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Avena Originals Complaints & Reviews - Health Products SCAM

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Avena Originals

Posted:    Real Water

Health Products SCAM

Complaint Rating:  6 % with 18 votes
Contact information:
Avena Original
A Canadian company Avena Originals is now doing 5 million a year stealing from Canadians selling them nothing but lies, I have documented and approached them several times.. they think they are untouchable... they realize bill c-6 will shut them down so they are moving there operation to Mexico.

Please tell me what i can do to shut this operation down. My company was selling them water but i had to stop knowing the money was coming from the weak the sick and the dying, not my style i must shut them down no matter what the cost.
Comments Canada Health & Beauty
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 19th of Jun, 2010 by   mexicanwhite 0 Votes
I for one think that your comments would be best served with evidence of somekind. What exactly happened to you that has made you this angry about this company ? The reason I ask you this is because I only see your complain, and for a company that seems to be hurting all these sick people i see no evidence thus far !!
 30th of Jun, 2010 by   Happy Canadian 0 Votes
I agree with the previous commenter. What exactly happened to you that you are so angry with this company?
Or do you represent Big Pharma?????? Big Pharma...who kills and causes disease in thousands of people annually. There is nothing as educational as spending some time in the US and watching American TV so you can hear advertising every day from law firms who are filing class action suits against Big Pharma for the damage their products have done to people's health. Last night I was hearing about Accutane. A seemingly innocent drug that helped people with acne. The result? Liver damage, kidney disease, crohn's disease and some apparently have had parts of their intestintal tract removed. Of course this is only one example. Do a google search on 'class action lawsuites drugs' and you will fine 15, 500, 000 results. If that doesn't clue you in then you have my sympathies.
I use these products and have seen an incredible improvement in my health, as have 2 of my friends. If that's what you call stealing from Canadians, let them steal some more. Both my friends and I are very HAPPY to pay for the products we use and we willingly pay out of pocket. You are free to continue to let an insurance company pay for what you need from Pharma. After all, it's 'free' and how you handle your health is your business
Good luck to you!!
 10th of Jul, 2010 by   electro 0 Votes
I think something happened to make you mad and your just saying stuff without any real evidence. C6 is now old new and new stuff is on the table.
C6 cannot shut down any alternative health supplement provider anymore but the new bill might but this includes most of the health companies across Canada. ( yes I looked and avena sell supplements) This is pretty bad and we may end up with more government control and limitations to look after ourselves.
I think we need to spend some time looking into facts instead of wild claims from one individual that spews senseless rhetoric.
I don't see any water on the website? did they take it off? I see dozens of these sites across the internet selling products why are these people any worse than the others or the ones that run operations from China or Mexico or the US?
If you feel if you have a overwhelming desire to shut this company down you will need to prove that your claim is well founded and documented and that you are a credible source, I would be careful attacking someone else if I was not beyond reproach myself. I looked up real water as well and I am not to sure to think to be honest.
All the stuff I looked into on the internet anyway seemed to me that this company avena is just as good as any other and the comments above in its defense on a complaint board is a testimony to their company.
I for one am considering looking into it more, any recommendations?
 21st of Oct, 2010 by   Real Water 0 Votes
Thank you for all your comments, it would seem you are all happy customers of Avena and i am sure they will love to continue to take your money. I have a documentary coming out and we are using Avena to show how clever the MLM companies are getting. I have contacted Mel at every step of my research and asked for a reply and he had no comment. I would never post or make a comment without documentation to back what i say. I will attach a short email from David Elliott's office telling the true Avena Story. They have no research team and are only using 15 year old formulations and they also only repackage what other companies have made nothing about Avena is Original. I asked Mel about this he will not reply.

Thank you for your inquiry, .ElectricLife distributes products made by David Elliott, not by Avena Originals. Back in the early 1990’s, David Elliott sold the recipes and rights to distribute one or two of his formulations to Avena. None of the recipes for the products currently being marketed by ElectricLife were sold to Avena or to any other company. The last time I looked, the Avena Originals website gave the impression that David Elliott was a founding member of Avena and that he remains active in that company. Nothing could be further from the truth. David Elliott was not a founding member of Avena Originals, he has had no contact with the owners of that company for almost two decades, and he has no way of knowing whether or not they are still using the same materials suppliers or following the recipes that he originally gave them. The management of ElectricLife is in regular communication with David Elliott, and he oversees every aspect of materials sourcing and manufacturing for the health supplements that we distribute. ElectricLife is currently the only option for people seeking health products which are actually made by David Elliott. FYI, the booklet written by David Elliott was called “The Electric Universe” and it is now out of print. Regards, James Van Patten President ElectricLife Administration 1798 West 270 South Provo, UT 84601 Orders: 888-393-5433 Customer Service: 801-812-3333 Fax: 801-812-3334 Email: elife@electriclife.net Website: www.electriclife.net

then we have the fact that Avena Originals uses the EPFX and many other questionable things just look at the brochure from the new office in Mexico.

I will say that a couple of the whole food products and oils are great products but simply put Avena just marks them up 300% and sells them you can find everything they sell online for much less, with actually references you can check on.
 17th of Nov, 2010 by   Mountain Mike 0 Votes
I have been a very happy Avena Original product user since June 2008. I have been impressed with the results of the products I have been using and they do exactly as I was told they would do. I have noticed some amazing improvements with certain health issues that I have had and also enjoy a significant increase in energy. I am 63 years old and Avena has helped me to arrive at my ideal weight and my friends keep telling me that I look 20 tears younger than I am. In fact I have returned to my favorite sports of cycling and cross country skiing mostly I believe as a result of my improved sense of well being since on these great products. Thank you, Mountain Mike from Banff
 28th of Feb, 2011 by   mexicanwhite 0 Votes
I personally didn't see any benefits myself but then again I am fairly healthy. I would however have much more compassion with the original comments had they been presented with evidence rather than just simple scare tactics.
 1st of Mar, 2011 by   Mountain Mike 0 Votes
To answer Mexican white and to continue from my earlier message; I am also "fairly healthy" and yet I have experienced further improvements to my already good health since using Avena products. Improvement comes with time and well thought out regular use. Be patient!
I routinely supplement with 8 or 9 of these products and all have provided the positive results I was looking for. In particular I have noticed unbelievable healing from sports injuries, amazing immunity from infections and "touch wood" I never get sick. Please add this to the other benefits mentioned in my earlier message from last year found above. Not bad for a guy turning 64 in a few months.
I have a good friend who uses Avena products almost exclusively and he spends most of every winter guiding "extreme" river rafting expeditions at the base of the Himalayas in India. These are by far the biggest, baddest rapids in the world. He has the strength of an ox and never seems to be bothered by all the exotic diseases not to mention bug bites that he is exposed to every day. He totally believes that Avena is a big part of his success and has the products shipped half way around the world for his consumption. He wouldn't be without them.
For your information I am not personally involved with the business part of Avena and speak only from my own success using the products. I have therefore no hidden agenda for supporting Avena other than I hate seeing good things bashed by by the uninformed . Mountain Mike from Banff.
 1st of Mar, 2011 by   Mountain Mike 0 Votes
A note to the Complaints Board. I noticed upon reading my last message that my use of quotation marks while writing, created unexpected symbols and results on the finished product.
Please look into this. Thank you. Mountain Mike from Banff.
 22nd of Aug, 2012 by   miffed at jealous 0 Votes
To Real Water:
It would be interesting to see what the Canadian RCMP authorities have registered against you personally. ... Your complaint lacks substance and everyone knows NIKE and other major competitors in the world buy runners at $2 - 20 and the end retail price at the store is $225 that is more like a thousand percent! Three hundred percent means that someone produces something - has it manufactured for say $20 and the end retail is $60.00. This does not sound any worse that a Grocery store who buys from a wholesale food company, who buys from a distributor who buys from the farmer! Please note the Farmer does not make much money when he sells it, the distributor and the wholesaler makes the most. This is the way the world is. It sounds like you are mad at the whole world! Get your head out of the sand... you take water out of the ground at NO COST and sell it at a highly inflated rate, just like any brewing company in British Columbia, most of the water is free, other places pay a metered amount for their water! So look in your own back yard! Your thought process needs help! Wake up and stop being jealous of everyone else around you making more money than you...you don't have to do any work to provide your water other than a few machines! from Miffed at jealous

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