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Backroom Casting Couch Complaints & Reviews - Fraud

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Backroom Casting Couch

Posted:    michinflorida


Complaint Rating:  28 % with 1168 votes
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United States
A friend brought to my attention this website she stumbled across and i decieded to check it out. I couldnt believe it. Im not sure if there is legally anything i can do or if this is the proper complaint site. If not maybe you can forward to the proper authorities. These girls on these videos are being led to believe they are being interviewed for modeling and acting. They are then made to remove there clothing and perform sexual acts on the person filming thinking the video is being passed on to producers and that they must perform these acts or it will not stand a chance. When in all actuallity they are being sexually assulted and this man has no intention on doing anything with these vidoes except for his own sick pleasure. Something needs to be done immediatly. One of the girls is actually crying her eyes out in pain. . . Its horrific. Please lets get this to authourites and try to do something.

Comments United States Sexual Abuse
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Backroom Casting Couch - Sexual abuse


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 14th of Oct, 2010 by   heyjude43327 0 Votes
As I woman who watches a lot of porn, I know the difference between scripted and not. This site is NOT. It is horrible and disgusting what that man does to these poor girls. He is sick, and if he isn't stopped, he might grow into a larger predator, such as a rapist or murderer. The man takes advantage of low self-esteem and some women's inability to stand up for themselves. I blame society for teaching us that we are supposed to be non-stop sexual objects as well as to be polite and good to others. This confuses girls at a young age and we don't know how to stand up for ourselves and say NO, even when we know it is wrong and we want to stop.
 16th of Oct, 2010 by   Coppe 0 Votes
The photographer bobofet was referring to is this scumbag. He advertises at:


Stay away from the site. Once he snares the gullible and desperate girls there is no turning back as Liz found out to her dismay.
 17th of Oct, 2010 by   allisonwonderland1 0 Votes
I would just like to say that this happened to me yesterday. I turned 18 two months ago, have had sex with only one guy (been dating for two years), and am extremely private about my sex life, so that negates any argument that the girls that these people do this to are slutty and would agree to it anyway.
I was on Stickam.com when a woman in her early twenties enters my chat window and asks me if I've heard of Suicide Girls and if I would like to do an interview. Suicide Girls is a modeling agency that I've applied for but I didn't continue with the application after I was accepted. She told me that it would be a quicker process to do the interview right then and there. Even though I became increasingly skeptical, I continued on by telling myself that I had already come this far with it, I might as well finish, and throwing myself into complete denial about the possibility that this person was a fraud. She had even showed me a legit-looking site explaining the process.
Yet, a couple of hours later on the same website, there is a swarm of people entering my chat window asking me various suggestive questions. "Are you still horny from earlier?" "Did you private cam with some guy earlier?" "Were you maturating earlier?" After realizing what these people were really talking about, I broke down. I couldn't believe what had happened at all, and I couldn't believe my own stupidity. But in reality, I'm not stupid, I may be naive and gullible, but I'm nowhere near stupid and I surely don't deserve this at all. Somebody dangled something I've wanted for a long time right in front of my face, and I didn't want to pass it up. That's exactly what it came down to.
The people who do this are sick and demented, and they obviously have no empathy or inhibitions. Sites like that should be closed down and banned throughout the internet.
And as for those of you who watch those videos and find it "entertaining" yet find nothing morally wrong with it, you're just as bad as they are.
What I really would love to know and bring to the attention of every last piece of scum who has tricked a poor defenseless girl into doing something like that is; how many girls have committed suicide after realizing that they didn't do an interview with a casting agent, they did a porno for everyone who has internet access to see and there is absolutely not one thing she can do about it.
I'm sure it's happened quite a few times.

The point is: I totally agree with this complaint and somebody should do something to stop these sites from continuing on their devious mission.
 17th of Oct, 2010 by   Mandalorian 0 Votes
The jury is still out on whether it's unethical to use people or not. Kant thought he had it, organized religion has too much blood on its hands to be of any use, and our own personal intuition as to right and wrong is often murky at best.

Although we lack a reliable moral compass there's no doubt (as evidenced by the volume of posts) that folks will still have feelings on the matter. What to do about them? Well if you're truly against such things and want to affect change then YOU have to do become involved. If you enjoy the content and would like to see more then support the site with membership. At any rate, think things through. If you do nothing, you may not be all that dissimilar from the girls on the couch.

Where ever you fall on the issue, bad spelling, atrocious grammar, and ad hominem arguments are just plain classless.
 25th of Oct, 2010 by   HungryJonas +2 Votes
Two things.

One, this 'complaint' is just another case of viral marketing. Raise a spurious complaint in order to publicise said website to a potentially new audience. And sadly it works every time.

Two, all of these websites are basically selling fantasy. The 'models' not only know what they are getting as soon as they step through that door (or far in advance actually), but they are paid and have signed legal releases in advance as well. Gimmick porn providers want the punters to believe in the fantasy, so they don't advertise that fact, and most even play up the 'tricked into sex' gimmick, but it is just that, a gimmick, and these sites and their videos are every bit as scripted as most so called reality television. The goal is to create the illusion of reality, or at least a suspension of disbelief for the fantasy target market in question, not to create actual reality.

Fact is anyone who is dumb enough to believe any of this is real is probably dumb enough to either pay for a membership themselves, or else rail against such sites and give them free publicity and even more exposure. Either way, they win.
 2nd of Nov, 2010 by   BRADRYYY +1 Votes
evryone off the internet its fuckin everything up
 4th of Nov, 2010 by   TheJudge 0 Votes
Interesting. I allways just forwarded to the sex and skipped the boring parts. Upon second review, esp of the "Liddy" video looks lie there was some confuseion at first, but the consent. Lines up with what the girls are saying in their posts and explains why the acting is "real". It is semi-real, but the girls know what is going on. On the other hand, it is not scripted and the girls have never met the guy before. So is it fraud? Well put some anti-pornists on the jury and of course you have a case. But in reality it is not since the girls know what is going on. They may come in with the notion that they can talk themselves out of it if they feel uncomfortable, but of course they are outgunned by Rick in the persuasion department. As far as the complaints that the girls were coerced, well they walked into the room knowing full well what they were getting into. They may regret it, but they were not coerced and even wanted to be persuaded, altough they make it hard to uphold their egos. I've been sold by a top salesman before, and I still replay the scenario in my head and think how did that happen? It will not happen again (and luckily it was not for porn) but for a young kid who has no ammunition or experience, a shark like Rick will be easy. He is no doubt talented (I bet a lot of those girls would have slipped away with 99.9% of other guys). So is this fraud? IMO it is not fraud, these girls should know full well what they are getting into and are of legal age. Are they acting in their self interest? In a lot of cases probably not, in other cases maybe the money benefitted them. Unfortunately, a lot of men aspire to be able to persuade women hence the big pick-up artist community, but even among those that do not go the pickup artist extreme. IMO though, tricking women to do what you want is a false way to develop your self esteem, because in fact it does not represent a genuine quality about you but a false notion you have planted in their heads. But that is just my editorial bit, in the end there is little you can do to defend these girls.
 4th of Nov, 2010 by   Thelogicaloneintheroom? +2 Votes
Man, people are still going at it about this site?? Mich I know you are tired of hearing this, but the videos are staged acting. I don't think the company would promote a site that was posting videos of coercing women into sexual acts for a job they're never gonna get. It's called gonzo porn. It's a main thing in the porno industry because it gives a since of "realism" in the videos. Most of the women on the site are either escorts or porn stars(I've checked). As for the Asian who was supposedly crying during anal on the video. That was piss poor acting. I looked at that video closely to see what you were talking about, all she did was yell extremely loud. No tears were shed like you stated. Plus (just saying) it should have been obvious when she was just too happy to have sex with the interviewer and afterwords he kick her out outside his office without being completely dressed. Going to the FBI was a bit drastic. Before taking your complaint about a website to any government official, I suggest that you carefully review the site so that you have evidence to back your claim. Now if you want to see a site that has controversial images and videos go to this link: http://www.wyldesites.com/graphics/brf/. It use to be on bangbros, but for some reason it was taken down. For all those who insulted the guy about watching porn, obviously you know what he is talking about and shouldn't talk shit about somebody watching porn, when you also visited the site.
 5th of Nov, 2010 by   Col. John Fergus +1 Votes
If these girls are actors then they truly deserve to be in Hollywood movies because their reactions & body language is REAL. There is no way that these girls can react so realistically. Those that think this is staged, only say so to ease their guilt.
 5th of Nov, 2010 by   Col. John Fergus 0 Votes
If these girls are actors then they truly deserve to be in Hollywood movies because their reactions & body language are just too REAL. There is no way that these girls can react so realistically. Those that think this is staged, only say so to ease their guilt.
If anyone can find "Ricks" name (the slime ball interviewer in these videos) OR the address where these 'crimes' take place, then please post it so further action can be taken. I know the I.R.S. would love to investigate this guy.
 8th of Nov, 2010 by   jafo 0 Votes
Honestly, "Rick's" biggest concern aren't the complaints, it's the torrent files. He's trying to make a living of this, and the websters are smarter than him ! He doesn't care about hurting anyone...because he isn't ! This is ACTING my friends. And the Angry mom ?? Probably HIS mom ! Rick, I hope your a porn millionaire... your idea is money worthy, but your having a tough time... it's way too available for free. I've been on your website many times, but I'll never pay for it. It's everywhere.
 8th of Nov, 2010 by   kobra kai -1 Votes
All you haters against this site are stupid. Its a staged acting porn site.if you don't believe it then go to www.exploitedcollegegirls.com it has the same girls doing the same genre but instead of being straight out of high school their in college. Further more i know two of the girls on the site and they both said they got paid for it. Now stop whining and get a life. Rick you're my hero...
 13th of Nov, 2010 by   sezzababe 0 Votes
okkie dokkie i agree with flipspin180. though if they didnt want to have sexual intercourse then why not just walk out the door? and i think you took it over the line when you swore to someone.everybody just calm down.
 14th of Nov, 2010 by   Mike599 +1 Votes
every scene is staged/scripted/fictional...the site depicts sex among mutual consenting adults, every girl signs a contract and is tested for STD's before they shoot the scenes...the producer/director would be extremely stupid to do otherwise...it's a LEGAL site depicting FICTIONAL scenarios!!
 16th of Nov, 2010 by   Mister_B +1 Votes



Com on. By now EVERYONE should know it's "scripted" in the sense that they know what they are there for, and they are getting paid for it.
It's probably safe to say that it's NOT scripted in the sense "moan here, cry there".
Get a bloody hobby.
 16th of Nov, 2010 by   johnny18921 0 Votes
Obviously not real i mean come on, did you notice how in every video he has sex with a promiscuous girl and does NOT use a condom? it is obviously planned out because if these girls were actually strangers, this guy would have 50 different STDs by now
 17th of Nov, 2010 by   tragic1 0 Votes
Think about it: It's way easier to trick a girl than it is to get legit actresses play these parts. NO porn actress is this good of an actress!!! You can tell when it is staged... This, unfortunately is not. This guy is a manipulating, lying, sick f*ck. He's also a psychotic. He uses all of the tricks serial killers use. If you study the faces of these girls, you'll catch micro expressions that very few actresses can make. Most all of the videos, if not all of them are real. That guy should have his balls cut off, and so should we for watching any of it.
 18th of Nov, 2010 by   joeyjoe123 0 Votes
This is such a quality thread. We got the Colonel here - the colonel of acting who can spot a star on the big screen. We have 'Debunker' - one of the few sane ones here, bringing some comedy gold. And last but not least. We have "tragic1", obviously a casting director straight from Hollywood. This man knows his porn actresses and acting. all the way down to the every allusive MICRO EXPRESSIONS. you guys are clueless, and thats why this site makes bank
 19th of Nov, 2010 by   David_conversa 0 Votes
The debate is quite very interesting, but some of you are loosing perspective here. Let's suppose it's real for a moment, because any other case would be less scary than that. 1. These women are no nuns. They are willing to work for the porn industry, so their dignity is not being stolen. 2. There is indeed a crime, it is like asking programmers for an interview, putting them to solve a problem, when in reality you are building a project with their non-paid work. In that point I coincide with the original writer of the complaint. But I go forward and state that there is the true crime, the deceit in work appliance not because it is porn, it doesn't even care if we are totally impartial. So, first conclusion: in the most "immoral" case, the problem is NOT about dignity, is not about "poor little angels who dreamed and were deceived": like in any other application, many of us have been fulled, and the job that these girls chose had a particular risk for their fame, their social prestige and their self-esteem.
So, is it real?
For us, the lovers of porn, it is somewhat disappointing to think it might be a scam for the possible buyers, but the other commenters are sensible when they say it would be a nonsense to jepardize one's legality in such a way. It would be quite a hard business to sustain, always hidden from the law (these girls CAN sue, no matter what they sign, because they didn't sign to accept a deceit), but deeper, WHAT WOULD YOU GUYS DO IF YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE DECEIVED GIRLS? The answer is obvious: you would destroy the place, "vandalism" would be your name now. No, this girls are no nuns: they have lots of friends who would be willing to help them to take revenge.
HOWEVER, the acting argument is pure: they would have to be hell-of-actresses, so I think that there IS indeed a business, and these girls indeed work for the porn industry, but LATER. Maybe they call them LATER, so the very first interview may be genuine in several cases, only that the outcome is not a deceive. For the men who look to these videos looking for a revenge to their pornstart-exgirlgriends, damn, I also speculate we might be the ones who are being deceived in several of the videos.
 21st of Nov, 2010 by   BeatifulMariah. 0 Votes
Hahaha, I love watching dudes videos. Bitches are so dumb! They are not made to do anything, they do it all on their own. They could tell dude no at any time. Most of them want to get fucked, Ha.

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