaborate stories about her so-called 'relationship' with him. She begs people to not 'believe it.'

They went to all ends to 'cover this up' to make this 'business friendship' look like a romance. Making planned 'appearances', but people soon caught on as rumors had been swirling from day one. The women looked similar but 'not quite.' Evidence was presented that the woman on the beach with Hicks was also seen while Lyders was on air. More evidence was presented when a forensics specialist analyzed the photos and confirmed that she was not the woman on the beach with Hicks, and it was bait and switch.

Lyders continues to deny it hoping people will 'never' believe it and dismiss it as absurd. Her lies are endless and sickening.

Even better news is I have irrefutable proof of her lies in form of a recorded phone conversation left on someone's voicemail when she did not realize her cell phone had dialed a number while in her purse/jacket etc.

This woman is manipulative, conniving and should not be trusted nor hired by any reputable news company. She is an embarrassment and a mockery to journalism profession.
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 19th of May, 2009 by   Celebrity +1 Votes
Caroline Lyders is a sensational person...she has more integrity and is a class act. Don't you think that a radio/tv station would completely and absolutely check her out before hiring her? She has had many jobs in the industry.

As far as her dating Taylor Hicks, Lucky lady. I think he was lucky too. Too bad that degenerates tried to bust them up. I happen to know the inside story from mutual friends of both of theirs. Those that wrote silly and hateful untruths about her and also about Taylor did not break them up. I know the real reason. They remained friends. As a matter of fact, both look better than they did at the time and that seemed impossible, as they both were quite stunning. She is a beauty, from an elequent background. Her brother in law is an attorney and works for the government. I wouldn't spread lies if I were you. It could come back to bite you in the butt. I think her connections now that she and Taylor are no longer an item, would certainly come to her defence. She has the right connections and I would think that lies are often considered defamation of character. Serious charge. The internet is no longer a safe haven for those that lie and cause harm as laws have changed. Have a nice life.
 14th of Jul, 2009 by   Erma12 -1 Votes
Well I would have to say that Caroline Lyders is a liar. What is classy about pretending to be the GF of a celeb to get famous? Goodness it is downright desperate. I looked at those photos of the comparisons and it's clear that those are two different women. Low class and desperate if you ask me to pull such a stunt. Unreal. Where was her brother in law to defend her? LOL.
 10th of Sep, 2009 by   Wes is the one +1 Votes
 5th of Dec, 2009 by   rebob87 0 Votes
I personally saw Caroline Lyders and Taylor Hicks at the Milwaukee Airport in December 2007. We were all snowed in (me trying to fly to Vegas and they were flying to Los Angeles) and looking for other options. I recognized her first because I watched her news station (WISN in Milwaukee)...and then I recognized him, even though it took a minute because he was wearing a knit cap and his grey hair is probably his most noticable feature.

So, I find it hard to believe anything in this posting. Clearly they know/knew each other, as they were traveling together.

Find someone else to slander.
 10th of Dec, 2009 by   brian2343 0 Votes
Of course they were traveling together, that was all apart of the cover. She attended any public event with him that she could. She's still however not the female on the beach with him and the relationship was a scam. Anything that happened after the beach photographs was set up.
 30th of Mar, 2010 by   alexande 0 Votes
Caroline Lyders is a wonderful person, and yes, she did date Taylor Hicks, and she was the girl on the beach. People are so weird/lame sometimes. Dumbest conspiracy theory I've ever heard.

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